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  1. Google Flights AA Deeplinking no longer works for exAsia itinerary?
  2. schedule change on return. can i change outbound flight?
  3. DFW-BUD: Pick AA or BA?
  4. AA System does not recognize LA / oneworld status
  5. Australia Flight Questions (fares, seating, upgrade)
  6. No First to Tokyo after 28 Nov 2016?
  7. Republic E175 Seatmap Issue
  8. Award to London: Take BA and pay surcharges, or spring for AAnytime award?
  9. Issues with Redepositing Miles
  10. New abrev. PCC in Eticket instead of PLT/none (Premium Credit Card)
  11. Upgrade cleared (maybe), then can't check in, what happened?
  12. AA6021 Lightning Strike
  13. Can I enter a "no bulkhead" seat preference?
  14. 72 Hour Clause for Schedule Change/Irregularity on AA award or UPG
  15. Upgrade Disappeared
  16. Speculation. DFW: Why so few European destinations?
  17. So often we complain about the bad.... (helpful Gate Agents)
  18. Many AA business fares restrict travel via LAX-JFK
  19. AA non-changeable biz-class fares - not even for a change fee - why?
  20. AA terminating codeshare with Air Berlin / AB effective March 2017
  21. Does 24 hour cancellation work for award tickets too?
  22. How can I take advantage of lower fares for a purchased trip?
  23. Promo SPF16 Bonus Miles: Fly AA USA - Australia or New Zealand Feb - May 2017
  24. Missing premium cabin / inventory gone on some routes (Late October 2016)
  25. AA Sky Ball at DFW (Air Power Foundation benefit military, families, veterans)
  26. Speculation: when will OW Business class sales EX-US to Europe occur?
  27. Speculation: CLT / Charlotte to Aspen / ASE possible with regional service?
  28. 5 flying, two problem tickets, 5 removed from aircraft - compensation? (to merge)
  29. AA Inflight - Sparkling Water vs Club Soda
  30. Nasty Check In Agents at PHL
  31. Award booking issue LK / SriLankan SEZ / Seychelles - CMB / Colombo
  32. Trading AA miles for magazine subscriptions
  33. AA 740 PHL-MAD 4 Nov 2016 Economy seats available to non-elite?
  34. AA Fare Pricing Issue
  35. Care to guess REAL price of call AA claims is "0.08 EUR/minute from landlines"?
  36. AA failed to ticket last leg (of award)
  37. Is it worth mileage running for Platinum this year?
  38. Boarding Door at MIA for 777-200?
  39. AA "Corporate Security" Cancelled F Award Ticket 3 Hours Prior to Flight (to merge)
  40. New IFE Issues ?
  41. Agents incl. Premium go to QIK over Sabre PSS Q1 2017, Restricting Services
  42. Booking QR flight as AA codeshare
  43. Protocol when planning on not showing up for a flight?
  44. AA Executive Platinum: Revenue Contribution to AA
  45. Positive Experience with Agents
  46. Schedule Change and Seats
  47. BOS-LAX nonstop in First - $2079?
  48. Question about AA domestic F inventory
  49. Can't find flight mileage on AA.com
  50. Rookie question about checking in online, and business class upgrades
  51. AA 431Q
  52. Change return date for one person on 2-person ticket?
  53. Questions about flying Qantas
  54. EQM / EQD calculator / spreadsheet?
  55. AA DFW Curbside Check In
  56. AA 787 PVG- ORD diverts to Cold Bay AK (to merge)
  57. Better EQMs and RDMs on Qatar or Ethihad?
  58. Best use of miles CLT-SJU
  59. ProPublica report 11 Oct 2016 on AA/US merger getting pushed through
  60. AA Rebanking PHL
  61. Citi CitiBusiness AAdvantage Platinum Select Card $99 Companion Certificate
  62. AA drops ELM / Elmira, BGM / Binghamton Feb 2017
  63. BOS Exec Plat Largely Defected to B6 Mosaic, Due to No Change or Cancellation Fees?
  64. DCA-LAX-MEL on Separate Tickets, Will AA issue the QF Boarding Pass?
  65. IWas stuck in Freeport during Matthew
  66. AA cancelled my award reservation (to merge)
  67. ORD-HKG on AA thru LAX or DFW? (which best for upgrade)
  68. "Fake" flight cancellation, lost award seat
  69. AA claims copay not received, AA account locked
  70. AA EXP Guarenteed Availability--no longer 24 hours?
  71. Mystery platinum?
  72. Ads on aa.com
  73. Best use of 30k AAdvantage Miles?
  74. Frustrated with inaccurate information from an agent
  75. I really wanted to fly AA but.. cost lower on DL
  76. Ticket Reissue - When and how is notification provided?
  77. ConciergeKey for $50000 via AirPass?
  78. Cancelation of a nonrefundable international ticket
  79. How early can you check bags at Key West?
  80. Help! AA changing award ticket - downgrade only option (JFK MCT issue)
  81. made award change; AA slow returning miles
  82. Inconsistent prices between ITA Matrix, aa.com, and OTAs
  83. when does PEK LAX start?
  84. Multi-city w/ Stopover - fare rules vs reality?!
  85. How to book BA flight with Advantage #?
  86. Fantastic customer experience yesterday - why I keep flying American
  87. Account audit / blocked / fraud: award / miles / SWU / sale, barter, etc.
  88. What just happened to inventory on JFK SFO AA 177 OCT 2?
  89. Domestic paid upgrades? When available?
  90. AA operated by CX: Is this really premium economy?
  91. Barclay / Barclaycard Aviator MC 2016 Q4 Promo: two additional miles
  92. AA Buy/Gift miles for October
  93. award seat
  94. 777 Coming to DFW-HNL-DFW
  95. Why are fees and taxes so high on AA AAdvantage miles awards?
  96. QR/EY MIX AA Award Booking
  97. Travel from PHL to CAI
  98. When changing AA flights, how is "fare difference" calculated?
  99. Good Job AA!
  100. AA 2143 30 Sep 2016 -- extremely low cruising altitude
  101. March '17: AA to pick-up one BA flight ex-PHL
  102. AA the Worst Airline for Canceling a Ticket (cancellation process)
  103. Help understanding AAdvantage earning line item
  104. Upgrade DURING purchase?
  105. AA Offers Preferred Seat Access for Corporate Travelers 26 Sep 2016
  106. Base fare drops when adding adults (travel together and save sale)
  107. Rumor: RDU-LHR changes from 767-300 to 787-8 5 Mar 2017
  108. Upgrade on an AA Codeshare operated by AB
  109. False advertising? (Price / flight not available glitch)
  110. Donating SWU / eVIPs as prize for charity auction
  111. LAN dropped segment on reservation booked on AA.com. What are my options?
  112. LON to MIA flight availability 16 Oct
  113. award ticket
  114. AA Flight 5
  115. When first is not first
  116. Check baggage more than 4 hours before flight at LAX?
  117. Country of Residence no longer an option...
  118. RANT: Inconvenient/Stupid codeshare flights
  119. Can a TA take over and Ticket an aa.com on-hold reservation
  120. Award flights over Christmas
  121. AA138/AA137 changing to AA125/AA126 later 2016
  122. Flight cancelled and then immediately reinstated
  123. Double Change Fee Question
  124. AA 2 class Domestic US50 First re-coded as J, D, I, R, C Nov 12, 2016
  125. Police and Security people in CLT C Admirals Club (24 Sep 2016)
  126. Booking BA WT+ (Premium Economy) on AA
  127. A Big Thank-you
  128. Best use of spare / extra System Wide Upgrades SWU (consolidated)
  129. Can't check in for BA segment of itinerary online
  130. "W" Fare Confusion. AA Selling Non-existent Premium Economy: Beware. (Sep 2016)
  131. Family Trip to Europe in Y: Have 332 and 333 booked, should I stop looking?
  132. Award Travel:Due Refund from switched itinerary?
  133. New American Airlines Safety Video Released 22 Sep 2016
  134. AA and Replacement Note 7 - USDOT bans all Samsung Galaxy Note 7
  135. Business class sold out but seat map shows 1 seat available
  136. Releasing 2 Business Awards LAX/LHR 06/08/2017
  137. AA Agent refused to check in passenger SAN-MIA-STT because he did not have passport
  138. Booking class A, fare basis W: Is this the dreaded Y-UP?
  139. Attained platinum status after paying for preferred seats... refund possible?
  140. 2016 LAA Boeing 737-800 (738) Seat Retrofit
  141. JAL seating on AA code + other ? re multi-carrier open jaw AA ticketed
  142. AA AAnytime Award - Use Free Date Change to Save?
  143. Older couple: Cabin, connections, routing, airport questions
  144. Million Miler in 2005 question & help
  145. Is AA the last oneworld airline with a zone-based award type? [No]
  146. Buy/Share AAdv miles for up to 35% less. Good deal?
  147. First/Business for 3 of 4 legs
  148. AA 1st class redemption
  149. AA seating chart link
  150. The "mysterious" Economy fare code "G"
  151. Agnes at ORD "G" Admirals Club retiring 19 Sep 2016
  152. Two passengers kicked off the same flight in unrelated incidents
  153. Tripcase showing multiple ticket numbers
  154. Dealing with service / seat downgrade from an equipment change
  155. SUPERSTICKY: Where did the Stickies go? See here (list, links - obsolete)
  156. Which code does AA use for Business Class upgrades from Economy?
  157. Charged for 3rd checked bag as Executive Platinum
  158. Help - Reservation changed by AA?
  159. How late can you change seats via the app?
  160. Guide to Updated aa.com booking & PNR display / GUI (~17 Sep 2016)
  161. Resetting AA website home page country selection
  162. Phantom Upgrade: upgrade requested, not granted; e500s taken
  163. Contaminated gluten-free meal - who do I report this to?
  164. BOS AA Terminal Improvements / Gates & Services Consolidation 2017-19
  165. Does American play around with the base fares? (for earning miles)
  166. AAdvantage Award Rerouting Issue: JL to CX swap not allowed (Advice Needed)
  167. Checked Bag Question (check cooler bag w/ gel and juice bottles?)
  168. 2 PNRs for the same Flights, 1 PNR gets a sched change?
  169. Question about Award Travel On AA
  170. First / Busines Class Meals To Europe
  171. AAdvantage e-Shopping Latitude Adjustment Sweepstakes
  172. Aa 22:25 ord->lhr (J meal?) (to merge)
  173. refund in miles after moved from first to business
  174. AB domestic to AA international transfer at MUC too risky?
  175. DFW-HNL new aircraft?
  176. DCA: Door opened to let additional pax board
  177. Hacking lounge access
  178. Missing Miles Question (to merge)
  179. Sully
  180. Print Itinerary and Receipt, & How do I find ticket number?
  181. A321T gone from SFO-JFK later this year? (NO - false alarm)
  182. Stuck in a booking "loop"
  183. AA splits PNR because of surname issue, splits seating too
  184. Award ticket flight schedule changed, shorter connection time at SYD
  185. Barclay MasterCard oddity/annoyance
  186. AA Terminology question -- Cancel/Rescheduled?
  187. Sully film / movie discussion (consolidated)
  188. Legacy US crew comments [rant]
  189. Losing seat assignments booked on the app
  190. Code shares not recognized for MCT? (Different airlines have different MCTs)
  191. AA's new DFW-FCO 777-200ER non-stop (May 2017)
  192. Flying AA out of ONT / Ontario International Airport
  193. ARCHIVE: 763 shows wifi symbol (only listed 767s have WiFi)
  194. Converting Starpoints to American AAdvantage points
  195. Drastic fare increase in First on Hawaii routes
  196. Broken Screen (J) 777W Question
  197. [AA itinerary only shows times not dates so] I lost a day
  198. Seat in A321 F not reclinable: Knee Defender up front?
  199. Schedule Change = Forced Misconnect on Award Flight (seasonal cancel - to merge)
  200. ORD->TXL->BER. Immigration in TXL?
  201. Flights gone from "My Trips"?
  202. Donation miles post to AAdvantage account
  203. FAQ: Baggage / Luggage Rules, Allowance on AA & Other Airlines (consolidated)
  204. JFK-ZRH / Zurich Disappears from My Itinerary! (Schedule changes)
  205. PROMO NAF16: Sep - Dec 2016 - Up to 30,000 Bonus Miles for European Travel
  206. DFW Lounge agent information causes missed flight
  207. RTW / Round the World ticket - earning AAdvantage Miles
  208. Access boarding pass (original email lost in the ether)
  209. AA-US Flight Operations / FOS - Full Systems Integration 1 Oct 2016 (Looks OK!)
  210. ARCHIVE: HELP DESK & FAQ: Gold and Platinum Status Challenge as of 2017
  211. How do I search for Y-Up fares?
  212. Negative mileage credit for Air Berlin flight
  213. Closed down DFW-CDG but kept return flight ?
  214. AA 3348 - smoke in cabin at 30k feet!
  215. Advise need please (MCT DFW D-I, Baggage, Customs)
  216. MIA-JFK-HKG-SGN in Business for 70K AA miles - was it a good deal?
  217. Fees on award travel, London to LAX
  218. PNR Split due to Unrequested upgrade
  219. Non refundable ticket purchased but can't use it, still earn points?
  220. AA award flight cancelled. Have to pay additional to rebook to BA?
  221. Y upgaded to C on SYD-LAX. $350 not charged but duplicated 25K miles deducted
  222. Has anybody had any meaningful free access to aa.com inflight recently?
  223. How Did AA Calculate The Miles My Qatar Airways Flight Earned? (to merge)
  224. Just cancelled two SAAver F seats on AA138 HKG to DFW
  225. Cleared on standby, not upgraded to first with room?
  226. Can I buy AA miles from someone and transfer to my account ?
  227. LAA Airbus 321 A321 2-class pre-Oasis Best Main Cabin & MCE seat
  228. How Do I Find Out Inflight Info on My Flight?
  229. AA 787-8 at ANC (to merge)
  230. Website Error, Boarding Pass 24 hour issues
  231. Wife Lost Seat Assugnment On Award Flight
  232. Major schedule change coming in September, another in October 2016 (consolidated)
  233. Rebooking nightmare and delayed baggage- is there anything I can do?
  234. Help: upgrade on Y fare booked into W class
  235. Are elite/full fare seats released at 24 hour check in?
  236. Discounted AA Gift Cards Available - eg eBay $100 for $92
  237. NostalgiAA - What Have we Lost?
  238. Q: AA miles reposition fee coded as 'travel'?
  239. Why No More "P" Inventory JFK to LAX or SFO?
  240. Issue with ticketed, confirmed award reservation on CX
  241. Book w/ Avios, but get AS MVP benefits on AA?
  242. AA has botched my milage redemption (to merge)
  243. Can I apply a AA ticket credit to a BA tickets for an AA metal plane?
  244. AA Cuba Commercial Flights As Of 7 Sep 2016
  245. Help -- change of aircraft tomorrow from FCO-ORD (777 F to 772 - to merge)
  246. FAQ: Skipping Segment - Hidden City / Point Beyond / Throw Away Ticketing (master thd
  247. New Functionality? Unable to Change Seat Before Ticketing
  248. Check In Reminder Email, When does it get sent?
  249. Purged credit card accounts and refunds: it took forever, but I finally got a check
  250. Can I Downgrade My First Class MileSAAver Award?