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  1. Upgrading AA Metal AB Code flight from biz to first?
  2. Does AA Hold back all near term C Inventory when IROPS are Likely?
  3. Please help - Ticketing Issue - Need to write to an AA Supervisor/Manager
  4. Elite qualifying flight canceled
  5. OLD 777-200 Biz Retrofit update?
  6. Collecting AA miles to/from IKA/Iran?
  7. Priority Boarding doesn't work at new DFW "A" gates - no stanchion belts
  8. Question about companion benefits (seating)
  9. Involuntary rebooking gives me early EXP
  10. DOT fines American Airlines $1.6 million for tarmac delays
  11. 500 cert/award upgrade... interesting story... question
  12. MH flight number operated by EY (to merge)
  13. Cancelled first leg due to family emergency
  14. Major deicing delays at CMH 13 Dec 2016 - to merge OSO / IROPS
  15. Printed Boarding Pass Problems
  16. Upgrade List is "Full"?
  17. Plead for status??
  18. SFO - LAX Mainline seems to be going away in 2017
  19. Website Anomaly: No FC after mid-Oct 2017
  20. Elite status upgrades during trip
  21. Nightmare with cancelled segment on complex award
  22. Last 3 digits of passport number on PDF boarding pass
  23. Phx-sfo $1800 rt
  24. Buy Miles Posting Time
  25. AA Platinum in MCE – what is the optimal time to swap AA to AS frequent flyer number?
  26. Which Door Used to Deplane 777-300er
  27. Seat assignment removed on sold out flight. Advice Please.
  28. AA 49 - 11 December
  29. What happens to your luggage if you miss an ITI connection?
  30. Pax missing from manifest
  31. oneworld Premium Lounges Excluded from Tier Access by AA EXP / Executive Platinum
  32. AA Seatmap link no longer working?
  33. Leg Changes
  34. How do I find a specific flight ?
  35. baggage delays at las
  36. external Li-ion cell (external battery for cell phone)
  37. booking BA premium economy as AA codeshare / marketed flight
  38. AAdvantage double ticket?
  39. Upfaring Ticket From Travel Agency
  40. AA repricing award ticket for changing from non-OW to OW partners?
  41. Time to play family travel agent again [Best way to get to Europe in AA business]
  42. Can't get a receipt for cash drink purchase [on American Eagle]
  43. Upgrade request not automatically transferring to airport?
  44. Passenger injured by unlocked galley cart, AA response, pathetic
  45. English officials: Chicago AA flight attendant drunk on / removed from plane
  46. AA/AS to reduce codesharing as part of AS/VX merger deal
  47. AA starting 2x GRR-DCA in April
  48. AA fares & fewer upgrades discussion: Money talk$, elite$ walk to economy (2 merge)
  49. Lounge at IAH terminal A
  50. Mileage run guaranteed platinum?
  51. Is the Class Code on a printed BP the same as Fare Code
  52. DCA-XNA starts in April
  53. Please forgive if a dumb question... (using discount codes on AA.com)
  54. How book award and force a layover in LHR, DFW-ORD-LHR : LHR - VCE
  55. HELP! Can you book MileSaaver Ticket on BA Codeshare Flight NY to LON
  56. AAdvantage traveler, with ticket paid by someone else's CITI card - both get miles?
  57. AA changed metal on SJC-PHX? (aircraft substitution)
  58. 777-200 returns to RDU-LHR Effective March 5th
  59. Speculation: will AA upgrade E145 RST-ORD to E175?
  60. Checking boxes as hold baggage on AA
  61. Ticket Validity - US = 1 year, Other countries = 1+?
  62. AA issue documentation...
  63. APFA union asks full recall of health problem uniforms 30 Nov 2016
  64. Nice Write up of 80 year AA FA Bette Nash
  65. Equipment change on First Class fare: OGG-DFW-ORD?
  66. FlyerTalk Awards 2017 American Airlines AAdvantage benefits nominations
  67. GSP-DCA flight disappears for first week of January
  68. Minor change in earning EQM with Citi Executive Card in 2017
  69. Refreshing OW status in the itinerary
  70. Advice needed: Using AA points for oneworld bookings
  71. What happens to MCE seats that are unsold?
  72. Door opened for late passenger after closing
  73. Chicago - ORD Concourse L Admirals Club Open 28 Nov 2016
  74. EQMs on Flights with Stops?
  75. Full BA mileage chart applicable for OpenSkies?
  76. Upgraded from J to F, now missing miles
  77. AA Computer Systems Out Of Sync? Award On Hold, Different Taxes
  78. Combine Award & Paid Tickets
  79. Anyone else never get credit from partners?
  80. AA now showing "Now Boarding" groups on monitors?
  81. Speculation: AA Bankruptcy 29 Nov 2011: What will AA be in 5 years?
  82. dubai-male or dubai - mahe with AA award (to merge)
  83. AA and Qantas withdraw application to expand joint venture - WSJ
  84. Notified of cancellation which AA denies on phone
  85. Expecting disappointment, I was pleasantly surprised by Agent actions in Miami
  86. Flight Change Question (Business)
  87. Get last assigned seat or wait later?
  88. Bought miles last week with 40k bonus, this week it's 48k, can I request difference?
  89. Anyone at LHR Admirals Club (t3) (28-Nov)? Left my jacket!
  90. Check luggage all the way through LAX>HKG>SGN
  91. American no longer refunds a lower cost?
  92. Flight on New Years eve/day, credited to what year?
  93. Maintaining Status... Defies 4th grade logic (to merge)
  94. Anybody know what's up with AA980 on 11/26-7
  95. What airlines does AA send passenger to during IROPs?
  96. Which airport for Jan. travel MSY - - CDG?
  97. Great experience (to merge)
  98. Help with fare rules, is this refundable (minus a penalty)?
  99. AA72 or QF12 Business
  100. UK to some US destinations: 2 for £2016 in Business for Black Friday
  101. Same day ICN Turn - Feasible or Not Possible?
  102. 789 / 787-9 Premium Economy Seat and Interim Service Review: DFW-GRU
  103. A new delay explanation: AA pilot hurt himself getting to gate
  104. Trying to Understand what Happened when my Flight went MX
  105. how do I see all the US-Asia nonstop flights operated by AA metal?
  106. why doesn't OLCI ask me if I want to pay to check bag? (using saaver award ticket to)
  107. Classless in First Class
  108. Any benefit to top-tier status in two alliances?
  109. AKL Connection on AA Question
  110. Change of flight and canceling hotel, booked with miles
  111. Received call from AA corporate offices, offered free Platinum Status
  112. earlier flight to San Juan PR on AA using AVIOS
  113. Please help. On LAX-HKG now And About to miss connection in HKG
  114. MSP-BOS Alternatives
  115. BOG-YYZ , 50k Anytime 2 award redemption good value? Jan 10
  116. AA MR Memories
  117. Sold by AA but AA, IB & BA Flight No's
  118. Heads up for Lihue 3rd flight LAX-LIH S17 U and T
  119. F pax on AA flight boo gold star family
  120. AA really shocked me [gripes about service & differences between AA and others]
  121. "Landing Zone" MIA across from D24?
  122. What is going on w/ AA125/126 and the MX recently?
  123. FAs announcing pax flying on awards?
  124. First time flying AA FC
  125. Is AA Cancelling Already Earned Lifetime Status?
  126. American now offering fun iOS 10 stickers - which is your favorite?
  127. Buy regular economy seat for an infant
  128. Stopped from Visiting a Lower Class of Service on International Flight
  129. Award Flight in First or Biz?
  130. Help please: AA125 DFW-HKG Problem
  131. Speculation: Will AA charge for overhead bins?
  132. New, Mexico route on AA, flights MIA to MID being cancelled
  133. AA, time to add some lie flats out of San Diego!
  134. "Your flight has changed" - but it hasn't
  135. Pax Uses Fabrication To Get Jet Bridge Re-attached
  136. “Grace” (exception) if close to but missing Status EQM, EQS or EQD.
  137. is Million Miler worth anything on AA anymore...?
  138. no real time Passport number update & checkin..?
  139. Flight taken, but ticket "open"/manifest doesn't list pax: how to avoid in future?
  140. AAL 339Q?
  141. SAN-SIN on CX: fare and search questions
  142. Upgrade CITI AAdvantage World Platinum to Executive?
  143. RTW fare held in Egyptian pounds, AA stopped taking EGP & won't ticket, now what?
  144. AA first class fares higher than DL
  145. What is the status of -UP fares when no A class is available?
  146. Strange award pricing (using BA, r/t vs one way UK-N America)
  147. Enhanced boarding pass stock (November 2016)
  148. LAX/SAN - No more Bus/First MilesAAver?
  149. EXP Desk "Took Away Ability to Override" for UGs
  150. Better on Wait List with BXP or mileage?
  151. AA 1465 MSP-PHX--D gates?
  152. Price discrepancy in AA website?
  153. Biz Class Reward Availability DFW - CDG
  154. Effective 1 Jan 2017, elite companions officially to inherit PALL status
  155. AA vs BA LAX-LHR passenger sourcing
  156. just purchased ticket shows no free bags for Plat
  157. LAX to LHR AA 108 or 136?
  158. Booking AA miles to Asia in business saaver
  159. Bumped with Purchased Seat
  160. Increased A330 Widebody Service to Caribbean?
  161. Using AA miles on Finnair or Air Berlin
  162. 11 Nov 2016 A.M.: Sabre computer issue - Flights, call centers, airports affected
  163. Checked Luggage Allowance: AA F Award on AS-EY
  164. MIA gate door malfunction; discuss with AA pilot, who has me removed by police
  165. GA Offers Bump Voucher, Then Denies It; AA Declines to Make Good
  166. CX Flight - Credited to AA
  167. AA to QR Transfer at ATL (Separate Tickets)
  168. LAX Admirals Club in Bradley Terminal? (NO)
  169. American adding faster ViaSat WiFi to 500+ Aircraft
  170. AA Buy / Gift Miles promotion / Promos (consolidated)
  171. Crediting BA flights to AAdvantage?
  172. No online check-in without assigned seat
  173. Travel to India (AA or BA or ???)
  174. AA Android app upgrade list-grey names
  175. AA: New Miles accrual rules
  176. Upgrade by Status, then EQD / Elite Qualifying Dollar (later 2017)
  177. Damage to carryon baggage - what to do, who to contact now now
  178. New Concierge Key Benefits for 2017: New CK Elite Status Tier
  179. EQ Dollar / EQD offset via Barclaycard Aviator Cards thru 2018 (master thread)
  180. Huge Schedule Change- Advice
  181. Favorite economy seats with AA Flight number when traveling NYC to HKG
  182. Miles taking more time to post?
  183. Kudos to AA for free award change despite Thanksgiving
  184. Schedule change advice
  185. Your Flight Already Left (but it didn't)
  186. American Airlines website ticketing error
  187. Best AA Transatlantic US-CDG Coach Seats?
  188. RON / Remain Over Night (vs. Delay, Cancellation)
  189. Refundable, fully flexible tickets - but with penalties / fees
  190. Earning AA miles on Sri Lankan marketed flights
  191. Qualifying for status in 2017 to have Status in 2018
  192. AY flight on AA metal - can't check in online?
  193. AA 940 (SCL-DFW) on 11/19
  194. Speculation: Any chance AA repaints a plane to honor Cubs?
  195. Seeing domestic award inventory for International Award travel?
  196. Constant Loop when Trying to Book Flights
  197. AA 2572 SNA DFW - 40-50 total PAX (Why?)
  198. DFW LHR Y to business upgrade availability
  199. Free 24 hr Hold on aa.com Offered Randomly as of 3 Nov 2016
  200. When does aa status expire exactly?
  201. Joining AAdvantage as a BA Silver/OW Sapphire: A way to retain BA benefits using AA#?
  202. AA | Citi Flight Discount EQD / EQ Dollar earning?
  203. Receiving emails from AA that are not for me
  204. TATL 757's - Why?
  205. JFK-CUN business award changed by AA – what are my options?
  206. Finally - holds are gone. [false alarm]
  207. A gift from American Airlines...
  208. No more Premium Cabin from SJU on AA.com?
  209. Earning AAdvantage miles for HU / Hainan Airlines flight?
  210. Flight changes
  211. Booking Award Travel for others, keeping preferred seats?
  212. SNA / Orange County to Chicago / ORD (worth upgrading to 1st?) $75 and 15,000 1 way?
  213. Do i Still Get PERKS of AA Credit Card, even though I didnt use it to PAY?
  214. Has AA stopped selling LAX/SFO-JFK as three cabins?
  215. always possible to gate check luggage?
  216. Help please to book paid AA ticket to MNL
  217. Expertflyer/Ba.com/QF.com & AA.com Mismatch Award Space
  218. Bought tix to MAD on 789 to experience PE, equipment has changed, now what?
  219. DFW - occupied gate...
  220. Asian AA.com IP addresses blocked for US users?
  221. Flight cancellation makes AAdvantage award trip unviable; HELP?
  222. Upgrade to Biz from New Premium Economy
  223. LAS schedule change – do I have enough time?
  224. Did AA Netsaavers officially end or will it be back at some point?
  225. Bag Allowance for EXP on return leg of AA code share with LY
  226. Tight LHR connection - how to get boarding bass?
  227. AA 767 engine fire at ORD; evacuation with injuries (AA383 ORD-MIA Oct 28 2016)
  228. Bag check at MIA?
  229. Boarding Door at LAX for A321 (sharklets) to OGG?
  230. Missing Flight on Return
  231. AA tickets re issued
  232. Itinerary suggestions on bucket list fishing trip for dad
  233. Google Flights AA Deeplinking no longer works for exAsia itinerary?
  234. schedule change on return. can i change outbound flight?
  235. DFW-BUD: Pick AA or BA?
  236. AA System does not recognize LA / oneworld status
  237. Australia Flight Questions (fares, seating, upgrade)
  238. No First to Tokyo after 28 Nov 2016?
  239. Republic E175 Seatmap Issue
  240. Award to London: Take BA and pay surcharges, or spring for AAnytime award?
  241. Issues with Redepositing Miles
  242. New abrev. PCC in Eticket instead of PLT/none (Premium Credit Card)
  243. Upgrade cleared (maybe), then can't check in, what happened?
  244. AA6021 Lightning Strike
  245. Can I enter a "no bulkhead" seat preference?
  246. 72 Hour Clause for Schedule Change/Irregularity on AA award or UPG
  247. Upgrade Disappeared
  248. Speculation. DFW: Why so few European destinations?
  249. So often we complain about the bad.... (helpful Gate Agents)
  250. Many AA business fares restrict travel via LAX-JFK