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  1. No Notification for Unticketed Segments - International Award
  2. Short turn-around in NAS possible?
  3. Booked a ticket w airmiles (concerned about US travel bans)
  4. Any advantage to roundtrip to a pair of one way awards?
  5. Would it make sense to switch to AAdvantage?
  6. Change FFN / frequent flyer number on AA booking? (master thread)
  7. Envoy Frequency Reductions/change in flight schedules
  8. A319? returns from BOG a little 'nose' heavy (cocaine smuggling)
  9. ExpertFlyer and Travel Agent AA Premium Seat Maps Blank (fixed)
  10. Which credit card travel insurance valid on AA awards?
  11. ARCHIVE: 2025 AA Award on Cathay Pacific / CX all classes, availability (master thd)
  12. International Flight Check in AA to JAL
  13. Avoiding AA flight change fee (to merge)
  14. Is anyone else being left off the upgrade list?
  15. Can't pre-order meal if upgraded to F? (to merge)
  16. How early can I check my bag
  17. PDX to SJO via DFW, and traveling back
  18. Speculation: What status was this guy?
  19. AA Wide Body / Flat Bed Flights With 500-mile Upgrade Possibility
  20. LAX: AA relocated from Terminal 6 to 5 Tue 31 Jan 2017
  21. BOS-LGA only 1x on Saturdays?
  22. Iran award ticket reinstatement fee? (to merge)
  23. AA acknowledgement of executive orders (banned travel - strictly moderated thread)
  24. Connecting to Westjet at BOS
  25. AA 173/174 - RDU/LHR - nightmare (to merge)
  26. Long haul widebody Economy / Y / Main Cabin: blanket and pillow?
  27. Better off Changing or Cancelling Award?
  28. LHR-LAX-SYD the mysterious disappearing O class
  29. Pillows / Quilt Blankets for Domestic First Redeyes New Jan 2017?
  30. Seat selection glitch AA.com? Business for 15USD on A321T?
  31. Date Changes, Res is "On Request"
  32. AA reticketing on OAL and subsequent failures
  33. Airline change now incurring fee on award tickets?
  34. EXP upgrade on QF3031 (AA2651)? (to merge)
  35. AA Gold status after March 1 question....
  36. DFW A-C Moving Walkways Working Again (to merge)
  37. Crazy BA Aadvantage award question
  38. What should i do if my OWE / Emerald status is unrecognized by AA?
  39. Suggestions - JAL codeshare through AA, booked on Concur
  40. Change credit card used for payment.
  41. Just booked L and S fare, receipt says "NO FEE FOR CNG/CANCEL"
  42. ARCHIVE: 2017 HELP DESK: General questions re aircraft equipment, fleet, seats, IFE,
  43. ARCHIVE: 2017 QR / Qatar Airways: Earn & Redeem AA Miles, Award (master thd)
  44. Airbus A321 Transcon / A321T / "32B" 3 class (master thread)
  45. Any AA Golds go to UA/DL/??
  46. Flying IB / Iberia: Earning EQM, EQD, Award Miles, related issues
  47. Double OW status or just get an AC membership?
  48. AA719 PHL-ATL Diverted 23 JAN 2017
  49. Amazing service from AA
  50. Very disappointed with my new Exec Plat status so far
  51. New CC Holder-Citi or Barclay's?
  52. Waffling all weekend - AA Gold or AS MVP?
  53. Free upgrades on American? (to merge)
  54. Are all of AA's flights grounded? UA has grounded of all of its
  55. ARCHIVE: AA OSO, IROPS / IRROPS, delay, cancelation etc. resources to 2017
  56. Stood by for Earlier flight but no boarding pass (to merge)
  57. Chances of AA interlining bags on separate PNRs / What to do at PHX for 7 hours?
  58. Flying IB / Iberia: seat selection, finding & using PNR, etc. issues
  59. Enjoy AA status benefit while earning miles on a different program?
  60. LHR connection EI to AA
  61. Flightstats vs AA websites - confusion
  62. Plane Type vs Seat Map
  63. AA47 Punctuality
  64. Voluntary downgrade on QR J Award - possible J seat? (to merge)
  65. AA.com misclassifying taxes and fees online
  66. Flying 1980s Style (757 no IFE, no WiFi - merged threads)
  67. ARCHIVE: AA announces new boarding policy effective 1 March 2017
  68. First Class Food/In Flight Entertainment
  69. AA's arrival gate selection
  70. Married sector fare issue or valid routing?
  71. AA Citi vs Barclays Credit Cards
  72. Unofficial: Complimentary CK/EXP Premium Economy Upgrades?
  73. Excel spreadsheet of all AA flights (for RTW planning)
  74. Food Allergy Group Files Complaint re AA No Pre-Boarding for People with Nut Allergy
  75. AA Basic Economy Fare as of 2017 (and on AY, BA, IB) (Master thread)
  76. early Admirals Club renewal? (more than 120 days in advance)
  77. AA - "best airline of the year" (2017, Air Transport World)
  78. Have AA dropped LGA-CMH route?
  79. AA 3-day luggage delay, claim on AA or Chase Ritz Carlton card
  80. AA and AS / Alaska reduce hub codesharing 2017 with VX merge
  81. AA 397 MIA-SJU on 8/25/17? Where did it go? Sold out?
  82. If AA says it was the weather
  83. International Biz Saaver Awards with Economy Domestic legs
  84. Corporate Challenge - The Case of the Missing 50k Miles
  85. Incredible FAs on MCO-LGA in F last night (1/15)
  86. If I cancel, how is unused credit held?
  87. Earning AAdvantage EQM / EQD / Award Miles on LATAM (all)
  88. Two ticket numbers for a segment?
  89. Downsides of redeeming from 2 AA accounts (1 Elite)to maximize Citi AA Mileage Rebate
  90. 57 minute LGA connection w/ terminal change... Makeable?
  91. I need your advice on how to deal with an awful flight experience
  92. Check in with BA with connecting AA flight continues to unseat you from your AA seats
  93. A lot of Blocked Seats on Domestic 777 2-Class Flight
  94. Easiest way to get from T4-T2 at LAX? (to merge)
  95. Should I recieve my SWU Back? Thoughts?
  96. Elite Milage Bonus Question (to merge)
  97. Live TV on Transcon?
  98. When will blocked seats open up?
  99. Does it make more sense to book BA flights to earn EQD's in 2017?
  100. Washington Dulles (IAD) To LAX Non Stop Cancelled In April
  101. Treated horribly by AA - Challenge status duration misinformation
  102. AAdvantage Award for Iberia Airlines
  103. New Cole Haan Amenity Kits being rolled out for 2017
  104. ER4 / ERJ145 - when in the world are these being replaced?
  105. Throwback Thursday - 1972 ORD-PHX 747 UD
  106. "Good news" in the new AA - no charge to request missing miles!
  107. All About AA Flagship Check-In at JFK, LAX, MIA, ORD (master thread)
  108. Gifting (and using) a SWU? (to merge)
  109. AA bonus miles for 2016 Avis promotion still missing..
  110. AA Guide: MIA / Miami International Airport, MCT / Connection, etc.
  111. HELP - AA changed our ticket from BA to AA (missed connection downgrade)
  112. Will changing frequent flyer at airport counter lose Main Cabin Extra seats
  113. LHR - LAS in J (AA 77W Business - to merge)
  114. Getting from LGA/EWR to JFK
  115. AA now requires credit card to request SWU *to* LHR
  116. Agent split my PNR with 4 year old
  117. Extend Citi $100 AA flight discount by booking refundable ticket and then canceling?
  118. AA CS Mileage Worst ever (wife's miles expired in spite of survey activity)
  119. Online check-in issue
  120. AA EXP status sends Jan 31 2018 and not end of Feb 2018
  121. 777 / 787 BIZ A&D or D&H (to merge)
  122. AA metal from Europe fluctuating in miles?
  123. CX or EY in Business?
  124. New AA service to MFR (Oregon)
  125. Involuntary downgrade on British on AAdvantage award tickets - reimbursement rights?
  126. Using both SWU and Cash + Miles Upgrades- Need to Split Reservation?
  127. Upgrade Availability on LAX-HKG or DFW-HKG
  128. Delayed Bag: Courier Issue & Compensation Question (to merge)
  129. Great Fare to Paris: JFK - CDG less than $494
  130. ARCHIVE: 2017 FAQ: What's a Systemwide Upgrade / SWU / eVIP / VIP? master thread
  131. AA never ceases to amaze me (my cancelled flight wasn't)
  132. Interesting communications incident at AA MKE...
  133. Changing a refundable ticket
  134. AA Snack Inconsistency
  135. How to Secure OW Emerald Privileges as EXP Using Avios on CX or Qatar?
  136. Do AA pilots forget to turn off the seatbelt sign sometimes?
  137. AA Advantage - Update Frequency ?
  138. Budget travel use miles or pay cash?
  139. AA19 3/7 and 3/14 showing different aircraft types
  140. AA SFO <-> DFW Non-Stop equipment/schedules 01/08/2017 - 05/04/2017 suddenly changed
  141. Is it time to hoard miles will their value go up?
  142. Why is AA 272 (JFK- LAX) not selling F ?
  143. LAX-AKL on AA Business Class & OneWorld Saphir. What lounges are best?
  144. CLT-SFO cancelled twice. OSO / IROPS help please. (To merge)
  145. How to get checked bag when no longer flying?
  146. All 4 BTR fuel trucks broken (1/8/17)
  147. Flight Cancelled tonight- Question (to merge)
  148. Can't book multi-city CFG>LAX//SNA>PHX
  149. Unable to check out on AA due to fare changes every single time
  150. What would you have done? Winter storm changes
  151. Planning DFW-SIN Trip (low cost, upgradable)
  152. Japan Airlines Economy Class operated by American Airlines
  153. Cancellation Credit
  154. TPA check-in line: "You can't speak to an agent"
  155. AA EXP agent sells AA + CX flights: no EQM for CX? (to merge)
  156. Add a paid flight to award?
  157. 6 total flights, 1 missing crew, 3 cancelled flights, 3 comped hotel nights
  158. CBR, SYD, SFO connection time? CC for warranty coverage?
  159. AA SWU Clawback/ Audit Anomalies (consolidated)
  160. AA Lounges: free Admirals Club vs paid AMEX Centurion Lounge
  161. AA Zone Fare
  162. Unexpected free first bag...
  163. AA "Sticker" / 500-mile & EXP "UDU" Complimentary Upgrade Policy / FAQ
  164. Help newbie ~ award travel to europe (to merge)
  165. How do I make / making AA Concierge Key / ConciergeKey / CK? (master thread
  166. Does it seem AA is having more plane maintenance issues lately
  167. Priority check-in for Citi / AAdvantage Executive World Elite cardholders
  168. Domestic Same Day Confirmed Flight Change / SDFC / SDC / CFC / "Standby"
  169. Which aircraft - AMS - PHL 19th DEC 2016 AA203
  170. MileSAAver Award Disappeared During Hold
  171. 2 months and miles not posted - affecting travel
  172. ARCHIVE: 2017 Voluntary Award Change: date, time, routing, airline, co-terminal, cost
  173. 7 flight attendants go to hospital w/ headaches after CLT-MCO flight 3 Jan 2017
  174. Ticket value on any airline?
  175. 2017 and the Devaluation of SWU (nee eVIP, VIPOW) Upgrades
  176. Can't see upgrade award availability on AA for June 2017
  177. Just made EXP / Executive Platinum! Resources, ask questions, brag (2017+)
  178. DFW Priority Check-in - Must show boarding pass or elite card to enter as of 1/1/17
  179. Weird ticket cancellation issue
  180. J award availability - adding domestic segment to complete a party
  181. Change Fee on Changed Return Ticket Portion?
  182. ARCHIVE: 2017 HELP DESK: MileSAAver / SAAver award questions, assistance
  183. Boarding pass scanning: OK if a beep and a red light?
  184. Domestic First missed connection advice
  185. Award availability glitch? (330 day out exceeded)
  186. When Oneworld just isn't (connection check-in, boarding pass issues)
  187. ARCHIVE: 2017 "Sticker" / 500-mile & EXP "UDU" Complimentary Upgrade Policy / FAQ
  188. MCE seats on award travel
  189. ARCHIVE: aa.com 2017 website down, glitch, bug, etc.
  190. ARCHIVE: aa.com 2018 website down, glitch, bug, etc. (consolidated)
  191. aa.com 2019 website down, glitch, bug, etc. (consolidated)
  192. GUIDE: Earning AA Elite Qualifying Miles / EQM on AA, partner airlines 2017 on
  193. AA Celebrity Sightings and Related for 2017 (consolidated)
  194. 2017 Flight [xx] Cancellation / Delay / Diversion etc. on [date] (consolidated)
  195. Admirals Club Treasure Hunt (drink chit / chits / coupons, etc.) master thread 2017+
  196. aa.com account info & appearance changes 1 Jan 2017
  197. Speculation: Theoretical Maximum Miles on Jan 1st
  198. ARCHIVE: 2017 AA Award: Cathay Pacific / CX, KA availability, etc. (master thd)
  199. ARCHIVE: 2017 Questions about, guide to, and listing of, compensation
  200. 2017 Combined AA Domestic Meal / Meals - menu / photos / etc. (master thread)
  201. [2017 NEWBIE LOUNGE] Ask Your "Newbie" AA Questions Here (flame free)
  202. Excellent work, streamlined operation
  203. 2017 Chances of Upgrade Clearing and Availability (consolidated)
  204. Using Paypal for AA tickets?
  205. Delayed baggage with Buddy pass
  206. Last Day of 2016 MR or Segment Run?
  207. I missed the memo, anything transcon first class (non-stop) is now 45k, 52k, 55k ?
  208. AA flight change to business award made me rebook with more points
  209. Off Loading Luggage from Missed flights
  210. Booked Award Ticket - requesting sanity check
  211. AA474 two aborted landings at SAN on 12-28-2016
  212. AA negotiated J/F fares from Amex Plat travel?
  213. AA "Special Fare" (AA Vacations, TYP, MR, etc.) Questions, EQD, Issues (merged)
  214. Called to have phone booking fee waived but noticed miles redeposited into account
  215. Held Reservation Canceled
  216. AA wants to collect additional 5k miles to get my original SCL-LIM-LAX business award
  217. using aa miles for hotels, but different family member per night?
  218. AA flying coach only to Colombia?
  219. Schedule changes leads to a forced overnight -- is AA responsible for hotel costs?
  220. Couldn't use American eVoucher at airport to pay for bags
  221. Strange layover times NYC->Athens
  222. Does the YVR to LAX flight land at TBIT? [No.]
  223. Splitting a 4 person PNR
  224. Award Flight - Can I drop last leg?
  225. alaska or aa
  226. Prices to Brazil are nuts !!
  227. Trying To Understand AA's Catering
  228. Two weeks, two go-arounds
  229. Earning EQMs during diversions
  230. Loyalty vs Saving Money threshold
  231. EXP considering leaving AA--where to match/credit miles instead?
  232. Year End Mileage Runs on AA: How many did you fly?
  233. LA Times Vignette on AA LAX Operations
  234. AA 169 LAX to NRT can't use SWU????
  235. Hong Kong-Sydney-Tonga-Auckland-Hong Kong
  236. OW Reward w/ Stopover?
  237. Miles for stickers
  238. Please help: DFW-CMN (Casablanca) using AA miles or BusinessExtrAA or SWU's
  239. CTL/SFO vs JFK/SFO in J/F Awards
  240. Struggling to get two SAN-CUN discounted business fares at once
  241. Earned miles & EQMs on award travel
  242. Mother of 4 Thanks AAirline for 'Kindness' After Holiday Season Flight
  243. ORD-AZO cancelled AA couldn't rebook
  244. Printing pdf of new "Your trip confirmation"- email
  245. AA miles & benefits on Virgin America / VX or AS operated by VX (master thd)
  246. AA/BA downgraded me from PE to E on BA metal.
  247. Priority "PR"?
  248. Flying DUB-LHR-MIA, cannot check in for LHR-MIA AA flight
  249. Admirals club holiday hours
  250. MileSAAver / SAAver award reduction / scarcity discussion