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  1. Speculation: new IAG brand "Level" - will AA miles usable?
  2. Philippine Airlines (or JL or CX) Interline Checked In Bags from MNL?
  3. Future of Our J SAAver Awards LAX-SYD If Route is Cancelled by AA?
  4. AA Status Challenge
  5. Speculation / rumor: new DTW Admirals Club?
  6. LGA Checking Bags in at Terminal B when Plane Departs from Terminal C?
  7. AA/Citi flight discount certificate: extendable if expired?
  8. RJ Business AA Award
  9. Reason for slow airspeed?
  10. American Airlines and Alaska Airlines [Booking awards on VX? NO]
  11. No economy outbound CUN->DCA Sept 4?
  12. SFO to Manila with AA
  13. Need routes recommendation for travel to India
  14. Tripcase No Longer Including AA Itineraries? (14 Mar 2017)
  15. AA72 & AA73 Business vs. First
  16. AA reintroducing coach meals on JFK-LAX/SFO flights 1 May 2017
  17. mixing revenue itn with award ques.
  18. OneWorld TATL flights non-competitively priced recently....
  19. AA Award DOH-AMM-TLV on RJ - single ticket issues (to merge)
  20. AA Errors Reticketing into Basic Economy Fare
  21. Fit / fitness to fly: illness, contagious condition, after surgery, etc. (master thd)
  22. AA Flight Change Email Incorrect: No Upgrade
  23. Transferring miles to another account
  24. AA - Upgrades and BA Tier Points/Avios
  25. Seat suggestions LHR-JFK & back
  26. Award Miles pulled from wrong accounts AA blaming me
  27. US to LHR load questions
  28. 12 Year Old Gold Status Challenge.
  29. AA Platinum Challenge Requirements Question!
  30. Need advice. Last-minute work trip. Want to fly LAX-SYD in paid Business Class.
  31. Flight that qualifies for Plat Pro. E500 earning?
  32. AA launches 25 new flights from six hubs summer 2017 (to merge)
  33. Poss to upgrade to First from Comped Biz on Transcon
  34. Old Eames style AA amenity kits on sale
  35. Cancel flight now and change to a new date later?
  36. BA flights operated by American some specifics for OW/AA Noobie
  37. Using value of old ticket that employer paid for originally
  38. Trend in AA Upgrades
  39. Flying with children - AA document requirements
  40. AA Com Fares as loaded on Mar 9, 2017
  41. Why are AA fares so expensive / non-competitive (2017+ consolidated)
  42. Changing reservation name on aa.com returns 8 Mar 2017
  43. Connecting from Azul to AA at GRU: through check baggage?
  44. Advice needed: AA flight cancelled, substitute shuttle bus broke down
  45. Does a VX operated flight booked as an AS flight earn AA miles (to merge)
  46. Anyone flying DFW-LHR 3/9-3/11?
  47. Conundrum: Use AAdvantage Miles or Paid Ticket
  48. Help resolving booking issue
  49. Federal Govt Rate fares - "off duty" travel ?
  50. Only For Pay Seats Left. If I Do Not Buy ...
  51. MIA/RDU snack service, MIA/CLT snack basket
  52. Gate Assignments - Why So Far in Advance When Changes Likely?
  53. DEN-LAX Going Mainline?!
  54. AAL 9623 & AAL 9277 Both departing STT for CLT tonight... Any ideas why??
  55. MCI Kansas City new connected gate area?
  56. Pls help - instant upgrade & date change problems
  57. Status Challenge AA
  58. Bought ticket on Priceline and same ticket on AA
  59. cannot simultaneously wait list both miles copay upgrade and 500 mile upgrade
  60. Missing AA mileage credit for IB T class
  61. Lost my paid Main Cabin Extra Seats
  62. FLT 2529 CLT-JFK 030317 questions
  63. Anyone else getting "flack" for flying AA?
  64. Only able to print boarding pass for one passenger in reservation
  65. AA Axing LGA/YYZ??
  66. AA 2689 POS-MIA : Trinidad Carnival Monday 2017
  67. Award fees for booking BA seem high to a DL flyer (to merge)
  68. Expensive flights
  69. Impact of French ATC Strike on travel from BCN?
  70. When do AA miles expire? (18 months after last activity)
  71. One hour from arrival to to bag carousel at DCA
  72. Passenger Claims that Deportation "Joke" Led to his Removal from Flight
  73. Email says booked in Basic Economy even though I am not (to merge)
  74. why does it show first checked bag free for my domestic reservation?
  75. AA Multi-city Pricing?
  76. American Airlines is miserable (stranded in BOS)
  77. Ramifications of turning 65
  78. Multiple pax check in question
  79. no rollaboards allowed in overhead on CRJ-900?
  80. No Show Question
  81. First/Business class upgrade from discount economy availabiity
  82. Booked economy flight using AAdvantage miles: got AB "Business Classic" ticket
  83. Question about choosing award seats
  84. Question about upgrade list versus seats showing online
  85. Is AA Enrolled in Hong Kong Frequent Visitor e-Channel Program? (Yes)
  86. AA Five Star and Five Star Select Personal Assistance Service (master thread)
  87. When does AA deplane from the rear of the plane at LGA?
  88. When they broke AAdvantage award availability
  89. Compensation query for delay...
  90. Aviator Silver Boarding Group (ref: Mar 1 2017 changes)
  91. AA transatlantic - DUB - Award (to merge)
  92. Goodbye EXP; after 15 years
  93. f/a wearing sneakers
  94. POLL: What's The Most Comfortable AA J/F Seat?
  95. Who do I believe about flight status AA.com or flight aware?
  96. Best (AA) Card for (AA) Lounge Access
  97. Any ways to earn elite miles beyond flying and Silver Aviator card?
  98. ARCHIVE: End of Feb la k miles for 4 500 mile upgrade stickers (2017)
  99. Number of Crew on JFK-LHR..
  100. PDX-London -- Cheap in August? Other cheap fares?
  101. Agent cancelled wrong award reservation releasing CX and JL award
  102. Advice / Opinions on coach class travel to LHR
  103. AA72 & AA73 Question -upgrades possible as QF marketed? (to merge)
  104. Fixing cancelled AA award flight booked using other airline's miles?
  105. Change Fees
  106. Air Wisconsin ends AA agreement in early 2018, moves to UA
  107. Gate agent split my wife and infant off my PNR without consent
  108. AA Shanghai PVG - LAX, DFW, ORD and return PVG Loads, Upgrade and Waitlist
  109. Aug award travel CBR to SFO
  110. American Airlines Radio playlists for 2011.
  111. AA Providing great weather irrops / IROPS
  112. Do I need to take the new earning rules into account when booking an economy RTW
  113. Flight change logic?
  114. Wireless mouse not permitted in flight?
  115. Award Travel to Russia
  116. O and V reticketed after SWU to S and S; can I change that?
  117. AA 772 V3 or 763 V2 Business Choice HNL-DFW Redeye
  118. Confused - status challenge to Platinum in 2016 - should I be Platinum Pro now?
  119. 2017 Freddies Awards: AA wants our vote (announcement, discussion)
  120. NetNeutrals EU Ltd. dispute resolution
  121. Upgrading just part of the people on a reservation
  122. Comp upgrades on award tickets?
  123. Routing rule now that India & Middle East are separate regions
  124. OLCI still doesn't work for same day return?
  125. Anyone Qualify for Platinum Pro?
  126. Got these certificates from AA in the mail, what are they?
  127. AA Premium Economy for sale?
  128. Travel completion by Midnight 28th CT (SWU) - Transatlantic
  129. AA/Dragon Air itinerary always "not available"
  130. AA for 500-mi certs or AS for RDM?
  131. Spouse and Dependent Travel
  132. gbxxx code on boarding pass
  133. Can agents on QIK still desire/DSR a first seat for a voluntary award downgrade?
  134. AA service at GEG cut to 1 daily r/t beginning Aug 22
  135. How to book award tix w/ diff accounts on same PNR?
  136. Computer outage and delays at PHL this morning (22 Feb 2017)
  137. Mobile BPs avail at GRU?
  138. Admirals Club Member - Guesting for Qantas, Alaska lounges (to merge)
  139. Got on Standby then kicked off
  140. No Free Checked Bag - 1st Checked Bag $0 - Huh?
  141. Different pricing for same flight if booked as multi-city?
  142. International Award Upgrade Waitlist (to merge)
  143. LAX Ticket Agents rude and swore at me
  144. 60,000 miles or $900 voucher - which is better
  145. Ability to combine itineraries
  146. bookaahotels.com: Are all hotels AAdvantage earning Properties ?
  147. Disappearing SFO-JFK Afternoon AA Flights...?
  148. Advice requested: Best way to redeem 1M mi/pts for 3 pax to Oz for Xmas/NYE 2017/18
  149. Lack of craft beer/good coffee on AA
  150. Availability DFW/WAS Sat 13 May 2017 post schedule change
  151. Quickest route to AA benefits (which credit card w/ perks?)
  152. AA Marketed LY Codeshares to TLV from LHR, CDG, ZRH, BCN
  153. AA MD-80 requiem - final 2019 routes and 4 Sep 2019 final flights
  154. No alcohol until out of state from BDL
  155. Gave up ticket, can I still get miles?
  156. Book using AA miles, then switch FF to BA for seats?
  157. SFO-LAX LAX-HND: Same trip, separate PNRs, what to expect?
  158. Award tic: Checking bags thru????
  159. Crediting trip to two FF programs?
  160. Flagstaff (FLG) missing flights June 12-18?
  161. AA moved us from confirmed First seat assignments
  162. Can I manually add an Iberia flight to an AA itinerary?
  163. How to deal with unacceptable ticket agents?
  164. Oneworld Emerald - cant choose preferred seats
  165. Unhygenic American Airlines in XXI Century (no more toilet seat covers)
  166. Checking for AA upgrade for non elite
  167. Mileage earnings MH marketed JL operated D (to merge)
  168. Does AA upgrade oneworld elites?
  169. Any way to print a 1-page receipt?
  170. Flying on AA: Want to use AS perks but accrue AA miles?
  171. Rumor: LUS A321 fleet to be standardized, 190 seats
  172. Why is AA H class inventory sometimes higher than Y class?
  173. Can you apply miles to reduced mileage fares?
  174. ORD-LAS F fares Much Higher Now
  175. Traveling with infant question at online check-in
  176. Am. Eagle plane hits deer departing CLT, makes emergency landing 15 Feb 2017
  177. Will Giving Up My Award Hold Open Up Confirmed SWU Availability?
  178. Stick with LATAM or ask for AA?
  179. Does AA not late check bags / baggage?
  180. American vs Delta IROPS ("IRROPS") / OSO
  181. jet bridge JFK T8 issues(s)
  182. Pricing on r/t open-jaw
  183. Same flight different EQM'S
  184. AA codeshare redemption/upgrade question
  185. Is AA status worth anything anymore?
  186. Major schedule changes 11 Feb 2017)
  187. Charged wrong amount of miles for a partner award?
  188. AA ends TPA-DFW? [No.]
  189. Hey guize, for some reason AA is WIDE OPEN for award on 1/7/18
  190. 767 or 787
  191. Multi-city tatl booking - flight times glitch?
  192. Booking a complex fare
  193. IAH to LAX flight connecting to Sydney changed
  194. AA Guide: BOG / El Dorado Intíl. Apt. Bogota LATAM VIP Lounge
  195. No More "The Economist" at Admirals Clubs?
  196. Get any value out of ticket I'm not going to use?
  197. Reduced Mileage award: travel FROM or TO listed airport?
  198. What does "upgrade confirmed" (for SWU) on AA.com mean?
  199. checked in but not checked in???
  200. BA business J ticket on AA metal - credit to AS? Lose seat?
  201. No running water in CLT A-D! 9 Feb 17 (restored now)
  202. "You've been upgraded emails" seem irregularly sent
  203. Flight Change in multi city itinerary
  204. AA.com technical outage? 8 FEB 2017 (to merge)
  205. Guide to Flagship Lounge Access (expanded 2017)
  206. When to book flight SAT-DFW for cheap F
  207. Will AA Protect on Separate All AA Bookings?
  208. AA 2017-2018 Fleet Plan
  209. Splitting mileage on an itinerary?
  210. Merging Award and Cash Reservation
  211. Turbulence, "Turbulence" and In-Flight Service Delays
  212. Business Class less than Coach? ORD-SJO
  213. F4 but 11 seats available?
  214. A minor further tightening of the rules on AA award tickets
  215. Add APIS / Advance Passenger Info. on aa.com?
  216. A Quarter of the Way to EXP Requal Thoughts on the New System
  217. Problems issuing ticket using Concur, for a flight booked the same day of departure
  218. AA award redemption within Africa (BA - Comair)
  219. Notice - Watch Your EQDs to RDMs Conversions Carefully
  220. Advice re strange Involuntary downgrade
  221. seat assignments on CX operated flight?
  222. Closing door and mobile devices
  223. AA Resumes Year-Round 2X Daily MIA/MDE on Feb 16
  224. Results of Tweeting compliments about AA employees to AA?
  225. Trying to change flights on AA.com
  226. Online check-in problem for codeshare
  227. Speculation: Roll Over Miles Ever on AA?
  228. Million Milers and EQDs: MM Offset to EQD Requirements?
  229. Carrier Imposed Surcharge / YQ: AA award on BA / British (& IB) & avoiding it
  230. Which routing from MSY to Europe
  231. Can you standby change to a different international flight if ticket stock is BA
  232. AA Cabin Crew
  233. Award travel wholly within a country... No Malaysia?
  234. Leaving AA, mileage expiration and e500s
  235. AA Website Booking Questions (Upfaring)
  236. February 2017 Purchase AA Miles Sale
  237. any recourse for canceled flights? (to merge)
  238. AA removing codeshares from SYD-LAX/SYD-DFW/LAX-JFK 30 Sep 2017
  239. AA Early Boarding and Repercussions - Discussion
  240. No Notification for Unticketed Segments - International Award
  241. Short turn-around in NAS possible?
  242. Booked a ticket w airmiles (concerned about US travel bans)
  243. Any advantage to roundtrip to a pair of one way awards?
  244. Would it make sense to switch to AAdvantage?
  245. Change FFN / frequent flyer number on AA booking? (master thread)
  246. Envoy Frequency Reductions/change in flight schedules
  247. A319? returns from BOG a little 'nose' heavy (cocaine smuggling)
  248. ExpertFlyer and Travel Agent AA Premium Seat Maps Blank (fixed)
  249. Which credit card travel insurance valid on AA awards?
  250. ARCHIVE: 2025 AA Award on Cathay Pacific / CX all classes, availability (master thd)