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  1. Taking bicycle to europe?
  2. Is Platinum the New Gold?
  3. EQD qualification for 2017
  4. ITA/Google vs AA
  5. Aa108 12/5/17 seat map. Think they will ask premium to move backwards for takeoff😀
  6. The AA aircraft “boneyard” at ROW / Roswell, NM
  7. High Spend No Status
  8. Ticket Change Fees Not Qualifying for EQD: Complaint
  9. Back After Six Months, Not Much has Changed
  10. FlyerTalk Awards 2018 American Airlines AAdvantage benefits nominations
  11. How many AA baggage handlers does it take to unload one plane?
  12. Crediting codeshare miles in AAdvantage (LA flight operated by AA)
  13. Admirals Club Wish Lists
  14. Citi Aadvantage Discount Code Exp Date
  15. RDU-SIN what route to take
  16. AA Travel Visa Errors and Issues for Two Honeymooners
  17. LHR - Heathrow new Terminal 3 Qantas Lounge Open (29 Nov 2017)
  18. DFW to LHR in Business (77W, seats, meals - to merge)
  19. LAS-LAX FA Shouting at Passengers to Remove, Carry Backpacks?
  20. Online vs. Phone Reservation
  21. Asked for Boarding Pass for Shower Key at DFW Admirals Club
  22. Probably not the best use of miles... AAnytime J for return on paid Y MR
  23. Is the upgrade list available online? (No - only on App D-4)
  24. Downgraded Myself To Coach Due First Cabin Issue
  25. Use Systemwide on AA-Operated Flight, Foreign Ticket Stock?
  26. Hit and Miss phone service
  27. Aircraft Guide: AA Boeing 737 MAX 8 / 7M8 First / Business Seats, Etc.
  28. Aircraft Guide: AA Boeing 737 MAX 8 / 7M8 Meridian Main Cabin, MCE Seats, Etc.
  29. Interline Baggage - AA/ANA - Purchased through AA
  30. Unavailable Fare on AA, Booked on Amex
  31. EXP agent munching while on the phone
  32. AA734/735, MAN-PHL, 9th Dec / 13th Dec with TA
  33. Fare rules display better on German .com site
  34. Why bother having yellow valet tags?
  35. BA Avios award on AA and Preferred Seats
  36. AA: wrong EQM after upgrade from Premium Economy
  37. Executive Platinum Average EQD
  38. 1 Dec 17 AA180 PEK-LAX cancelled - but not cancelled!
  39. AA miles to Alaska?
  40. Signing a family member up for Platinum Challenge?
  41. AA First Class catering ex-LHR
  42. Completed the EQD but far away from EQM needed. Advice?
  43. CK Boarding Before Wheelchair Preboards?
  44. Using miles IAD-VCE
  45. Is a no-show better than changing return leg?
  46. AY / Finnair “ineligible” flights for AAdvantage mileage accrual glitch
  47. Citi AAdvantage Executive Mastercard Trip Cancellation Protection
  48. Responsibility of AA for Invalid Passport?
  49. "He that lieth down with dogs shall rise up with fleas" -Benjamin Franklin
  50. EXP Unlimited Domestic Upgrades / UDU on three class domestic flight
  51. Platinum, but only showing middle seats every time?
  52. Using kiosk to check-in at T-4.1 hours?
  53. American Airlines Missed Check In Time Fees Imposed
  54. Can I SDFC on BA leg of AA itinerary?
  55. Shortest Mileage Run From LAX
  56. Thousands of December AA flights scheduled without pilots?
  57. Woman arrested for disturbance and attempted cockpit entry PHX-OAK
  58. Speed of service in business on overnight flights
  59. USA Today AP Question & Answer with AA President Isom 26 Nov 2017
  60. Correct Baggage Fee Returning from HOG - Website contradicts ticket
  61. EXP Agent accidentally cancelled companion's BA ticket, who should pay to replace?
  62. Why can't all AA flights be like this?
  63. booked a milesaver award SCL-MIA, got a premium economy seat?
  64. AA Vacations Refuses Me Refund or Options for Future Travel
  65. American (PHL-CLT-MCO) or (PHL-MCO)
  66. Time to Post for Missing Mileage Credit from Finnair (AY)?
  67. JFK-LHR-ZRH on 11/21-22 comments
  68. Can AA retrieve CX status online?
  69. Roundtrip Credit Awarded After Flying First Leg
  70. SFO security tomorrow morning. How early?
  71. PHX to California: Flights later and later in day
  72. not receiving email with PDF of boarding pass
  73. Which Rimowa for AA?
  74. First international business class trip...seeking advice!
  75. Onboard treatment better on partner airlines
  76. AA/Iberia separate tickets and check through protection (to merge)
  77. Checked baggage allowance transatlantic business class / OWE
  78. Which 757? (to merge)
  79. Scheduled block time increased over 20%?
  80. Is it worth using Systemwide Ug from J to F on DFW -HKG 77W
  81. EQD Earned via Membership Rewards and Ultimate Rewards Pay with Points?
  82. Another Flexible vs Refundable question & Seat ques
  83. Shoulder belts on 787
  84. Redeeming miles, foreign credit card issue on AA.com?!?
  85. New Routes x13: DFW-OAK, PHX-OKC, LGA-PWM, ORD-BGR...
  86. Silent Devaluation - Premium Check-in Changes
  87. Active crew wearing pyjamas... / pajamas
  88. Thankful for Southwest Airlines for Keeping AA Fares in Check
  89. American Airlines issue [misconnect / potential refueling stop]
  90. Flight going at 1k miles per hour?!
  91. End of year credit, overnight connection.
  92. Local AA phone number in Hong Kong?
  93. UK Based AAdvantage Credit Cards
  94. business class lounge perks RDU, LHR
  95. "Oh F.A., there's a hair on my seat back screen"
  96. AA Business Saaver Award on BA, 777 or 744
  97. 100K Mile Purchase Bonus?
  98. Earned EQM on an award flight. How is that possible?
  99. AA not able to explain boarding group “downgrade”
  100. AA lost my upgrade request... big deal?
  101. Aadvantage Platinum Upgrade on Award Ticket <500 miles? (No)
  102. ORD adventure (multiple IROPS)
  103. MIA / Miami Flagship Lounge at D30 (new Nov 2017)
  104. Anyone else having trouble booking JL awards using AA?
  105. Protected on later flight
  106. AA's renovated LAX T4 Admirals Club is now open... this is the best AA could do?
  107. simple AA credit card strategy?
  108. CEO Parker Credits Employees For 737 30” vs Originally Planned 29” Seat Pitch
  109. Wait for upgrade to clear - then credit miles to AS
  110. Business Class MIleSAAver Award - British Airways (seating & lounge access)
  111. Dfw-jfk bob?
  112. Help with connecting flight query
  113. Why is my companion #3 on the UG list when I am #1?
  114. American Airlines Employee Survey Results
  115. Using CheapOair for AA metal?
  116. AA.com booking error
  117. Lounge strategy for my next trip (transit at JFK and LAX)
  118. First post - dumb question - buying AA miles to use for business class
  119. Upgrades on International Flights
  120. Quite a "Welcome On Board" (FA consuming banana)
  121. Routes with International First Class?
  122. Award ticket-24 hour before booking
  123. Aer Lingus CEO: NO Oneworld Plans, But AA Relationship Sought 17 Nov 2017
  124. Phx-lax-jfk-Mia bags
  125. Interline baggage on one award/PNR between airlines without agreements?
  126. Thanks, AA. It takes a village. (Passenger assistance kudos)
  127. AA --> Delta or United
  128. Arriving in ORD from Toronto
  129. Best Use for 110K miles
  130. ORD on a Saturday morning
  131. A Simple Question re: changing an award flight
  132. Having Two Barclays Silver Elite Aviator Cards
  133. A330 On schedule SFO-CLT in Jan
  134. Regional Boarding Procedures
  135. What aircraft on my flight?
  136. Using AAdvantage Miles for IntraEurope Trips?
  137. AA switched PHX-JFK for PHX-EWR ! What are my options ?
  138. 80K miles needed for award out of which 2K will be returned and I have 78K
  139. NRT to LAX op up? Likely?
  140. AA flight - first class - help me understand why people won’t slightly move their bag
  141. So what happened at Buenos Aires yesterday
  142. American Airline's Chutzpah
  143. Booking through Google flights to American
  144. BusinessExtraa BXP1 Certificate. How Much Time at Check In.
  145. BA booked with AA miles - upgrade to WT+?
  146. Is there a AA premium(first) sale thread ?
  147. Upcoming trips on the AA app
  148. Weird award pricing
  149. AA & Bluetooth
  150. I can see awards-but can't book or put on hold
  151. Transatlantic/ TATL one way vs round trip pricing issues
  152. Seasonal Route DFW-KEF Reykjavik B757 —> PHL-KEF Jun 2020
  153. AA European Fare Sale
  154. Use of SWU on LAX - LHR
  155. Quickest way to get 66 miles?
  156. Experts chime in (GSO-ORD-ASE flight advice)
  157. FA newbies working F because these PAX are divas?
  158. Advice - changing Saaver Award to Anytime
  159. Thoughts for those thinking to switch primary carrier
  160. Lost gatechecked stroller
  161. AA schedule extension
  162. How late can I cancel my AA Award Ticket?
  163. AA free checked baggage at kiosk for OW status customers
  164. 13L 13k or 26A 26B for 772 to OGG?
  165. Eqm on aa metal vs partner metal
  166. AA buisness & 1st class questions
  167. AA ceding West Coast service to DL
  168. Award travel for international roundtrip - comparing AA vs. United vs. Delta
  169. Should I do an AA challenge?
  170. When do EQDs post?
  171. Missed flight, downgrade from original F class, lost EQMs
  172. Aa crew sharing their saliva with you
  173. 3.5 hour schedule change, AA won't refund
  174. AA-coded IB metal - seat assignment and elite benefits?
  175. "Smart" J seat selection on 787
  176. App and website down?
  177. Business Extra BXP1 up for grabs
  178. Aadvantage Holiday Promo - Up to 50,000 Bonus Miles
  179. going back to GOLD
  180. How far is it from PHX-DEN?
  181. transatlantic AA 788 business class vs. DL Delta One a330-300
  182. AA 332 Zodiac Cirrus vs. AA 788 Zodiac Concept D business class
  183. Did flight #5030 just have a missed approach?
  184. 5,000 mile upgrade from J to F: Policy or Mistake/gift?
  185. Strange problem with A321 seatbelt in 10F on 11/8/17
  186. Selling status
  187. How to book domestic first class fully refundable fare on a website?
  188. New Status on Existing Reservations
  189. Kudos to AA App
  190. Best way to get a new seat after checkin (plat)
  191. 737-800 wingtip color differences
  192. Question on valid routing
  193. Seriously? No food on a 9 hr. flight? AA 42 ORD to VCE
  194. AA Basic Economy fare codes and excluding them from ITA Matrix
  195. When did AA start charging $30 processing fee to buy miles?
  196. BA/AA Multistop Baggage Allowance
  197. Itinerary change - what would you do?
  198. Premium Economy (PE) wasn't available at booking
  199. Change Fee on Refundable "Flexible Business" fare?
  200. Access Alaska Board Room without physical card?
  201. Aviator Cards
  202. Have I been upgraded?
  203. Miles sale with up to 100k bonus miles
  204. Rebooked w/in 30 minutes of departure, then denied check-in -- who was right?
  205. AA733 LHR-CLT turning back today? [No.]
  206. Fare Code for Multi City Trip??
  207. Quick Question: Do we have to go thru security at DFW after Customs for connection?
  208. Paid Seat Reservation got refunded by AA
  209. Was there a CK equivalent on US?
  210. Do you sometimes hope for a service failure to get comp miles?
  211. Luggage Options on TP Run
  212. So close to Platinum. What should I do?
  213. Can I Upfare single leg, and how much?
  214. Any skyteam to match my AAdvantage status?
  215. AA’s number one flyer?
  216. ORD “Shuttle” “coming soon”?
  217. Bumped off flight (VDB), need advice
  218. AA Flight baggage Question - BA Gold Member
  219. seat assignment on LATAM codeshare ticket with AA metal
  220. Are American Eagle flights still cash-only?
  221. Seat allocation at check in
  222. Blowing through EXP SWUs already
  223. When does AA EQD go through?
  224. Calling AA via VOIP: Skype, Hangouts, Voice, Etc.
  225. Upgrades the last week
  226. More unavailable middles than aisles and windows?
  227. Barclays Aviator Approved - Jumped Through Hoops to Get it
  228. Best way to get to and from South Africa as an AA elite?
  229. Dreamliner 789 (how do I find out routing?)
  230. Is AA now 100% lie-flat 1-2-1 J on widebodies and lie-flat on Intl 757s?
  231. American's Vision for LAX
  232. Relationship between C and U fare buckets?
  233. FA wearing earbuds? Is this a new thing?
  234. OneWorld Easy/Cheap Locations with Miles close to Russia
  235. Favorite Seats in AA Admirals Clubs
  236. MLG4 - anyone ever seen that as a rev upgrade priority code?
  237. AA LAX Catering Issues Late 2017 (Listeria 1 Nov 2017)
  238. LAX-MIA-HAV with 1h16 connection
  239. What does "not offered" mean in the context of upgrade waitlist
  240. AA changing mileage?
  241. Public Awareness of Elite Qualifying Miles?
  242. Project One Airline cost reduction plan - discussion and speculation
  243. "Duct" Tape used to tape up the cover to oxygen masks
  244. Any meals to purchase in the evening?
  245. New routes out of DCA
  246. Upgrade Options for an International Business Class Award Ticket
  247. American Airlines miles transfer to Hilton HONORS points
  248. AA Mid-Con Business/First Awards: Worth It?
  249. Domestic award availability
  250. Ugh--I'm totally confused on codeshare / partner airlines. HELP! (to merge)