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  1. Was this IDB?
  2. Through flight seating glitch?
  3. Partner Award Bookings Online - Why Not on aa.com?
  4. BA LGW>OAK Not Showing on AA.com
  5. Baggage allowance: Y (domestic) revenue + F (int'l) award tickets?
  6. AA Gold or BAEC Silver?
  7. CK/EP free same day upgrade to Prem Economy - how is it handled?
  8. Update on LAX-ATL route
  9. Dear AA, please promote this FA to CEO
  10. Speculation: 2018 Elite Status - fewer elites, perks changes, etc.
  11. Do you tip AC bartenders?
  12. Pax claims he is professional fighter and threatens to kill people on AA Flight
  13. Bonus promotion with AA (shopping/dining) partners: 2k/5k/10k [ended Jun 2017]
  14. Assistance with AA Mileage redemption?
  15. C inventory but AA claims no availability for upgrade
  16. Change to AA Award BCN-SFO
  17. Australian man "crushed" in economy seat 14 hours sues AA for injuries
  18. Etiquette in swapping my FC seat with my parent in Y?
  19. New "Better" Espresso / Coffee Machine(s) Coming to Admirals Clubs
  20. AA routes with high EQM:EQD ratios?
  21. Mixed cabin ticket - option for overweight passenger?
  22. USCA 09: Breach of Contract Suit - US Airways Baggage Fees
  23. Bose NR headphones AA business class? (Obsolete thread)
  24. Club options at PHL?
  25. Newbie Oneworld Sapphire Query About AA Check-in etc.
  26. Better to connect in PHX rather than LAX?
  27. "American Says They Won’t Sell the AAdvantage Program" - Gary Leff May 2 2017
  28. Which has better MCE, 757 or A321?
  29. Blast from the Past: Fare Difference Snail Mail
  30. Can AA take over OTA / online travel agency (e.g. Travelocity) reservation?
  31. Main Cabin complimentary food
  32. AA #2936 operated by SkyWest: fire aboard, all OK
  33. My Helix Score is only 2 Eagles! Does this explain my crappy customer service?
  34. Someone else bought my ticket then cancelled it: can I reuse the value?
  35. Didn't realise schedule change left me with short connection, missed my onward flight
  36. Paying Cash for Drinks on Planes
  37. Reimbursement for Diverted Flight
  38. seat reservation questions following drop in status
  39. Advice to combine avios leg with $ leg on AA
  40. Equipment change taking 10+ days to load, is this usual?
  41. Schedule Change Frequency?
  42. Opinions on AA LAX -PVG
  43. Speculation: Fare increases Spring 2017 - reasons and permanence?
  44. AA 278 JFK-EDI: Titanic site mentioned as overflying
  45. AA JFK to Deploy Faster "Automated Screening" Lanes May 2017
  46. EXP getting a Gold packet in mail
  47. EXP Upgrade on Domestic MileSAAver Awards Benefit (When?)
  48. 25% Bonus through 15 Jun 2017 Converting Hotel Points to AA Miles
  49. Why doesn't AA codeshare to Philippines?
  50. Double down and go for CK or go elsewhere
  51. AA buys two new LHR slot pairs from SAS for $75M
  52. Connecting internationally through different carriers
  53. Value of ticket if cancelled midway through a trip
  54. Better service in first class - upgrades vs paid fare
  55. Not going on booking
  56. Going to OSA/NGO and SHA in the fall, what's the best route for award travel?
  57. Lessened restrictions on some tickets via Amex travel
  58. Second meal in transcon F?
  59. Free Drinks in Choice on Select International Flights
  60. Contact number for intra-Europe booking (AA via Amadeus)?
  61. Did AA change carry-on size limit? (mine is exactly 9" and couldn't fit into sizer)
  62. Possible Glitch or a Change? BA Award Availability Not Showing on AA.com
  63. Getting a copy of a reservation as originally ticketed
  64. Lie Flat Seats on flight #466? Or am I crazy?
  65. Speculation: DL launches LAX-DCA with DeltaOne premium service - will AA respond?
  66. Hotel for EXP / Executive Platinum during Wx / weather event?
  67. EXP Second reservation on delayed outbound flight cancels return?
  68. Using AC Daypass when NOT flying AA
  69. made change on award ticket, shouldn't agent verify its "ME"?
  70. Go for 150K or a second program
  71. I'm going to start using the FA call button. Why not?!
  72. 763 vs 772 vs BA 744 J to Europe
  73. Speculation: Any chance of Admirals Club in MSP someday?
  74. OLCI Possible for Canada?
  75. $500 Upgrade on American International,
  76. Elite miles earned on partner airline codeshare with non oneworld airline (to merge)
  77. Changes in Flight Numbers Over Six Months?
  78. South SF Bay / SJC Residents Using LHR T3 soon? iPad Recovery...
  79. Question on F pricing to FLL
  80. AA Marketed, IB Ticketed, Level Operated?
  81. Eagle's Nest (LAX Remote/regional jet terminal) How to Fix
  82. EXP Elite Qualifying Dollar via AA credit card question: Authorized user OK?
  83. Multiple Bookings - Similar Times
  84. 777-200 / 772 on some Hawaii schedules
  85. Baby Stroller Incident on AA591 SFO>DFW April 21st
  86. Too Many Blocked Seats
  87. Will AA match or fire back DFW-GIG J $1700?
  88. Miles Reactivation Suggestion scenarios
  89. Do confirmed upgrades exist on AA?
  90. Citibank just emailed me a one-day Admirals Club pass
  91. how to avoid Federal tax when buying miles on AA.com?
  92. Whose IRROPS policy applies when dealing with AA/BA codeshare flights?
  93. What determines which airline ticket stock flights can be put on?
  94. big difference in award taxes between out bound and return flights
  95. Airline schedules: 24 hour clock vs 12 hour AM-PM
  96. Delay LAX - JFK/ Runway problems JFK?
  97. Shoulder belt or airbag?
  98. Help with AA/BA multi-segment itinerary
  99. The saga of AA 1272 (or DCA-DEN on six different planes)
  100. Citi® / AAdvantage + Citi Prestige Card
  101. Refund Class Action Suit
  102. MAN-SAT Tier Run. Lounge Access / Aircraft Type?
  103. Oversold flight - can only be put on upgrade list at gate
  104. Return flight but only one BP
  105. 144 TWOV China- AA Issues/Questions
  106. Is there anyway to have AA notify me automatically of an aircraft/seating change?
  107. Article in The Hollywood Reporter Compares 1st Class LAX-JFK/EWR, AA Comes Out On Top
  108. Targeted Promotion: double miles on all flights through August 31
  109. Do AA-branded cc benefits apply to awards, if it's used to pay the fees?
  110. Group 6 boarding - Space for my 21" Hand Carry?
  111. beverage policy in coach for "short" flights
  112. Who can approve starting the boarding process
  113. Admirals Club locations and access
  114. BA F Endorsed to AA F, not great experience
  115. AA won't remove boarded pax for oversales - C of C change April 2017
  116. Can gate agent apply stickers and upgrade me at last minute?
  117. My upgrade requests never show on the gate board
  118. OW carriers where AAdvantage awards get MCE?
  119. Award ticket tax refund never arrives - need help
  120. If I buy upgrade during OLCI, why does it say 3 free checked bags included?(domestic)
  121. AA VDB maximum?
  122. Advice going through MIA
  123. Should AA separate the loyalty and rewards parts of AAdvantage into two programs?
  124. Gary Leff: SEC filing - AAdvantage devaluation hurt AA profits
  125. Using AA for Finland or BA business class
  126. Old style 321?
  127. Admirals Club Day Pass & $100 Flight Discount
  128. Lost Citi Platinum $100 Certificate. Any Hope?
  129. ORD-DUB Going Year Round?
  130. AARP discount on AA?
  131. AA persists in sending booking details to wrong address
  132. Routing advice, July flight changed by AA
  133. Check-in, lounge access, and bag handling procedure for AA codeshares
  134. 10 flights booked on 3 tickets, all same PNR - EQD issue?
  135. Is moving from United (1k member) to AA a good choice?
  136. jfk-zrh-jfk April 6, April 11 comments
  137. International upgrade clears. AA.com show two separate reservations.
  138. Is AA really always this bad?
  139. upgrading a flight bought on kayak with miles?
  140. being bumped from first to coach (EXP comp. upgrade)
  141. DFW - 5 Star vs Centurion vs AA lounge(s)?
  142. AA app has no refresh option
  143. Checking in at one airport then flying from another
  144. AA award calendar advice (please be gentle!)
  145. LAX/JFK round-trip in economy :( when to choose seats?
  146. ARCHIVE: Upgrade priority by status and rolling EQD spend. News update?
  147. Fare dropped $75 per ticket 3 hours after booking... SOL?
  148. AA acceptance of passengers - mental, physical etc. fit to fly
  149. Anyone else reading the DL board and LOL a little bit ?
  150. Do you think AA would rebook this long itinerary?
  151. Finding Fare Code for American flights
  152. Mixing SWU and BE Upg
  153. Reduction in Mileage Redemption Levels for AA Awards?
  154. AA just got my loyalty for life
  155. AA MilesAAver Not Available
  156. Anyone else wake up to a mystery deduction of miles?
  157. FAQ: What's a Systemwide Upgrade / SWU / eVIP / VIP? (Master thread)
  158. Cellist and Cello forced off plane at DCA
  159. Can't display trip details
  160. AA73 as QF 310 - LAX connections and check in issues (to merge)
  161. Crediting JAL flight via Chase UR to AA
  162. standby chances: LGA>ORD or EWR>ORD?
  163. AA "upgraded" Android app as of 6 Apr 2017
  164. AA second behind WN in passenger count in 2016
  165. MileSAAver Award RDU (CLT/GSO) to ~TLV? (To merge)
  166. AA Delay: Kept connect seat, but booked back up
  167. Status expiration glitch?
  168. Delete Saved Cards
  169. DFW-HNL-DFW Sept schedule change
  170. JFK-OGG Best Anytime / AAnytime Award for Comfort
  171. Domestic upgrade using Internatioal Milesaaver award
  172. Credit Card Strategy for AA?
  173. Is different day flight change possible?
  174. AA Platinum Elite Status Challenge (to merge)
  175. SFO-JFK Transcon frequency changes?
  176. AA1938 Apr 3 (red-eye) las-clt fc upg issues
  177. Search engine for multi-city AND multi fare classes?
  178. "We're not allowed to give out bottles of water (in FC)?"
  179. When does the AA Upgrade list get published?
  180. Citi Executive - Enhanced Airport Experience?
  181. Seat changes this weekend
  182. Main cabin "unavailable" on wide-open flights?
  183. AA Cuts All JFK-SJU Non Stops in September
  184. Changing F fare booking (fare rules issue)
  185. Awards to Fiji may get a little easier - FJ SFO-NAN as of Jun 2017
  186. Help me with this award destination change ticketing problem please
  187. I (Business Lowest) Cancellation policy?
  188. EXP and CK now eligible for domestic upgrade (UDU) on award ticket
  189. AA website and ticket types (to merge)
  190. Thinking of switching to AAdvantage - someone please sanity-check?
  191. Strange OLCI behavior
  192. Airlines Make More Money Selling Miles Than Seats
  193. No BOB
  194. 265,000 award miles for $4,786.88; worth it? (to merge)
  195. Has anyone ever heard of an "inhibitor" on a reservation?
  196. aa.com Basic (front page) vs Advanced Award Search Results
  197. PHX-LAS Fare
  198. AA First Officer Dies as AA1353 Prepares to Land at ABQ 29 Mar 2017
  199. Do AA Awards Offer Anything Like a UA Excursion Perk? (No.)
  200. Business MilerSAAver Award Flights LHR -> SFO/SJC/LAX
  201. Equipment Price Differences
  202. Upgrade Not Applicable
  203. Guesting People into Admirals Club or Flagship Lounge Stories
  204. Advice needed on aa (F awards for four SAT-HNL - to merge soon)
  205. Mysterious Fortuitous Changes Keep Happening to My Reservations--What's Going On?
  206. New: BookAAhotels website March 2017
  207. I'm EXP. My wife has no status. Should i buy her ticket from my profile?
  208. Log books, "kiddie" wings for children
  209. 2017 AAdvantage Kit - Received one yet?
  210. Qualifying as Platinum in 2017 After Platinum Reingagement Challenge
  211. International Upgrades (Paid and reward travel)
  212. American purchasing shares in China Southern
  213. carry-on bags size & weight
  214. Earning EQMs to TLV?
  215. Exceptional crew on AA317 today
  216. What's the point of buying RT Domestic Ticket?
  217. What happens when one psg in a PMR cant make the trip
  218. AA Lounge change in PVG / Shanghai Pudong ~2016
  219. JFK-CLT - minimal F service in-flight?
  220. Fare Class with Zero Mileage
  221. Blind Maine woman describes getting kicked off plane with service dog
  222. seat assignment on AA App versus boarding pass
  223. Canceling refundable ticket after departure? (to merge)
  224. AA not withdrawing miles for portion of award trip
  225. Meal service ANC-DFW (and Anchorage AA amenities, etc.)
  226. What am I doing wrong (couple get amazing compensation)
  227. Upgrade vs. IRROPS question
  228. How does the "credit" works?
  229. American Buys $200M / 2.76% Stake in China Southern / CZ 27 Mar 2017
  230. Award redemption question (to merge)
  231. Great phone agent
  232. Flight went up over $200 overnight
  233. Boston to Hong Kong - round trip - direct during Dec
  234. Google Flights fares lower than AA.com via link to AA.com
  235. Forcing an oversell?
  236. Rendering Video of DCA's New Commuter Wing Including Admirals Club
  237. AA Only Middle Seats Available Gimmick
  238. Rudest Check-in Agent I have had. I hope that I did the right thing.
  239. 1688 SAN - DFW crew timed out during departure taxi (to merge)
  240. Electronics ban and impacts on AA travel-tickets
  241. Better Lounge or Longer Flight in J?
  242. AA 772 vs 787 in J
  243. Award ticket ALB-OGG: what option/route would you take?
  244. AA Advantage Dining Bonuses again?
  245. 90 Min International to Domestic Transfer at Haneda
  246. wine on domestic flights
  247. Same-day change/standby of a domestic sector connecting to an international one?
  248. Speculation: new IAG brand "Level" - will AA miles usable?
  249. Philippine Airlines (or JL or CX) Interline Checked In Bags from MNL?
  250. Future of Our J SAAver Awards LAX-SYD If Route is Cancelled by AA?