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  1. Rewards Flight And Confusion Over Dates
  2. AA Domestic w/ Rimowa Topas 35L size
  3. is the curtain obsolete ?
  4. Infant fare - please help!!
  5. Two different experiences - contrasting domestic checkin, flights
  6. First Time First Class? BWI - MIA - LAS
  7. To AMS in J - no lie flat seats?
  8. Best Biz Seat: AA (jal operated) JFK - NRT?
  9. Company ticket for me, award ticket for husband, and timing?
  10. Change to Multi City Bookings? (Feb 2018)
  11. When are Aadvantage elite-status cards mailed?
  12. Corporate fares and EQDs
  13. Citi Executive MasterCard10k EQM every year?
  14. why is AA still flying Dash-8 turboprops? weren't they supposed to be gone by now?
  15. When Does AA Allow Upgrading With Miles and No $$ Copay?
  16. (I believe I got) Food Poisoning at JFK Flagship First Dining
  17. System Wide Upgrades on International Flights/General Advice for newbie EP
  18. Transpacific R/D Fares - Change Fees and Upgrades?
  19. Using two awards to get to destination with fewer miles
  20. Base miles or EQD - what would you do?
  21. 737 jfk-las non-stop flt. 1263 diverted on 2/16 (to merge)
  22. How early can bags be checked at DFW (to merge)
  23. AA Marketed, AS Operated: AA Said Free (CC) Bag, AS Charged for Baggage
  24. PHX - Construction, Traffic Management initiatives
  25. Trip in Vain Avoided - Did I Make The Right Decision?
  26. Helsinki: Nordic regional to Finnair (to move)
  27. Any idea when AA's original long haul jets fly out of former US hubs, vice versa?
  28. AA Employees and Family Members - Where are you going with your tickets to paradise?
  29. Seat Reservations on BA Metal when booking award flight with AA miles?
  30. Downgraded from F to Y on 1 leg of award ticket due to IROPS, am I due any miles?
  31. Speculation: Widebody Business Class reductions coming?
  32. refund on first/business aa award? (to merge)
  33. What would you do - DFW-SYD?
  34. Anyone knows what happened to this AA flight? (JFK AA a/c & emergency vehicles)
  35. Paid and award tickets - upgrade opt out
  36. Ways to search AA routes by Equipment Type
  37. Business Award JFK to EZE, return from SCL - why so high?
  38. Livin’ life as a Gold: Will I Make this Upgrade?
  39. AA is now able to “protect” on DL for IROPS “IRROPS”
  40. Booking Qatar Award Flight routing BKK-PHL (to merge)
  41. 757 International on domestic flights
  42. European needing advice on MXP-LAX itinerary
  43. Booking weirdness (itinerary changed before payment)
  44. EQD on tickets with Visa $100 discount?
  45. AA DFW-C Customer Service Desk Abandoned at 10:30 PM?
  46. Need advice: half-used still valid ticket with voluntary cancelled return
  47. What do you expect as a passenger in Premium Economy?
  48. Food to purchase in domestic coach 2018
  49. AA agent saves two girls from alleged human trafficking suspect
  50. ARCHIVE: AA reducing 45 Business Class seats to 37 from the “45” 777 / 772
  51. Manila to USA on AA promotion
  52. Corporate Group Code / Fare Type Visible?
  53. AA 24 hour cancellation. Can I get a voucher instead for future travel?
  54. ski season flights
  55. Does AA have something similar to BA's "third party nominee"
  56. Hawaii Upgrade Award (miles + copay) Copay if only "Domestic" segment clears
  57. AA MCE / Exit Row if Premium Economy Qantas International?
  58. "Weather Alert" wouldn't allow change to avoid weather???
  59. Best way to approach this sort of itinerary change - kind of complex!
  60. AA Announces new Sommelier - Bobby Stuckey (French Laundry, Frasca)
  61. Electrical issue mid flight LAX-LHR
  62. Plaza Research AA Focus Group Invite
  63. How common are flights with zero cleared upgrades?
  64. AA VP Planning Explains AA’s Network Directions (02/18)
  65. AA LAX terminal 5 - customs at T-5 or TBIT?
  66. Schedule Change by AA and options
  67. Bought cheap Hawaii tickets w/ UL points–only poor seats available to select
  68. Multi-city itinerary changes?
  69. Tools for showing where you can go for miles totals?
  70. Passenger Demands to Get Off Flight - Plane Returns to Gate
  71. MCT LAX for domestic-domestic connection (to merge)
  72. Do I earn 9 miles / $ for H&R Block services tendered, or taxes paid?
  73. Light Coach Loads on AA to Europe this winter - particularly to LHR
  74. Help calculating mileage for status (to merge)
  75. Sick Captain—What happens to 500 mile upgrades when booking got rerouted?
  76. Got EQM’s on AA award ticket
  77. AA flight to NRT / operated by JAL: Upgrade question?
  78. Traveling with a large Picture Frame on A321T Transcon
  79. Booking via AA for IB flt - wonky website findings
  80. Boston / BOS: which Admirals Club lounge, B4 or B30?
  81. AA Internal Podcast Reveals Live TV Streaming
  82. F Meal Service on E190
  83. Flight Cancellation .... then reinstated. First time me.
  84. IB / Iberia PNR / record locator (& seat assignment) for AA award flight
  85. Where can I see standby and upgrade flight status?
  86. How to count “through flight” stops as segments on award tickets
  87. Maybe I'm just used to the rev grab of UA... denied upfare at gate.
  88. Walker needs to be gate checked?
  89. Jacket Ruined - FA Spilled Wine Not Coming Out - Next Steps
  90. “Please pick your flavor and I’ll be back to collect the basket”
  91. When is AA obligated to pay for Hotel in OSO / IROPS?
  92. Selecting seats on IB operated flight with AA flight# as EXP
  93. Do I get my elite AA benefits if I book AA operated flight through Iberia codeshare?
  94. Buy in to Elite Status? Help me decide (to merge)
  95. Using AA miles for premium economy on BA / British Airways? (not yet)
  96. oops...accidentally credited to AS but AS won't accept
  97. Same Day complimentary EXP upgrade Y-PE?
  98. Speculation: Can/why does not American start PDK-CLT?
  99. Lap Infant/Child attached to AA award tickets booked in another airline
  100. ExPlat charged $40 reward booking fee by AAgent because I'm not on same flight as pax
  101. Fewer legs 3x more expensive?
  102. AAdvantage Platinum Select and Free Bags (to merge)
  103. Cathay releasing F award to AA due to IROPS ?
  104. American Airline Award Map Tool broken
  105. Best First Connection options for ATL-SFO?
  106. Tranfer from Southwest to American at Phoenix / PHX (to move)
  107. overbooking possibilities spring break
  108. Can't find the pilot?
  109. 6 million miles... (but only Lifetime Platinum status)
  110. Is AA pretty efficient deicing at CDG?
  111. Cheaper to buy Air Miles than pay cash ?
  112. Same PNR check-in
  113. Loads for 04FEB AA3799 and AA86?
  114. AA Award to Iguazu / Iguaçu/ Iguassu Using LATAM
  115. Odd remark from EXP agent about buying J ticket
  116. ARCHIVE: End of Jan insufficient miles for 4 500 mile upgrade stickers (2018-19)
  117. Day of departure paid upgrades to Premium Economy?
  118. ihg to american miles
  119. AA Award flights to Vietnam?
  120. Requalified for status - confused with exp date
  121. Non-existent availability on Qatar
  122. Current time taken to credit JL flight to AAdvantage?
  123. Real or fake itinerary?
  124. Award travel in Premium Economy? (not yet - implementation 24 Jan 2019)
  125. Is This Normal for First? (poor service, ran out of alcohol)
  126. How to get boarding pass earlier before the check-in counter open outside of USA
  127. "Reduced Mileage Award" destinations updated through May, 2018
  128. Unable to change seats
  129. Will I keep upgrade / seat / baggage allowance / etc. after losing status?
  130. Meal pre-order rolling out for domestic Y (Jan 2018, Limited markets)
  131. Maximum Domestic Connection Time and AA.com
  132. Domestic A330's - when, where, etc.
  133. one way Basic Economy $40 ORD-DEN
  134. Earlier Transatlantic Departure Times from PHL
  135. Making layover overnight?
  136. Denied Boarding for SAP-MIA-LHR Flight (no USA visa)
  137. No custom check at AA terminal in JFK?
  138. AA FA out of control or badly behaving passenger ?
  139. 37’ in CLT Enough Connection Time?
  140. Denied Boarding w/ Cabin Pet Due to Biz Class Seats w/No Floor Storage
  141. Complimentary Upgrade, or Did AA Apply SWU?
  142. Award Tik JFK-LHR (AA) delayed flight missed LHR-PRG connection
  143. Seat Selection Issue
  144. Today I received the wrong status card from American
  145. Biz seat - to Tokyo: 3 class 777 (option to upgrade to First) - vs. 2 class 788 / 777
  146. AA charging APD on UK departures AAdvantage awards for children
  147. AA 393 Yesterday (speedy aircraft turnaround at MEX)
  148. ORD - MAN goes seasonal to Jun-Sep
  149. Variation in snack basket options
  150. Connecting from LHR-DCA. Which airport best?
  151. Where did these status miles come from?
  152. Most outdated/nonsensical thing you can find on AA.com
  153. Award travel on BA in Europe using AA miles
  154. AA Lost Baggage File Number and World Tracer id (to merge)
  155. Time to open the US to true competition.
  156. You can now book Virgin America flights with AAdvantage miles
  157. What Happens if intentionally miss a connecting flight on Award Travel?
  158. Citi Bonus Miles
  159. PHL-CDG-PHL on A332 with Premium Economy section.: 3 questions
  160. No Shows? AA (changes / skipping last segment)
  161. Lack of Leadership? CEO Parker unfamiliar with 737 MAX 8
  162. AA Checked Luggage Self Tag Suggestion
  163. AA Award Gouging (Change Costs Not Revealed 1st Call)
  164. Canceling a non-refundable ticket booked with travel agent
  165. Standby and MCE
  166. EXP: Same Day Flight Change & Upgrade List?
  167. Adios, adeus, ilā al-liqā', tschüss - abandoning EXP / Executive Platinum.
  168. AA award from DPS-JFK
  169. AA / LA / OW award flights in South America - no availability!
  170. Two AA pet peeves -- upgrade list and 6 seat FC CRJs
  171. Which Department at AA for a Criminal Situation?
  172. Any chance of getting on an earlier LHR-MIA flight that is BA metal?
  173. Bad IROPS “IRROPS” and how to be more proactive?
  174. AA 2018-2020 Fleet Plan
  175. Longest CRJ Flight?
  176. Dear AA: Please Stop Giving Intl. F Seats to Non-Rev
  177. Watch Superbowl on AA flight?
  178. my worst experience ever (tight connection denied boarding & delays)
  179. Upgrade for Executive Platinum on CDG-PHL-SFO
  180. Plane change and bump from business to economy on AA 693 A330 HNL-PHX (1/24/18)
  181. Enhancements in Main Cabin Extra Seating (now Q2 2018)
  182. 2017 Flight Credit... Which year will it count?
  183. AirPortr baggage handling service available with AA to/from LHR/LGW
  184. London Heathrow (LHR) <-> Gatwick (LGW) Transport / Transfer (master thread)
  185. Need Advice on what to do with award ticket won't use (to merge)
  186. adding an AA(Hawaiian Airlines) interisland award to a paid AA PNR
  187. Reservation System Down?
  188. AA and Delta Restore Interline / IROPS / OSO Agreement! 24 Jan 2018
  189. Interline with Aer Lingus? (To merge)
  190. Learned something about flying on AA with COPD
  191. AA Connection at BCN / Barcelona
  192. IAH - MIA (Regular route?)
  193. MAA to ATH using AA miles?
  194. AA award- cancelled my flight due to AirBerlin..
  195. Teach a newbie - upgrading a ticket purchased by a third party
  196. Dfw-sjd 1/24-1/27
  197. Should I start a BA Frequent Flyer account?
  198. Extended Layover
  199. Now I remember why I miss USAirways
  200. Question re: booking tickets before Gold status clears
  201. Spring Break Fares Too Expensive - Any Advice - CLT to PHX and LAS to CLT
  202. Questions on AA BOS - LAX cost, Service and award redemption
  203. AAdvantage miles and traveling back home from UK avoiding departure tax
  204. World Cup Final on AA735
  205. A trip of a life time spoilt in part
  206. EY cancels flights - what are my options (award)
  207. Never Received a Boost Offer, Though Told I Should
  208. Waived AA Change Fees for Amex Card members booking F80O fare via AMEX
  209. Wing Cleaning
  210. EXP: Standby multiple people on different PNR
  211. Citi Aadvantage Bronze card
  212. Question on Upgrade JFK-EZE for USD 550
  213. Seat Selection on BA ticket - AA operated flight - unable?
  214. PEY (out of EZE) (to merge)
  215. Crediting AA flight to AS...
  216. ORD-LGA "Shuttle" announced
  217. AA's obligation if they don't fly me to ticketed destination?
  218. Will I get lounge access if I lose elite status after starting a trip?
  219. AA vs JL Business, and “Operated by JAL” Questions
  220. Rebooking with cash AA and BA ticket
  221. AA to Austrian Airlines Baggage Transfer
  222. Are Day Passes Available at LAX T4 AC?
  223. Flagship First LAX-JFK-LAX A321T experience
  224. AA CLT-JFK changed, connection 0:40 to CZ. What to do?
  225. Any Advantages to Booking on BA vs AA for EP Members?
  226. Rules for cancelling award tickets
  227. Nonstop AA Flights from FCO to U.S.
  228. Severe Weather but No Travel Waiver
  229. Can I have 2 tickets to same flight -- and get EQMs, EQDs for both?
  230. When to make alternate plans for 8/2018 award w/ likely connection issues?
  231. Thanks FlyerTalk - MIA Lounges
  232. How to change a reservation online
  233. ARCHIVE: 2018 IROPS "IRROPS" - OSO, Weather, etc. Affecting AA Flyers (master thread)
  234. Proprietary Discount & Lounge WiFi Codes NOT to be shared in this forum
  235. Delta Platinum relocated to Miami: Switch to AA?
  236. ICN via HKG on one award? (to merge)
  237. AA baggage for BA Silver (to merge)
  238. AA Vacations.... Air receipt the same? (to merge)
  239. Do BA First award seats open up prior to departure?
  240. Terrible time Checking In Online
  241. 11,999 EQDs booked!
  242. AA J Product - ORD, DFW, or LAX (to PEK / Beijing)
  243. missed connection and advice?
  244. Upgrade to Business - BOS-PRG (and alternatives - resolved)
  245. 39 Minutes to connect in LAX (domestic to domestic). Doable? (to merge)
  246. Is 24hr cancellation policy like 24hr hold policy (to 11:59pm end of next day)?
  247. What to do with unused systemwide upgrades
  248. on almost all of my recent AA flights, it was cheaper to buy miles than paying cash
  249. Using Miles + Copay vs. 500-Mile Upgrade - Chances of Success
  250. Booking IAD-VCE