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  1. Advice - changing Saaver Award to Anytime
  2. Thoughts for those thinking to switch primary carrier
  3. Lost gatechecked stroller
  4. AA schedule extension
  5. How late can I cancel my AA Award Ticket?
  6. AA free checked baggage at kiosk for OW status customers
  7. 13L 13k or 26A 26B for 772 to OGG?
  8. Eqm on aa metal vs partner metal
  9. AA buisness & 1st class questions
  10. AA ceding West Coast service to DL
  11. Award travel for international roundtrip - comparing AA vs. United vs. Delta
  12. Should I do an AA challenge?
  13. When do EQDs post?
  14. AA CRJ 900 Carry On Question
  15. Missed flight, downgrade from original F class, lost EQMs
  16. Aa crew sharing their saliva with you
  17. 3.5 hour schedule change, AA won't refund
  18. AA-coded IB metal - seat assignment and elite benefits?
  19. "Smart" J seat selection on 787
  20. App and website down?
  21. Business Extra BXP1 up for grabs
  22. Aadvantage Holiday Promo - Up to 50,000 Bonus Miles
  23. going back to GOLD
  24. How far is it from PHX-DEN?
  25. transatlantic AA 788 business class vs. DL Delta One a330-300
  26. AA 332 Zodiac Cirrus vs. AA 788 Zodiac Concept D business class
  27. Did flight #5030 just have a missed approach?
  28. 5,000 mile upgrade from J to F: Policy or Mistake/gift?
  29. Strange problem with A321 seatbelt in 10F on 11/8/17
  30. Selling status
  31. How to book domestic first class fully refundable fare on a website?
  32. New Status on Existing Reservations
  33. Kudos to AA App
  34. Best way to get a new seat after checkin (plat)
  35. 737-800 wingtip color differences
  36. Question on valid routing
  37. Seriously? No food on a 9 hr. flight? AA 42 ORD to VCE
  38. Basic Economy? Full fare basis starts with "O" but ITA Matrix says "booking code B"
  39. When did AA start charging $30 processing fee to buy miles?
  40. BA/AA Multistop Baggage Allowance
  41. Itinerary change - what would you do?
  42. Premium Economy (PE) wasn't available at booking
  43. Change Fee on Refundable "Flexible Business" fare?
  44. Access Alaska Board Room without physical card?
  45. Aviator Cards
  46. Have I been upgraded?
  47. Miles sale with up to 100k bonus miles
  48. Rebooked w/in 30 minutes of departure, then denied check-in -- who was right?
  49. AA733 LHR-CLT turning back today? [No.]
  50. Fare Code for Multi City Trip??
  51. Quick Question: Do we have to go thru security at DFW after Customs for connection?
  52. Paid Seat Reservation got refunded by AA
  53. Was there a CK equivalent on US?
  54. Do you sometimes hope for a service failure to get comp miles?
  55. Luggage Options on TP Run
  56. So close to Platinum. What should I do?
  57. Can I Upfare single leg, and how much?
  58. Any skyteam to match my AAdvantage status?
  59. AA’s number one flyer?
  60. ORD “Shuttle” “coming soon”?
  61. Bumped off flight (VDB), need advice
  62. AA Flight baggage Question - BA Gold Member
  63. seat assignment on LATAM codeshare ticket with AA metal
  64. Are American Eagle flights still cash-only?
  65. Seat allocation at check in
  66. Blowing through EXP SWUs already
  67. When does AA EQD go through?
  68. Calling AA via VOIP: Skype, Hangouts, Voice, Etc.
  69. Upgrades the last week
  70. More unavailable middles than aisles and windows?
  71. Barclays Aviator Approved - Jumped Through Hoops to Get it
  72. Best way to get to and from South Africa as an AA elite?
  73. Dreamliner 789 (how do I find out routing?)
  74. Is AA now 100% lie-flat 1-2-1 J on widebodies and lie-flat on Intl 757s?
  75. American's Vision for LAX
  76. Relationship between C and U fare buckets?
  77. FA wearing earbuds? Is this a new thing?
  78. OneWorld Easy/Cheap Locations with Miles close to Russia
  79. Favorite Seats in AA Admirals Clubs
  80. MLG4 - anyone ever seen that as a rev upgrade priority code?
  81. AA LAX Catering Issues Late 2017 (Listeria 1 Nov 2017)
  82. LAX-MIA-HAV with 1h16 connection
  83. What does "not offered" mean in the context of upgrade waitlist
  84. AA changing mileage?
  85. Public Awareness of Elite Qualifying Miles?
  86. Project One Airline cost reduction plan - discussion and speculation
  87. "Duct" Tape used to tape up the cover to oxygen masks
  88. Any meals to purchase in the evening?
  89. New routes out of DCA
  90. Upgrade Options for an International Business Class Award Ticket
  91. American Airlines miles transfer to Hilton HONORS points
  92. AA Mid-Con Business/First Awards: Worth It?
  93. Domestic award availability
  94. Ugh--I'm totally confused on codeshare / partner airlines. HELP! (to merge)
  95. Europe Family Trip Ticketing Strategy
  96. Connection time in SCL
  97. Weird Upgrade Clearing
  98. Is AA Becoming More Tight-Fisted?
  99. Is AA Becoming More Tight-Fisted / Miserly Lately? (Rebooted thread)
  100. PHL or ORD Which would you rather change through?
  101. If you were sitting next to Doug Parker in F, what do you say/talk about?
  102. Airline Analyst Wants to Know Why American Airlines Service Isn’t Better
  103. Changing FFP number on file?
  104. PEK-LAX and AA in PEK / Beijing Capital T2 Now (Oct 2017)
  105. airberlin & NIKI cease operating as oneworld 27 Oct 2017
  106. What's the place to tell a phone agent to look for waiving upfare to F/J from Y
  107. Has anyone got an upgrade with AA gold status recently?
  108. American CEO Doug Parker Attacks Mileage Runs...
  109. Misinformation from CK desk leads me into a tough spot with SWUs...
  110. AA IROPS Oddities - "My plane ate a hat" and others
  111. 69K miles to burn; want to have some fun CHA-PHX
  112. Parker: Competing with ME3 is not the answer. Government protection is
  113. Upgraded, then downgraded lost MCE seat
  114. Speculation: Should AA make MCE its own fare like Delta C+?
  115. upgraded to gold though short a EQMs
  116. Group trip - any upgrade strategy?
  117. HELP! Trying to get to Europe in Business with AA miles (cross post)
  118. Android 8.0: Gogo Device Not Supported (streaming IFE)
  119. FA Galaxy Notes Hand Held / Handheld Device Symbols Meaning - Color Coding
  120. EQMs/EQDs Earning Before/After New Years Day
  121. Best way to get my OWE (from BA) perks while crediting flights to AA?
  122. Article: "NAACP warns black travelers about flying American"
  123. DFW to LAX on widebody? (Feb 2018)
  124. Award on hold - miles account switched help
  125. Summer Award Strategy?
  126. HELP: Can't Get Any With Online Access Problem
  127. LAA757's all lieflat now? (to merge)
  128. Upgrade List - Not Automatically Transferred
  129. UG Waitlist; 2nd to 1st to 2nd (late Oct 2017)
  130. First to Coach
  131. Sandanter Brazil AA Credit Card Costumers get extra Saaver Inventory
  132. HKG to DPS & Back on Cathay / AA
  133. Tip for Using Foreign CC with American Airlines
  134. No flight until next morning using AA miles from DFW
  135. From The HeAArt - Sympathy Card
  136. Booking mixed class travel - Trying to match award booking flights with cash
  137. Where to find out why a flight was cancelled
  138. Why status match to Alaska Air?
  139. Using eVouchers
  140. Are you allowed to give away or sell SWUs?
  141. Seat blocking for ExecPlats? (new seating logic?)
  142. BA OW status not showing correctly AA BP
  143. Better J seat to LHR? (to merge)
  144. bumped from TATL J award seat, new flights (to merge)
  145. Program Year 2018 Elite Status Buy back / Buyback / Renew / Boost (master thd) .
  146. EXP in paid coach, companion in award coach — seat strategy?
  147. Mobile boarding pass issues
  148. No priority boarding lanes at some ORD gates
  149. Aa scheduled a SFO-SJC flight?
  150. AA Status Increase Based on EQD? (to merge)
  151. aa.com charging UK Air Passenger Duty for awards for children under 16
  152. Can I remove cancelled bookings from the AA mobile app?
  153. What's with Iberia's +$506.10 Fees For Award Flights From SFO - MAD
  154. Speculation: Safe To Say There Will Be Fewer EXP In 2018 ?
  155. AA used my systemwide upgrade for Premium Economy "upgrade"
  156. Disgusting Discrimination (allegation) on Flight 996
  157. Picking Seats at Checkin Time (with Gold Status)?
  158. award f (Hawaii award include interisland flights?)
  159. Are AA domestic economy redemptions always HBO?
  160. Get AA to send me a Gold Elite card as an EXP?
  161. Do flights ever travel empty? (free MCE ORD-NRT?)
  162. Delays and Ops
  163. YVR-LTO via LAX Baggage Issues (to merge)
  164. AA should 'reinvent' coach dining
  165. "My Trips" - difference between online and mobile versions
  166. Routing change LAX CDG
  167. Did I just get lucky or is this going to be the norm? $8 for first class upgrade
  168. CX F or J Using Award Miles - F Worth It?
  169. AA entree pre-orders now allow third option
  170. ARCHIVE: AA agent quibbles bag size & fees, "says curling isn't a sport"
  171. Award Booking Questions
  172. Award Advice: DUB to PPT in F/J for Honeymoon...BA/CX, BA/MH, QR?
  173. IROPS miles: fare or distance based
  174. Early checkin (baggage check) at HNL (Honolulu) for AA
  175. AAdvantage Award hold Question. Can I add segment when award on hold?
  176. Flight insurance problem and fix
  177. Black activist woman removed from flight over seat assignment dispute.
  178. Fee for adding AA FFN to rental car reservation & earning miles
  179. Why So Many Major Schedule Change for early 2018?
  180. Missing SWU - after 5 days as EXP!
  181. Confirm upgrade with Miles + Copay, switch to SWU later?
  182. no response from AA (broken seat complaint - to merge)
  183. SWU giveaway (strictly freely given - no quid pro quo)
  184. Booking 2 overlapping flights on a last leg (to merge)
  185. AA Interim PHX<->HNL A330 / 333 Service
  186. Should I go for Executive Platinum?
  187. AA Flyer- Citi 50K Miles Deal Exp 10/15/17
  188. Luggage check thru, or not? Bermuda to US
  189. Upgrade on AA-coded BA metal?
  190. "American Airlines unveils new passenger perks and fleet upgrade"
  191. Baggage claim (intl to intl US connection)
  192. CONCUR Multi-City bookings - One PNR? Baggage Transfer?
  193. Chance to change MEL-SYD-LAX to MEL-LAX at airport?
  194. Ex-EU Skipping Last Leg: Retrieving Checked Luggage
  195. Check-in for a flight while I'm on a flight? What time zone used?
  196. Upgrading with AAdvantage and then crediting to BA
  197. Took other flight, but after takeoff was upgraded on other flight?
  198. Seat map unavailable. Please check back. Error
  199. LGA: All AA Flight Consolidation to Terminal B 9 Dec 2017
  200. Where have all the Bonus Offers gone?
  201. AA cargo pallet fire - 77W at HKG (9 October 2017)
  202. Meal choices DFW/CDG CDG/DFW for Vegetarian
  203. Help with BA Ticket w/AA Codeshares and AA IROPS/Travel Alert
  204. Attempting to be Heard - (hit on head by AED, removed from flight)
  205. If I have a specific flight number in mind with AA/JAL, how to I book it?
  206. AA900 vs. AA908 (EZE-MIA) biz early Dec 2017 (on J award)
  207. oneworld Sapphire benefits on AA?
  208. New AA Frequent Flyer. Switch to delta?
  209. Flight to HKG nearly sold-out next weekend (10/13) - desire award
  210. Microwave ovens in aircraft galley to heat BYO food?
  211. When is the cutoff date for Elite status requalification?
  212. LIT - SIN (fares & earning AA miles questions)
  213. Online Flight Tracking
  214. What is the AA Gold Service desk
  215. Flight Attendant Texting during take-off (to merge)
  216. Business Extra + Special Fare tickets
  217. CLT to LAS (will price decline in response to mass shooting?)
  218. Guaranteed seating with companion if no options in regular main cabin??
  219. AA Concierge Key Retention Challenge for Existing CK Members
  220. AA55 MAN to ORD to BGR (Technical Stop Winds Aloft)
  221. Upfaring and refunding miles+co-pay?
  222. Recommended Supplier for Business/1st Tickets
  223. AAdvantage & Citi ThankYou
  224. Award (miles + copay) Upgrades (to merge)
  225. Upgrade Cost Question - D to A (to merge)
  226. Orlando Satellite Trains.. Be Warned
  227. TYS-->AMS (aircraft types possible? - to merge)
  228. AA going year-round DFW-JAC w/ CRJ
  229. Using miles for a 70th birthday trip
  230. Award ticket merging with cash ticket?
  231. JL + HA Codeshare Agreement. Opportunities for AA Flyers?
  232. Booking flight departing from Europe from AA.com
  233. Aa79/80 (DFW<-->LHR) 772 --> 77w?
  234. upgrading to premium economy with miles
  235. AA5919 FSD-PHX diverted to COS for maintenance (to merge)
  236. TSA lines at MIA are a MESS! (Early Oct 2017)
  237. Voluntarily downgrade to different flight prior to SDFC?
  238. AA Elite status Expiry
  239. As AA Moves Boeing 767s to PHL, CLT Could Gain Europe Flights
  240. AA change upgrade cabin seat assignment order (Sep 2017)
  241. AA CEO Parker: "I don't think we're ever going to lose money again"
  242. Unable to get purchase receipt for an upcoming itinerary (to merge)
  243. AA - Can't use miles to Recife - No seats available ever?
  244. Involuntary flight change, lost MCE seats
  245. Ways to get US price when booking from UK on aa.com
  246. AA Offers Casper Bedding & Pajamas / Pyjamas in First and Business (12/2017)
  247. Oasis: New seats & less pitch, WiFi IFE & power all 737 and A321 2019-21
  248. [Targeted promo] Triple miles when flying four AA flights through Jan 7, 2018
  249. J Class Meal Option "Child's" Meals for children 2-5 years old
  250. Can I check additional luggage at overnight layover airport?