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  1. AA earning confusion
  2. Cabin issue - how to unravel this
  3. The Scotch in the DCA Club!
  4. ARCHIVE: HELP DESK: AA In-Flight WiFi 2018 (Gogo, ViaSat, Panasonic)
  5. I have looked but cannot find any AA 787 flights from MIA??
  6. GoGo WiFi: Gate To Gate Wifi
  7. Are AA Business Companion sales annual?
  8. Seat Selection Issues BA operated by AA
  9. Plat Pro - OW Sapphire reciprocal benefits or status matching
  10. 500 mile upgrade or buy FC directly?
  11. Can I make this connection in ORD?? (to merge)
  12. Having trouble adding AA Advantage number to JAL reservation
  13. chances of AA endorsing to HA if I miss connection in LAX?
  14. increased time for flight mileage to post
  15. Switch from Cathay / CX Marco Polo Club to AA AAdvantage?
  16. Wrong name on First Class Ticket...new main cabin booking...can I get the First seat?
  17. Stand By Question
  18. AA724 CLT-DUB A333 sub?
  19. Boarded flight but disembarked before takeoff due to delays: mileage credit?
  20. Ten AA workers charged after 'smuggling 145lb of fake meth
  21. RUMOR: AA nonstop JFK-GIG / Rio flights go seasonal > Mar 2019
  22. Targeted: Earn elite status challenge / shortcut e-mail v. 05/2018
  23. Targeted: Free Elite Status inc. e-500 and challenge (05/2018)
  24. Cost to AA of J class Award on IB
  25. Wrong headphones loaded / 10k miles compensation / How to spend them
  26. Longest award ticket routings from Japan to EU?
  27. Any way to combine PNRs? And also, AWFUL customer service on the Platinum line
  28. AA at JFK questions
  29. 772 to 77W upgauge - who gets F seats?
  30. Does AA prioritize larger planes in OSO / bad weather?
  31. Need advice on mileage booking dfw-mex
  32. List or website of non-stop AA metal flights from US to Europe?
  33. Checked Baggage query: handles & wheels included? (To merge)
  34. FA lied to captain (claims I directed obscene language at him)
  35. Thanks AA for Missing My Nephew's College Graduation! (mechanicals, cancellation)
  36. Three AA 763s in TLV... (10 May 2018, converted to freighters)
  37. When AA 24hr Award hold allows 5 day hold beware! (<21 day fee)
  38. Biz Saaver Seats Found DFW/CDG in March 2019 (should I go?)
  39. Here's a unique one... AUS - SJJ - BEY this summer, best use of miles?
  40. Would like to try in-flight wifi. Have reservations next week. Please help.
  41. AAdvantage Promo N448D - what is it
  42. Trying to understand taxes & fees on a r/t award ticket from JFK to LHR
  43. Standby on earlier BA flight from AA award booking (business)?
  44. Likelihood of MileSAAver JFK-LHR seats opening up?
  45. Award in business class USA to India on CX or EY?
  46. Hawaii - Caribbean v.v. fares Stopovers are Dead!
  47. AA 787 Dreamliner NOT affected by new FAA range restrictions
  48. Comparing AA flight arrangements to what UA (Lufthansa) has to offer
  49. No show for award flights - reinstate miles?
  50. AA gate agent berates, prevents mom carrying on breast milk pump & cooler
  51. Massive flight number changes overnight between 6th/7th JUNE?
  52. fast ticketing 08 May 2018
  53. Help finding a routing to include premium TCON?
  54. Conditions of Carriage - using value for a future booking
  55. Use 500 mile upgrades with wife and child (AA-Platinum) (to merge)
  56. In API incorrect Birthday
  57. Royal Jordanian Standby J award
  58. Priority Boarding (unless the GA doesn't feel like it)
  59. Upgrading AA international metal when booked on AY stock
  60. Securing Seat on Award Travel on RJ / Royal Nordanian
  61. Military (Leave) Fares - still exist!
  62. AA to BA Connection at ATL (Seeking advice)
  63. Any Airlines Matching AA CK Status?
  64. BOS-LAX service slightly upgrade service? Noise cancelling headphones on a 737?
  65. AA to end contract with ExpressJet and Trans States In 2019
  66. Viability of Purchasing TATL Premium Economy Codeshare on AA
  67. ORD-HNL loaded and LOTS of C & U availability (6 May 2018)
  68. Booking award miles for family - trying to book MCE with my status
  69. Best way to seat a family in business class 772 & 77W (to merge)
  70. Is AA’s handling of IROPS always this poor
  71. AA 737-800 / 738 vs 737 max 8 / 7M8 differences?
  72. Accidentally canceled my flight
  73. re mileage award business class search options
  74. Mistake in passport expiry date at time of booking
  75. 24 hour cancel window - AA saying they don't have to honor
  76. Activity with Ineligible Property - no miles
  77. I just earned 2,365 award miles JFK to LHR as an EXP--anyone done worse?
  78. Can standard award costs fluctuate once set?
  79. BA flight number, operated by Vueling — AA miles, elite benefits?
  80. AA970 DFW-MCI Diverted Due to Burning Electrical Smell
  81. Reserve MCE as GLD on AA operated AY coded flight?
  82. 500 mile upgrades - worthless to me? (no AA status, Emerald OneWorld)
  83. How come no AA nonstop ORD-AMS?
  84. Connecting in Prague w/checked luggage
  85. AA route news at ORD, MIA, DFW late 2018
  86. 2 Passengers on same PNR w/ different mileage earning
  87. 777-200 Seating in Y: 3-3-3 (going) vs. 3-4-3 (growing)
  88. Where exactly does AA fly to Europe? Which routes have good business seats?
  89. YYZ AKL - A number of AA questions/confirmations
  90. Status match eligibility on partner airlines?
  91. One-Way, DCA-LGA: Miles or Money??
  92. Day of Departure Upgauge to 2 Cabin Aircraft - How To Request Upgrade?
  93. AA Lounge Access for Non-Rev, Employee & Family
  94. Combined miles and cash on AA award travel
  95. Baggage question (to merge)
  96. CEO Doug Parker Warns of Higher Ticket Prices (Apr, Jun 2018)
  97. Jfk-lax involuntary schedule change & downgrade
  98. Telling gate agent that I'm not taking a flight: protection from cancellation of trip
  99. Dates of Seasonal Services
  100. AA ticket & marketed, BA operated, limited D class available: help pls.
  101. HELP DESK: Which AA Widebody Business Class? A330, 763, 772, 77W, 788, 789.
  102. Executive Platinum: Canceling Award Ticket at Gate
  103. Award Cancellation: When Last Moment, is at Gate, After Flight Departs...
  104. Change class for AA flights booked with AAdvantage & Avios
  105. Emergency landing denied, passenger dies on HNL-DFW, family sues.
  106. Can I check-in bags at connection airport?
  107. Flying on Christmas Day?
  108. Same day change on a confirmed BXP1 upgrade?
  109. Coming into the AA universe relatively cold but have experience with points / rewards
  110. Late Start on Award Travel for Summer
  111. pre landing mint/candy
  112. Codeshare cancelletion: how long before AA is aware and will allow rebooking?
  113. Providing praise when I didn't have my Above & Beyond recognition certificates?
  114. Time for row renumbering?
  115. Earliest bag-drop for a connecting flight JFK T8
  116. Compensation and / or ticket refund advice please.
  117. AA Adds New Companion Upgrades Policy 5 May 2018
  118. Award Travel MCI - TPE
  119. ♦️RUMOR♦️: SWU “Next Service Class” Upgrade to go to Y -> W/PE -> J -> F
  120. Is the 757 Int'l used DFW-ANC
  121. Overnight baggage allownaces and upgrades
  122. STL-TLV Award with ME3
  123. MIa OW Club Options? (to merge)
  124. AA actually waiting for pax?
  125. BA operated AY/IB flights: miles never get posted
  126. Flagship First cabin experience: LAX-JFK-LHR
  127. AA 1694 PHX-LA: 100% On Time Performance - or padding?
  128. EXP trying to get from ORD to PNQ via FRA - Options?
  129. MIA-ORD pax tasered by police for assaulting a woman, resisting...
  130. AA816 DEN-LAX 22 Apr 2018 extra passenger name screening on board
  131. Award/equity miles on SQ segment on AA ticket
  132. Can I book a flight without taking the first flight? (to merge)
  133. Several Hours Layover in LHR: Which Lounge? What to do?
  134. Price fluctuations, when to book AA
  135. Ear bud two prong adaptor needed on 787-8 / 788?
  136. Early bag drop at LHR
  137. Problem with checkin and baggage AA/BA
  138. F7 Two days out on transcon LAX/SFO-JFK and no saaver?
  139. AA 737-8 CFM56-7B engines
  140. BA Silver/One World Sapphire - chance for upgrade on AA domestic flight?
  141. What to do with 20k bonus miles?
  142. How are these "preferred seats"??
  143. American Eagle now accepting "debit"?
  144. Flight cancelled due to wind sheer. United and Southwest not affected (to merge)
  145. 2018 AA Miles 25% Bonus Hotel Transfer Promo - ends 31 May 2018
  146. Route Changes, EXP and AA customer service via email
  147. Anyone know how to find out why a flight was delayed??
  148. Is This Typical AA? Poor 1st Impression
  149. Mixed (AA/Partner) Award: schedule change policy
  150. Need help picking a seat
  151. LUS Management Shift to Building AA as a Premium Airline (?)
  152. If you do a SDC and the flight is within 4 hours do you have to call to get on UPG ?
  153. Connection and checked bags GIG-MIA-LAX & return (to merge)
  154. AA Vacation package BA and AA, selecting seats on BA
  155. IROPS swap to DL on AA Award ticket — Any credit to DL?
  156. FSG to HDQ (AA internal reference airport codes & retention remarks)
  157. Upgrading from / to London to JFK
  158. Switching business class from 772 Zodiac to 77W for seat?
  159. AA downgrade due to schedule change. Is there anything I can do?
  160. AA Miles - Code Share vs. oneworld (to merge)
  161. Miles not awarded on one flight leg (to merge)
  162. Contingency planning for ORD-LHR-NBO
  163. Hidden city ticket users busted! (detected at gate - no action taken)
  164. 3 cancelled flights--compensation (to merge)
  165. One way vs RT pricing: when did AA increase 1 way to Mexico?
  166. Full fare J ticket, booked into Y bucket for 2 segments
  167. Complimentary upgrade after international segment
  168. Disappointing first Premium Economy experience
  169. AA2070 - PHX -> SFO medical emergency
  170. will my bags get checked all the way to my destination? (to merge)
  171. Why won't my trip show on AA.COM (booked w/Avios)?
  172. Boarding Group 2 Question (to merge)
  173. Transit time at LAX - from AA to Tom Bradley Intl / TBIT (to merge)
  174. Missed connection (flight delayed) JFK-LHR
  175. Multi City to South America from Europe
  176. DFW-HKG & PEK LAX tech stop - no Russia overflight Apr 2018 - OVER)
  177. Do diverted flights ever pick up extra passengers?
  178. Trying to Book A flight in 2 hours but it wont let me pick an upgrade option.
  179. can't check bags more than 4 hours before departure
  180. On track for EXP this year but have barely flown AA
  181. EUUP fare question - how to actually book?
  182. Gold while booking, Platinum while flying? (e500 upgrade - to merge)
  183. Ticketed but no charge to credit card; voucher redeemed
  184. Change Rt Award into One Way? (to merge)
  185. US passage flight system has broken (I experienced 75% AA delayed flights)
  186. Award: AA - BA Routing, Connection, J Seats ORD-VIE-ORD?
  187. No More AA Golf Carts at DFW?
  188. Tales of the Fallen - Life as a Platinum Pro
  189. What happens when AA says you have more swu available than you believe?
  190. AA's policy on hospitalization & restricted fare (to merge)
  191. Flight connection at LGA
  192. Is AA starting Atlantic City (ACY)?
  193. Canadian and want to top off my award miles account - please advise
  194. AA Seasonal Routes
  195. Logan VIP Hold
  196. Does AA miss its former elites?
  197. Thank You and Well Done AA
  198. Android passport scan for international flight
  199. Would you change your seat?
  200. AAdvantage Award on JL: passenger name change / issues
  201. aa.com chrome error 400 Apr 2018 - workarounds, discussion
  202. Cane seat as carry-on?
  203. AAdvantage different availability than Avios?
  204. Platinum pro award ticket upgrades
  205. AA GoGo All-Day Passes - No Longer Sold?
  206. Should I book this MileSaaver flight?
  207. Boeing 777-200ER / 777 Best Premium Economy Seats
  208. Ticketed and late for last non-stop flight - will AA allow standby on connecting?
  209. New Age Techno Music Upon Landing
  210. Success (or Not) Upgrade Main Cabin / MCE to Premium Economy; How, Details
  211. AA adds ORH to PHL
  212. Crew-only lav?
  213. Bose Headsets on narrowbody LAX / PHX Hawaii routes? (no)
  214. Upgrade policy for EXP from economy to premium economy
  215. Are LAX - PEK Premium Economy nice?
  216. 2 questions?? ok...3.
  217. Best use of AA miles SIN-JFK
  218. First TATL upgrade on AA ever (op up PE-> J)
  219. when do future flights open up?
  220. AA miles through Chase travel
  221. Just when you thought you've seen it all... (pax behavior, fitness to fly)
  222. The battlefield upgrade in action (and works as designed)
  223. American Airlines Orders 47 Boeing 787 Dreamliners in $12B Deal
  224. Schedule Change - reduced connection time, need advice
  225. AA expanding into DFW E satellite and adding gates
  226. Help! See availability online but AAgent does not - AA metal
  227. AA "instant upgrade" / discount First fare (master thd)
  228. When are miles withdrawn from account after booking award travel?
  229. Reflections on AA's global competitiveness
  230. Flyingto LGA on crj, bag valet vs bag check?
  231. American Non-stop ORD>ILM / Wilmington
  232. AA #6 in Wallethub Survey. We're Number 6!
  233. Interesting AA to DL IROPS Experience in -Up & Award in First
  234. Why was AA974 on 4/4 cancelled (to merge)
  235. DFW-HKG Cancel - Diversions Japan Volcanic Ash 04 2018
  236. Admirals Club membership valid at Lexington, KY(LEX) "The Club at Blue Grass" Lounge
  237. Insane Fares to GEO (Georgetown, Guyana)
  238. Early Checked Luggage
  239. Baggage allowance for US-Iceland on US-Iceland-Asia itinerary
  240. AA vs Latam
  241. American Airlines wifi - have to pay for 2 different wifi providers for 1 itinerary
  242. Is this worth complaining about? (compensation - to merge)
  243. J Awards to EZE/GRU/GIG?
  244. Help choose which flight from OGG, Hawaii
  245. Splitting miles between AS/AA
  246. AA Awards to Europe
  247. 996 - April 1 - or how EZE to DFW ended up in Mia
  248. Platinum Pro Put on Oversold List, Lost UDU Upgrade
  249. Flying Japan Airlines - Need Help
  250. Searching for upgrades outside of EF?