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  1. Epic Disgrace by AA on 2/26 AA126 HKG-DFW diversion to HND
  2. Any way to force booking?
  3. Configuration of 787-8 / 788 ORD-LHR C28, no W. Why?
  4. will AA refund ticket for aircraft swap?
  5. carry-on baggage small planes - overhead, valet or gate check?
  6. Help on reason for AA 4775 (PHL-JFK) cancellation 25 Jan 2019?
  7. combining paid itinerary with rewards flight
  8. Elite Benefits When Booking Award for Non-Elite Passenger
  9. Police meet AA182 at LAX today (24 Feb 2019)
  10. Don't let your AAdvantage elite status expire--Any downside?
  11. Rumor: Etihad May drop AA and partner with UA
  12. Partner (CX) Award Has No Middle Name?
  13. Eligible routes for earning miles on partner airlines
  14. QRO schedule change fall 2019
  15. sending thanks to outstation staff?
  16. Advice kindly sought about AA miles redepositing (re: Etihad Appt)
  17. Carry on one’s own meal, question.
  18. Baggage: what does “loaded on plane” really mean?
  19. Non-AA oneworld Elite lounge access while flying domestic AA
  20. J fare basis but economy seat - instant upgrade?
  21. Flight change question
  22. Award surcharges, taxes - are they refundable?
  23. AA called me because they were holding my flight..anyone else?
  24. Business Award scarcity HKG - USA
  25. upgrade AA marketed & operated flight on BA ticket stock?
  26. HND / Haneda slots: AA prelim gets DFW, LAX routes Summer 2020 (update)
  27. Best Way to Redeem Residual / “Orphan” Miles
  28. arrival lounge (no) and alternatives in AMS / Amsterdam
  29. Buzzfeed reports AA has seatback cameras
  30. Selling paid ticket inside award booking/same PNR
  31. Ready to go, but no pilots?
  32. AA.com glitch / booking does not work now (20 Feb 2019 - to merge)
  33. Upgrade Issues - Is this usual? (Double charge)
  34. SWU using Amex MR insider fares and clearance into Premium Eco
  35. The possible meanings of there being more open seats than J inventory
  36. PHX IROPS - which hotels does AA use?
  37. Setting up "companionships" for purposes of SWU/miles upgrades
  38. ORD-LHR upgrades
  39. Delay compensation for JL Award ticket booked through AA
  40. new change on AA bulk fare?
  41. Free checked baggage if I get airfare through cruise line?
  42. What brand of plates does AA use in the Flagship Lounges?
  43. Use AA arranged BLADE helicopter to your JFK or LAX flight.
  44. AA one way fare is double rtrip?
  45. Flying LAX-MCO around NYE, insane $$ and Miles required-advice needed!
  46. Quiet Change to non-Elite’s usage of 500 miler upgrades? (Changed 2015)
  47. AA Canceled My Flight - Could This Be Considered Impossible Ticketing?
  48. Lost upgrade due to involuntary flight change
  49. First class nine time coach price many routes, three time DL
  50. Connecting DFW AA international to domestic: wrong route to customs
  51. What happened to AA 3716 on Feb. 17?
  52. Skipped AA segments on LATAM Ticket, Ticket still valid... Can I fly?
  53. “Big spender” skit at private fund event blowing up on twitter
  54. Paid I downgraded before R!?
  55. An earlier flight was delayed; switch or stick with original?
  56. How to make the best of LAX - BA Golds flying AA to OGG
  57. Baggage Allowance for Different Class
  58. Minimum Check-In Time - LGA shuttle to Intl
  59. Seat assignment (CX marketed, AA operated) seems not to stick
  60. DYKWIA on AA Tales for 2019
  61. AA141 (LHR-JFK / 15 Feb 2019 cancelled, a/c ferry to TUL)
  62. Fares can vary between non stops and stops, but SJD-DFW-LAX...
  63. Skipping last leg(s) of flight (Skipping connection / changing to nonstop last flight
  64. AA1202. DFW-IND 14 Feb 2019 flight stats: supersonic MD-80?
  65. AA PHX FA Base Expects 700 FAs to Relocate
  66. Call / Calling American Airlines
  67. 747 TATL in BA / British F - Worth it? (Compared to AA J)
  68. Keep getting error on multi-stop trip.
  69. Paid P, waitlisted for J, C becomes available, why not downgrade to S?
  70. Paid upgrade from premium economy to C on BA op, AA ticket
  71. AA gifted me Gold: rich impressions (and IROPS)
  72. Check-in time and tips to get best seats if ticketed in Basic Economy?
  73. DFW shutdown? (Landing ground stop - smoke)
  74. Schedule change from LA on AA ticket - change of date?
  75. Suggestions for US - Asia Award Travel (to SIN, from PVG)
  76. Great AA Award Availability! PHL>GCM (Grand Cayman)
  77. AA cancelled my non-stop, put me on 1-stop. What can I do?
  78. How will AA respond to southwest entering Hawaii
  79. Are AA miles basically useless for US-Europe redemptions?
  80. Hilton Honors to AAdvantage -- Transfer Time
  81. Where are the AA sales and miles bonuses?
  82. Original RDU to YUL cancelled, sending me in during snow storm
  83. Advice DUB-DFW-LAS - Pre-Clearence Dublin and DFW MCT
  84. Earning EQM / EQD on Qatar / QR, missing & delayed miles.
  85. Downgrade- Flight Cancellation- What are my options/Rights?
  86. Anyone ever get MCT overruled? JFK EY-AA
  87. Changes in long haul audio entertainment ?
  88. How does this work - Missed connection
  89. Use a different credit card to pay AA companion ticket?
  90. Redeeming miles to go from BOS to France
  91. Award flights booked AA.com - does BA charge for seat assignments and baggage?
  92. LAX>DFW on 789?
  93. Did international business become economy on the domestic leg?
  94. Iberia Business Class Jfk-Zur (Mad)
  95. Upgrade Possible? JFK-LAX paid Business (I) to First, for Free (not using SWU)?
  96. LAX-MIA 777 Business award lower cost now - can I switch?
  97. Economy MileSAAver availability question! (Chicago-Tokyo)
  98. 2019 AA Membership card / kit issues, delivery, questions, etc.
  99. Upgraded at Check-in but Downgraded at Gate Because of.....Meal Reservation?
  100. LH / AA on same ticket: IROPS protection?
  101. Non Hub City Pairs for Mainline American
  102. Rollaboards and carry on banned out of CRP?
  103. JFK- CDG / AA Nonstop old B767 or A350 IB Worth via MAD?
  104. Business Class sold out (but not really)
  105. Question re flight change issue causing missed international connection
  106. 1971 AA Commercial Linked To in Today's NYT Briefing
  107. Last Minute ? ? PHL to MCO 2/10 - Terminals - SDC ?
  108. European award redemptions on AA metal gone for Thanksgiving
  109. Multiple Bump Vouchers for Same Flight?
  110. BA vs AA booking and EQD
  111. Official! AA PHX-LHR to be year-round long
  112. sigh...settling for premium economy
  113. Advance Boarding pass PEK
  114. Going different ways - UA to expand premium seating. Will AA respond?
  115. Late cancel of an award booking
  116. AA 735 man to phl cancelled 7 Feb 2019 - pilot removed for alcohol
  117. Booking Finnair Marketed Flight Operated by AA on AA.com
  118. Looking for /I/ class IAH/HOU to SFO
  119. Short checking for US-Canada trips
  120. Can someone explain this YVR-JFK-LAX award logic?
  121. American to incentivize Mesa to improve operationally
  122. Is there a way to look for for a flight just by departure city and price?
  123. Vouchers expiring
  124. Free check in bag if I fly Alaskan but used AA points to book?
  125. Transfer AMEX MR to AA?
  126. AA Twitter - Thumbs Up
  127. New Amenity Kits for 2019
  128. New Decal on AA aircraft: “apex Five Star Global Airline” rating
  129. BA to (finally) join AA in T8 at JFK
  130. Is AA to oneworld irops protection worth $50? (vs save on UA)
  131. Admirals Club at JFK | Mystery Room on the Right of Entrance?
  132. Is taking 2 stickers for my wife’s upgrade worth complaining about?
  133. Options for AA LAS-EZE
  134. credit cards that participate with aadvantage?
  135. 2 J sections Boeing 772 DFW-NRT
  136. Missed connection downgraded seat refund?
  137. Check Regularly for Changes in Schedules, etc.
  138. Separate Tickets ORD Connection to QR Scenario Unfolding (to merge)
  139. First Upgrade as a Plat-BP Problems. Resolved at Airport but Weird
  140. CBS report on maintenance issues
  141. Best route from west coast to Munich in August
  142. FA of the Decade - very poor experience, threats to disembark
  143. Would you use AA miles or pay cash for this Australia domestic flight?
  144. AA TATL F - current transatlantic First award?
  145. Refund due to death in the family (Question)
  146. 24 Hour Refund: when does the clock start?
  147. DCA-PHL-FCO (AA) changed to DCA-JFK-FCO (AA/AZ) by airline
  148. ARCHIVE: 2018 IROPS "IRROPS" - OSO, Weather, etc. Affecting AA Flyers (master thread)
  149. Anyone know what happened to Tell Me Why podcasts?
  150. Group 5 on first class ticket but not in F segment?
  151. Separate ticketing & piecing flights together for PEK?
  152. Passport expires before flight - OK to book?
  153. AA Protection on separate oneworld tickets / PNR
  154. AA DFW-DUB begins 6 Jun 2019
  155. SEA-BCN in PE, trying to maximize EQDs (& comfort)
  156. Reduced-mileage-award destinations now posted for February-May
  157. Avios award booking on AA, EXP upgrade?
  158. AA Gold Benefits If Flying Using Alaska Mileage Plan Miles
  159. Redeemed AA miles for QF domestic J award and bumped to Y
  160. AA oneworld & Other Airline Partner Award information, rules (master thd)
  161. Keep my AAdvantage miles from expiring if fly using other’s miles? (No)
  162. AA new A321neo / 32Q / A321-253NX First / Business RC MiQ seats
  163. AA new A321neo / 32Q / A321-253NX RC Meridian Main Cabin and MCE seats
  164. AA just received first Airbus A321neo / A321-253NX / 32Q 1 Feb 2019
  165. What I missed and didn’t miss when flying Non-AA flight
  166. Crew rest issue when flight delayed more than 24 hours before departure?
  167. Remarkably uncomfortable seats in F A321T 3-class
  168. Flight 969 1/31 delays, crew absences
  169. Booking with AA gift cards and need insurance.
  170. Bag check cutoff time?
  171. first class upgrade & status downgrade
  172. Can I still get AA miles retroactively for partner flight?
  173. Chance AA Bumps Previous Upgrades to Pax With Higher Status?
  174. Compensation Advice, Ticketing Failure
  175. Lap infant on AA partner award ticket in J
  176. Admirals Club internet password miscue
  177. Best way to earn award miles efficiently and quickly?
  178. Can I check an upgrade list before buying 500 mile stickers?
  179. I was "that guy" jumping upgrade queue and poor CK phone service
  180. extra fees may apply for voluntary domestic connections over 4 hours
  181. American Airlines/ Apple Music Partnership
  182. Booking query - together or separate tickets?
  183. AA pulled wrong (2018) SWU...will they "fix" it?
  184. facial recognition for boarding at LAX Gate 41 as of November 2018
  185. When might C upgrade space open on BOS-EZE
  186. Same day flight change or standby
  187. Extending elite status?
  188. Add pax to existing itin or re-ticket existing itin into new booking?
  189. AA limits 787-8 / 788 Business seat sales to 20 (2019 Q1)
  190. First Class Seats on A321 / 321 Pre-Oasis LUS
  191. Timing for Expiring SWUs on 1/31/19
  192. 6 Ck's on my flight and CK Rep and GA made sure only they boarded
  193. Can someone else check baggage in for me?
  194. Something I had not seen (weight & balance) CLT-ORD Sunday AM
  195. Who gets downgraded first? Aircraft swap 738 -> A319
  196. AA2830 MIA-AUS delayed at gate 2 hrs due to seat cushion
  197. AA flights diverted?? Cancun CUN to Merida MID 27 Jan 2019 (to merge)
  198. It looks like DFW-BUR / Burbank is coming back
  199. Consolidator fares question - can I earn AA EQM, EQD etc.?
  200. QF Gold, First time on AA. Upgrade path PE to Business?
  201. Business class LAX-HNL. Which miles to use?
  202. Does AA Vacations code as airline for credit card miles earn?
  203. Premium Economy DFW-HNL low service standard
  204. Assistance with flight to COR / Cordoba, Argentina
  205. AA ORD recent entry Eagle First Officer pilot earns $38 an hour
  206. In need of Bounty Hunter to help plan an AA trip (compensated)
  207. Issues traveling with partner with lower status
  208. AA website frustration!
  209. Question about booking a OW RTW through AA
  210. MileSAAver award availability within seven days
  211. International AA flight arrival at LAX / Los Angeles: which terminal?
  212. Basic Economy to Main Cabin?
  213. AA fudging on time departure
  214. Chicago ORD / Midwest cold weather travel waiver late Jan 2019
  215. American Airlines’ Roadmap to ‘Long-Term Success’
  216. FAA Airport stops & slowdowns affecting AA - Jan 2019 gov’t shutdown
  217. Paid domestic business and trying to standby? Read This!
  218. Redeeming Paper Voucher at the Airport Requires Repricing?
  219. Loss of F perks when changing award flight / requiring IROPS service
  220. Does AA Gold or having a baby allow us to choose seats when booking Basic Econ?
  221. Cancelled ticket credit / voucher questions (to merge)
  222. Passenger acceptance: Can Passenger complaints get you kicked off a flight?
  223. AA miles transfers or redemption question
  224. No Award Seats for Nov 2019 in Business Class to Doha from any US Gateway
  225. American Airlines 2019-2021 Fleet Plan Update (24 Jan 2019)
  226. Standby questions for LHR-MIA and MIA-SJU today (24 Jan 2019)
  227. American Airlines post-merger reflection... 6 years later?
  228. Advice on which city to fly through Philadelphia to Tel Aviv
  229. Seat assignment question
  230. AA Flagship First Award worth 50k miles over Business MIA-EZE?
  231. Y-up fares
  232. Premium economy award redemption as of 24 Jan 2019
  233. Tendency of A321s to fly low
  234. Doing AA to DL Plat challenge, some DL vs AA comments
  235. Concierge Key: 11,300 CK Members in Jan 2019....?
  236. AA status recognition if I book using Chase (Expedia)?
  237. Farewell to BOS boarding area AA Eagle Neon (2019)
  238. Can you upgrade J to F on 321T using 'stickers'
  239. Some LHR Club AA Agents Don’t Know About 2017 AAdvantage Changes Yet
  240. Double Award Miles offer (targeted)
  241. EQM/EQD earning estimation on AA website?
  242. Program/Service Enhancements in Bad Economic Times
  243. 500/sticker upgrade list vs miles & money
  244. refund on expensive ticket
  245. Purchase MCE when booked using AVIOS
  246. SkyWest Weirdness: Impossible ETA Updates
  247. BA Or AA Lounge at ORD?
  248. Guide to Flagship Lounge Access (expanded 2017)
  249. Rude to suggest that people line up before boarding?
  250. Row 11 Overhead Bin Restriction A321T LAX/JFK Transcon