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  1. AA paper vouchers - what can I use them for?
  2. [Targeted Promo] 2X Miles for PE, J, F
  3. AA Award Travel vs Chase UR vs AA One Way Paid Transatlantic
  4. Changes to LAX-BOS A321T - no more sleeper seats??
  5. AA.com now showing fares to the penny
  6. Using AA Miles for F from MLE: EY vs CX
  7. Options for missed connection due to delayed flight
  8. AA bookkeeping re Award Tickets
  9. How to fix this award mile issue?
  10. US to Mexico City Upgrades for Elites?
  11. 9/6 AA2354 LAX-DFW - AA Pilot buys/delivers 40 pizza for diverted flight!
  12. AA Rebooked My Flight to Another Airline – Baggage Charge?
  13. Help HNL-PPT Award Cancelled
  14. Upgrade Latam ticket AA metal?
  15. Upgrading an economy segment on a first class award
  16. Plat Pro Benefits after expiration
  17. AA663 KOA-PHX with inop loos - Compensation - $240 in vouchers and 17,500 miles
  18. Krug Coming to Flagship First Dining!!!
  19. AA 663 PHX-KOA: Passengers Asked to Urinate in Plastic Bags After Toilets Overflow
  20. Live TV now on domestic aircraft with satellite WiFi
  21. Anyone else not able to access their AA trips online/through the app?
  22. Sick passengers on 9/6 AA CDG-PHL and MUC-PHL
  23. When is MCE not really MCE?
  24. Does using AA miles for CE redemptions on BA represent good value?
  25. AA reportedly offering pax option to change from connecting to nonstop flight, 9/2018
  26. Award ticket success
  27. No Promo on AA Miles in Sept?
  28. Is the pre-boarding/landing music on AA officially dead?
  29. AA193 LAX-HKG no Premium Economy available?
  30. PHX-PRG - Using AA Miles for Business - AA or BA ?
  31. Nut Allergy suffers can NOT board early (draft policy leaked but not in place)
  32. What To Do With Round Trip Business Class Certificate US - Europe on AA (BX6B)
  33. Bag Check and Allowance - MEL-SYD-LAX-ORD
  34. DFW to CDG: no Premium Economy for sale?
  35. Deleted booking email - how do I get record locator
  36. close in award hold only 1 day, not 5?
  37. Luggage Transfer AA to BA at LHR
  38. Flight change fees “deal”
  39. Flight attendant threatened to ‘spank’ me
  40. Do AA Gold get any free seat allowances in coach?
  41. Standard policy to cancel MCE paid bookings with schedule change?
  42. ORD agent closes priority lane after group 4 boards
  43. SFO/MIA not a "transcon"?
  44. 777 MCE middle or standard aisle?
  45. aa2369 jfk-phx issues 083118
  46. Preferred seats for companion on diff PNR w/ Plat
  47. USA - Canada domestic flight for Credit card baggage purposes?
  48. Daily Mechanical Inspection (E190 in PHL)
  49. AA Mileage Run Help - Tools etc. Overcoming aa.com Limitations
  50. LAA and LUS Flight Attendants’ Consolidation October 1 2018
  51. Seat 12F in MCE on Airbus A321 (321) V2
  52. AA ending RDU-CUN weekly... another DL win at RDU
  53. BA 747-400 or AA 777-300ER / 77W (Business Class)
  54. AA MEX-DFW new nut mix 2 Sep 2018 - one off or change?
  55. Will GA who gave operational upgrade get in trouble if I thank AA?
  56. Did AA and BA stop coordinating Transatlantic pricing?
  57. Contradictory info on baggage for AA/QF transfer
  58. Chase Ultimate Reward Bookings Earning via Fare instead of Distance
  59. September 2 - AA 16 delayed with potential EY misconnect
  60. Have i to type the prefix of a frequent flyer number at aa.com ??
  61. Refundable throwaway ticket for Precheck - JFK T8
  62. Crediting AA miles for JL flight
  63. what time to checkin AA 392 7.00am YVR-DFW
  64. Flight delay and reticketing to alternate airports
  65. Man - phl - ord
  66. seasonal baggage limitations nassau
  67. Connections PHX vs DFW
  68. Booking class on American/JAL
  69. Officially upgraded, but left in Coach
  70. Upgrade with miles when AAdvantage number not the one earning in the record?
  71. Book with AA or BA?
  72. Same Day Flight Change JFK-LHR-BOM-LHR-JFK
  73. Executive platinum (challenge) options? (to merge)
  74. Autoreacommodation issues
  75. A rant on AA award options
  76. Does this mean open segments are allowed?
  77. SDC and Upgrades
  78. Flight search result differences, AA mobile vs desktop
  79. The Last Row Experience
  80. Once boarded, can you get off and then get back on?
  81. C space on EF vs AA SWU waitlist
  82. Upgraded Seats for Free
  83. CLT - MAA question
  84. Back to Back Itin - Irregular Operations Protection?
  85. MCE closed due to weight and balance issues
  86. Alternative EQD earning to meet minimum for Platinum Challenge
  87. Renew AA 5 Day Extended Hold?
  88. Flight Schedule Change in Mobile App Only?
  89. Premium Econ T posted as Econ, what to do?
  90. Award search options?
  91. Do AA block seats for OW Sapphire ?
  92. $900 per person travel voucher on AA... with kids
  93. The case of my cancelled flight
  94. Milesaaver But No AAnytime awards?
  95. Thank you FT and AA - Now Plat, again.
  96. If you buy basic economy tickets now, free carry on , on an October flight?
  97. AA LHR-ORD invisible on 11/24?
  98. Award Ticket Rerouting Question
  99. How to book AA ex-EU in GBP
  100. What is upstairs at DFW D23
  101. Best routing PHX>BCN for biz class experience?
  102. If flight gets cancelled in advance, possibility to change to other non-Oneworld?
  103. Award ticket downgrade due to irops, what is AA policy?
  104. Booking travel ~1 yr out (SFO - TPE) on Oneworld?
  105. Seat swap thread?
  106. How much has EQD thinned EXP ranks?
  107. AA Sells Upgrade at Check In to Full F Cabin, Passenger Given Y Seat
  108. JAL Premium Economy (booked as AA codeshare): 👍
  109. Runway incident in PHL
  110. BA Codeshare but AA Operated
  111. posting of data for itn ?
  112. How can I get cheap/free checked bags on a transatlantic basic economy flight?
  113. Which Boston Terminal E OW lounge
  114. Gate agents not clearing upgrades?
  115. First Paid CE and TATL J [BA CE, AA J from DUB]
  116. ORD: Five Star service or standard wheelchair
  117. One-way award for two people from two Aadvantage accounts, but one record locator?
  118. Connect in your Departure City to Save Money?
  119. 767-300 / 763 [opinions and general discussion]
  120. Route advise & Various questions: KUL-PVG, PVG-DFW-GPT
  121. AA changed itinerary for October - no changes!
  122. For Corner Stone to Southern Charms with Gem Stones [AA's hub strategy]
  123. Buy back EP / Executive Platinum at year end?
  124. CX 888 (YVR-JFK) with connecting AA flight- delay protection?
  125. Booking AA through Finnair
  126. AA Deplane / disembarkation rules? (when flight is diverted)
  127. first flexible
  128. Dubrovnik launch
  129. Duplicate flight numbers on same itinerary
  130. AA route changes announced 21 Aug 2018, inc cutting ORD-PVG
  131. Munich Arrivals Lounge
  132. AA Gold Status - Boarding Pass still giving me group 6?
  133. Any way to use an eVoucher to buy 500 mile stickers?
  134. american service after us airways merger so bad, even employees want to quit
  135. Which lounge at LAX would you use?
  136. AA made a change to my reservation/How long do I have ?
  137. Has Domestic MileSAAver Availability Improved?
  138. Best time to book flights For July 2019
  139. KY youth group misses AA flight in CVG
  140. Broken overhead bin: is flight likely to leave soon?
  141. when flight is cancelled, why does AA allow free changes to depart from another city?
  142. Aa39 mia- lhr
  143. AA 726 ATL to PHL
  144. Have AA credit card, book award for others, free bag?
  145. MileUpSM Card get you hotel using AA miles discount?
  146. I think all airline lounges should do this ;)
  147. SFO Admirals Club access for oneworld flying Alaska
  148. Stuck on tarmac, no gates at DFW?
  149. Contact to AA premium customer service
  150. Call from AA, booking cancelled: CX did not confirm segment
  151. AA125 DFW-HKG diverted to Narita Aug 17, cancelled Aug 18
  152. Error in my aa.com 500 mile upgrade account on new display.
  153. Same-day change on partner award ticket?
  154. LAX Stop over on separate award flights
  155. Is this IDB / involuntary denied boarding? (& compensation)
  156. American Eagle flights as Oneworld Emerald member?
  157. Infrequent flyer woes
  158. Any strategic reason to withhold instrument upgrades on undersold J cabin?
  159. New beers coming to AA 1 Sep 2018
  160. Can you book AA rewards flights for others?
  161. DFW-Hawaii current J Service
  162. Help w/Fast Track to Elite (All) Status Promo (from CLE)
  163. AAdvantage Members Joining Anniversary & Congratulations Thread
  164. AA 1688 CLT - ORD A321 compressor stall causes emergency landing 15 Aug 2018
  165. AA - When Upgraded Passenger w Higher Status Changes Flight (and other pax keeps f
  166. BA vs AA J seat width
  167. DL movie on AA IFE (IFE watermark)
  168. EXP for 2019 going free agent - Warning YMMV
  169. Elite status: a pointless goal?
  170. Lounge Access: American A321T First Class on JFK => BOS
  171. 2 pax on same pnr
  172. oneworld Emerald benefits on Basic Economy fare?
  173. AA Bag Tracking - Should I Worry?
  174. Admirals Club - does a child count as a guest?
  175. Cancelled Connecting Flight...Refund due?
  176. American Eagle by Compas SEA - LAX - why?
  177. compensation for issue on AA codeshare operated by BA
  178. ARCHIVE: Temporary “Premium Lounge” DFW (CLOSED 16 May 2019)
  179. How To Find Out About VDB Offers
  180. 'Nested' Ticket - Is this Allowed?
  181. Reason for cancellation - AA1938 CLT-ORF 8/11?
  182. An agent called me on my cell tonight and the call dropped
  183. (Question) how AMEX transfer appear in AA account ?
  184. Citi aa miles. Can I use with British?
  185. DFW-GUA complimentary upgrade but GUA-DFW no?
  186. How to book full fare J ?
  187. Will award tickets earn EQMs? (Generally no.)
  188. Boarding changes or just incompentent GAs?
  189. Priority boarding on mixed-class itinerary
  190. DEN - SFO via LAX or PHX?
  191. Points Upgrade on AA marketed JL operated Flight? (No.)
  192. Ideas? How to get AA to marry to SAAver award legs together?
  193. “Meal at cost” meaning for AA as used by my travel agent
  194. Pls help, is this a Fully Refundable without Change/Cancellation Fee ticket?
  195. First Time on AA - Some Thoughts
  196. Processing of granted miles+copay or SWU upgrades prior to airport control
  197. Poster Tube Carryon Question
  198. DFW - PNH -- Jan 19 -- Advice, Please.
  199. 2 Citi Aadvantage promotional mailings - sign up for both?
  200. Barclaycard AAdvantage Aviator Blue Card
  201. Taxes and fees associated with specific airports and / or airlines
  202. Where to credit miles for IAD to SYD trip.
  203. 737-800 vs A320 vs A321 First class seats
  204. Financial Times Digital Subscription Available for AA miles (2018)
  205. Award ticket from ATH - IAH
  206. Award travel to Anchorage next year
  207. Human Fetus Found in AA Plane Lav at LGA 7 Aug 2018
  208. ARCHIVE: AA OSO, IROPS / IRROPS, delay, cancelation etc. resources thru 2018
  209. New bookings missing from aa.com
  210. Reasonable Compensation for 16 hour delay, diversion and lost bag
  211. Was this an Involuntary change done by AA and is Compensation due?
  212. Main Cabin Extra on BA marketed, AA operated flight?
  213. Lifetime Admirals Club Membership: lifetime members, discussion
  214. MustC Class Be Open to Keep 1st Class After Schedule Chg if New Itin Is Unacceptable?
  215. Check your Thanksgiving reservations - major schedule changes
  216. premium economy award using AAdvantage miles (to merge)
  217. AA WiFi: iPass connection provider?
  218. Overseas Member AA Tier Requirement: EQD minima?
  219. Parker: EI / Aer Lingus, QF / Qantas, LATAM / LA joint business ventures in 2019?
  220. Redeye Overbooking Bump Compensation?
  221. AAadvantage Miles (Oneworld) Transfer to Star Alliance?
  222. Points travel JKK->TYO via JAL in April, but AA says not available (to merge)
  223. Can AA elites upgrade awards secured with Avios?
  224. AA FAs and Pilot Evict Music Student: “Cello too Big for 737”
  225. Not informed about schedule change - what now?
  226. Need help with earning questions AA and oneworld
  227. Any good options for Washington DC <--> Lviv, Ukraine late summer/early fall?
  228. Eligible for any compensation?
  229. HVN New Haven-CLT, DFW-CYS Cheyenne: One New AA Station, One New Route
  230. Need help with (accomplishing Gold challenge) Status!
  231. Partial refund if miles if booked FC award ticket and flew coach?
  232. Is there a policy on free snacks for delayed flights?
  233. Collecting AA Miles on Etihad Metal on AZ Codeshare on AF Ticket Stock
  234. help with refund
  235. AAdvantage Award Routes Involving Multiple Partner Airlines
  236. Buying upgrade from AA Coach FF award PWM-LHR
  237. how does AA handle reticketing in you have a medical emergency and can not fly
  238. Infant Award Math
  239. AA Special LAS-NRT flights during CES
  240. Teen tries to steal American Eagle jet
  241. AA miles question (longevity and expiry)
  242. Canceling return for just one pax on a PNR for two people
  243. MX and weather delay = no hotel or food voucher?
  244. award ticket canceled due to "duplicate booking"
  245. Will AA put out additional mileage award tickets?
  246. Different seat fees on return trip
  247. no More seat assignment first class AA136
  248. First Class upgrade - poor FLL-ORD F cabin service
  249. Domestic “Terminal 5, Gate M1” Arrival In ORD?
  250. Upgrade Availability to Zurich Tonight? (to merge)