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  1. Smart Shoes and Pre✓ WTMDs
  2. Global Entry Interview - No TPA available? ATL question...
  3. Declaring Jewelry at the Global Entry Kiosk for Customs Duty
  4. I keep getting an error when trying to link my new nexus acct
  5. Are Precheck Bag Scanners Stricter than in the Past?
  6. Apply for GE or renew passport first?
  7. Second passport and Global Entry
  8. Global entry's system migration broke my global entry access
  9. Archived: Processing Timelines for 1st Time GE Applications by US Citizens and LPR
  10. Japan CUSTOMS e-gate unveiled
  11. Change TTP username?
  12. A few questions Pre ck vs Global entry vs Nexus
  13. Global Entry "Uncertified Application"
  14. TTP Website Down?
  15. Global entry application is still "Conditionally Approved" after interview
  16. Global Entry with an EAD card?
  17. Applying for GE or NEXUS with US citizenship after asylum
  18. Mess in PHL - Global Entry Kiosks timing out
  19. Anybody having problems renewing Global Entry online?
  20. New TTP Web Site Account Not Showing My Global Entry Membership
  21. Global Entry and ESTA?
  22. Known Traveler Number decode
  23. GE member receives SSSS on International Returns. Will Redress # Make it Go Away?
  24. Global Entry / NEXUS - Name Spelled Differently in Passports of Dual Citizen
  25. Detroit NEXUS enrollment center pedestrian access?
  26. Rescanning fingerprints, Global Entry and appointments
  27. Chrome, Safari and FireFox are not currently supported browsers.
  28. Conditionally approved last June, have interview tomorrow will it be a problem?
  29. TSA PreCheck Enrollment Office at DCA
  30. APEC Cardholder - Aussie Travelling from Paris to Vietnam
  31. GE Kiosk Process for Argentinian Citizen I-94
  32. Applying for SENTRI, had pork on my pizza confiscated recently
  33. Priority and non-priority PreCheck flyers in same group
  34. Blockchain based Known Traveler Digital Identity to launch in July 2019
  35. Global Entry & TSA Pre experiences
  36. NEXUS and Global Entry Benefits
  37. Nexus Card - Declare Medications?
  38. Global Entry customer service number [unable to update passport information - solved]
  39. YYZ to USA, Access NEXUS/GE Area without Proof?
  40. Nexus land mode - Declaring over exemption limit
  41. TSA Pre Sign up - Documents for 15 Year Old in CA
  42. TSA Precheck Bag for Liquids
  43. Booking International Flight [New to NEXUS]
  44. Global Entry with Dual Irish & UK Nationality, with an 02 visa!
  45. Got a letter from customs do I answer yes?
  46. Are these customs violations for the purpose of global entry application?
  47. No TSA Contact After Firearm Related Incident
  48. How long does it take changes to your TTP profile to reach the dashboard?
  49. Do I need an appointment for ABTC/APEC?
  50. Denied GE, can I still apply for TSA precheck?
  51. I Have Global Entry, Can I Use the NEXUS Lanes?
  52. NEXUS with Foreign Passport
  53. FLL and JFK T1, Different Rules for PreCheck?
  54. Nexus renewal pending...Need to renew passport... Should I apply for TSA PRE or GE?
  55. New Nexus appication while passeport revewal
  56. Global Entry with Green Card (LPR) - Do you always have to see CBP Officer?
  57. Applying for NEXUS for Family Members - Are Separate Email Accounts Required?
  58. TSA PreCheck - is UE [Universal Enrollment Services] ID the same as KTN?
  59. Advice on renewing NEXUS vs. GE [priority is avoiding an interview]
  60. What to do after marriage? Only conditional approval at the moment
  61. Second APEC card for US citizens with second U.S. passports -- is it possible?
  62. Global entry renewal possible with expired driver's license? (Need help asap)
  63. Adding a TN Visa with Nexus
  64. US holder of APEC card - how does it help in US/EU airports?
  65. Global Entry application - passport renewal?
  66. Nexus Mobile Enrollment comes to MSP April 30-May 2, 2019
  67. Skin problems and fingerprints - what do you do?
  68. Global Entry Revoked - Help Needed
  69. Flew after losing Driver License, can I get TSA pre-check in future?
  70. Global Entry at SFO with connecting flight
  71. Just realized my GE is revoked at kiosk
  72. Can Global Entry interview be conducted in Spanish?
  73. NEXUS Member with Redress Number Detained for Three Hours
  74. Do I Need to Renew PreCheck after Getting Global Entry?
  75. Global Entry and Nexus - should I renew and what are the options?
  76. Renew passport while waiting on global entry renew?
  77. How can I get Nexus (or similar) as a Canadian citizen living in the UK?
  78. Applying for Global Entry with a Juvenile Record
  79. @SFO - Faster, better GE & customs process
  80. Dual US/German Citizen's Global Entry Card Says "D" under "Citizen" Section
  81. Voiding a Nexus card
  82. Global Entry Application Expiration
  83. Appealing GE denial for marijuana use?
  84. TSA PreCheck at LAX's Tom Bradley International Terminal for international outbound?
  85. Global Entry Expired-best way to keep TSA pre-check?
  86. Cannot update passport / driver license in TTP website
  87. Global Entry and 2 different country passports
  88. Can airlines grant you Pre-√ ?
  89. Global Entry Not Showing (But Nexus is) on New DHS Website
  90. No longer collecting GE receipts [@ DFW]
  91. child soon turning 18
  92. E1 and I-94, first time through Global Entry after update
  93. Clear at JFK
  94. Global Entry Misdemeanor Question
  95. Using NEXUS to Access CATSA Trusted Travellers Line [first and middle names switched]
  96. apply for global entry with only passport card?
  97. I lost my sentri card
  98. When will Privium be open again to US passport holders?
  99. How do I get a KTN?
  100. Is it possible to update NEXUS passport information during shutdown?
  101. Name error when migrating from GOES to new Trusted Traveler Program
  102. (Global Entry/Nexus) Interview questions -initial application vs renewal
  103. Canadian NEXUS reciprocity with other countries trusted traveler programs?
  104. Hearing back about a redress number
  105. Nexus interviews in Canada due to US government shutdown
  106. PreCheck in-person fee payment where cardholder ≠ applicant?
  107. Wet & Reckless - global entry
  108. Child’s fingerprints suddenly accepted by the GE kiosk
  109. Nexus renewal question [given/middle names fields]
  110. How long to receive physical Global Entry card UK?
  111. The NEXUS Information Thread
  112. GE and Nexus holder; what happens if you renew one and not the other (& CC rebates)
  113. Global Entry - processing timelines of first time applications [US citizens & LPR's]
  114. GEP process for Green Card (non citizen) holders in US ?
  115. Global Entry - No stamp on arrival for LPR??
  116. How many trusted traveler programs can I sign up for?
  117. Preclearance with Global Entry (YUL)
  118. Do I need to notify NEXUS that I received a new job, even if I'm on same visa type?
  119. Newbie PreCheck mistake [forgot to remove cellphone from pocket]
  120. Global Entry - Declaring Family Items (Cufflinks, Watches, Necklace)
  121. Conditional Approval of Trusted Traveler Card Past Expiration- Global Entry/Nexus etc
  122. Denied Access to the TSA PreCheck Security Line by the Document Checker
  123. NEXUS Member Changed Name after Marriage - Lost PreCheck
  124. Does being a pilot make Global Entry application take longer?
  125. What address should a Japanese citizen with an F1 student visa report?
  126. DFW - "Everyone is PreCheck" Nov 19, 18 [TSA using passenger screening dogs]
  127. SENTRI Renewal
  128. ‘Stress Test’ in Global Entry line at IAD
  129. NEXUS receipt showing ETA on entering Canada
  130. Stretching Out Time to GE Interview
  131. Will this Global Entry Application be denied? [caught w/ knives at TSA checkpoint]
  132. Did age qualification for PreCheck end?
  133. Pilot Program: Global Entry for Australian Citizens
  134. TSA PreCheck Jacket strategy
  135. Global Entry Application - Gain an extra year?
  136. GE Kiosk Doesn't Read Passport
  137. Still no approval
  138. Non-Members in NEXUS / Global Entry / Ready Lanes at Land Crossings
  139. Can you use Global Entry in Argentina?
  140. Nexus Entry Experience At YYZ
  141. Online Early Precheck Renewal New Expiration Date?
  142. What are common reasons for delays of approvals of Global Entry applications?
  143. Facial Recognition Is Coming to the PreCheck Lanes
  144. Global Entry - Can you get approved and later on be denied?
  145. Premier Access vs TSA
  146. Nexus - Approved at Interview but online Status Still Conditionally Approved
  147. Global Entry Question [work address and travel history]
  148. GE abuse?
  149. Non US resident-Global Entry revoked but ESTA still valid
  150. Using Global Entry When Entering Canada by Air
  151. Global Entry Enrollment Lookup Error
  152. Global Entry Green Renewal Button Available Early in Error
  153. NEXUS Mobile Enrollment Coming to LA
  154. NEXUS renewal issue for US-CA dual citizen
  155. Are all KTN's supposed to begin with 98 or 99?
  156. Global Entry 2.0 - Facial Recognition Pilot
  157. Awful photo for new Nexus card
  158. I applied for the wrong Trusted Traveler program, how do I correct the mistake?
  159. TSA Pre etiquette at DFW A
  160. TSA Pre-check Standby United
  161. How to change name on green card for GE Application when correct on other documents
  162. Global Entry - Overstayed Visa
  163. Does display of KTN more or less mean that GE approval is imminent?
  164. Is CLEAR going to expand or fail?
  165. Bench Warrant for traffic violation and Global Entry
  166. TSA PreCheck in ATL - Int'l arrivals
  167. Are Mexican Nationals Required to Have a US Address to get a Global Entry Card?
  168. Will a parent's criminal indictment affect the GE eligibility of adult children?
  169. Can a traffic infraction be grounds for Global Entry revocation
  170. Global Entry and TSA PreCheck Applications with Mental Health History
  171. What's a "Personal Key?" [Login.gov]
  172. TSA PreCheck Expiration Date Questions
  173. PreCheck - new home address, do I need to update before flying?
  174. Trusted travel for Aussies travelling to the USA
  175. Global Entry with Norwegian Air?
  176. UK GE user visiting Tijuana, problems?
  177. Staples will offer customers the ability to sign up for TSA PreCheck
  178. Will denied nexus flag passport for future entries?
  179. Do they give "NO IRIS" stickers to children with NEXUS?
  180. GlobalEntry at land border crossing: Mexico
  181. Stolen Global Entry Card
  182. Iris scans after cataract surgery
  183. Global Entry app need advice [confidential marriage, family w/ criminal history, etc]
  184. TSA Pre-check and artificial leg
  185. CBP official list of Global Entry revocations, 2016-2017
  186. How to update NEXUS/GE info with I-797A/new I94 (TN status)
  187. Standby Passanger - AA and TSAPre (Global Entry) - Will I get it?
  188. GlobalEntry - OK to use in transit through USA?
  189. Global Entry - Enter on Non-US Passport?
  190. Known travelled # entered in Redress field
  191. TSA Pre-Check Appointment ID Question
  192. Global Entry denied due to 1991 drug charge
  193. Have PreCheck, but haven't flown with a laptop in ages...
  194. NEXUS card rejected at Canadian airport
  195. Global Entry question - what info do they have access to?
  196. Korea Automated Entry Gates
  197. Global Entry "includes Pre Check". Is this new?
  198. 4 month wait for a GE Interview? Anyone know a workaround?
  199. Upcoming GE interview / prior customs incident
  200. Nexus - U.S. Citizen with Canadian Permanent Residence
  201. PreCheck Gone After Trusted Traveler Citizenship Update
  202. RTP-NL registration for non-EU passports
  203. Global Entry Enrollment Centers Closed due to US Government Shutdown
  204. GE Background Check, does it include Credit Check?
  205. Montréal vs. Toronto -- Best Immigration/Customs Process for NEXUS
  206. Global Entry Profile - change of job title/employment
  207. Nexus Application (Canadian on L1 visa)
  208. GE Expired... How Long will I continue to get PreCheck?
  209. Remove KTN from reservations to improves TSA PreCheck chance? (Due to name change)
  210. Global Entry for New Zealanders
  211. How to get Nexus for CAD50 (Canadian $50)?
  212. Wrong current address
  213. TSA Precheck remove electronics from bag?
  214. Global Entry - Green Card to ESTA
  215. Global Entry for Citizens of Taiwan
  216. Dutch GE member traveling by car to Canada
  217. How do I determine my known traveler number
  218. Minimum time pre-flight to enter KTN into system?
  219. Which Credit Cards Reimburse the Global Entry Fee?
  220. DCA TSA Pre-check routed pre-check passengers to a non pre-check line
  221. Applying for Precheck for 13 yo without photo ID?
  222. TTP - Trusted Traveler Programs Website (replaced GOES)
  223. ID check machine at ORD UA Precheck lane
  224. Panama FastPass Program for US citizens
  225. Global Entry and Medical Marijuana/CBD
  226. T1 transborder times during YYZ strike?
  227. Easy Sentri - Global Entry 3rd party Scam?
  228. Disclosed Cuban Cigars - Will I Be Denied GE?
  229. Can a Mobile Passport Control receipt be used at the GE customs exit?
  230. Crew cuts Global Entry customs line at DFW
  231. NEXUS Card at CDN Pre-Clearance GE Kiosks
  232. Toddler interviewed with me, her approval didn't show up, help me reach a human!
  233. UK Passport holder with GE and ESTA at SEA
  234. we are Scared to Take Allegiant Airlines
  235. US Citizen Traveling to Canada with no passport but SENTRI
  236. Missed 120 day interview window (Global Entry)
  237. Renewing an ESTA and Global Entry
  238. Have Global Entry - Arriving in SAN on BA, then LAX/PVR - do I benefit?
  239. Global Entry Enrollment on Arrival
  240. NEXUS and Redress Number
  241. GE Application - 'Other Names used'
  242. Nexus walk in interviews
  243. Denied global entry effect entry into other countries
  244. Global Entry Kiosk Photo problem
  245. Nexus vs GE: for Credit Card Reimbursements
  246. Nexus approved with prior arrest. Questions.
  247. Global Entry consistently fails
  248. New GE immigration procedure at IAD
  249. TTP website limited address change feature
  250. New TSA ID scanners for PreCheck Passengers - No Boarding Passes Required/Used