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  1. Pre-Check Enrollment
  2. APEC Card - access to crew lines at CBP customs exits?
  3. PreCheck Passengers Opting to Use Standard Checkpoint Lanes Instead of PreCheck Lanes
  4. Getting Answers from the TSA
  5. Global Entry - KES Review Wait Time
  6. 7/3 EWR pre-check for US Airways gates not open due to "hardware problem"
  7. Issues getting PreCheck with AmEx Travel booking United Flights
  8. First time with PreCheck
  9. Global Entry - Family Interviews
  10. PreCheck Selector--walk away if you don't get it?
  11. Question for Ross: TSA Pre and merged names in PNR
  12. TSA PreCheck for foreigners?
  13. TSA Precheck at PHL: now worse
  14. PreCheck established at check in or ticket purchase?
  15. Should I even apply for NEXUS?
  16. TSA Pre✓ and KTNs
  17. Greetings from TSA
  18. Global Entry Program going away? Not so....
  19. Non-"Trusted Travelers" Receiving TSA PreCheck on boarding passes
  20. Global Entry - Can they print you an ID card at the office?
  21. ESTA expiry question
  22. IAD PreCheck Open Floodgate
  23. Can I Use the Global Entry Kiosks before the Card Arrives?
  24. TSA PreCheck for RETIRING military members
  25. Do I have to take out my wallet and phone if I'm going through Precheck?
  26. Nexus Application for Children (Under 18)
  27. Wrong Birthdate on Nexus card
  28. Need to make last minute flight to Canada and only have a Global Entry card with me.
  29. "Expedited screening" lanes at ATL, Pre rules without being a Pre lane.
  30. Global Entry for all?
  31. PreCheck, PreCheck-Light, Quasi-PreCheck in Regular Lanes
  32. Problems With GE Enrollments at MCO
  33. TSA Pre has to be registered when booking?
  34. TSA PreCheck Enrollment Experiences and Timelines
  35. GAO Report on Trusted Traveller Programs
  36. Pre enrollment processing time?
  37. Strange CBP questions - future probs with GE?
  38. Can I Use a Global Entry Card for ID instead of a Driver License at TSA Checkpoints?
  39. no more fingerprinting?
  40. FLL experience
  41. Are GE interviews conducted inside or outside security?
  42. Does Global Entry provide any benefits at international airports?
  43. Expansion of GE?
  44. Mom/Dad TSApre traveling with child w/special needs
  45. TSA Pre enrollment center MSP.
  46. Taking legal allowance through on GE.
  47. GE - Changing Identification Document
  48. Do I even bother trying for Global Entry if I have 5 misdemeanors on my record?
  49. TSA Wheelchair Problem
  50. For Canadian airports for domestic flights, are there expedited lines for NEXUS?
  51. TSA Precheck--How did he?
  52. Air Canada joins PreCheck
  53. Global Entry card taken away at YYZ airport
  54. Southwest + Concur = No Pre-Check?
  55. Empty gun magazine in carry on
  56. TSA pre-check question
  57. TSA Precheck / Known Traveler Number
  58. GOES Application Review
  59. possible to delay the GE interview to a year later?
  60. Does the excluded category at CBP's AWT = GE members?
  61. Global Entry Kiosk Process for Green Card Holders
  62. Global Entry-- Approved? Maybe...
  63. Global Entry appeal process timeframe? and how to schedule appt with supervisor?
  64. Global Entry for Canadian Permanent Residents
  65. Global Entry - LAX or Long beach?
  66. Global Entry Checks at LAX
  67. Global Entry application cancelled due to elapsed time
  68. PreCheck Selection Criteria?
  69. Global Entry to the USA for some Israeli citizens?
  70. Global Entry/NEXUS in New Zealand
  71. Which program(s)?
  72. DTW Precheck Signup Office inside Security
  73. Crackdown on Global Entry "Zero tolerance"
  74. Can a US LPR Enter the US with a GE Card without the Green Card?
  75. Pre-Check Appointment in Gilbert, AZ
  76. TSA pre check application-CLT?
  77. TSA Precheck Companion / Yellow Card?
  78. Nexus vs GE in terms of process time...travel approaching!
  79. Pre✓ on BA-ticketed international to domestic connection at DFW
  80. TSA Pre✓ at SJC
  81. Signed up for GE and PreCheck - which KTN/PASSID to use?
  82. Nexus and TSA PreCheck
  83. How long to get KTN after prechek?
  84. Global Entry "Terms and Conditions"?
  85. Known traveler number and Lufthansa
  86. Mis-Managed Inclusion? Does HQ Manage it?
  87. PreCheck setup at JAX
  88. NEXUS application and military ID question
  89. German ABG Plus for US Citizens, members of Global Entry
  90. EU citizen with Global Entry entering the US from Canada
  91. Customs Pre-Clearance in AUA -- GE Kiosks?
  92. Precheck hours at PHL?
  93. Disturbing encounter might hinder chances of GA approval?
  94. GE app- forgot to mention 1 country visited for few hrs on cruise
  95. all I get is the top of my head on GE slip
  96. TSA Approved?
  97. Can I be denied due to import counterfeit products?
  98. GOES/NEXUIS/Cards/Interviews???????
  99. 10+ years ago, a non-convicted 'offense'
  100. What Documents are Required for the Global Entry Interview?
  101. FLL or MIA for GE interview?
  102. TSA Pre: Probably have to give new prints. Timeframe?
  103. once getting approved for prechek
  104. Nexus Card-holder now living overseas
  105. GE: First & Middle name in Admissibility & Citizenship first name boxes
  106. TSA PreCheck: A Great and Terrible Idea...
  107. after applying for pre-check?? (few questions)
  108. TSA Pre Suddenly No Longer Working
  109. TSA Pre✓ ONLY with Participating Airlines [merged threads]
  110. Does slow TSA Precheck mean denial?
  111. TSA Pre application snafu. Fixable?
  112. Senior FAs are trusted travellers
  113. We need a literacy requirement for Pre-check
  114. TSA PreCheck When Departing the U.S. on a Foreign Carrier
  115. wife and I are going to Prechek interview, any heads up
  116. Pre-Check at BOS: closed from 8am to 3pm?
  117. What are the walk-in times like in Manhattan to apply for Pre check?
  118. Lost Passport - Effects on GE/PreCheck
  119. TSA Precheck Problems
  120. Any experience replacing a US passport you never received?
  121. TSA pre-check--totally random?
  122. TSA Precheck - easier with on-line or airport check-in?
  123. How to Get Precheck for both of us?
  124. TSA Precheck - which number to enter onto ticket file (pnr) of airline
  125. TSA PreCheck for permanent residents who already have Global Entry?
  126. Will Nexus card help me bypass security screening at Cdn and US airports?
  127. Are there long waits even in the PreCheck lanes?
  128. Canada Place has a GOES/NEXUS enrollment centre?
  129. pre-check, bp's only being "spot" scanned
  130. PreCheck vs First Class lanes
  131. Nexus in lieu of TSA Pre
  132. submitted GOES application last week. expected wait time on initial review?
  133. Why have I got Pre Check approval?
  134. Never received Global Entry card. Should I be worried?
  135. UK based Global Entry .. CBP took my slip
  136. TSA LAX Terminal 6 UA Premier Access closed Sunday evening
  137. I think SLC is doing Pre-Check wrong...
  138. Nexus and GE Land Crossing
  139. Checkin Separately?
  140. Can't read? No Pre Check
  141. Gate Passes w/ Global Entry
  142. TSA Pre-check Superfast Enrollment
  143. Entered wrong pass ID on web checkin, who can fix?
  144. The dreaded "X" with Global Entry
  145. Future PreCheck Application Sites?
  146. ABTC/APEC Business Travel Card for US/Canadian Citizens: Updates, Experiences, Q&A
  147. Received TSA Precheck without applying?
  148. Extended GE Office Hours at SFO
  149. Am I good to go?
  150. Viajero Confiable Mexico Open to US GE / Global Entry
  151. NEXUS/GE and F-1 Visa
  152. Secondary Screening with Global Entry
  153. TSA PRE on my non-frequent-flyer parents' BPs.
  154. TSA Pre✓ on foreign boarding pass?
  155. Overseas GE Enrollment centers
  156. Global Entry - First Time
  157. Global Entry for Minor?
  158. Global Entry application - how do I change/update information?
  159. renewing GE
  160. Caught with undeclared goods/food/fruit by CBP. Will Global Entry be revoked?
  161. Using GE Kiosks - Problems reading document
  162. GE Customs Declaration
  163. turned down for Global Entry because applicant never worked during lifetime
  164. Is GE finished for U.S. citizens?
  165. tsa pre issues RSW
  166. TSA Pre Check application program experience
  167. PreCheck with children 12 and under
  168. Does TSA Pre get you Free Global Entry
  169. GE Applications, Interviews, Timelines and Renewals for German Citizens or in Germany
  170. Can Global Entry use Easypass?
  171. Does a Passport Card Make Me a Trusted Traveler?
  172. GE access with re-entry permit?
  173. GE Enrollment Center at IAH
  174. Global Entry - past customs issue
  175. Anyone approved for Global Entry but denied for NEXUS?
  176. TSA PreCheck w/ ANA
  177. TSA Precheck - What's happening?
  178. PreCheck-style in NEXUS lanes at YYZ - How Long?
  179. First revenue flight in years and PreCheck approved
  180. Is there a problem with the Global Entry on-line application or is it just me?
  181. Known traveler / TSA Pre for Aeroflot?
  182. pre check - no more whole body scanners?
  183. Pre-Check question re: shoes with metal arch supports
  184. "Jr." suffix a problem for GE application?
  185. Finding PASS ID without GE card
  186. PreCheck line for everyone without opt-in
  187. TSA Pre-check surprise twice recently
  188. Panama in line for Global Entry
  189. Global Entry Program | Disqualification Issues
  190. TSA Precheck Enrollment Center opens at IND
  191. Bring passport card to GE interview instead of passport book?
  192. Nexus residency requirement for PR
  193. Nexus and New passport
  194. How does someone get PreCheck automatically?
  195. TSA Pre-Check Changes for Military Coming 12/20/2013
  196. What is going with PreCheck? (non pre pax, long lines etc.)
  197. GOES : Completed interview + photographs and finger prints but no confirmation
  198. Global Entry Application Review Time
  199. Known Traveler Not Receiving PreCheck [merged threads]
  200. Resolving my Universal Lack of PreCheck
  201. Keep PreCheck for PreCheck Flyers!
  202. SFI, NEXUS and infant birth year
  203. Global Entry Rocks
  204. GE interview 4 weeks ago-no update??
  205. why is tsa pre approve such a crap shoot.
  206. NEXUS transborder at YVR security
  207. AA Pre-Check now failing w/NEXUS
  208. Can GE cards of US residents be used in nexus lanes at Canadian airports?
  209. How does Global Entry work at your airport?
  210. Which Airports have Managed Inclusion?
  211. Can one enter trusted traveler card rather than passport with GE machine?
  212. DoD/TSA Partner to Provide Military TSA Pre✓ at 100 Airports
  213. Always get the "X" at GE Airports
  214. Global Entry (in SFO) ... still need to see officer!
  215. Wheelchair user denied TSA PreCheck boarding
  216. Why no pre check for Resident Aliens
  217. Have card; been denied 1/2 the time
  218. Opt-in for TSA pre-check on united.com
  219. Boston Interview
  220. Farewell TSA pre-check
  221. pre check
  222. Why are airlines tied to TSA precheck?
  223. Which number do you enter with online check-in for GE? passport or card?
  224. Global Entry approved, then immediately revoked
  225. PreCheck not showing on BPs all of a sudden
  226. TSA Precheck - will it expand to foreign airlines?
  227. Why don't more US residents get nexus with GE rather than GE alone; cheaper!
  228. 0 for my last 10 on pre-Check (AA)
  229. Pre-check and adultery ...
  230. Precheck/Priority AAccess ORD lane
  231. Pre-Check today included EVERYBODY!!
  232. pre-check blocked @ BOS Term B for security?
  233. Time budget for GE interview before flight?
  234. Lots of newbies being sent through TSA Pre Check
  235. DL, HA, WN, AA, AS, UA will have PreCheck at PHX
  236. TSA PreCheck at Small Airports
  237. Does MDW have PreCheck yet?
  238. New Precheck Line at DCA Terminal B for AA, US
  239. Global Entry Issues (ongoing) with Name Change
  240. Global Entry Location - NYC
  241. Interview for GE at a NEXUS location
  242. Global Entry Card Replacement
  243. Passport damage and Global Entry
  244. Global Entry for land crossing to/from Canada
  245. GE program - I just requested a card from them, does that affect me?
  246. Global Entry Reciprocity?
  247. GE with bandaged finger
  248. Global Entry for Dutch citizens
  249. You Can Keep your shoes on at MKE airport
  250. TSA Almost Doubles Airports With PreCheck