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  1. PreCheck at ORD
  2. OAK: Global Entry?
  3. Can you reschedule the Global entry interview?
  4. Replacement Nexus Card
  5. Exit Customs after baggage Claim One GE, One Not
  6. Global entry issues- it has yet to work for me!
  7. Vancouver Nexus interview
  8. Registered Traveller Service in the UK
  9. Global Entry for (legal) arrival in MIA from Havana?
  10. GE Interview Houston Area. Current wait for interview??
  11. Liquid Meds and Precheck
  12. Update Employment information for GE
  13. Global Entry - Middle name now showing as part of first name?
  14. Global Entry vs. Mobile Passport App vs. APC
  15. What was going on at SDF 7/25?
  16. Global entry not working; 3 machines unable to read passport
  17. How quick is GE activated after interview?
  18. LPR to Citizen - Proper Global Entry / NEXUS Update Procedure
  19. Global Entry fingerprint skin graft question
  20. Nexus 3-year limit for LPRs
  21. Nexus - Land Crossing In Rental Car
  22. Renewing GE with a twist
  23. NEXUS name
  24. Renew Nexus membership ID # change ?
  25. No fingerprint scan required on Global Entry?
  26. Any point in bringing GE card into Canada?
  27. Did Government Computer Hack Expose Data of Those in Trusted Traveler Programs?
  28. TSA Precheck question
  29. GE expiry - no goes password
  30. Using KTN before Global Entry Interview?
  31. GE | Cash Declaration
  32. FLL GE appointment avails?
  33. GE application 3 weeks pending now
  34. Experience with Passport Renewal after GE Renewal ..precheck implications
  35. Pre boarding screening - what needs to be taken out?
  36. Nexus in Canadian airports, outgoing flights (intl)
  37. Will GE get me any expedited security flying Air Tahiti Nui from LAX?
  38. Post-WTMD patdown in PreCheck for a...
  39. FYI: GE Members Eligible for Mexico's Trusted Traveler Program
  40. Pre Check Southwest
  41. I don't remember how to use GE!
  42. Global Entry Interview During Domestic to International Connection at JFK
  43. TSA precheck name change (marriage)
  44. Mexico's Trusted Traveler Program
  45. TSA precheck approval delayed
  46. NEXUS eligibility for dual Canadian/Australian?
  47. Intl Inbound UA in DEN, how long to clear baggage and get back to B concourse?
  48. Hip Prosthesis - Any Ideas?
  49. TSA precheck?
  50. NEXUS Compliance Search has theft risk
  51. Free TSA Pre✔ enrollment for Orbitz Platinum members
  52. TSA PreCheck - available if flying on TSA-approved airline but not ticketed by them?
  53. Using Nexus/GE Kiosks if a J1 Visa is needed
  54. Managing both PreCheck and Global Entry: Best Strategy
  55. Does GE fully include PreCheck?
  56. Does GE need "approval" to pass here?
  57. GE member and can't apply for NEXUS??!!
  58. Global Entry Interview Assistance for Disabilities
  59. Updated GE Location List
  60. PreCheck on domestic flight with international FF#?
  61. PreCheck never works with United
  62. Pre-Check Expiration (not Nexus, GE, etc)
  63. Will I be denied GE because of Kinder Eggs?
  64. Use of TSA pre-check when boarding card from downline airport?
  65. using UK eGates with German ID Card ("Personalausweis")
  66. If I already have Precheck....
  67. Constantly need to input KTN?
  68. Use Precheck line by flashing GE card? (flying non-Precheck airline)
  69. Would a foreign ff program number hurt precheck odds?
  70. Passport doesn't scan in GE kiosks - problem?
  71. Pre-check Question
  72. Extra scrutiny for Nexus holders?
  73. Global Entry, but no PRE
  74. GE, UK Passport renewal
  75. No GE Appointments at GE Available?
  76. Is AC only airline that allows nexus as ID for transborder flights?
  77. TSA Precheck - Decline in
  78. Global Entry Kiosk Error Messages
  79. Did I screw up my GE appointment?
  80. Global Entry Application - License Expiration Soon
  81. NEXUS machines down at YYZ trans border
  82. Travel to Canada for inrerview?
  83. TSA to Cut Back on PreCheck Access for Non-Enrolled Flyers
  84. Stamp second passport whilst using GE with primary passport
  85. Odd interview - a test?
  86. Random TSA Precheck for non-USA citizens
  87. How Exactly Does Global Entry Help Canadians?
  88. How long does EasyPASS enrollment at FRA take?
  89. GlobalEntry on Trip to Malaysia/Qatar
  90. Nexus issues at Canadian airports
  91. GE - Where's the approval notification?
  92. I'm not getting Pre-Check as often
  93. Nexus - Traveling before card arrives
  94. Getting OFF the CPB list?
  95. Nexus - TDC
  96. when a global entry machine runs out of paper...
  97. Porter Gate Agent at EWR Required Passport in addition to NEXUS Card
  98. How to find past record of entrance/exit of the US?
  99. APC and Global Entry Interchangeable .... No?
  100. How will new Canada-US border agreement for preclearance help?
  101. Can Americans renew Nexus in Canada and pay CAD50?
  102. New Passport, Need to Go In To The Office?
  103. TSA Lost PreCheck Application
  104. Is Global Entry now pointless?
  105. Question on Nassau pre-clearence
  106. When is "freedom from unreasonable search and seizure" not??
  107. Anyone missed their Global Entry interview appointment?
  108. Being pre checked in the US airports
  109. GE online scheduling question
  110. Using the PASSID before Final Approval of the Global Entry Application
  111. TSA Pre-Check troubles
  112. Mobile Passport App - replaces GE?
  113. Airline Enrollment
  114. TSApre on international-domestic connection
  115. Additional US Global Entry applications
  116. Conditional Approval for Nexus, Can I...
  117. Can't Log on to GOES ??
  118. PreCheck at JFK
  119. Just Applied For Nexus Cards; how soon will we be able to get an interview @ Halifax?
  120. Anyone had Pre-Check Revoked and then Reinstated?
  121. Precheck still valid after losing status?
  122. Successful Global Entry with Reckless Driving on Record?
  123. If you're denied for Global Entry, can you still apply for TSA Pre?
  124. Precheck for wheelchair user
  125. Anyone book through CWT and never get precheck?
  126. Nexus revocations by CBSA
  127. Global Entry: international?
  128. Can US citizen do Global Entry interview in Japan?
  129. Canadian Immigrant - accepted for nexus, but not Global Entry?
  130. Global Entry Enrollment Center - GOOGLE?
  131. Global Entry / NEXUS - How to Update Passport Information?
  132. NEXUS - crossing border in someone else's car
  133. Any change in PreCheck for flights to Paris? Elsewhere
  134. "Nitrates" on cell phone trigger positive TSA explosives test?
  135. Tired of waiting on the Global Entry ombudsman? Try your senator
  136. Delta One
  137. Global Entry interview - how far out can you schedule?
  138. Global Entry Card Name Error
  139. Allowed to enter the regular line with your group, if you have GE?
  140. Customs officer took my Global Entry receipt, wasn't interested in my customs form
  141. Global Entry - Guam (Entered Incorrect Arriving Flight Number; Any Impact?)
  142. Global Entry Customer Support Telephone Lines Down?
  143. Using Global Entry at CBP Checkpoint on Return to US from Canada
  144. Two years after applying for Global Entry, still waiting to get in
  145. Global Entry for first time in ATL?
  146. GE automatically gets NEXUS?
  147. Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) and TSA Pre✓
  148. A few quick PreCheck questions
  149. Premier line vs TSA Pre-Check line
  150. Canadian 'Trusted Travelers' program
  151. Passport Expires soon, will I lose GE?
  152. PreCheck Lanes Operating Hours
  153. GE without prior international travel?
  154. What indications are you given that GE will be revoked?
  155. Nexus to/from Mexico/Canada?
  156. GE/PreCheck when Arriving into US
  157. Precheck from one airline to another?
  158. TSA Precheck line jumpers, big deal?
  159. Here's what happens if you turn around after not getting PreCheck
  160. US CBP's Mobile Passport Control at ATL
  161. Am I screwed for GE?
  162. NEXUS Notice to Stakeholders
  163. Missed Pre Check
  164. Rescheduling nexus appointment via GOES
  165. Two laptops in one bag at PreCheck
  166. How do I use the new Nexus machines? Where do you insert your card?
  167. GE Card from CA to US by air
  168. GE update when LPR card expires
  169. Repeated problems with Precheck on United
  170. NEXUS card: adding citizenship process?
  171. Pre-Check for parent
  172. Outgoing TSA chief says "random" precheck status is ending
  173. What more does Nexus get me?
  174. Global Entry and TSA PreCheck Questions
  175. GE Timeframe - from interview to email - card
  176. Global Entry denial for failure to disclose expunged or old convictions
  177. Nexus Driver's License Number and BC services card?
  178. Nexus YYJ!
  179. Pre-Check online pre-enrollment - Q. re completeness of application.
  180. Too Many Amateurs getting Pre-Check
  181. Precheck and Codeshares
  182. Problems with GE passport readers at SFO
  183. GOES how to add/delete work permits
  184. No Precheck yesterday at BOS Terminal B
  185. Global Entry application: disclosing Somalia vs Somaliland?
  186. NEXUS and repeal of 3-year residency requirement
  187. FWA is now TSA PRE
  188. Nexus appointment at 2250 Whirlpool
  189. Global Entry and G4 Visa
  190. NEXUS - No Proof of living at current (non-permanent) address
  191. Global Entry for child under 10
  192. TSA PreCheck
  193. Glad u had GE in HNL !
  194. Gave GE interviewer requested additional info but no response thus far?
  195. GE/NEXUS at YYZ with International Connection
  196. TSA PreCheck Enrollement center is open at PHX Sky Harbor
  197. Applying for NEXUS after having Global Entry (i.e., Replacing GE with NEXUS)
  198. Global Entry Problem - My Flight Info Doesn't Post
  199. YYZ pre-clearance / APEC travel card
  200. Global Entry Precheck after clearing immigration?
  201. Trusted Traveler Machines in EU countries-when will GE/Nexus cardholders use them?
  202. Global entry kiosk in Austin?
  203. Precheck faults
  204. PreCheck not dedicated lane at T6 LAX
  205. GE and Visa
  206. GE kiosks and APC kiosks same or different?
  207. Nexus into Canada, GE on the return to US
  208. Paying for expedited screening?
  209. Does Global Entry Also Give you TSA Pre-check?
  210. RSW vent:(
  211. All you want to know about Global Entry
  212. No More Global Entry for German Citizens?
  213. Have to join regular queue once every 90 days as Netherlands citizen & Global Entry?
  214. GE - Two different passports, different spelling?
  215. Losing part of your thumb?
  216. Nearly Half of Travelers in Trusted Travelers Program?
  217. Global Entry interview: LAX or Long Beach?
  218. Nexus /Global Entry at LGA?
  219. Problem with the Automated Passport Control (APC) machines
  220. PreCheck longer than normal security today at SAN
  221. Married - Name change for Nexus
  222. Nexus and Cdn Passport name edit question
  223. TSA PreCheck for Standby Travel
  224. Global Entry for Students without Driver's License or Utility Bills
  225. How do I cancel my Privium application?
  226. What to wear for global entry interview?
  227. TAS Pre Check status when using normal security line?
  228. No Global Entry interviews at CLT?
  229. How did I become eligible for Precheck?
  230. Global Entry application in process, can't apply for Nexus online?
  231. Nexus enrolment appointment at YYZ - Adding Children
  232. What do CBP check for when scrutinizing a passenger or item?
  233. Is TSA Pre guaranteed with Global Entry Known Travel Number?
  234. PreCheck without indication on boarding pass
  235. Question about condition approval after my interview
  236. Precheck Stopped?
  237. Question for Ross: TSA Pre
  238. Is Naturalization Certificate Needed for New US Citizen @ GE Interview?
  239. Withdrawing Nexus Application
  240. Nexus card not received?
  241. Nexus Niagara Border Land Crossings
  242. Dublin pre-clearance now has APC scans for GE
  243. GE/NEXUS at Pacific Station in Vancouver?
  244. Global Entry in LHR
  245. Using Global Entry, want passport stamp
  246. TSA Pre Check is now available to Lawful Permanent Resident Via Global Entry
  247. "tens of thousands"
  248. Strategy to get Precheck when flying a non-Precheck airline?
  249. Global Entry at YVR
  250. TSA Pre Check LAX