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  1. Need 2 tickets to London for 9/1
  2. Need Help on Miles/Points-Flight to Tokyo
  3. Planning my Honeymoon from LAX (Jan 2017)
  4. Regensburg
  5. Newbies/rare-posters vs. heavy users on FT
  6. Time to clear US Immigration at DUB
  7. CSR + Unlimited?
  8. Newbie to the world of point travels
  9. Recommended vaccination for Asia trip
  10. Finding a flight using Routing Code/Fare Basis
  11. earning miles issue
  12. ETA Information
  13. award space for LAN flight and using amex/citi points
  14. Help me decide which FF program to start using plz
  15. Newbie wanting to travel to vietnam
  16. JFK-LAX Need some help planning
  17. BA Website Error on upgrading
  18. Should I spend 25k AA miles or 20k UR xferred to Avios?
  19. Precheck without enrolling
  20. Hidden City/Throwaway Ticketing Addis-Nairobi-Djibouti?
  21. Nonstop to Japan from US West Coast or NYC (award)
  22. Your opinion matters
  23. New York to Carribbean flights?
  24. Difference in flexibility re: changes - ANA v. Priceline
  25. Brand new would like a reality check
  26. best airline/rewards program for transcontinental upgrades
  27. cents per mile concept
  28. Best option for a commute from US to Spain
  29. HELP - Which F to choose???
  30. Mileage Question
  31. help with utilizing miles for 2 return ticket from south asia to USA
  32. First and Middle Name Merged
  33. Timatic "supporting document" & denied boarding
  34. Long layover in Doha...What to do?
  35. Is this a good price for GLA to JFK in J?
  36. Swiss vs Turkish, SFO-BOM in J?
  37. Business class: United vs. SAS?
  38. Using Amex Rewards pts to upgrade class.. which forum?
  39. School me on flying
  40. Detroit/Windsor to Athens, GR
  41. Business class from Canada to JNB or CPT this Sept 2016
  42. one way HKG to NRT to LAX with stopover?
  43. Plan trip to New Delhi (India) using miles
  44. What is the point of checking in 24 hours before a flight
  45. travel to Melbourne
  46. Turkish vs. Qatar J to Africa
  47. Try for 8 awards on delta or 4 + 4 delta/aa
  48. Help with planning my trip
  49. STL-DFW-HKG transit time
  50. APIS on WOW Air
  51. Searching for flights when you're flexible
  52. Trying to understand Business class pricing
  53. Paris to Calgary, BA, KL or AC ?
  54. EWR to VIE Using Amex Rewards, AA, or Avios
  55. Help with PHX to LIM using AA miles on LAN
  56. Euro Reward Trip--2 Airlines--Any problems?
  57. How can i get discounts
  58. I can only tavel at least 15 days in a year..what hotel loyality program?
  59. NYC to Vancouver - Seattle to NYC
  60. HNL to LIM
  61. Is there any difference between AA, DL, UA?
  62. Work permit is expiring soon, but i want to apply for Schegen visa
  63. looking up checked bag tracking
  64. Trip to Maldives - need help on layover
  65. AMIETE graduate for Canada immigration of PR visa
  67. roundtrip jfk to seattle -miles or buy ticket
  68. LAS-Europe - Plenty Miles
  69. bags on US-bound flight through Canada
  70. How To Do Weird Searches
  71. New Business Traveler wondering what hotel loyalty program to join
  72. Which way round?
  73. Heathrow Park and Fly?
  74. United + SPG + beachy heaven + no Zika
  75. How to spend 80k UA, 80k UR?
  76. Help! new here. DL flights NYC to Thailand (suggestions)
  77. same FF#, diff cards
  78. Steps to book flights? Help!
  79. Need Help. 15th Year Anniversary
  80. Reticent Partner
  81. Best Airline FF - From SFO/SJC
  82. Multi-flight - booking advice
  83. 2 hour layover in Beijing - enough?
  84. completely New to this
  85. PHL-NAN using AA or BA Feb 2017
  86. New Member
  87. NYC-LondonUK
  88. How is this June Honeymoon plan for SE Asia
  89. Fastest commercial RTW ?
  90. Which FF flyer program should I credit this United codeshare flight?
  91. Best way to earn business class flight London to Tokyo
  92. Pls help me decide the mileage math!
  93. Can I catch my connection in 20 mins ?
  94. Delta vs. Virgin vs. Jetblue SFO-JFK
  95. Layover in Paris
  96. Help with JFK-SCL-IPC
  97. Travel leg missing
  98. A "direct" flight....with two stops.
  99. Gut Check - Is this a Good Plan??
  100. Travel Services
  101. Transfer time San Francisco
  102. Connecting in Madrid on Separate Award Tickets
  103. Exercising with no equipment while traveling
  104. Trying to make sense of what my points can be used for!
  105. Does FT have a summary of fare codes somewhere?
  106. Can I do better using points for my trip to Hawaii?
  107. Agents that help Award tickets
  108. Frankfurt airport
  109. BOS to Tokyo on points - best options?
  110. How to prepay $30,000 in air travel for tax reasons? Help needed
  111. No show on return leg - affecting other passengers on booking?
  112. LH multi-city ticket miles question
  113. Worthwhile United Matches?
  114. Advice on shopping for NYC-LON flights
  115. Offering items for sale?
  116. Flying using award tickets gets me status miles
  117. LHR-ORD-SEA, retreive bags at ORD & recheck?
  118. Help required for Old Newbie
  119. which seat in A340-300 PE LH?
  120. Delays due to weather - what kind of rights do you have?
  121. Delays... Delays and more Delays
  122. Emirates or Alaska Points for a Hawaii Trip?
  123. Help us plan our honeymoon trip points/miles strategy
  124. Biz class in Philippine Airlines - where to credit?
  125. From 0 to Hawaii in 180 days?
  126. Surface Sector on Multi City Flights?
  127. Onward flights (Baggage)
  128. Need help going RTW- Departing from California
  129. Trip Case Beware
  130. Please help: 4 business class awards to AU/NZ next year
  131. Romantic Honeymoon Destination
  132. Best Value? - Boston to Spain
  133. Miles Newbie Needs help! Multi-city travle
  134. Which company is best in giving Travel Insurance?
  135. Delta 747-400 economy + bulkhead seats
  136. Using miles to get 8 business class tickets to paris
  137. Advice Connecting LH to AA at CDG
  138. Routing HELP: STT-BNA
  139. NYC-MEX-AUS-NYC options ?
  140. Purchasing Money Orders
  141. STL to Phoenix Round Trip (Options)???
  142. Biz class to Paris in August - options?
  143. Airmiles seller..
  144. How to get an upgraded flight for trip to New Zealand next year?
  145. Is it possible to change my user name?
  146. Help me Understand Cancellation Rule
  147. Airline information website
  148. Help me not ruin my honeymoon and get us home from Australia
  149. Why is there so much IFE overlap on planes?
  150. Backpacker in need of points and information, new to credit cards!
  151. Points and Miles to the South Pacific
  152. Frequent Fler miles
  153. Card Belgium
  154. I'm in a quandary - Delta or United?
  155. Last minute points: AA or Chase UR?
  156. Transit time needed for LHR
  157. Alright award sleuths, here's your time to shine.
  158. Layover/Customs Question! Please Help!!
  159. can couples combine baggage weight?
  160. Mom flying from LAX - I want to give her lounge access
  161. Is there a travel agent here who discounts 4 Seasons/luxury hotels, etc?
  162. Fully Refundable Ticket?
  163. EU consumer protection laws
  164. Premier Access sm next to seat assignment
  165. Site for cheap air tix CDG-FRA
  166. Sharing Premium Seat
  167. Help with AMEX/Chase Redemptions for Asia Travel
  168. is there a way to know which class i will be booked in on google filghts?
  169. Award using UA miles or Chase points
  170. Questions about LAS and Priority Pass
  171. Odd checkmytrip Android app FLIGHT CANCELED error
  172. Air China cancelled my flight and trapped me in Thailand! Help!
  173. Ideas for a luxury vacation sought, both air and lodging
  174. How does status matching work?
  175. options for a trip to Korea
  176. Mom+2 Bali to Shanghai for work
  177. where or how do I post?
  178. SFO to CUN in December
  179. Not sure about dates to travel - Help
  180. Priority Pass question
  181. Flight Question - Paris to LAX
  182. South Pacific 2017/18 - Plan of attack?
  183. SFO/YVR/SFO Lounge access?
  184. One Way with Stopover?
  185. Searching ALL airlines for best points deal/availibility
  186. Repeat or Only One Time Status Match?
  187. Best Use of points
  188. how to book multiple flight itinerary with different classes - airline couldn't help
  189. From South Florida to Japan business class with points
  190. MLB hotels
  191. Priority Pass Lounge access different terminal
  192. Do i take my carry on through the scanners or put it on the belt?
  193. IND - PPT
  194. Flights/Points Question - Cost vs. Convenience. What would you do?
  195. Tokyo to new york via tahiti - open jaw help - Please
  196. Need Help with Obtaining Miles... Confused.
  197. Frequent Flyer Membership
  198. Which flight should I choose?
  199. How many air miles ?
  200. SYD domestic - international connection
  201. Transit Flight from LAX->ARN
  202. Help me! Cheapest flight to OS Rio from benelux AMS-RIO
  203. YYZ to AKL - Best Points Option?
  204. Best course of action for South Africa?
  205. United Airlines or Delta
  206. amex points for renting house
  207. Immigration Question
  208. Airbnb question
  209. Best miles earning strategies for trips to Africa (J class)
  210. Miles accrual strategies for J class to Africa
  211. Quick question re: LifeMiles on *A partners
  212. Roundtrips from Europe are Dirt Cheap- How to Use Them?
  213. skipping connections and resulting return fare issues?
  214. Which is the better deal using points and cash?
  215. Toronto Award redemption from Bay Area
  216. Europe Award Travel - Suggestions to spend points?
  217. Issue with changing PAL flights booked through travel agent
  218. Long layover in SFO after international flight- can you leave?
  219. japan air
  220. Test test test test daily 1
  221. Ideas for long weekend trip out of Washington, DC
  222. Question regarding short layover time
  223. 3rd Party Car & Airlines Reservation vs Direct?
  224. How do I sticky a thread that I created to find responses easier
  225. Old time flyer new member!
  226. Best resource for family/Leisure trips
  227. Airline Points for Miles
  228. TAP Victoria member, doubts regarding Star Alliance status miles
  229. Help need a flight
  230. How did YOU get started/WHERE to start travel hacking?
  231. Specifying aircraft type when booking a flight
  232. Deals in La Jolla CA 92093?
  233. Iberia / Finnair / BA
  234. Advice for best FF Program for USA-Asia traveler
  235. EWR connection and seperate (quick) security lines
  236. Best Rewards Program for transatlantic and US domestic travel
  237. New Year's in the Caribbean?
  238. Best Miles to Aim For to Travel Within Asia?
  239. Virgin Atlantic 15 hrs layover in Heathrow...free lodging ?
  240. How long is immigration line at JFK at around 9 pm?
  241. BMO Rewards gone wrong
  242. LAX transfer time
  243. Newbie with a complicated route
  244. Urgent help for friend who left Canadian permanent resident card home
  245. Best *A FF Program to Use to Max Mileage
  246. Too many reward programs
  247. Economy Plus Seating for Star Alliance Gold
  248. London to Aus texas
  249. NY/Philly to Stockholm: best economy plus airline?
  250. Finding a destination based on flight times - how?