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  1. Tried to move UR points to Hyatt. Website said special handling required.
  2. CSP or CSR
  3. How do Marriott gift card purchases code?
  4. JetBlue good value 4 my 300,000 points?
  5. Chase Freedom 2019 Q4 Bonus Categories: Department Stores, Paypal and Chase Pay
  6. Travel Packages on UR
  7. Will I get the Chase Marriott Bonvoy Boundless welcome bonus?
  8. Book Multi City Trip via UR
  9. Need advice re Ink Business Plus, Ink Business Cash, etc.
  10. New cards and replacements...no consistency on tap to pay & metal or plastic
  11. Chase Travel Insurance Question (closed account)
  12. Ultimate Rewards Points Value
  13. AU usage data
  14. Business cards for personal expenses
  15. Chase Looking at Selling AARP Portfolio
  16. Help me choose which Chase Sapphire card to get rid of.
  17. UR points earned on specific purchase no longer displayed in transaction details?
  18. Chase to close Chase Pay app by early 2020
  19. Chase Emergency Medical & Dental
  20. Pending payments on Chase Bill Pay site
  21. chase support: international collect call
  22. Chase Points for flight young adult issue / virgin Atlantic?
  23. 0/24 and advice on plan
  24. Chase 5/24 - Authorized User - Open Date
  25. Auto Loan and Chase 5/24
  26. NY to Tokyo or Shanghai
  27. Reported Income
  28. Bonus points offer for Marriott cards
  29. Best 4 personal cards to stay under 5/24
  30. Rental Car Reservation - Add National Emerald #
  31. Anyone else racking up Avios points?
  32. Chase Sapphire UR Reward Points Automatically Linked to Amazon
  33. Help with using Chase for Vegas Hotel?
  34. Newb here! Advice on using UR points to travel to Bali
  35. Chase refuses to honor Explorer Mileage Plus offer for $250 statement credit.
  36. Washington, DC - SIN using UR - Tips?
  37. Denver to Anchorage and Kodiak: UR Points Usage Help Request
  38. 1st Checked Bag - No Fee - does it work?
  39. Forgot to Activate Q2 Bonus Categories.
  40. Chase Retention Offers - 2019
  41. Convert hotel booking through Chase portal from refundable to non-refundable?
  42. Chase sapphire Reserve vs United Presidential Plus
  43. UA reportedly unhappy that CSR may be more attractive to consumers than Explorer card
  44. Proprietary Sapphire Reserve directly competes with United Cards
  45. Chase Business card with trip delay coverage?
  46. Bonus missed by ....that much...
  47. PSA: UR Points Stolen! Try over the phone password
  48. I accidentally met the $3000 spend target
  49. UR phone line - 70 min on hold and points are not returned back after cancelation
  50. Chase Freedom 2019 Q3 Bonus Categories: Gas Stations & Streaming Services
  51. Chase no longer awards Customer Service Recovery UR points?
  52. Chase Shut Downs & Credit Card Account Closures: Data, Tales & Speculation [2019]
  53. Do you think I'll be able to get the CSR? [Consolidated]
  54. Flight date change with lower price
  55. Update to Chase Sapphire Terms and Conditions: forced arbitration?
  56. Transfering CR balance from one Chase cc to another ?
  57. Alerts from Credit Sesame & Credit Karma -- AU added to Chase accounts.
  58. We've got you covered when you travel
  59. Back in Chase - need some advice
  60. Incremental authorization notifications?
  61. Chase Sapphire Reserve and Freedom Unlimited; unnecessary to have both cards?
  62. Chase UA bonus posting time...?
  63. The Future of Chase Credit Card: Chase Pay, ChaseNet and Visa relationship
  64. New Chase Visa card - can it be added to Apple Pay before receiving the actual card?
  65. Pay balance before billing. Do I get mile credits?
  66. Using Chase cards abroad
  67. Chase Southwest Cards Offer Raised to 60,000
  68. Chase cancelling biz card for lack of use
  69. UR to British Airways (BA) 30% bonus 4.22.2019 - 6.16.2019
  70. “Selected For You”/”Just For You” offers
  71. UR to British Airways (BA) 30% transfer bonus 4.22.2019 - 6.16.2019
  72. UA Select Visa: 3x on Gas, dining thru June 30
  73. Problems buying Apple Products through UR Portal
  74. Help with a UR rewards trip and a sob story
  75. Able to Buy UR Points?
  76. Best use of Ultimate Rewards points/Keep points flexible
  77. Redeeming 600k UR points for my honeymoon! SFO-Maldives-Europe-NYC
  78. Chase VISA contactless work on London Tube?
  79. Does Chase offer card to 18 year old establishing credit
  80. United MileagePlus Explorer Business Card Referral Possible?
  81. Sending a duplicate Chase card to a friend's address
  82. AWS purchase no longer getting +2 Bonus Earn
  83. Question regarding TSA Pre-Check(2 cards)
  84. Hotel Cancelation Deadline on UR Booking
  85. [Rumor] Chase To Add Dining/Delivery Credit To Chase Sapphire Reserve
  86. Been churning and MS with Chase for years. Pros Cons of opening a business account
  87. Rewards...transfer or portal
  88. Theft coverage?
  89. Paying off balance early
  90. Freedom VISA or Chase Pay acceptance at Smith's (Kroger)
  91. Which Address to Use for Chase app?
  92. Should I pay the convenience fee?
  93. Chase Freedom 2019 Q2 categories: Grocery and Home Improvement stores
  94. UR->Hyatt not instant?
  95. Newbie - Book with UR or Transfer Points?
  96. 10x Freedom and Freedom Unlimited offer for hotel bookings, February 2019.
  97. A tale of a credit line
  98. Already have United Mileage Explorer and have question for "Ink Business Preferred"
  99. Ultimate Rewards Travel Issue - Looking for advice
  100. Slow train w CFU 1.5%, or go 3% cash back?
  101. Help a couple noobs get from LA to South Africa for our honyemoon!
  102. Ultimate Rewards - Which airline/hotel should I transfer points to?
  103. Chase Avios Earning Credit Cards: BA, Aer Lingus, Iberia- Up to 100K Avios & more
  104. Is Buying Foreign Currency Considered a Cash Advance?
  105. Credit bureau
  106. Business Card Credit Score Penalty for High Utilization?
  107. Chase converting some INK accounts to INK Capital (no rewards)
  108. Help a Newbie book a Honeymoon to Bali with UR points
  109. High points earning from business, is CSR a better card?
  110. Help a Newbie book a Honeymoon to Bali with UR points
  111. Coverage if Spouse Traveling Alone
  112. Switch to another card on a non-refundable reservation?
  113. UR-based PQD.
  114. Chase 1099 for referral & other bonuses: paperless, retention, etc [Consolidated]
  115. how to maximize Chase value
  116. United Explorer Business Card Vs. Chase Sapphire Preferred
  117. 1099-C issued when redeeming Chase points?
  118. Chase Hyatt card trip cancellation insurance
  119. Chase Sapphire Max (A Proposed New Card)
  120. JP Morgan reserve and Saphire reserve. Any help with United status?
  121. United Explorer Vs. United Explorer Business
  122. Least Painful Purchase Path if Need a Refund
  123. Will Chase Clawback Money for Room Sold on Roomertravel
  124. Customer surveys from Chase
  125. CSP / CSR Facelift?
  126. Do any chase cards offer lost item protection?
  127. Chase Freedom Ultimate Points to Chase Explorer Card
  128. edit/delete chase "pay-from" account
  129. Denied Chase MP Explorer card
  130. Modifications to Chase Points Ticket Sale
  131. Starbucks classified as Grocery via Chase Pay?
  132. United refund to flight tickets booked through Chase
  133. Chase not reporting authorized users
  134. Chase Pay Earns 10x Back at ShopRite (1/1/29 - 2/4/19)
  135. US to Greece w/ UR/MR in J?
  136. Looking to use UR to get flight from SEA to KOA
  137. When does the bonus clock get reset and... (INK)
  138. Chase Contactless Cards (2019)
  139. The Chase Mobile App: Opened Accounts
  140. Chase gym/fitness category
  141. Points to me
  142. Survey: Best overall credit card - United Club card?
  143. CSR Charge Dispute
  144. Will Chase restrict UR points pooling in 2019?
  145. Ruby receptionist ink bonus category?
  146. Multi city flight - avoid basic economy?
  147. Chase World Wide Car Rental Coverage Loophole
  148. Bonus mile question - need help
  149. Chase AU and Equifax Question
  150. Bay Area to Europe, in Premium Economy or better, for 5, with 350,000 UR points plus
  151. Chase Freedom 2019 Q1 categories: Gas Stations, Drugstores, Tolls
  152. Why can't I transfer points to authorized user?
  153. Proper point credit after declined transaction
  154. +1 Bonus UR Point for Google/Apple Pay
  155. Sapphire Reserve credit limit increase offer
  156. Booking Etihad flight using UR points?
  157. 180 Days for Early Renewal
  158. Any Speculation on Chase Freedom Categories for Q1 2019?
  159. Are unprofitable customers "creditworthy"?
  160. Chase Credit Score Simulator - Can Someone Decode?
  161. CPC waive or reduce any Chase card fees?
  162. Chase 5//24 Applied to Hyatt and Other Previously Exempt CCs?
  163. Redemption Review - How good did I do?
  164. United Club card as incidental fee?
  165. Chase Cards with Loss Protection within Purchase Protection?
  166. Chase online account question
  167. Advice on how to use Chase UR miles for Italy trip?
  168. Ink Cash won't work with google pay?
  169. United flight on UR points question
  170. Chase Sapphire Reserve portal adding surcharge over Expedia hotel prices?
  171. How do I add my new Ink Preferred card to my online account profile?
  172. Should I get IHG and SWA cards?
  173. Chase Reserve Price Protection on Storewide Sales for Black Friday
  174. Is a Negative Balance of URs Possible?
  175. Chase Lending live agent said “congratulations u are approved” - automated says 2 wk?
  176. AF Avoidance while maintaining UR transfer ability
  177. Cancelling CSP, transfer to which airline partner
  178. Series LLC - Two Ink Business Preferred Cards?
  179. Reallocate credit when closing account?
  180. Booking Flights, Rooms, Cars, Cruises, Activities with UR (include Expedia problems)
  181. Credit Card trip insurance w/Chase UA card
  182. Chances of being shut down by Chase?
  183. How to downgrade Chase United MileagePlus Explorer Business Visa card ?
  184. No More UR Redemptions for ANYTHING Disney
  185. Did Chase Sapphire Reserve AU Fee Increase to $150?
  186. Need help to book ticket to EZE with UR
  187. UA Select Visa: 5000 bonus miles for $3k spend (Q4)
  188. Need - Chase Ultimate reward - max EQD AA
  189. Snafu while maxing Freedom Q3 bonus
  190. Chase new business account site - how to nickname business card?
  191. Strategy - 0/24 but bankruptcy for 14 more months
  192. Last minute...Will I get my sign up bonus??
  193. Do you earn miles/status miles when using points?
  194. silly declines. now what?
  195. CSR: fee when adding authorized user mid-year?
  196. What are your Ultimate Rewards points worth to you?
  197. Will the card number change if I upgrade CSP to CSR?
  198. Using UR to Singapore??
  199. Upgrading from CSP to CSR, would existing points value increase?
  200. Is your Chase minimum spending bonus delayed?
  201. Getting Chase to match a targeted offer
  202. JPMorgan offers 60,000 points to sign up for its new Sapphire bank account
  203. Chase Freedom 2018 4th quarter 5% categories: Wholesale club, Dept store, Chase Pay
  204. CSR/CSP Double Dip dead?
  205. Authorized Users + Mint.com
  206. Should I buy ticket through Ultimate Rewards or Flying Blue?
  207. Damaged luggage claims without a receipt
  208. Thinking about getting back into Chase-All accts closed in 2010
  209. Companion pass and Chase Ink Strategy
  210. Yikes, Hope I'm not next!
  211. Which Chase cards are worth getting and keeping?
  212. Sapphire (CSR & CSP) 48 months between bonuses, August 2018.
  213. Booking paid ticket (TLV-NYC-TLV) for my mom. Possible issues?
  214. Does Chase combine hard pulls for a credit limit increase and new card application?
  215. Need to cancel flight - best option to salvage those points?
  216. Man Buys $60K Tesla with Ink Business Preferred & Plastiq...Earns 3X Points!
  217. United first checked bag free after I buy tickets? Got card during flight purchase
  218. Ultimate Rewards transfers to KE (Korean Air) ENDED August 25, 2018
  219. Chase credit travel portal transitions to Expedia [Transition Complete]
  220. Chase Sapphire lounge at Pier 17 (NYC)
  221. Small claims court & other legal remedies for money/rewards lost when account closed.
  222. Best Card Strategy Now when LOL/24
  223. How do you see the PENDING transactions on the NEW Chase Business Accounts Interface?
  224. Does Chase Allow My Business Name To Be On My Personal Card
  225. Marriott Premier CC: Balance transfer question
  226. Stack multiple Priority Pass
  227. issues getting in UR portal - unless I use incognito
  228. Options for refund?
  229. Credit card super-users take a $330 million bite out of JP Morgan’s revenue
  230. Will Chase take back miles if travel insurance refunds expenses?
  231. Cancelling CSR- But What's Next?
  232. RDU-TYO RT Biz or First with Chase UR
  233. CHASE United Club Passes associated with deprecated email I can't change
  234. Lower Credit Limit
  235. How to refer Chase card that you don't have?
  236. Moving Truck Rental Insurance?
  237. New World of Hyatt Chase CC
  238. Link CSR card to Google Pay- get 1,500 bonus points after 3x
  239. Possible changes to Chase ink cash card 5X? [False alarm]
  240. Best Non-Chase Card to partner with Sapphire Preferred?
  241. Flying from Texas to Philippines w/UR
  242. Allowing someone else to use my card to acquire the 50k bonus points?
  243. Chase Saphire Preferred in combination with Perks At Work
  244. Chase Freedom 2018 3rd quarter 5% categories: Gasoline, Walgreens, Lyft
  245. United Club Card AND Lifetime United Club Access = $100 annual fee?
  246. Marriott business credit card benefit question
  247. Chase insurance for cancelled flight tonight.
  248. Change in Price Protection Provider
  249. Chase and American refuse to let me pay to upgrade codeshare flight operated by BA.
  250. $10 Amazon GC for using your Chase card 3x on Samsung Pay