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  1. Business card MS?
  2. Newbi looking for some guidance.
  3. VGC to BB and MO's
  4. Is it kosher to purchase Amazon gift cards to meet my minimum purchase requirement?
  5. Advice for Walmart refusing to sell MO
  6. Rite Aid MO's
  7. What's your cost to load and unload per $1000?
  8. Buying Discount Gift Cards for MS
  9. How will the transition to EMV impact MS? (speculation)
  10. Dealing with Bancorp and Other Prepaid Entities
  11. Best MS deals in history
  12. Trouble with USB issued MC at Wally
  13. Strategy to earn the lowest Average CPM ( Cost per mile) with different credit cards
  14. Amex Bluebird unavailable in VT: any work-arounds?
  15. MS on Citicards
  16. Citi MS tips for Semi Noob
  17. What records to keep for Bluebird accounts?
  18. Best AMEX card for Grocery/Supermarket MS
  19. Tracking Methods
  20. Reliability of Mint.com for checking credit cards?
  21. JH (Jackson Hewitt) Preferred Card
  22. Eliminating fees Visa GC at Walmart.com
  23. GiftCardMall master thread(2014-2016)
  24. Any problem with purchasing and using Visa/MC gift card?
  25. officedepot VR/reloadables and gift card
  26. Beans in CoMo
  27. manufactured spending account closure?
  28. Short question, need help, TIA
  29. CVS 1/26-1/31 $5 extra bucks on Netspend Visa/Paypal Mastercard
  30. Need to Spend $20,000+ but can't find enough great CC deals! Help!
  31. MS as your full time job?
  32. In need of expert advice.
  33. Banks that allow Money Order deposits via Smartphone or ATM(2014-2016)
  34. moneto card
  35. Buying GCs @ gas station in Austin, Texas
  36. Safeway / Randalls Now Only Accept Cash (no Debit) for Western Union Money Orders?
  37. MS in the LA area
  38. General Practices on how to hide MS from a Mortgage Lender?
  39. Cashing out Amazon GCs
  40. Call from Bluebird?
  41. NextCALA?
  42. Why are you MS'ing? Miles or Cash Back?
  43. Murphy USA $5 off gift cards
  44. Purchasing GC at Rite Aid
  45. green dot IAH
  46. aa citibank manufactured spending
  47. T-Mobile Visa Prepaid - Bluebird Competitor for MS! (May not load w/CC)
  48. Target and Paypal
  49. What do I tell the H&R Block folks to allow them to give me an emerald prepaid card?
  50. ms impact on medicaid eligibility
  51. Barclays - Walgreens 4x Portal
  52. Correct me if I'm wrong: Green Dot + GoBank
  53. citi 60.000 aa card question
  54. Does AMEX know what we buy?
  55. $20 off $300 Mastercard at OM (ongoing)
  56. Buy a house with MS (do not attempt)
  57. $25 credit on $100 spend @ Staples, AmEx Sync
  58. Cities to avoid for MS
  59. Vanilla Reload phone number?
  60. Do you know anyone else who does MS?
  61. Cha$e Compliance Phone Call
  62. writing checks with bluebird
  63. Evolve Money
  64. Feedback on my strategy
  65. Churn AA miles for free using Meijers and AA portal
  66. AMEX Serve @ CVS: $5 extrabucks when you load $50 and no purchase fee
  67. Relative visiting from overseas, MS ideas?
  68. Best Ways of Maximizing Points with Home Remodel
  69. How do you handle Walmart screw ups?
  70. Walmart Bluebird Loading
  71. The top 100 MS songs
  72. Manufactured Spend, CVS, Vanilla, and the AMERICAN EXPRESS FINANCIAL REVIEW
  73. Venmo and Suntrust - missing miles
  74. Discover Q1 Bonus Spending
  75. Consolidated Store Opportunities List
  76. Net Spend VGC opportunity
  77. New York Community Bank debit card
  78. Consolidating small visa/mc gift cards
  79. Does anyone think that using 1X CC for Visa GC is a bad idea?
  80. MS Opportunity Cost
  81. How much VR purchasing is too much on one card?
  82. Issues at Staples
  83. Any CVS in Miami, FL that Vanilla purchases with CC's?
  84. VanillaVisa Activation Issues
  85. Will we see Apple Payments in 2014?
  86. BB/VR hits MSN.com
  87. NEW MS Amazon Payment & Gift Card
  88. Vanilla Reloads!
  89. Can I cancel withdrawal from paypal?
  90. VR purchase in NYC/Long Island(even NJ)
  91. Is MS considered "emergency personnel only?"
  92. Debit Gift Cards (Visa, MC) Work with PIN at Aldi?
  93. Blue Bird Boxes gone at WM
  94. Can't find any local stores that will sell VRs on CCs--out of luck?
  95. Valero + OneVanilla
  96. Best way to pay off a balance?
  97. Do any of you guys do the legal Manufactured Spending?
  98. Walmart Gift Cards and Thank You
  99. Anyone already done with their Chase Freedom 5% at gas stations?
  100. "Target-Like" Issues with VR?
  101. Auditing concerns for opening up bluebird
  102. UK Prepaid Post Office Travel Money Card - avoid !
  103. Bluebird site having issues?
  104. Vanilla Reload at 7/11 - help!
  105. Help with MS within the next 3 days
  106. BB Automatic Loads Via Debit Card
  107. One Vanilla Card Won't Process at WM MC
  108. Walmart enhances gift card purchase policies
  109. Gift Cards with Discover
  110. Old Amex Blue (2013-2014)
  111. Trouble paying Bills with BlueBird
  112. Best MS for Disney Tickets
  113. Suing Greendot/Moneypak
  114. MENARDS 11% off even Gift Cards
  115. Paying Mortgage & HOA Fees with Amex
  116. My Plan, Any Thoughts?
  117. AMEX GC No Fees
  118. Beans at Grocery Store
  119. Something extravagant using Points and Miles
  120. FRB Atlanta on prepaids
  121. Why credit card issuers hate MS
  122. Walgreens allowing CC purchase for Visa GC, appears seasonal
  123. For Chicago Peeps Only
  124. Staples: Buy $150 or more in Visa GC, get free $15 Visa GC ...
  125. Paypal MC Debit Card
  126. Discover 5% at Department and Discount Stores
  127. "Safest" MS Option with Amex Card When Hitting Min. Spend?
  128. Does MS actually violate any CC company's rules/terms?
  129. Visa/MC GC's at Home Depot
  130. Proposal and Discussion: Limit the MS thread access
  131. Delta Shopping 3 [email protected]$ Amex Gift Cards
  132. Next best MS channel?
  133. Advice on "AOR" / recon calls
  134. Netspend doesn't want to return my money back!
  135. Cashier asks to see ID and credit card when buying VR, is it a red flag?
  136. SF Bay Area stores that allow VR or ReloadIt
  137. Best way to pay medical bill with credit card?
  138. My last gas station chain shut me down
  139. OM 15 off 150 Amex GC
  140. Warning - you can get banned from money center at WM
  141. Need some help...
  142. Demise of Grocery Store MS
  143. Where to buy money orders with prepaid/gift cards?
  144. Bluebird has $1k balance & says I don't have enough $ to pay $1k bill??
  145. paypower
  146. Help! Need 36 credit transactions per month
  147. Best way to MS on INK plus to hit 5k.
  148. UPromise 5% cash back at Walmart(through 12/31)
  149. December Only- Fuel Rewards for Manufactured Spending
  150. Bluebird and MS for Amex cards
  151. What does your MS look like?
  152. Holiday gifts to bank tellers?
  153. Lowes e-Gift Cards Out of Stock at Staples
  154. Stater Bros Buy $100+ in gcs, get $10 off next shopping order
  155. Business owners, how do you account for transactions?
  156. Bitcoin for manufactured spend
  157. How to pay off my CC debt?
  158. CVS e-GC, 20% back to you as e-GC
  159. Shoprite Gift card purchase online
  160. MS through credit balance refunds -- AT&T, Comcast, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon
  161. Today is Small Business Saturday - Nov 30 - Reminder
  162. Staples $15 Gift Card for $150 Visa
  163. Welcome new Manufactured Spending moderators cbn42 and tcook052
  164. Taxes and MS
  165. Using BB to meet minimum spend AND rack up rewards on another card?
  166. Walmart Preferred Moneycard (GreenDot) Shutdowns
  167. DiscoverCard $120 CB Albertsons
  168. Loading Bluebird with US Bank PP MC at WM Issues
  169. $50 cvs dollars for $150 paypal prepaid card
  170. Vanilla reloads with Barclay's [pending transaction does not display amount]
  171. MS and Unique IP - new trend
  172. Vanilla Reload cards not loading
  173. BB and foreign country ATM withdrawal
  174. Purchasing MOs at places other than WM or USPS
  175. Purchasing GC, VRs and etc with non-US credit card
  176. Economics of Manufactured Spending
  177. Google Wallet offers plastic debit card
  178. NYC mentor?
  179. Best Card for College Tuition and Books
  180. Plink Question
  181. Albertsons Stores: Buy gift card, get coupon [recurring]
  182. So, how much longer can we pay VR with CC?
  183. Official CVS Vanilla Reload policy?
  184. Where are the WM GC's?
  185. CVS Visa GC Promotion 11/17-11/23 Buy 2 Visa GC and get $5 ExtraBucks
  186. MS Tourism
  187. Prepaid card account closed, when excluded from now?
  188. Purchase precious metal online and resell at store?
  189. Funding brokerage account with Bluebird.. reasonable?
  190. Same debit to multiple BB?
  191. Amazon Payment 3 attempts failed for bank account
  192. denied purchase and phone call to amex questions
  193. BlueBird BillPay Denied for AMEX
  194. Manufactured Spending Belgium
  195. How do you buy MOs?
  196. OM Black Friday GC deals
  197. ATL retailers who will sell VRs via Credit Card
  198. Brussels airlines premium amex
  199. Visa GC/ Walmart(through 2016)
  200. CVS Vanilla Reload: Alternate Form of Payment Required?
  201. Noob Question: How do you fill up a Money Order without arousing suspicion?
  202. Anyone ever use a Discover gift card?
  203. $5 OYNO catalina coupon at Kroger when purchasing VISA GC?
  204. iphone credit card app possible?
  205. Staples - Money Laundering
  206. MS in Japan
  207. Sears Gift Card Promotion - MS Opportunity
  208. Suggestions for Avoiding High Risk Behavior for Adverse Action
  209. VISA/MC gc's vs AMEX gc's
  210. Amex Prepaid and Costco
  211. Blue Bird "centers" at Wal-mart
  212. Grocery Store, Gas Station Opportunities in CA and Southeast?
  213. WilliamPaid
  214. money orders at Publix
  215. MS with store CC?
  216. Its not OD and CVS wanting Cash Only...
  217. Who benefits from MS? Who loses?
  218. VR Pin Illegible - happy outcome
  219. MS for cardinals/financial services professionals?
  220. MS with AchieveCard MasterCard
  221. Spending money and earning miles
  222. Ways to Manufacture Your Life Around MS
  223. MS for those living overseas?
  224. Unintended (non-financial) Consequences of MS
  225. Amazon selling
  226. ms in Vegas?
  227. AAA - no processing fee giftcards
  228. Cashback on Giftcards?
  229. MS Etiquette
  230. Charging "other spend" to appease the overlords
  231. Greendot Reload Packs for $2.95
  232. Fully online mfg spend in USA while outside US
  233. MS Stock Market Index Fund
  234. Keeping track of MS
  235. Credit cards that have 3% or more promos on certain categories
  236. 50,000 miles/points or $1,000?
  237. Does anyone Manufacture with zero loss or even profit?
  238. Sending Money Abroad for points/miles?
  239. Paypal 5x at Office Supply Stores
  240. MN
  241. Math behind MS
  242. Best recent CC's for CVS and others?
  243. Liquidating beans
  244. Manufactured Spend Plan. Does it work?
  245. Problem loading Bluebird with Vanilla Visa GC
  246. Bluebird Bill Pay Shortcoming
  247. Vanilla Reload
  248. Given Giftcard Malls with Cashback, and Amazon Payments Liquidation, Why Use Prepaid?
  249. Square Cash
  250. Visa/MC Giftcards at Staples didn't activate