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  1. Safeway fuel points: Exxon/Mobil no more
  2. Pay >$5000 mortgage with purely online MS?
  3. Has anyone used chargesmart?
  4. Using ADP LifeMart Lifecare to MS
  5. Linking credit card to $0 balance checkings account to buy Cash/Debit only items?
  6. Keeping track of business spending with GCs
  7. Making Car Payment (Act#/Routing#) and still Earn points?
  8. 500GC with Gas categorized by AMEX?
  9. Charge card with Paypal, wait for bonus, then refund
  10. National MS Day
  11. Cheapest way to turn ThankYou points to cash (liquidate retail store gift cards)?
  12. If you use Mint or Quicken, how do
  13. VGC's and AGC's from Office Depot
  14. Problem loading VR to BB
  15. chase freedom bonus category count on which date?
  16. Ease vs. Fees: MS min spend sweet spot
  17. Best way to combine visa giftcards
  18. Google Wallet Question
  19. Capital One CC
  20. Can someone offer some advice on how I can most efficiently cash out $5000?
  21. Living Overseas - Purchase cards from USA and withdrawal from International ATM
  22. Staples paper rebates: can you buy 4 at a time?
  23. Free AA SWU to whomever can supply me w/ a screenshot of the Citizen's Bank 5% offer
  24. "Pony Express" billpay by Google
  25. Bank Cash Deposits
  26. TD Bank CC 5x points on ebay paypal digital gifts
  27. Spark Pay?
  28. The 2015 Shutdown Thread
  29. 'Don’t Settle for 1% Cash Back on Credit Cards' (WSJ)
  30. M$ in relation to your income.
  31. AMEX to Start Multi-Business Loyalty Program Plenti
  32. Facebook Messenger Peer-to-Peer Payments - Debit Card Only
  33. Which Hotel Credit Cards are worth MSing?
  34. Discover 5% APR-JUN 2015
  35. Chase Q2 5% Categories
  36. maximize large purchase with Chase Ink
  37. Where to get MO with highest denomination?
  38. Kmart data breach and US Buxx fraud
  39. (Potential of) 1.75-5.25 on everything-Could this be the best?
  40. [UK Only] Spend on ANY card Fee-Free Abroad
  41. stockpile the new loyal3?
  42. Closing Bluebird - getting records
  43. AU on a CC you personally own as well?
  44. UK-specific advice sought re Amex and "manufactured spend"
  45. Apple Watch Edition MS Opportunity
  46. Manufacture spend in tokyo?
  47. A local grocery store recorded my ID and SSN when I bought VGCs
  48. Paying off Mortgage and earning points/CB
  49. 200 Mastercard gift card at Staples
  50. VGC shows "active" on store receipt, but issuer says not active: whose fault?
  51. 7-11 gift cards
  52. Changes coming to Western Union (MO Purchases)
  53. RIP Redbird... Fun while it lasted
  54. $1k Churn Opportunity via Square Promo
  55. Stratos Card
  56. Minimum Spend Conundrum
  57. Cashback on Amex GC through TopCashBack, BigCrumbs, etc. (2015)
  58. Charging my own e-commerce store to fulfill min spends
  59. [VIDEO] It's All About The REDcard - Target song
  60. Walmart Changing Policy of Loading Serve with Gift Card
  61. Fee Free Variable load Gift Cards
  62. Reducing Paycheck Witholding to Zero and Making Estimated Tax Payments
  63. Prepaidian Delaware Boys Girl Club Card issued by Metabank
  64. At what dollar amount would you write off an MS error?
  65. Cheap gift cards at Costco
  66. Cash mobile deposits
  67. Approved for SPG card
  68. US Treasury Accepting PayPal
  69. Vanilla GC unloading issue
  70. Is MS a handout, entitlement or earned? Stimulates economy or a ponzi?
  71. ATM literally shut down/quit working during MO deposit transaction
  72. who/why do you do MS?
  73. Official policy for VGC purchases at WM
  74. Discover it Q1 2015 - Gas station
  75. UFB Direct Airline Rewards Checking Info
  76. Question: Prepaid card with Bill Pay and low fees?
  77. Safe Paypal MS strategy?
  78. H.E.L.L.O Method - Is this what it is?
  79. What to do with Cash on hands?
  80. Oink Prepaid debit
  81. Buy Visa GCs online with AMEX GCs
  82. Do you know or use MS techniques that have never been mentioned on here?
  83. Is credit limit cycling ok?
  84. What to do when Visa GC from Staples never arrived?
  85. Netspend blocking Rapid Reloads using debit?
  86. Staples and Office Depot in Advanced Talks to Merge
  87. annual credit card summary comparison +ms stats
  88. Always Thinking Like a Flyertalker
  89. which cash back credit cards send out 1099?
  90. Say Hello to $200 Master Gift Cards(Debit) with Pin!!!
  91. Sales Tax and Limits on VGC's
  92. Sears/Kmart Employees make fake SYW accounts for sign-up bonuses
  93. Liquidating prepaid card via ATM-- what to do with $2400? (can't deposit into bank)
  94. how to get statements from closed BB account?
  95. Big Crumbs Hacked?!
  96. Some accounts at BigCrumbs got breached, change your password.
  97. Help please! Redcard registration under review!
  98. No more Moneypak for Rushcard
  99. Of all MS tools, is it Amex that is losing the most?
  100. Rite Aid master thread
  101. Southwest Companion Pass
  102. Best Credit Card for Stubhub
  103. $100 Sears gift card for $80
  104. Western Union Offers Apple Pay™ as New Pay-In Option for Money Transfer Customers
  105. Jackson Hewitt Preferred Card was shut down.How to email document to them
  106. Reloadit Error
  107. AAA Visa TravelMoney Card ??
  108. Amex MR Everyday Amex Spend Method(s)
  109. Do you keep receipts for MS?
  110. BankMobile
  111. Nationally-available CD's that can be funded with CC
  112. which portal would give points/cashback for GC?
  113. MS and CC payments
  114. Do you have a MS back up plan?
  115. Status of MPack and Vanilla Reload "Swipes"
  116. International MS
  117. Disney Vacation Account for minimum spend
  118. Pockit Card (UK) - worth it?
  119. Life Raft
  120. Staples $200 Visa Gift Card for 191.95
  121. Amazon Gift cards with variable amount ($25 - $500) at Office Max
  122. Manufactured Spend as a Business
  123. Old Amex Blue (2015)
  124. VISA Buxx (2015)
  125. Bluebird prepaid debit, now with FDIC insurance and paper checks (2015)
  126. 5X ThankYou® Points through 03/31/15
  127. Paying Venture One Visa balance through Delta Amex Reserve
  128. name change for MS
  129. Online Portal Gift Card Coding
  130. Using SPG card to buy gift cards to pay off smallish debt
  131. how many points/miles do you make per MS trip?
  132. Kansas City MS
  133. Miles for Central Asia
  134. Great MS opportunity for UK, Canada, Euro and AUS locations
  135. All things PAYPAL [2015 Master Thread]
  136. New to Manufactured Spending? Start Here (2015)
  137. Help with first time buying a Visa Gift Card at Hy-Vee
  138. Second Life Experiment...poor results 8% liquidation cost
  139. Chase Q1 and Discover Q 1 CB
  140. Chase Southwest Visa + Serve question
  141. RadPad - Pay Your Rent With Debit/Credit Card
  142. Best option to use AmEx for places that don't accept?
  143. AmEx for Target (2015)
  144. Cashback on Amex GC through TopCashBack, BigCrumbs, etc. (2015)
  145. Old Amex Blue (2015)
  146. Serve - Another Paypal/Amazon payments (2015)
  147. Prepaid REDcard (Target) 2015-2016
  148. VISA Buxx (2015)
  149. Whats the state of Manufactured Spending?
  150. New Citi Checking Acct can be funded with CC? Anyone have experience?
  151. Vision Prepaid
  152. Legitimate gift card purchases count toward min spend for bonus ?
  153. VGCs to MOs
  154. Places to find variable load Visa/MC/AMEX cards using Citi Forward card for 5x points
  155. Intuit Gopay - 1.75% and $20/m
  156. BB vs RB vs Serve: Intermediate MS-er Seeking Macro-Strategic Advice
  157. smarterbucks
  158. Walmart $0 fee on $100 AMEX products
  159. Haggens Grocery Greatly Expands - are they MS Friendly?
  160. Problems with SunTrust Bank?
  161. How much MS is enough?
  162. Visa GC Liquidation
  163. (Australia only) Relatively cheap manufactured spending strategy
  164. Food for thought. How to stop Gift Card fraud?
  165. Need advice to increase credit line for MS spend on Ink
  166. Another one bites the dust, Vanilla Reloads no longer accepted by BB
  167. how to manufacture spending?
  168. Paying rent/bill with credit card
  169. Amex Mechanix
  170. How many times do you visit this forum scavenging for new methods
  171. Mint Bills -- New Form of Bill Pay
  172. Moderator staff change for Manufactured Spending.
  173. Selling Bulk Gift Cards Through Giftcardgranny
  174. Liquidating at Walmart
  175. Discounts/rebates on Visa/MC gift cards at Office Depot/Office Max(2014-2017)
  176. Staples egiftcard promo, quick $200 MS
  177. Paying Macy's bill with Macy's Gift card
  178. Lowe's GC's good for loading BB?
  179. MS Spend in Asia ( Singapore )
  180. Chase Ink spending in grocery stores
  181. Massive MS 100K+ - Currency Controls
  182. Free 3000 USD amex GC?
  183. Question about SnapChat
  184. USPS in deal w/ Blackhawk to sell Gift Cards
  185. Need $1700 for Delta AMEX Reserve 15k MQM bonus
  186. Chase Freedom 2015 Calendar
  187. Earn up to 29X at Sears
  188. Possible MS using Verizon Smart Rewards
  189. Why take a payday loan when you can do manufactured spending?
  190. Get a $30 statement credit at Best Buy when you spend a total of $300 or more
  191. Using Prepaid cards to pay rent on Paypal?
  192. Companion pass southwest
  193. fatt-merchant
  194. Manufactured Spending for Large Deposits into Bank?
  195. BankAmeriDeals
  196. Small MS this week at Publix
  197. Best Way To Meet CC Promotion Spending Thresholds
  198. LibertyX potentially new VR
  199. Free $5 Walgreens GC with 2 GC purchases
  200. Lowe's Domino's or JcPenny cards are 20% off in Staples
  201. socal - stater bros - Buy $100+ visa Get $10 off $10 purchase (12/3/14-12/10/14)
  202. Delta Amex / Smith's (Kroger) GC purchase sales not counting for MQD spend goals
  203. Best hub banks for numerous transfers
  204. Amazing MS opportunity at my local grocery store! $10 back for every $100 spent on GC
  205. High-End Retailer MS
  206. Void Transactions - Credit back
  207. Can speaking to 2nd application specialist yield approval?
  208. No longer CC for GC at WD Central Fla.?
  209. MS on a specific card
  210. MS Ideas For Citi Double Cash Card?
  211. MS NYC impossible?
  212. Went to Rite Aid on the 27th to load Emerald Card and now i'm $499.99 in the hole
  213. No Fee Amex Giftcards at CVS through 12/06
  214. Office Max BF VGC/MC Deal
  215. MS from Korea, or overseas in general?
  216. Thankgiving 2014 - Our Top MS Things to be Greatful For
  217. Bluebird App with Amex Offers
  218. GM Buypower card closed by Capital one
  219. True cost of MS
  220. big probs unloading vgc
  221. Lost unused $500 Vanilla GC
  222. Using charge smart to meet spending challenge
  223. Tax benefit MSing
  224. Credit card bill pay machine at Target?
  225. $1/ transaction on Softcard
  226. Can you purchase GC's online from Office Depot or Office Max
  227. To all the newbies... How did you stumble upon this MS Forum?
  228. Analysis: 1.5% CB on non-CC items with Ink Plus
  229. Square now offering gift cards
  230. Family Business
  231. Manufactured spending with Target Visa debit card?
  232. Sams Club Credit Card 5% Cash Back on Gas
  233. SnapCash
  234. Black friday shopping - 10% Cashback??
  235. Boring Black Friday for MSing, 2014
  236. How far do you drive to MS?
  237. Plastic
  238. MS (redemption) cruise ship NCL? Arrival? Casino trick?
  239. Radius Bank 1% Debit Card
  240. Bay Area Safeways no longer selling RIs
  241. CFPB proposes new protections for prepaid cards
  242. Black Friday 2014 - Consolidated - Gift Card & V/MC Deals
  243. Target Black Friday: 10% off Target GCs
  244. Capital One Banking placed a hold on my $2000 cash deposit and my $1000 money order
  245. MS in Germany
  246. Code to waive fee for Amex Gift Card purchases.
  247. Loyal3 stopped accepting credit cards
  248. Walmart $500 GiftCards
  249. Do you guys report CB as income in tax season?
  250. Holland is big on cash backs