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  1. Reuters: Turkish Airlines eyes Aer Lingus
  2. Aer Lingus: first checked bag free if not booked direct?
  3. The Saga of Ryanair's Unrequited Love for Aer Lingus
  4. Aer Lingus to start flying from BHD
  5. help....................aer lingus internal check in error?!?
  6. Aer Lingus offering Status Match to BMI Destination Club Members.
  7. EI sale 2012
  8. Can I book Jetblue flights using Aer Lingus points?
  9. EI codeshare UA on IAD-MAD?
  10. Lounge access flying EI in B (using BA miles) for ORD & DUB
  11. Aer Lingus longhaul + shorthaul baggage Q's?
  12. Aer Lingus A330-200 Seat layout
  13. Aer Arann ceasing flights in it's own name/now EI Regional
  14. Aer Lingus starts flights from SEN (Southend, near London, UK)
  15. Aer Lingus to announce increased TATL premium cabin capacity
  16. any FTers on EI109(4th mar or EI108(5mar)
  17. Aer Lingus (EI) Financial Results - 2011
  18. EI and fare decreases
  19. aer lingus??? EI???
  20. Aer Lingus (EI) seat selection and upgrade questions
  21. First time on Aer Lingus
  22. Aer Lingus Regional / Aer Arann
  23. Missing a portion of a multi-city ticket on Aer Lingus??
  24. Is it just me or did EI just decimate everyone's balance?
  25. Short connection in DUB with Aer Lingus - Any suggestions ?
  26. Seat assignment on EI using BA Avios--how far in advance
  27. EI 109 - pre-clearance or Immigration/Customs at JFK?
  28. Lost on Aer Lingus, no support getting back
  29. Newly qualified EI Gold Circle Elite
  30. Fare Class Required for Aer Lingus Gold Circle Point Upgrade (Y --> J)
  31. Aer Lingus 747 Seating Configuration
  32. FlyerTalk Awards: Aer Lingus Gold Circle (Europe/Africa) benefits nominations
  33. First Time Gold Circle Applicant Q
  34. How to claim Aer Lingus miles?
  35. Aer Lingus Lounge Manchester
  36. EI ... Dublin to Toronto
  37. Aer Lingus Longhaul Business Class Questions [e.g. MAN - MCO]
  38. Aer Lingus interline baggage fees
  39. Premium meals on EI105
  40. Emergency on EI this morning?
  41. Etihad interested in buying Aer Lingus stake
  42. :confused: Aer Lingus & taxes...??
  43. Irish gov to sell remaining 25% in Aer Lingus
  44. Aer Lingus 2011 First Half Results and Alliance update
  45. Aer Lingus Fares/Charges
  46. Aer Lingus announces new app and mobile website
  47. Aer Lingus may restart flights to US west coast
  48. Aer Lingus awards
  49. BRS-DUB-JFK Transfer time at DUB EI
  50. Dublin T2 Lounge Access Connecting to BA in LHR
  51. Aer Lingus Regional (Aer Arann) nose wheel problems at SNN
  52. Aer Lingus Customer Relations
  53. T2 "the new home of Aer Lingus" and the long walk
  54. I think Aer Lingus just screwed me.
  55. Customer Service Ethos at Aer Lingus (Regional)
  56. Dublin airport for a conference call?
  57. Aer Lingus Customer Service
  58. Aer Lingus getting A319s
  59. A couple Aer Lingus/Aer Arann/Dublin Airport questions
  60. Aer Lingus Gold Circle - how to spend/transfer a small balance?
  61. Aer Lingus Questions - Earn UA miles and Dublin stopover?
  62. Aer Lingus - taxes
  63. EI Premier
  64. EI to Geneva ( arrive/depart on french side)
  65. Air Lingus Seat Selection on shorthaul
  66. Aer Lingus - alliance or takeover?
  67. Crediting BA flights to Aer Lingus
  68. Aer Lingus business class from 1298/$1870 r/t
  69. Aer Lingus: LGW - ORK - AGP
  70. Aer Lingus first class
  71. Aer Lingus New lounge DUB ( T2) & Retro Jet images....
  72. Is EI full service to MCO now in J?
  73. Aer Lingus new retro livery
  74. RANT: EI MAD to IAD MAR25 -- delay
  75. Aer Lingus Gold Circle Lounge pre-paid access
  76. Dub T2 Emigration
  77. Aer Lingus Boston-Dublin
  78. Aer Lingus Points on KLM Codeshare
  79. Aer Lingus ORD - DUB questions
  80. OT: Aer lingus and FAA approved car seats
  81. Booking extra seat on Aer Lingus?
  82. EI Tax breakdown
  83. Paid J upgrades for EI still available at JFK?
  84. Oh, I'm so disappointed! [EI DUB T1 Lounge]
  85. EI DUB/MCO in J transferring to AA?
  86. Aer Lingus seeking an Asian partner, says CEO
  87. Aer Lingus ... Promo Codes ..???
  88. Aer Lingus LHR-SNN check in time?
  89. No love for OK+ member for KL coded Aer Lingus flights?
  90. DUB-MCO
  91. Aer Lingus, seat allocation and trim weighting
  92. Aer Lingus "effectively up for sale"
  93. Aer Lingus?! What to expect...
  94. Aer Lingus check-in MCO-BOS-DUB
  95. Crediting BA flights to EI Gold Circle
  96. IB or EI - IAD to MAD in Economy
  97. Aer Lingus trialling inclusive "Best" fares on short-haul routes
  98. Aer Lingus Business Class (Dulles - Madrid)
  99. Chicago lounge - Aer Lingus flyers
  100. Aer Lingus Dublin to Chicago Route - New Fleet?
  101. New plane Aer Lingus BOS to SNN?? Paid Upgrades?
  102. Aer Lingus - Paid Business class upgrades
  103. What Happened to UA 4963 on Wednesday? (Aer Lingus metal)
  104. Upgrade United Code share with Aer Lingus
  105. Aer Lings TA Economy
  106. Aer Lingus fare code realignment and mileage earning?
  107. Aer Lingus A330-300 Business Class?
  108. Aer Lingus seating
  109. Clearing immigration in Dublin for EI flight to JFK?
  110. Another Ash Thread
  111. Aer Lingus Business Class
  112. Aer Lingus shorthaul A320 seating
  113. Aer Lingus bookings
  114. UA Lounge Access on EI code share
  115. Help w/Aer Lingus booking problem?
  116. Aer Lingus Shannon lounge
  117. Aer Lingus Fare Basis
  118. Aer Lingus flights from Cork
  119. Aer Lingus Lounge Access - BA Gold/OW Emerald
  120. What is an Aer Lingus "premium seat" DUB-MCO
  121. Aer Lingus carry-on allowance
  122. Programmes for peoples under 18?
  123. Help needed for xfer in DUB
  124. EI v Cityjet: I made a mistake
  125. EI Promotion - Business Class Upgrades & Full Tickets - 50% Discount For Second Pax
  126. Aer Lingus Sale
  127. Aer Lingus Long-Haul Product
  128. Aer Lingus and Star
  129. Will Aer Lingus join Star Alliance?
  130. ATC Strike at DUB, CRK & SNN Aer Lingus cancels flights..
  131. Aer Lingus dropping Zurich (ZRH) To London/Gatwick (LGW)
  132. Aer Lingus/Aer Arann discuss extended codeshare/interline agreement
  133. Aer Lingus upgrade certs still exist?
  134. Aer Lingus Bus. class Q.
  135. Use of EI lounge at LHR by AA connecting passengers?
  136. Statement by Aer Lingus CEO Christoph Mueller
  137. Air Lingus and connecting time at DUB
  138. Aer Lingus announcement 18th Nov at 0700
  139. Babies and EI Lounge - the last straw
  140. EI seat allocation
  141. EI to announce more big cuts, outsource services
  142. [MOVED]EI SFO-DUB Nonstops in 2010?
  143. Did anyone find a camera?
  144. Aer Lingus JFK-SNN
  145. Aer Lingus A330
  146. Anyway to tell if I might get the new EI J Seats ?
  147. Fare Wars...EI vs. AA
  148. EI announces reduction in Long haul fleet
  149. Aer Lingus Transatlantic Economy and Premier
  150. Aer Lingus cancels flight second time
  151. Aer Lingus Gold Circle and BA lounge access
  152. Aer Lingus baggage requirements...
  153. New Aer Lingus CEO announced
  154. Aer Lingus ... Point accruel booking class
  155. Aer Lingus to Boston
  156. Aer Lingus Premier price cuts
  157. Aer Llingus cancelling ORD service?
  158. Aer Lingus
  159. Separate check in with EI - possible??
  160. Urgent: EI standby policy
  161. EI to charge for 2nd bag on TA
  162. 1st flight on Aer Lingus question
  163. Cancelled Air Lingus Flight
  164. New Aer Lingus TA aircraft
  165. Aer Lingus: connecting flight with Jetblue query
  166. Will Aer Lingus transfer bags from American Airlines at Heathrow
  167. Boo EI
  168. EI to drop SNN-ORD
  169. Ei/ua mad - iad
  170. Aer Lingus TA cancellations
  171. Aer Lingus Connecting Flights
  172. TOL, ORD, to DUB to BHX
  173. United Miles or Gold Circle Miles?
  174. Aer Lingus wont allow points to be used
  175. Aer Lingus to suspend 5 belfast routes
  176. Ei meal service: Lgw-dub
  177. Aer Lingus reviewing services to IAD & SFO
  178. Aer Lingus checking bags through to Jet Blue
  179. Aer Lingus CEO resigns
  180. Connecting through DUB with EI
  181. Aer Lingus premier trip reports
  182. Aer Lingus from Gatwick
  183. Ei962 lgw - zrh 26.04.2009
  184. EI DUB-LHR
  185. Feel EI Flight upgrade MCO-DUB was mis-sold as J rather than Upgraded Economy
  186. Getting from DUB to Galway/SNN
  187. EI - Aer Lingus to operate direct IAD-MAD service from 2010
  188. News; Newest EI Long haul Aircraft
  189. EI- award for slowest baggage delivery
  190. Aer Lingus - strict about carry-on bag weight?
  191. What to do with these EI trips? (Gold Circle)
  192. First Aerlingus Flight Coming up
  193. Aer Lingus Status Match? / EI joining *A
  194. EI to resume SNN-LHR route
  195. EI Check-In at DUB
  196. EI to fly LGW to Zurich, Vienna, Munich among others
  197. EI does away with fuel sucharges
  198. Aer Lingus Aircraft SFO-DUB 17-Dec
  199. EI care for gold circle
  200. Washington Aer Lingus flight delayed (EI118)
  201. Threat of another strike at Aer Lingus
  202. Aer Lingus announces nine new European routes
  203. EI: New Aer Lingus routes 2009
  204. EI Equipment IAD-DUB
  205. EI SFO-DUB-LPA 2 Tickets?
  206. Inflight entertainment on Aer Lingus ORD to DUB
  207. EI bookings for July 09- when?
  208. Aer Lingus Onboard charges
  209. Double TAB points with EI and a 20% discount on premier seats...
  210. Aer Lingus - Future Routes
  211. EI GCC Club...
  212. Gold Circle Status: How long?
  213. Aer Lingus route news Winter 2008 ....
  214. Aer Lingus and availability....
  215. Aer Lingus pre payment with ticket for bag check
  216. What is up with EI/JEtBlue bookings after Jan 09?
  217. EI and surcharges
  218. EI to AA @ JFK transit question
  219. Taxes & fees with EI
  220. Children's meals on Aer Lingus
  221. DUB-BOS on Aer Lingus, what can I expect
  222. What happens to luggage on EI-AA connection in JFK?
  223. Aer Lingus ORD-DUB RT
  224. Aer Lingus offer connections to Cork to/from US destinations
  225. LAX-DUB on EI> Worth earning points on EI? Alternative FF program?
  226. What time does Aer Lingus' Counter open in JFK
  227. Aer Lingus cuts Los Angeles route
  228. Aer Lingus increases fuel surcharge again...
  229. AA/BA/EI FF partnership??
  230. aerlingus ireland bad customer service/care
  231. AA to EI at LHR on separate tix- baggage question
  232. Aer Lingus increase Fuel surcharge
  233. Aer Lingus baggage charge increasing again
  234. Aer Lingus- DUB-JFK & JFK-DUB
  235. 50 minute connection at DUB--AA to EI--realistic
  236. Aer Lingus cabin baggage & other Q
  237. Aer Lingus mistake fares
  238. UA to start code share with EI Nov 08- implications?
  239. Aer Lingus Luggage
  240. Aer Lingus...industrial action..???
  241. Aer Lingus
  242. Aer Lingus - IAD DUB IAD
  243. EI reward availability
  244. Aer Lingus Gold Circle Club - 3 Good, 3 Bad
  245. Is Aer Lingus a good idea BOS-DUB-WAW?
  246. Possible Aer Lingus Industrial Action..25th Feb 2008
  247. Aerlingus biz fare to SFO
  248. Aer Lingus Carry-on Baggage Problem
  249. Do Aer Lingus status match?
  250. EI 4hr delay, compensation due?