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  1. Aer lingus connecting onto Cathay
  2. Low fare outbound, flex inbound = cheaper one way fare??
  3. Man dies on board Aer Lingus flight from Lisbon to Dublin
  4. Which airline to earn "Z" fare class ?
  5. New route announcement: LAX, EWR, BDL. MIA also expected..
  6. Quick question
  7. New Premium Check in area opens at Dublin Airport Terminal 2
  8. Aer Lingus new route for BHD and expansion of current services
  9. How often does Aer Lingus release award seats for Avios?
  10. Dublin Based Flyer looking to switch to Aer Lingus/One world
  11. Recent spate of mechanical faults
  12. Seat maps gone on new Web Site
  13. T1/2 Airside Connection to T2 Lounge Showers
  14. GC Lounge access using BAEC
  15. Traveling with a disabled person
  16. Lounge guesting
  17. Connecting in DUB with MCT
  18. When will EI become a full member of Oneworld?
  19. Will I make this connection?
  20. Gold Circle points converted to Avios
  21. Outstation Disappointment.
  22. OT: Ryanair and KLM go head to head with Aer Lingus on DUB-AMS route
  23. Asia miles vs gold circle points
  24. Army/ Garda activity at DUB this am?
  25. EI booking not showing on checkmytrip
  26. Where's the Aercap 350?
  27. What's the point of combining Gold Circle with 'Bag drop'
  28. upgrade possible?
  29. BFS at LHR T2
  30. AerBoard - An iOS app for accessing & managing mobile boarding passes
  31. Breakfast in DUB Gold Circle Lounge
  32. Baggage Question.
  33. Infant on EI transatlantic sector
  34. Man-dub-yyz-dub-man
  35. IFE
  36. Aer lingus - United miles
  37. Giftzone
  38. Earning points on partner-operated flight?
  39. New Aer Lingus website
  40. Travel with a baby
  41. Business class meal choices
  42. Tough landing at ORK
  43. DUB-LCY
  44. DUB - LGW: Arrival gate
  45. Dublin Terminal 2 Delta to Aer Lingus transfer HELP
  46. New product to be launched ''Aer Space'' UK and European routes.
  47. Mileageplus
  48. My experience flying DUB-CDG
  49. EI North American call center - running a scam?
  50. Recommended Check-in time DUB-LHR
  51. Passport information
  52. DUB transfer and EI refundable tickets questions
  53. CDG-DUB questions
  54. Exit Row on Aer Lingus SFO-->DUB
  55. Booking flights from SFO/LAX to Paris using Avios
  56. IAD departure
  57. Aer Lingus returns to the GDS for all fares UK - Europe
  58. Award booking using etihad miles
  59. Seat selection at OLCI
  60. Arrival Lounge Open DUB
  61. Winter 2015/2016: LPL announced - and move from SXF to TXL (Berlin)
  62. DUB - JFK
  63. Will my flight be operated by Titan Airways?
  64. Would actually like to try EI
  65. New Executive Lounge "51st&Green" after US Pre-Clearance
  66. Immigration how early
  67. EI137 - B757 Today
  68. Reward Flight/Upgrade
  69. New EI Gold Circle Lounge at JFK's T5
  70. GC sale May 2015
  71. Security Fast Track included with EI Business Class?
  72. Newbie flying from PIT to BRS with aer lingus in June
  73. JFK-DUB-GVA Business Class Question
  74. Aer Lingus considering DUB - BDL
  75. Zero DUB-MCO in business with Avios ...
  76. Gold circle membership access to LGW lounge
  77. Business Class Luggaage Allowance
  78. Definitely a skilled EI pilot
  79. Dublin Business Lounge and Clearing US Immigration
  80. How strict is Aer Lingus carry on policy?
  81. ATR-72
  82. Correct Miles ?
  83. Aer Lingus NEW Business Class trip report
  84. Aer Lingus award inventory
  85. Flight schedule change
  86. Aer Lingus JFK to CDG award option
  87. Positive Gold Circle New (about time)
  88. New JFK lounge near completion 72 guest capacity
  89. Checked baggage for long layover
  90. Cancelling Economy Flex Fare MAN-DUB
  91. Baggage Delay
  92. Baggage fees whn Virgin and BA gold
  93. what is the food and beverage like at Dublin GC lounge?
  94. Dub-jfk-bos ?
  95. Booking to non-direct US destinations
  96. flying one way to the US - checkin desk
  97. Aer Lingus DUB-AMS
  98. United codeshare questions (check in, bags)
  99. KLM Codeshare
  100. Help needed on choosing Aer Lingus or alternative?
  101. Would you pay for an exit row seat, BOS-DUB?
  102. EU261 claim - can I submit it online to Aer Lingus?
  103. EI and DUB 75 years on
  104. Can't pay online booking
  105. Adding BAEC number to EI booking ?
  106. Why is EI (nearly) always the most expensive airline LON-DUB?
  107. DUB-JFK-MCO Lounge Access T5
  108. New J Seats Loaded
  109. Round trip to different airports?
  110. Award to paid flight baggage
  111. EI baggage allowance when booking through an OTA
  112. Baggage allowance when connecting ORK-LHR-LAX
  113. Family First
  114. Aer Lingus looks at bringing back J class in S/H flights
  115. Stobart Air Dublin nose wheel shimmy incident report
  116. Aer Lingus IAG take over bid [Master Thread]
  117. Buisness Class on European Flights
  118. EI121 returned to DUB - What happened?
  119. 35-40 mins to clear DUB security this morning
  120. DUB-BHX-DUB Aer Lingus
  121. FlyerTalk 2015 Awards benefits - Aer Lingus Gold Circle, Europe/Africa
  122. Shannon Airport and Aer Lingus Regional feeder flights
  123. 50% off all fares to Ireland promo not working - any action I can take?
  124. EI to AMS and KLM to CIG - Can I earn both GC points and Flying Blue
  125. Cannot contact airline to cancel within 24 hour window
  126. Adding previous flights to GC
  127. Sufficient connection time in DUB?
  128. Finally taking advantage of BOS-DUB
  129. 20% Amex discount - book by Nov14th
  130. OT: Flybe Signs Codeshare Agreement With Aer Lingus
  131. OT: Dolores O'Riordan arrested after alleged air-rage attack on JFK-SNN flight
  132. The Aer Lingus catering thread. Post your food pictures here
  133. EI reduce DUB-LHR route
  134. Ebola a,err onboard
  135. Baggage Question
  136. New GC rewards coming soon!!!
  137. Travelling with Child
  138. New Aer Lingus Carlisle route to feed the DUB USA flights
  139. Lost Booking Reference
  140. DUB-BOS or BOS-DUB in J?
  141. EI158 - Couldnt open cargo doors
  142. Aer Lingus has no Lounge at PRG
  143. Aer Lingus press conference: new Business Class
  144. EI Award Availability dried up for summer?
  145. EI108 JFK to DUB
  146. Earliest check in at ORD
  147. Different taxes for redemptions on same route
  148. Fully flex & cancellations
  149. DUB-BHX-DUB Aer Lingus
  150. Little Red closing down
  151. Aer Lingus Complaints Procedure
  152. How to manage special meal?
  153. avios with "Upgrade yourself" upgrade
  154. SEN-DUB boarding pass
  155. When does Aer Lingus open up award availability for BA (within Europe)?
  156. Gold Circle changes afoot: AerClub starting sometime in 2016
  157. United Vs BA - where do you earn more GC points in J?
  158. Is there any breakfast service in Business Class on EI124 ORD-DUB?
  159. Lounge access for 250 points
  160. Dublin Terminal Transfer arrangements and related matters
  161. Dublin Pre Clearance Global Entry
  162. Does the ORD-DUB sell out frequently?
  163. LBA to NYC in under 10 hours
  164. Help with Flight Number
  165. Choosing a seat when booked through BA?
  166. DUB-ORD lounge access?
  167. How is AL Business Class on A330?
  168. Lounge access tranferring from L/H C to S/H (Stobart) Y
  169. Current menu items in Business, DUB-ORD
  170. idea: Aer Lingus day flights to Boston/USA - will probably never happen :-)
  171. P Class mileage earning
  172. Transport strikes Ireland 24/8-25/8 & 7/9-8/9 & 21/9
  173. Air Stobart to Aer Lingus TATL
  174. Economy Availability Dublin-Boston July 2015
  175. F Booking Class - How?
  176. Chance of a winter sale?
  177. Who are "Air Contractors" ?
  178. How to search for Aer Lingus flights booked using UAMP?
  179. Viewing booking & seat assignments
  180. EI A350
  181. Dublin minimum connection time
  182. Rumours of new US routes (confirmed: IAD & extra JFK service)
  183. IRROPS on EI - is it a legitimate concern?
  184. Aer Lingus Officially Unveils new Business Class Product [as of Mar 2015]
  185. Gold Circle Points - Change to earning classes?
  186. Pre-Dining at JFK and BOS
  187. Who knew EI offered F to SFO...
  188. My experience booking using Avios
  189. Christoph Mueller to step down as CEO in May 2015
  190. Do I have to select paid seats?
  191. OT: Ethiopian receives permission to operate ADD-DUB-LAX
  192. No more lounge access at Berlin.
  193. RIP Irish mile - your memories
  194. Changing a multi-leg EI booking made on Expedia
  195. transfer at DUB
  196. Aer Lingus JFK > DUB > JFK February 2015
  197. Tomorrow Dub - Cdg - Kul
  198. EU261 with Aer Lingus
  199. SFO in Y on Rewards?
  200. Travel to Germany on (just) expired UK passport
  201. Unaccompanied Minor
  202. Fare class based YQ?
  203. Aer Lingus Flight
  204. YYZ-DUB - Any experience in business class?
  205. Aer Lingus Flight Forced to Turn Back to Dublin After 7 Flight Attendants Fall Ill
  206. Any RECENT experience with DUB US immigration pre-clearance?
  207. When does GC expire ?
  208. Lounge access w/ Gold Circle. Any tier?
  209. Last flight from LHR T1
  210. Any recent reviews of pre-ordered upgraded meals?
  211. How long will I be an Applicant?
  212. Aer Lingus DUB to JFK upgrade
  213. Any Hope Going Standby on LHR->ORK?
  214. Another month another strike! (30 May 2014) (16 & 18 June called off)
  215. New Lounge at LGW
  216. EI 124, 20:00 dept ex ORD: full or supper service
  217. Heathrow Terminal 2 Lounge
  218. Will Aer Lingus join Star Alliance?
  219. New Aspire BHD lounge for non GC members flying EI
  220. Does Aer Lingus Service Always Suck?
  221. They weren't kidding about this lounge!!
  222. JFK-SNN-BHX - immigration question
  223. €699 Business Class fares
  224. Aer Lingus Passengers Offer Credit Cards to Pay For Plane Refuelling
  225. GC points glitch
  226. Interline with US Airways?
  227. Club access in Dub?
  228. Aer Lingus Status Match
  229. 9000 euro's Dub-mco return for 2 people in j Is this for real?
  230. Business class in oct, nada
  231. Where to meet someone at BOS
  232. Goodbye, Aer Arann; Hello, Stobart Air
  233. Gate Time At Dublin (DUB to JFK)
  234. When will November 2014 be available ?
  235. Dublin to Logan airport to Orlando
  236. New: Make an offer to upgrade
  237. Dublin to Toronto - Lounge Access
  238. DUB-CDG Good Price?
  239. No seat automatically allocated
  240. First time on EI...questions
  241. A330-300 JFK-DUB seat question
  242. Singapore Airlines and Aer Lingus partners
  243. 2 Pax booked on one ticket - only 1 travelling, will there be a problem at check-in?
  244. 1206 GCP's?
  245. EI business class - one of the best
  246. Transatlantic Aer Lingus Flight connecting through Dublin
  247. Retrieve EI booking booked via another airline?
  248. Aer Lingus Regional's passenger numbers soar 23% in January
  249. Müller eyes up European rivals for acquisition
  250. Aer Lingus v Delta