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  1. ‘Remove Before Flight’ pins not removed
  2. Avianca cancelling checkin for *A Gold
  3. 4x miles for hotel booking
  4. Unexpected Bag and Seat Perks on AC Booked by LM
  5. Which airlines can I book LifeMiles for Biz award travel
  6. LAX-BOG-MDE - Business - Lounge access in Bogota?
  7. Missed miles sale
  8. Avianca lounge in BAQ
  9. EZE-BOG-LAX, transit time 1:23?
  10. Incorrect booking!
  11. Cancelling award ticket - will my miles expire?
  12. how to cancel Lifemiles AV redemption ticket?
  13. Avianca business lax lounge
  14. Unable to get retroactive credit on Avianca flight
  15. Question about LifeMiles
  16. So....will our miles become worthless?
  17. Upgrade to business class with miles?
  18. TAAG to Avianca: 90 Minute Layover in GRU?
  19. LM award booking question on Turkish Airlines
  20. EU261 claim
  21. How to unsubscribe from LifeMiles newsletter?
  22. New Baggage Policy?
  23. Seat Selection with Promo Fares *G
  24. need 2,000 avianca miles asap, subscription plan fastest way to get them??
  25. Lifemiles downgraded by credit rating company Moody-sounds like they are in trouble
  26. Celebrities on Avianca
  27. Business Promo Fare - refund on cancel after departure
  28. Ready to Charge Back
  29. Connection in LIM
  30. Who's in Charge?
  31. elite qualification & status questions
  32. 25% off Avianca flights?
  33. error code 999 when buying miles?
  34. LifeMiles Buy Page Not Loading
  35. No TK connection availability in lifemiles
  36. Lifemiles App
  37. rebooking LM award when air canada changes flt time
  38. AV CO Domestic flights - standby?
  39. LIM Lounge for Avianca
  40. Using Avianca vs. other *A programs Asia-Pacific
  41. AVIANCA Ecuador Standby Earlier flight?
  42. NEED URGENT HELP with Avianca ticket
  43. Transatlantic Award Availability
  44. LifeMiles in trouble?
  45. Does Avianca often switch out planes last-minute?
  46. Status Minimum Miles with Avianca required on Codeshare
  47. Lifemiles sales...
  48. Buy spare seats?
  49. AVIANCA Ecuador GYE-CLO flight loads
  50. lax-bog a330 Business Question
  51. Lifemiles not working air Canada award tickets
  52. Avianca no longer flying to EZE?
  53. Does almost purchasing a Lifemiles ticket "Hold" it?
  54. No AirCanada redemption for Lifemiles?
  55. Help on using Lifemiles
  56. Need help for Air China award tickets
  57. What will happen to our Lifemiles if Avianca goes bankrupt?
  58. Question on lounge access and miles credit on code share flight
  59. Jfk early check in
  60. 1:05 enough connection time in SAL from HAV to SFO? And other questions.
  61. Which Lounge at Newark?
  62. Select seats LH F with Lifemiles booking?
  63. Amigo Award Tickets Valid Following Collapse?
  64. EZE-BOG-LAX, is a one hour ten minute layever in BOG enough to change
  65. Decent one-way fares in J EZE-BOG-LAX, change fee after?
  66. LM Redeposit Miles after F Downgrade to J?
  67. Austrian Airlines awards blocked?
  68. Account disabled (security risk)
  69. Adding United # to ticket booked with lifemiles
  70. Issues using Multi-City searches on AV US website
  71. Business award availability data points request
  72. Avianca Ecuador- Why SO EXPENSIVE
  73. Avianca Diamond or Gold?
  74. Avianca LifeMiles Website is Down Again
  75. Lifemiles for UA flights
  76. Lifemiles cancelled my United ticket.
  77. Star Alliance availability with Avianca finds seats United can't!
  78. Avianca Lounge MAD?
  79. Citi Transfer Problem
  80. Close in booking and change
  81. AV 86 BOG-LAX B787 Seating?
  82. Laughably bad sound quality on Avianca hold
  83. Compensation for 5 hour delay?
  84. Lufthansa F award availability / blocking?
  85. Avianca suspending services to ORD & BOS
  86. 125% transfer bonus offer
  87. 3x miles?
  88. LH Cityline...
  89. Can LM support add a leg to an existing booking?
  90. NA to EU mileage in F
  91. Lifemiles seeing BR J space that other programs do not
  92. Booking partner extra seat award
  93. Recovery when things go wrong on a Lifemiles award
  94. How to book award ticket for another person flying without me?
  95. flight booking cancelled and after chasing for 1 month not resolved
  96. Lifemiles inventory (each leg vs. entire flight)
  97. Interline checked bags Avianca-United on separate ticket?
  98. No availability for Avianca flight after 30 March - is this normal?
  99. can you still upgrade star alliance tickets with lifemiles?
  100. Involuntary Denied Boarding UIO-SAL-IAD on Lifemiles ticket
  101. Equipment Change A330 to A320 in J
  102. New Lifemiles site
  103. LifeMiles Expiration
  104. Downgraded from F to J; any recourse?
  105. ClubLifemiles--Pay monthly for Miles?
  106. CapOne Venture Card, Transfer Partner!
  107. LM system going down for five days...
  108. Av244 seat selection?
  109. AV245 JFK-BOG Service
  110. Is it worth booking Business for this flight?
  111. Worth purchasing miles during sales?
  112. LM Availability Issue on South African
  113. AV-245 aircraft type and seat question
  114. Changes in elite qualification requirements
  115. Shower at Bogota - Diamond lounge
  116. Avianca Bulkhead 787
  117. Avianca BOG lounges closed 12/31
  118. Mileage run from Colombia or around?
  119. Avianca Lifemiles Credit Card Application Issues
  120. Avianca Voucher Query - First World Problem
  121. Bonus miles
  122. What is going on with Avianca Brazil O6 8500 GRU-JFK?
  123. Crediting Air China L Flights
  124. How to get the link of lifemiles most important mile redemption promo news?
  125. Locked Avianca account (Issue Credit Card Charge-back?)
  126. Hola...Roma?!
  127. 2655 miles short of gold... MR? Other?
  128. Can i have 2 avianca Lifemiles accounts?
  129. Avianca and EU261
  130. Avianca
  131. Plusgrade - point earning
  132. Change of Class
  133. Upgrade bid on BOG-SCL on a A-320
  134. LHR Check-in
  135. Justice dictates that Avianca returns 13 planes for delinquency
  136. SAN/LAX-SFO award pricing lower than advertised?
  137. AV19 BCN - BOG more often canceled or heavily delayed than on time?
  138. Recent experience Avianca MAD-BOG J
  139. LifeMiles cancellation rules
  140. LM award routing: Asia to US via Europe
  141. IAD to Colombia - lack of offerings
  142. Award Bookings
  143. Risky Air China LifeMiles Award
  144. LifeMiles Bad at Connecting Itineraries?
  145. 145% LifeMiles Bonus Purchase
  146. Comparing Premium Economy between Air Canada and British Airways
  147. Y class award with AIRCHINA using Lifemile help
  148. split pnr, remove a person and change flights for the other: two fees or one
  149. 30 min connection TK-AV in BCN after schedule change on a lifemiles ticket
  150. J Class LA to Sao Paulo - award help
  151. LifeMiles Elite Bonus on lifemiles
  152. Amigo Tier Qualification Requirement
  153. Refund MAD-BOG-MAD
  154. How to contact Avianca about LifeMiles account
  155. Business Class AV244 and AV245 JFK-BOG-JFK
  156. Glitch Applying for Credit Card
  157. AV website booking woes
  158. AV 89 TIBIT or Terminal 3 Departure?
  159. BOG Layover Options
  160. AV pricing CTG-BOG
  161. Question re cancelling award ticket when airline changes schedule
  162. Lifemiles award ticket partially canceled by one other member
  163. Stopover for one way?
  164. Question about domestic business class
  165. Getting to gold status
  166. AV IRROPS in Paid Biz - Rebook on Partner?
  167. Questions re rebooking cancelled partner award flights
  168. Advise to newbie to Avianca and South/Central America
  169. Avianca.com wont show available flights
  170. Urgent question about Avianca
  171. How long is the seat unavailable when LM booking fails on the website?
  172. Lifemiles award leg canceled by operating carrier at BKK, what would have happened?
  173. Lifemiles Transfer Time from SPG/Marriott
  174. Lifemiles continued blocking of lufthansa space
  175. Stacking LM Credit Card Discount on Top of 2X1 Miles Promo
  176. Screenshot Booking
  177. New award ticket fee: “late redemption fee”?
  178. Minimum check in time for AV international flights
  179. Whose "Stock" are LM award tickets issued on?
  180. How to book/add an infant ?
  181. Refund Delay - 4 months and counting
  182. open jaw with lifemiles
  183. lifemiles award cost
  184. two lifemiles numbers acting as one acct?
  185. 17 hour layover in Bogota. Can I leave the airport?
  186. Lifemiles hotel and activities booking do not work??hard to log in..
  187. What happens if I do not take the last leg? Lifemiles
  188. Flight Schedule Change - 10 hours layover :(
  189. Miles + Money LM Ticket
  190. Compensation assistance for Avianca & TAME cancellations/delays
  191. LH schedule change on Avianca Award
  192. EMD voucher to buy LM?
  193. End of Lower Priced Mixed-Class Itineraries
  194. Avianca miles for newby positioned in GPS.
  195. Lifemiles not posting - how to claim (Partner flight)
  196. AV A330 out of LAX Instead of the 787
  197. Singapore (SQ) flight credit to Lifemiles - how long?
  198. LifeMiles LH Buenos Airies Availability
  199. Avianca Brasil - same day change/standby?
  200. Comfort of Avianca Business Class Seats
  201. 2-for-1 deal on LifeMiles
  202. Lost Baggage & No Update from Customer Service at all.
  203. Too early to book Avianca for next June?
  204. GRU-EZE?
  205. Forgot Username and Password, -- How to access LifeMiles?
  206. question about a 4-leg itinerary
  207. Best Bogota Lounge? (Flying Avianca Business But Have Priority Pass)
  208. International to International Connection at BOG
  209. General Good Commentary
  210. Avianca Courtesy Upgrades
  211. Avianca Brasil Fare Classes (Purchased on UA.com)
  212. Avianca ECONO
  213. JFK>BOG habitually delayed.
  214. Mystery unavailable flights
  215. Secured storage in Bogota lounges
  216. Is this a legal connection showing on LM site?
  217. Recent success booking Air China with Lifemiles?
  218. 787 Engine Issues
  219. San Salvador (SAL) immigration issues because of lack of tax confirmation
  220. Whats going on with all the recent AV delays?
  221. Checking through bags on separate tickets AV/LH
  222. Wheelchair Policy at Avianca/Bogota
  223. How far out can / should you book LIFEMILES award?
  224. Can award J to F be upgraded without risk of losing the flight?
  225. What will happen to LHR-BOG flight after ETOPS60?
  226. The WAMOS Experience
  227. Acceptable Lifemiles routing?
  228. Duplicate lifemiles account - can they be combined?
  229. Buy Lifemiles promos
  230. Avianca announces ORD-GUA
  231. Lufthansa availability with LifeMiles
  232. New Avianva Lounges BOG
  233. Quito Lounge report
  234. Leaving in 3 hours (1pm) 4/15 need quick tutorial.
  235. Boarding pass question
  236. Avianca.com booking: Just don't do it!!
  237. Standby Domestic Flights from Lima
  238. "No policy was found for the selected itinerary"
  239. Avianca newbie - first report
  240. BOG-MUC Coming in November
  241. AV20 return to BOG
  242. Connection in BOG?
  243. Toronto (to SAL) Business Class Lounge
  244. JFK-BOG Miles not Posting due to Metal Change to Omni Air
  245. New Avianca promo that includes challenges. What are they?
  246. Lounge in MCO
  247. FLL-MAD R/T in biz for $1,878 but can't get it to bok
  248. Avianca upgrades 2019 787-8 order to 787-9
  249. BOG To LAX on B787 Flight 86
  250. baggage allowance on shorthaul award tickets?