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  1. Just Wondering [will North American members continue to credit?]
  2. claiming miles on A3 after they have been with another program [LH M&M] ....
  3. A3 adds 14 destinations from ATH
  4. Is A3 being sneaky on OA codeshares?
  5. Rebooking rules from Cyprus?
  6. ATH Airport to City Centre
  7. Changes earning miles on LH and LO
  8. Geneva OLCI - Can't add A3 FQTV
  9. Year end / renewal date
  10. LH Train - [need 18k miles]
  11. Aegean seat selection
  12. FQTS\FQTV possible on A3 flights ?
  13. Aegean keeps coming up the cheapest - How do they do it!?
  14. 250 tier miles short...
  15. Status Validity
  16. Reason for OA flight cancellation?
  17. FLR lounge access for A3*G flying Star Alliance
  18. Mileage earning on codeshare?
  19. Confused - P class baggage
  20. What's the trick to getting an award ticket
  21. Aegean Airlines goes on training exercise with fighter jet over Greece
  22. Getting back miles for site glitch?
  23. input box for 50% off coupon
  24. Aegean and time changes
  25. *G expiring in January. Any suggestions?
  26. Miles Purchase [available from 8th October 2015]
  27. Aegean curiosities
  28. Requalification for *G
  29. Watch selection at the ATH dutyfree?
  30. aegean hidden city ticket A3
  31. Star Alliance Gold Baggage Allowance?
  32. Unnecessary Reminder about Tier Points?
  33. Flew on United -- earned Tier miles but not Award miles?
  34. Questions re A3G retention dates
  35. Some notes on A3 - LHR-HER and return
  36. Good IRROPS experience with A3
  37. ATH-CHQ-ATH flight changed A3 -> OA
  38. ATH - TLV Advice Needed
  39. Is it all greek to you?
  40. Brussels Earnings
  41. Buy Miles and credit them to A3
  42. Copa Earnings Cut
  43. Flights posted, received 0 award miles, but 1000's of Tier miles?
  44. Booking Class Question
  45. Interline baggage transfer TK to A3
  46. One day free car rental for domestic roundtrip business class passengers
  47. Flying C from CFU : better to stay in Y. This airport is a mess
  48. Two Service Issues/Two very different responses
  49. ggbuyup a ua routing to 100% ?
  50. how to use m&b miles for hertz rental
  51. Short connection possible? LHR-ATH-JMK
  52. Less Competition on ATH-VIE
  53. Full meal service on A3609? [LHR-ATH, late night departure]
  54. Transiting ATH Athens
  55. Hairdresser in ATH
  56. The mystery Chisinau - Heraklion flight
  57. Hand luggage / in cabin carry on - how strict?
  58. Seat Upgrade NOT available since 1 month!
  59. Add insult to injury
  60. Seat assignments for A3 when second leg of United booking?
  61. "Guaranteed booking" for Gold
  62. useless miles
  63. Next year fares
  64. Aegean Airlines / Star Alliance partner surveys?
  65. Flight cancelled - need suggestion for adding 1 leg
  66. Another piece of useless info
  67. Breakfast at ATH ?
  68. Iran Shuts Down 'Tehran to Tel Aviv' Flight
  69. A3*G renewal for ex-BMI flyer: Calculation/value checks
  70. Pre-security Lounge / Bagagge Drop TLV
  71. to stay or not to stay
  72. Trip to Greece: Aegean Air and United question
  73. A3 miles with United T class?
  74. Traffic results in to cover the period of the banks closure in July
  75. Unable to reach their customer service - your experience?
  76. Brand-new A320
  77. Bad news for baby haters!
  78. Really confused about my Miles&Bonus account
  79. Where do A3's 321s come from?
  80. Avianca Brazil (O6) joins *A - miles accrual table
  81. New website for Aegean
  82. Can't check in for ATH-JMK - freaking out
  83. New e-services and applications by Athens International Airport
  84. Aegean has no lounge at CDG!? [Lounge provision @ CDG]
  85. Aegean website down?
  86. Aegean Mileage Runs & Deals
  87. A3 flight number on other S* airline
  88. UA P class - no credit
  89. Why is A3 US number not 24 hours?
  90. Aegean waives airport ticket issuing fee
  91. Germanwings and Eurowings eligible for mileage accrual on A3
  92. Lounge in CPH
  93. Island trip late OCT
  94. fare class
  95. Seeing availability for upgrades on Star Alliance
  96. Do A3 roll over miles?
  97. A3 experience was great
  98. Implications for A3 of an exit from the Eurozone
  99. Orphan miles -- any use or benevolence opport
  100. Name formatted correctly?
  101. *G benefits on Aegean flights operated by Olympic Air
  102. Fly via Larnaca is the easiest way to achieve 4 sectors and status on A3 this year!
  103. EU 261 & Flat tyre
  104. SKG bagage tips
  105. A3 companion voucher on OA fligths
  106. Reuter's Hugo Dixon complains about Aegean's refund policy
  107. Mileage accrual on LH upgraded flight
  108. Star Alliance Award Miles not showing up on A3 account
  109. Do any A3 staff lurk here?
  110. UA upgrade
  111. Which Lounge in Heraklion for A3 Flights
  112. AEGEAN named “Best Regional Airline in Europe ” 2015 Skytrax Awards
  113. Aegean and Freddie Awards 2015
  114. Unused upgrade vouchers.
  115. Aegean website won't take our United MP numbers!
  116. Consuming Your Own Alcohol on A3?
  117. Bad (ish) aegean experience
  118. Aegean Booking Computer Goes Crazy
  119. What to book? AEGEAN or AIR BAHAL?
  120. UA N fares not posting
  121. Why do Tier miles reset to zero when reaching silver?
  122. Questions!
  123. New micro-site for "Aegean for families"
  124. A3*G showing as expired in AC MLL [workaround]
  125. New M+B signup promo: Earn 50% more miles! Join Miles+Bonus now!
  126. What is A3*P status?
  127. A travel game for Aegean FT fliers
  128. Greek Civil Aviation Authority strike (31-5, 1-6)
  129. Didn't receive booking confirmation email
  130. *A RTW in Business class, how to fix a downgraded Aegean flight
  131. Problem with upgrading a LH flight
  132. Unable to book a flight on the A3 website
  133. Tier miles and Gold award using Award flights?
  134. LH earning on M&B in N class ( Premium Economy)
  135. How to remove *G card
  136. A3 Upgades Using M+B Miles
  137. Does UA domestic F award book as A3 C?
  138. Miles&Bonus membership strategy - preferred locations?
  139. A3 earning on SN Z class
  140. JTR-JMK direct
  141. Athens lounges
  142. how likely a change in earnings on UA fares [confirmed 12th May 2015, backdated Mar]
  143. Which Greek island this summer?
  144. 50% bonus for LCA flights
  145. Tight connection @SKG
  146. A3 lounge in LCA : bad bad bad
  147. Status renew and next?
  148. Is there any expiry date on e-card?
  149. Website Problems
  150. Using Agean miles on Ethiopian for upgrade
  151. Car rental at HER
  152. [SK] Flight cancelled, new airline[LX], new fare, 50% miles [with A3 M&B]
  153. KIEV fast track
  154. Aegean to Delta. JTR - ATH - JFK
  155. Change of name due to marriage - non-matching ticket & recognition of status
  156. Alpha A3 card?
  157. Less A3-miles for LX metal
  158. Changes earning miles on SWISS (LX): E, K, L, T = 0 from 01MAY15 (and more chng)
  159. Free upgrade experience as A3*G
  160. Trenitalia Partnership
  161. Free LHR express upgrade for *A Gold
  162. Fast track in IST
  163. Lounge in AMM
  164. A3 rule #1 : never fly with them during easter holidays
  165. Are Aegean An Equal Opportunities Employer?
  166. Together Account: Online Award Flight booking
  167. A3-Hertz bookings - pull up on hertz.com?
  168. Cancelation of Aegean Membership and back to LH ?
  169. A3*G departing FCO: fasttrack security, early checkin?
  170. Tight connection JMK-ATH-LHR-AUS
  171. Aegean 250, operated by Olympic - Domestic Q Class. Is that Q on A3 or Q on OA?
  172. ZRH to TLV with A3
  173. Overnight in Athens, lounge, luggage through-check
  174. Pricedrop Cyprus-Germany <60 Euro
  175. A3 gold: bonus award miles on codeshared flights?
  176. Why prices on A3 are going crazy?
  177. A3 LH Codeshare Mapping
  178. Why are SFO-NRT and SFO-HND posting the same number of miles?
  179. Seat selection on A3 for ticket issued by another carrier, *Gold benefits?
  180. Miles+Bonus Newsletter - language of emails
  181. A3 financial results [last update September 2019]
  182. TK J Booking class miles credit with M&B
  183. 'Award Miles = 0' question
  184. Greek Airport accommodation
  185. Attaching A3 number to award flights?
  186. LHR - ATH on A3 or LH?
  187. Mileage Run CDG to ARN - How many A3 miles?
  188. Edelweiss/Swiss question
  189. Aegean New Destinations April 2015
  190. A3 Award booking classes
  191. Redeeming A3 miles on SQ/MI codeshares
  192. A3 and Paypal
  193. ATH - BEG in C
  194. Long stopover/layover in Athens
  195. Amman and lounge
  196. Question regarding Fare Basis
  197. SKG Transit time
  198. (not so) Important news!
  199. LH earning
  200. Retaining A3 Gold Status
  201. April IST-ATH midnigth flight is gone?
  202. Locals greek islands : best options now for a 4 days trip
  203. Issues with Lost and Damaged Luggage
  204. 12 months, 12 good news
  205. Aegan to British Airways luggage check
  206. Issue with Gold Free Parking coupons
  207. Greek Celebrations & Customs
  208. Credits from non-own-metal flights that aren't codeshares.
  209. Aegean Airlines route developments 2015 Summer/Winter
  210. Missing Promo Code Entry Field
  211. Issues in Seat Selection for Gold and Silver A3 Cardholders
  212. Flame-Free Questions on A3 - ask your newbie (and not so newbie) questions here
  213. Lounge in Chania Airport
  214. reasonable OTP-BRU ticket on A3
  215. A3 flight doesn't show when trying to book multi city itinerary.
  216. Retroclaim Time Period
  217. ATH -> SFO ->ATH / M&B vs M&M / A380 vs B747
  218. Significant Anomalies in M&B Mileage Redemption Rates
  219. Bag overnight in Athens
  220. Potentially Overcharging When Using Gold Companion Vouchers
  221. A3 Route map
  222. Stopover with A3
  223. MB Miles on UA flight
  224. Aegean Air codeshare domestic destinations
  225. Will A3 plate this ticket?
  226. Mileage credit if no credit on Aegean?
  227. IT may stink, but otherwise +++
  228. Aegean Shop On board
  229. How Do I Add FF Number to Booking?
  230. Forum re-organisation - creation of sticky/wiki guides
  231. A guide to SKG (Thessaloniki) airport
  232. Tier Miles vs. Award Miles Earning Rates
  233. NWIFlyer is the new forum moderator
  234. How to use the Gold Companion Ticket?
  235. Flight Segment(s) Clarification
  236. Weird redemption question
  237. I should be upgraded to Gold but I'm Silver.
  238. Aegean starting to simply shorten Status validity?
  239. Login issues
  240. Miles and Bonus new status match program announced with bonus miles
  241. Aegean Airlines launch LHR and CDG from LCA
  242. Separate tickets and short layover connection questions
  243. How to change FF# on United
  244. Lifetime Gold Star Alliance Aegean Air?
  245. Aegean ( Cyprus ) Airlines close to launch after Cypriot AOC plans
  246. Missing miles - Origin or/and Destination airport is invalid
  247. December transactions disappeared?!
  248. Air China - 2 x upgrades
  249. AC International or Domestic
  250. can´t claim missing miles