View Full Version : TalkBoard Elections/11

  1. Question 16: Who has won your vote during this debate?
  2. Question 15: What motivates you to serve FlyerTalk?
  3. Question 14: FlyerTalk Cares!
  4. Question 13: What role can Talkboard have in making FT more welcoming?
  5. Question 12: How should Talkboard members get feedback from the community at large?
  6. Question 11: Where have you contributed content? helped build community?
  7. Question 10: Post count for Omni/OmniPR
  8. Question 9: Member Retention
  9. Question 8: Do you have concerns about commercialization of FlyerTalk?
  10. Question 7: What would you like from Internet Brands (site owners)
  11. Question 6: Do you have a role on other travel sites?
  12. Question 5: Should Talkboard have term limits?
  13. Question 4: What is more important about FlyerTalk, content or community?
  14. 21 candidates are running for 5 open positions on Talkboard
  15. Question 3: What technical changes would you like for FlyerTalk?
  16. Question 2: What are your standards for creating a new forum?
  17. Question 1: What single quality will you bring to Talkboard?