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  1. Rental car return at JFK possible?
  2. Traffic Fine in Netherlands
  3. Any RECENT experience at MUC airport?
  4. Underhand strategy Sixt Bordeaux
  5. I got Speeding ticket while Sixt was driving the car
  6. dubai, Sixt or Hertz
  7. SIXT in Slovenia
  8. Prices went UP 10% after logging in?!?!
  10. XFAZ LAS McCarran
  11. Sixt Reservation Zurich Airport - International Driving Permit Required?
  12. Sixt Germany report dust as a damage after 2 days
  13. Car with French Crit'Air sticker?
  14. Sixt Prices Through the Roof
  15. SIXT MCO XFAR class
  16. Sixt in Slovenia--AVOID
  17. Renting from Mercedes or Sixt?
  18. Sixt falsely claims I caused damage to rental car
  19. Decline LDW In Portugal? For Credit Card Coverage
  20. How do I know if my reservation is cancelable?
  21. Sixt - no car available
  22. Rental at BRU - Platinum Upgrade Chances
  23. Sixt at Battery Park, NYC
  24. Sixt Ireland charges me for engine damage - what options do I have?
  25. Watch Out for Sixt In Seattle
  26. Sixt Munich - certain cars only available in German website?
  27. SIXT Fuelling additional charges at Memmingen Airport
  28. Ft Lauderdale Airport
  29. FDMR at CGN
  30. New BMW X5 in US - has anyone already seen it?
  31. Sixt Platinum Renting in Italy (Bologna)
  32. Sixt Supplemental and Comprehensive Insurance
  33. Late fee - after 28 days
  34. possible MBenz CLA rental at DEN
  35. Sixt Trustworthiness?
  36. Sixt post rental feedback form - Do they respond?
  37. Sixt in MEX fleet?
  38. Sixt UK - insurance fraud attempt, advise pls
  39. Is [email protected] or [email protected] fake? fraud email?
  40. Sixt Codes
  41. SIXT DEN
  42. Sixt charging ridiculous refueling prices
  43. Car rentals in EDI and NAP
  44. Sixt Manager False Accusations (Miami)
  45. Sixt at ATL
  46. XFAR at LAX
  47. Possible to use a credit card without pin?
  48. AA miles from Sixt rental
  49. Some questions about Sixt
  50. Problem with Sixt-Frankfurt, scam?
  51. Sixt Rental Selection at Chicago O'hare
  52. Scam by Sixt Staff at Amman International Airport
  53. Uruguay after hours airport pick up and drop off
  54. Lucky dip experiences?
  55. "Third party insurance" What does it exactly cover?
  56. SIXT ZA JNB Cars and Experience?
  57. CLAE | ILAE Netherlands charging card
  58. XCAR - Orlando MCO - Vehicles in XCAR Catagory Changed
  59. Sixt Orlando Airport
  60. False damage claim - SIXT
  61. Enrolled in Corporate Account - No response from Sixt
  62. HGS toll payment in Sixt cars
  63. Adding reservation to the app prior to registration
  64. Rental at gatwick
  65. Sixt - Trims and Base Models Only?
  66. SFAR Fleet Miami?
  67. Anyone rent from SEATAC (Seattle) lately?
  68. Sixt Express Number
  69. Modify Reservation... Why is it called rebooking?
  70. Sixt...why?
  71. Straight to garage / skipping the line?
  72. FFAR (Full Size SUV) at PHX
  73. Sixt Car Rental, Germany, claiming increasing damage done to its vehicle
  74. Jeep wrangler fll airport
  75. BEWARE: Possible damage scam by Sixt Dubai UAE
  76. Sixt Europe ignores Twitter; how to contact?
  77. PDAR in Nice Airport
  78. Local renters clause - only allowed to be in-state
  79. 1 credit card for XDAR ,Munich.
  80. Sixt XFAC Cadillac Escalade - 7 /8 or 5 seater
  81. FDAH - SIXT Netherlands
  82. Unpleasant first experience, thoughts?
  83. SIXT Netherlands - Damage SCAM
  84. Sixt Bari (Italy) airport damage scam
  85. Port imperial closed
  86. Spanish Sixt Car rental given charges to German debt collectors whilst in dispute
  87. Extra insurance costs for a booking via SAS airline website
  88. great deals in Germany right now
  89. Sixt Dubrovnik 20 Day Rental, One Way
  90. Sixt wrongfully claiming damage
  91. Question on engines FWAR
  92. SIXT Amman Airport - Jordan
  93. Will I get what I booked?
  94. Sixt LHR: Why no guaranteed models?
  95. Sixt - Blacklisted
  96. Sixt PHL
  97. Sixt San Diego
  98. Rent at Hamburg - Leave at MUC Airport, tips tricks
  99. Collect miles/points with Sixt
  100. Border crossing - eastern europe
  101. Question about Diamond Status
  102. DFW/Dallas Marriott
  103. Difference between FVAR vs. SVAR vans in South Korea?
  104. Rebooking at Lower Rate after using "Pay Now" rate
  105. FlyerTalk Awards 2018 Sixt-Middle East/Asia/Oceania benefits nominations
  106. FlyerTalk Awards 2018 Sixt-Europe/Africa benefits nominations
  107. FlyerTalk Awards 2018 Sixt-Americas benefits nominations
  108. Deceitful advertising by Sixt
  109. Compromise on repair but banned from Sixt?
  110. FFAR at FLL
  111. Question about Luxury Category rental at Munich
  112. Sixt charged me USD600+ for scratching wheel
  113. Is this really true?
  114. Anyone rented a Jaguar F-Type from LAX?
  115. Landing at DFW, renting from Dallas Addison/Marriott Quorum
  116. Sixt - Marseille Gare St Charles
  117. Sixt Corfu Airport issues
  118. Sixt is asking for full credit card details by Facebook ?
  119. SIXT - Levels - Loyalty Programs#
  120. LTAR at MIA?
  121. SIXT - Germany Under 25yrs Sporty Rental
  122. Sixt at Nice Airport (NCE)
  123. Paris CDG fleet
  124. Alfa Romero Gulietta BIQ
  125. SIXT in Stuttgart (want something fun)
  126. Platinum US double upgrade - what to expect when renting STAR?
  127. My first experience with Sixt.
  128. Upselling at the counter in Germany
  129. Lax must provide proof of insurance
  130. Sixt repeatedly cancelling reservations
  131. Sixt Franchisees suing Sixt
  132. THIEVES: Scammed by Sixt on Sweden (Arlanda)
  133. Sixt Berlin - LTMR, PTMR or LSMR? Multiple Reservations?
  134. Sixt - Horrible
  135. Extending a rental (FRA)? vs just being late
  136. Parking fines and Sixt
  137. Sixt Phuket
  138. SIXT: Don't waste your time.
  139. Reserved LDAR, got XDAR, East Europe okay?
  140. Cross border restrictions?
  141. SIXT AMS airport -- bad experience
  142. XFAR at MIA
  143. SIXT PLT for AA EXP with a nice discount
  144. Hotspot in BMW vehicles thru Sixt
  145. LAS GFAR
  146. How do car groups work for upgrades?
  147. Taking a car outside of permitted states
  148. Pickup car at Amsterdam
  149. Sixt rental in Cologne and Golf GTI
  150. XFAR fleet at LAX
  151. SIXT at LAS - Inbuilt Navigation Question
  152. Sixt Biarritz France
  153. License expired
  154. Mustang GT
  155. Admin Fee on a false positive red light camera citation
  156. 1 cent charge pending for sixt after requesting status match?
  157. Any recent experiences in SEA?
  158. Bike Rack Rental - SFO
  159. Local Tel Aviv Rates
  160. Sixt @ AKL
  161. Best deal (Maybe Sixt) rental at MUC for a week?
  162. Range Rover Sport at MCO
  163. SIXT rental at PHX
  164. anyone got XFAR without build in nav ?
  165. SIXT Riyadh
  166. Beware Sixt in Dublin
  167. Sixt - FLL
  168. FlyerTalk Awards 2017 Sixt-Middle East/Asia/Oceania benefits nominations
  169. FlyerTalk Awards 2017 Sixt-Europe/Africa benefits nominations
  170. FlyerTalk Awards 2017 Sixt-Americas benefits nominations
  171. Sixt Diamond Status in the US?
  172. My Sixt Dubai experience (just don't do it)
  173. Damage payment requirement
  174. First time renter
  175. Sixt Frankfurt Airport
  176. PROBLEM - Sixt credit card hold
  177. Lyon Airport - Winter Tyres
  178. New fees: "Counter Processing Recovery" and "Vehicle Upkeep Recovery"
  179. Is SVMR an upgrade from IDMR?
  180. Drop fees or not?
  181. VAT included or not?
  182. Horrible experience at Sixt in Ljubljana Airport even with online reservation
  183. Sixt MUC and winter tires
  184. 2nd good rental experience
  185. Dishonesty at its Finest
  186. Audi A6 Reviews
  187. SIXT ATH airport
  188. Sixt Berlin Rant
  189. Flat tire
  190. Sixt LHR (London Heathrow Airport)
  191. Massive credit card hold - Sixt Tijuana Airport, Mexico
  192. Sixt Rental Cancun coming up
  193. Sixt Rent A Car Malaysia: An absolute nightmare
  194. Unreasonable charges from Sixt: what should I do
  195. Sixt ZAG to DBV?
  196. Fishermans Wharf, San Fran
  197. Which insurance?
  198. Sixt Berlin pick up recommendations
  199. Why two LAX locations for Sixt?
  200. Sixt Fleet at Heathrow?
  201. Sixt in downtown Seattle
  202. incorrect drop-off date
  203. Sixt Munich experience - overcharged for rental vehicle
  204. Sixt Portugal Issues - Not sure what to expect or do
  205. SIXT - FRA - Available vehicles?
  206. Sixt EDI - caveat emptor
  207. USA: MVAR (Mercedes Metris) Features?
  208. Lisbon rental went well
  209. My recent experience: PHX to SFO - A little disappointing
  210. Courtyard cadillac miami beach/oceanfront
  211. XSAR @MUC
  212. Rental in Lisbon
  213. First time SIXT renter - am I going to be OK?
  214. Sixt at Munich Airport: Which car class to choose?
  215. Pre-paid booking and bad luck!
  216. SIXT West Hollywood, CA
  217. Frustrated and ripped off
  218. Sixt isn't going to change the "expected rental price" on me, are they?!
  219. Sixt stations closing?
  220. 2016 All-new Mercedes E-Class (W213) in Sixt Germany
  221. Super Great rental in Madrid - Maybe
  222. adding an extra day to a pre-paid rental
  223. Munich - strategy to get
  224. Sixt Los Cabos (Airport Location)
  225. Ipad left in Sixt vehicle on returning -- missing.
  226. Cadillac Escalade: short or long wheel base?
  227. Cologne Germany Rental
  228. blocking amount on cc
  229. Two levels of Sixt Platinum: one with upgrades/one without
  230. Sixt london - bad experience ever
  231. Sixt prepaid rates
  232. SIXT Portugal - Make sure you have full insurance
  233. sixt lfar atlanta hartsfield
  234. Changing earning partner
  235. "Or Similar" question for Germany
  236. Can CC hold exceed CC limit?
  237. Sixt in Canada?
  238. What car to expect
  239. Sixt AUH - Experiences?
  240. Sixt policy when reserved class is not available?
  241. Sixt - Atlanta Georgian Terrace Hotel - LCAR
  242. XFAR models @ MCO?
  243. Sixt SFO - Volvo V60 "Or Similar"
  244. A terrible experience with Sixt.
  245. Rental Insurance for Iceland
  246. Getting an automatic transmission car at Nice Train Station? Bad idea?
  247. Pick Up Service at LAX
  248. FWMR in Paris
  249. Sixt Prague rentals
  250. Sixt car rental experience - help