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  1. TSA Tossing OTC Meds
  2. Amtrak Police Chief investigated for fraud appointed to TSA's Advisory Committee
  3. CBP at ORD ["Phone abuses"]
  4. Why the repeated head pat downs?
  5. Immigration Officers Questioning All Global Entry Users at SFO Today
  6. VOX - TSA Pre✓: It absolutely shouldn’t exist, and is absolutely an incredible value
  7. ABC News: Nearly 18 years after 9/11, the federal air marshals program is in 'crisis'
  8. US judge: Terror watchlist violates constitutional rights
  9. TSA tests new screening technology at McCarran International Airport
  10. Questions around being randomly selected at DEN
  11. First the Light Saber, now the Thermal Detonator!
  12. Is TSA no longer the leader in airport security innovation?
  13. "TSA in turmoil" article & interview
  14. TSA officers bar Florida teen with autism from flying; airport director apologizes
  15. Marine veteran furious after TSA confiscates hollowed ammunition cartridge pendant
  16. New research (further) undermining SPOT/BDA
  17. TSA suspends two agents for allegedly hanging stuffed gorillas on a noose as a ‘joke’
  18. Are ya happy to see me or do ya have a missile launcher in yer luggage?
  19. Toddler ride on ATL airport's baggage conveyor belt
  20. Items you were not allowed to carry on board
  21. CBP Can’t Detain Domestic Flight Passengers for Refusing Suspicionless ID Checks
  22. TSA Pre✓ Lanes at ATL South Terminal [3 of 4 TSO's handle only CLEAR customers]
  23. FBI & ICE use driver’s license photos for facial-recognition searches
  24. OIG Report on Global Entry - June 24, 2019 - Will they make it harder now?
  25. TSA's random police "open & look" checks airline religious catering trucks exemption
  26. I witnessed a security breach at FLL
  27. TSA blog comments disabled/deleted
  28. TSA Friendly School Backpack?
  29. TSA considers PreCheck mobile enrollment, subscription
  30. Man attacks multiple TSA officers at PHX this morning
  31. CBP's video surveillance has been hacked
  32. CBP Officer here...Ask me anything!
  33. TSA Reportedly Strip Search a Grandmother
  34. is it the place or just a random TSA idiot?
  35. TSA allowing illegal migrants to fly without proper documents
  36. adventures with cancer kid
  37. House Homeland Security hearing on TSA profiling today
  38. DS-160 (US Visa Application) now requires social media accounts
  39. Janitor accused sneaking gun into secured area at FLL
  40. TSA Changes Rules on Medical Cannabis (Quietly)
  41. A Summer From Hell Is Coming to U.S. Airports
  42. TSA "deploying" employees to the border
  43. TSA's new focus: BBQ
  44. The Latest "We Don't Search for Your Pot" Post
  45. Insane person at OAK today
  46. ‘Chef’s Table’ Star Interrogated at LAX for Five Hours Over Frozen Piranhas
  47. Dianna Ross Violated by NOLA TSA
  48. TSA at TPA airport let you go through at security without a tickets
  49. Is Secondary Security Screening Unique to TLV flights?
  50. Amputee seeks damages after UA and airport security seize scooter battery
  51. If you are a frequent flyer, put the trays back after you finished security screening
  52. New TSA screening system in development "sees" too much
  53. Random screening of my phone
  54. Airport line monitor in TSA PreCheck lanes?
  55. Use of passport biometric data matching causing false negative matches
  56. LHR DL gate security for return US pax
  57. TSA Full-Body Scanners Frequent False Alarms of Hairstyles Popular among Black Women
  58. I had a physical altercation with DFW Customs agents
  59. Consultants/corporates - what are travel safety policies?
  60. Pekoske tapped to be 2nd in command at DHS
  61. Alleged TSA "Strip" search of Charlie Sheen's ex-wife at LAX
  62. TSA Has a Sense of Humor
  63. DEN TSA screener arrested on child sex charges
  64. TSA PreCheck Etiquette [Parents with Autistic Child]
  65. ACLU files suit on behalf of Apple employee for not giving access to phone/laptop
  66. OIG: Needs to Improve Efforts to Retain, Hire, and Train Its Screeners
  67. Still calling JNB Jan Smuts - Really CBP??
  68. SFO Shutsdown Because of Loaded Magazine
  69. Resurrected: Young boy being groped over computer left in bag
  70. US (and others) will be able to use e-passport gates entering UK beginning June 2019
  71. 2 Senators ask DHS to suspend facial recognition at airports
  72. Should Non-Functional Rocket-Propelled Grenade Launchers be Allowed in Checked Bags?
  73. Emotional support animal’ mauls 5-year-old girl
  74. AZ Congressman proposes allowing anyone cleared by TSA Pre to buy a gun
  75. Congress introduces (H.R. 911): Install of cockpit secondary barriers on ALL jets
  76. UA reportedly mishandles checked firearm
  77. Prospective TSA Employee with prior suicide attempts
  78. Narcotics for migraine confiscated by TSA
  79. why is tsa always at my crotch..seriously
  80. TSA left hand doesn't know what right hand is doing [screening Super Bowl programs]
  81. Screener commits suicide at MCO & TSA treats it as if it were a threat
  82. Should the GE kiosks go back to the more specific "food" definition?
  83. Racist Abuse By Security @ Dusseldorf Airport
  84. Will Airports now look to go private? (TSA)
  85. LGA shut down to incoming aircraft
  86. Drones at Newark
  87. Michael Bilello, the only TSA spokesman still working, went on a tweetstorm
  88. Real ID 10/2020 deadline: best ID to carry? DL? GE? passport?
  89. Do you tip your TSA officers?
  90. Ait is the eventual replacement for the metal detector.
  91. Californians Beware (RealID)
  92. U.S. citizen used NEXUS pass to smuggle 67 guns into Canada
  93. Chris Wallace claims that 4000 terrorists have been caught at airports
  94. TSA slowdown / sickout
  95. Deplane during boarding
  96. Question regarding Global Entry denial
  97. TSA's fixation on sanitary products
  98. Misplaced passport at security - what would have happened if it couldn't be found?
  99. TSA and US Government Shutdown
  100. DCA TSA: Your Pie Can't Fly
  101. Man sues CBP after being detained
  102. Allegedly TSA has new streamlined & enhanced screening procedures
  103. New body scanner being tested at DIA
  104. TSA has allegedly discontinued "Quiet Skies" program
  105. NYPD roll out "randomly selected" metal detector in passage between Times Square & PA
  106. EU ePassport Gates post-Brexit
  107. CBP not deleting data of inspected devices
  108. TSA’s Roadmap for Airport Surveillance Moves in a Dangerous Direction
  109. Interactions with TSA Agent
  110. Comprehensive list of OFFICIAL documents re TSA screening policies
  111. American Airlines trying biometric boarding at LAX
  112. Homeland security will let computers predict who might be a terrorist on your plane —
  113. New type of scanner being trialled in Cardiff
  114. New Orleans Airport KREWE Member of the Month for December
  115. TSA Uses Photo Taken at Liverpool Street station in London to Promote PreCheck
  116. Sterile Airport Transfers
  117. TSA comes across smoking checked bags at BOS Airport, his flight delayed
  118. Wild interpretations of alcohol allowed in checked baggage
  119. Gun allegedly found in genitals
  120. Muslim Tourists Scared
  121. PreCheck closed because TSA does not have enough people to do their job
  122. The Basis (Such as it is) for the War on Liquids
  123. Airport commission approves security upgrades for Las Vegas Airport
  124. TSA Confiscation of Replica Firearms and Toy Weapons
  125. 11-year-old gets through ATL security, to gate alone without boarding pass
  126. Advise when taking bag for a check?
  127. Plush Toy Snake Confiscated
  128. DHS OIG Complaint Experience?
  129. Detained at the Airport - Los Angeles [Secondary Inspection]
  130. SEA implements Visitor Pass program
  131. A woman had her cheese confiscated
  132. TSA gives green light to test new technology that can screen passengers from 25 feet
  133. Travelers Defying TSA
  134. Flight/segment Shenanigans - does CBP at YYZ care?
  135. Miami Airport Passengers Detained, Searched After Security Scare
  136. I want a cookie
  137. TSA CAT finally catches someone...sort of.
  138. Trump's Anti-Trans Proposal and Passports
  139. Why do TSA agents at the podium care so much that you have your ID and BP in hand?
  140. Airline Employee Randomly Beeps at TSA-Pre, I'm Told I Get Extra Screening
  141. Blogger Bob has died
  142. Do you really need to turn off your cell phone while flying?
  143. Taking Pot INTO Canada?
  144. You can now check-in with your face at Shanghai Hongqiao Airport
  145. Dangers of in-person dealing w/ embassies/consulates and immunized foreign officials
  146. PreCheck is a failure - is anybody surprised? [enrollment numbers fell short]
  147. No more passports at S. Korea's Incheon Airport?
  148. Fork Over Passwords or Pay the Price, New Zealand Tells Travelers
  149. Insider threat to aviation
  150. TSA Senior Level Corruption
  151. High screener turnover
  152. Passport 'annulled', traveler has to leave country
  153. Rapper Plies arrested at TPA on a concealed weapon charge
  154. Thoughts on Children's Fingerprints for GE/Nexus
  155. Passenger Dies at TSA Checkpoint
  156. Those airport security bins carry more germs than the toilets
  157. Screener misses a can of pepper spray-goes off in the cabin while plane is in flight
  158. Windows need to be open upon takeoff/landing
  159. CBP Suit over phone seized at the border
  160. Extortioncheck enrollment centers opening inside of Staples stores
  161. Muslim Woman Says TSA Forced Her To Show Her Bloodied Pad During Airport Screening
  162. CBP Knife Found in a Checked Bag after Arriving in Buenos Aires from Houston
  163. Federal Air Marshal removed from UA flight in handcuffs
  164. Can your plane be hacked out of the sky?
  165. Leaving airport when you have a long layover
  166. WaPo: Women accuse U.S. customs officers of invasive body searches
  167. WaPo piece on profiling by TSA & CBP
  168. Davey's First Year on Propaganda Village
  169. What's your fastest entry time for a foreign country from an international flight?
  170. Lawsuit regarding the "enhanced" patdown process
  171. "And the LTSO wrestled the vaper to the ground..."
  172. Drinking Alcohol on Board Emirates Flight to Dubai - Wise?
  173. Muslim U.S. citizen's Encounter with CPB upon Reentering the US
  174. UK Border Force LHR
  175. Inconsistent commands at CATSA screening in YYZ
  176. UK Border After Brexit?
  177. 3 Seconds to Pass Security Lanes by Facial Recognition
  178. Requirement to Send in Old Passport to Renew Unnecessary and an PITA
  179. Security Issues with the Global Entry Facial Recognition Pilot Program
  180. TSA's 'Quiet Storm' program uses FAMs to track and surveil domestic passengers
  181. TSO Training Report from GAO
  182. Cops at PHL strike again
  183. Explosive Trace Detection
  184. Pre✓ exempt from liquids limits? Are cough syrup and sunscreen medically necessary?
  185. Value of a (stolen) US passport within the US?
  186. Article on CBP inspections
  187. Long PP Lines ZRH - Swiss Qualify for GE, Why no Automated PP Gates for US Citizens?
  188. Are CBP checkpoint overseas equivalent to local checkpoints?
  189. TSA screeners win immunity from abuse claims: US Appeals Court [reversed 8/30/19]
  190. Customary for ICE to come to aircraft door to review documents and separate citizens?
  191. Global Entry Card and TLV Security
  192. TSA at MIA concourse H - NASTY behavior
  193. TSA (or similar?) confiscated my seasonings!
  194. Does anyone have PreCheck? Is it worth it?
  195. Triathlete Cris Howard claims she was strip searched by TSA
  196. Man wearing only underwear ran onto a taxiway at Atlanta (ATL) International Airport
  197. US immigration: when did they end separate lines for US citizens/green card holders?
  198. Jogger detained 2 weeks for jogging across border
  199. Could/should the passport office send email reminders that PP will expire "soon"?
  200. USSC Administrative Law Judge Decision
  201. Totally electronic passports
  202. 2006: war on water. 2018: war on powder
  203. Can I put a hidden camera in my checked bag? Other ideas?
  204. TSA claim form adds "injured" to reason to file a claim
  205. TSA does extensive search on a 96-year old wheel chair passenger!
  206. June 5 security breach at den
  207. DHS Compiles List Of All Bloggers, Journalists, & "Social Media Influencers"
  208. TSA, CBP & HSI Seize Ohio Man's $58k Life Savings from CLE Checkpoint
  209. Remy: The Longest Time (TSA Version)
  210. This American Life episode: LaDonna (re airport security)
  211. CBP Fines Couple $500 for Smuggling Ivory
  212. those explosive detectors
  213. Today my decision was made to join preheck
  214. The Ugly Traveler -- raging on TSA
  215. Secure Airport Public Spaces Act, S. 2859
  216. New Watch List of Travelers to protect TSA screeners
  217. TSA identity verification call center SOP
  218. 4th Circuit Court - CBP Need Suspicion to Search Cellphones
  219. Can a same day boarding pass for a flight I cancelled get me through TSA?
  220. What's going on with the TSA? [Return of long lines]
  221. TSA abbreviations and definitions master list
  222. What to do after aggressive "pat down" by TSA
  223. Just How Safe Is TSA Security?
  224. Why was SENTRI vehicle inspection dropped and lanes opened to NEXUS and GE members?
  225. Really weird country list in travel question when renewing my NEXUS
  226. Sanitizing Laptop (not Phone) before CBP
  227. AA Employee get prison time for TSA checkpoint outburst
  228. Viper Team Today Rosslyn DC Metro Exit
  229. Asian airport screeners use physical pat downs vs. US screeners who don't ??
  230. TSA 20 Question Games with Children
  231. U.S. Customs Warrantless Searches of Computers and Cellphones
  232. The State Department Wants to Require Visa Applicants to Submit Five Years of Social
  233. FLL - sheriff detail at gate
  234. Dangerous ICE Detainee Escapes Custody at JFK, Flees in Taxi (With Help from the TSA)
  235. Why pay for TSA pre?
  236. Problematic Screening Policy at British Airports
  237. Orbitz Hacked: Customer DOBs leaked thanks to DHS/TSA Secure Flight
  238. Why Demand ID of All Entering Federal Buildings But no Database Check?
  239. Seems like the BDOs could be at it again
  240. TSA searching laptops/cell phones before DOMESTIC flights
  241. Rich countries trying to crackdown on citizenship by investment/donation programs
  242. This is ominous [GW Cyber & Homeland urges focus on public side of airports]
  243. #MeTooByTSA
  244. Mayhem and yelling over theft at checkpoint
  245. Are all Delta pilots armed?
  246. Half-Assed Implementation of New Security Procedures JFK Terminal 4
  247. safety record for atr72
  248. Do many people still routinely opt-out of MMW / Whole Body Scanners?
  249. Passenger with broken wrist denied boarding due to "explosive residue"
  250. Newbies stationed at the CATSA/Nexus lines?