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  1. US Passport Renewals Summer/Fall 2020 - simple renewal-by mail only
  2. family with different passports in same immigration line? [entering Germany]
  3. Timatic - Non-EU Citizens Admitted to EU Based on Residency, Not Citizenship
  4. Four Laptops
  5. Can Someone with a US Passport and an Expired EU Passport Travel to Europe?
  6. TSA Screening (US Domestic): N-95 Respirator and Tyvek Suit
  7. Dual Nationals: Accents on One Passport but Not--Will This Cause Problems?
  8. Quarantine Question - US Citizen Traveling to the US for Under 14 Days
  9. CBP San Ysidro border arrest for out of state misdemeanor warrant
  10. Soap allowed at security checkpoints?
  11. EWR inbound screening process
  12. Carrying Rubbing Alcohol in checked luggage into the US?
  13. TSA allowing passengers to bring up to 12 ounces of hand sanitizer through security
  14. Can a dual NZ/USA citizen go to NZ, then return to the US with expired US passport?
  15. Advice on travelling during these xenophobic times
  16. travel with green card rather than get real ID
  17. Dual-Citizen Canadians must have a Canadian Passport to fly to Canada
  18. Questioned while boarding DXB to LHR
  19. Is there a way to find out if someone has been flagged?
  20. Passport validity leaving EU
  21. EXTRA CBP inspection at JFK T4 1/21/20 for Cairo pax
  22. CBP overstay email
  23. First time connecting through the US to CA
  24. TSA Lock locked open and won't reset.
  25. Quick help needed on visa question
  26. Consistently get pat down from TSA
  27. Dual Passport Holder with different names: which one to give to airline vs border?
  28. gate security departing ZURICH on DL for USA
  29. Clearing Customs after Separated from Bags During IRROPS
  30. using bathroom 1 hour before landing
  31. Will I be able to bring a broom on the airplane?
  32. New ID check method at DCA
  33. What is considered commercial goods by the US CBP?
  34. Canadian Airport Security Hand Swab
  35. UE Boom speaker in checked bag??
  36. Dutch National Visiting US and Canada in one trip-crossing borders an issue?
  37. Baggage Reclaim & Recheck
  38. Travel with telescope and tripod in carry on luggage?
  39. Traveling with Vectra-22 Fabric Protector?
  40. Traveling with liquids while on a soft food diet
  41. Is a UPS in CARRY ON okay?:
  42. Customs screening when on weird itineraries
  43. does Macbook Pro($4500) purchased in Japan need to be declared when returning to US?
  44. SSSS *despite* having a Redress Number
  45. Requirement to provide passport info 72 hours before flying to USA
  46. Metal Straws and CATSA/TSA
  47. TSA luggage inspection notices
  48. What's the Current TSA Policy on Powder?
  49. Pate de Foie Gras and TSA 2019
  50. Dual Brazil/US citizen - which passport shown where?
  51. Does TSA let you through if your flight is canceled or has already departed?
  52. Duty for jewelry
  53. ATL Mobile Pass Change Makes it Useless
  54. Green Card as ID for Domestic Flights
  55. Using PIV card to clear TSA checkpoint
  56. Are coffee grinders allowed in hand luggage?
  57. Entering USA from Canada by land w/o a passport: experience?
  58. Separate flight tickets and segments vs ESTA/CBP?
  59. PDF version of blue 6059B Customs Declaration - Any Practical Experience?
  60. CBP at pre-clearance says you can't carry the apple in to the US?
  61. Reentering the US after Denial of Global Entry due to Use of Marijuana
  62. Reentering the US after Denial of Global Entry due to Use of Marijuana
  63. Nationwide US Customs Computer Crash. This can't be good.
  64. Traveling with carry on inline skates; pre-alert person handling the queue?
  65. CBP officer asking questions before boarding a plane.
  66. What to expect from Customs when bringing back a $5,000 watch?
  67. Help Opting Out of Body Scanner at KUL Airport in Malaysia
  68. US Customs (?) damaged luggage- how to proceed
  69. TSA Removed Battery and Lid from Caliper Case in Checked Luggage
  70. Importing dried fruit
  71. Folding umbrella's in NAIA [MNL]
  72. Weird US-Canada Day Trip Question
  73. Help! Dual USA/EU citizen (child) with expired EU passport
  74. Passport name and green card is different
  75. "Random" airside security check at Vienna Airport?
  76. Deciphering POE codes on CBP Immigration Stamps
  77. Cane?
  78. Do you watch your bag go in the X-ray?
  79. How do you know if an oxygen mask is working?
  80. Relocating to US with jewellery: declaration?
  81. International to Domestic Connection at ORD after Arrival from a PreClearance Airport
  82. Second US passport either lost in mail or by passport center - DS-64 or DS-86 form?
  83. Different Names on Dual Citizen Italian Passport and US Passport
  84. Apple Watch residue sets off full body scanner
  85. TSA automated security checkpoints
  86. Liquids Rule for Travel from France to USA
  87. Customs at CLT vs MIA and layover time
  88. Immigration officer taking passport to a back room
  89. Do you need to take the cash out of your pockets when going through the scanner?
  90. Coin collection questions
  91. Can’t believe this happened to me :( [Luggage Stolen While Checking in to Hotel]
  92. Leaving baggage at airport for someone else to pick up
  93. Can I take a flammable aerosol on my checked bag?
  94. European ePassport gates - removing glasses?
  95. How does Tripadvisor select its 10 (or 5) Best Safe Hotels in a place?
  96. Which airline is responsible for checking visa requirements on an interline PNR?
  97. Lost Your US Passport in Austria, Any McDonald’s Can Help
  98. Bringing wine back to US via Canada
  99. Lost passport on flight home!!
  100. Doha layover - Transgender
  101. FLL Security Corridors completed yet?
  102. Possible to take wood (lumber) from Israel to USA?
  103. Is the TSA at MCO opening earlier since enhanced screening started?
  104. LHR T3 vs T5 security
  105. Mobile Passport PLUS
  106. Would a passenger on the US no fly list be allowed to board domestic Canadian flight?
  107. Did IAD remove their automated passport kiosks?
  108. [Texas] DL [with out of state address] not accepted - what now?
  109. Vintage guitar - CITES inspection at LAX
  110. Enhanced ID vs Real ID vs Nondriver ID vs Nondriver ID Renew Online/Mail?
  111. Can someone with knowledge explain if you can go to Europe with felonies?
  112. Seoul duty-free skincare items okay for Taipei connection?
  113. Can I bring scissors/tweezers on checked/carry on?
  114. Carrying a keyboard on checked bag vs carry on?
  115. Traveling With Powerbank Laptop Charger?
  116. APC kiosk X mark question
  117. US Customs for BUD to PHL nonstop
  118. Can I take Jenny Craig Travel Meals in Carry On?
  119. Is entering via PDX, "De-Portland" still hostile/racist to non-citizens?
  120. Budapest airport body scanner
  121. Guam to HNL flight with expired visa
  122. Bringing Live Bees on a plane
  123. Video conferencing device in check-in
  124. Lost Passport Card
  125. Current Security Protocols
  126. Yellow BP scan
  127. Gel insoles
  128. Ice Melt Pellets in carry-ons
  129. body scanner on flight via 3 airports
  130. Sensitive teeth toothpaste
  131. Does the US keep track of visa denials?
  132. gun went missing after being checked at mccarren airport
  133. Friend keeps getting X's on his customs slips after traveling with a potential felon
  134. Airline staff gave my passport to another passenger (identity theft concerns)
  135. Whirlpool Bridge
  136. Whirlpool Bridge at Niagara Falls open?
  137. APC kiosk scan issue for green card holder
  138. Send out my Passport?
  139. Passport question [dual US/Dutch citizen flying one way US -> Netherlands]
  140. Flying with framed paintings as carry-on
  141. mobile passport malfunction
  142. tsa fine for firearm in carryon
  143. Multi-airline / multi-country visa Issue?
  144. Travelling from Germany to sweden without an Passport
  145. US CBP Failure to Declare Note in Delayed Baggage after Using Mobile Passport App
  146. resident alien flying on a Brazilian passport in the USA
  147. Visa left in old passport - what are my options?
  148. Alcohol in checked luggage - resealable flask?
  149. Are metal detectors allowed in carry on?
  150. Advance Passenger Information System - Online Check-in Passport Info - China
  151. US airports during a government shutdown
  152. Can I allowed to bring big cheese home from Switzerland?
  153. Giant Candy?
  154. Forgot to Declare Lentils to US CBP
  155. CBP - Overstay Email / Missing I94 Departure Record
  156. Can One Use the APC Kiosks at EWR with a B1/B2 Visa?
  157. Can I fly to England with a previous criminal record
  158. Do I need a US Visa for a 14 Stop Over in Miami Flying to Jamaica?
  159. Active visas on expiring US Passport
  160. Hidden City Ticketing - Customs
  161. removing middle name from a uk passport while in Germany
  162. Robbed in St Petersburg
  163. Are "safety razors" allowed in carry on baggage - please help - leaving tomorrow
  164. TSA and shoe covers (over socks)
  165. TSA and Refrigerated Medication
  166. body scanners in the 5 stan countries ?
  167. Passport/ticket name issue for international travel
  168. UK/Irish Passport Holder Traveling between Europe and UK post Brexit
  169. TSA screening autistic minor child?
  170. UK to allow US, Canada, NZ, Australia, and Japan Passport Holders to Use E-Gates
  171. Random UA Email about Real ID & EWR
  172. What do duty free limits on “general goods” actually apply to?
  173. Could you take these cleaning pads through security?
  174. Canadian Traveling to europe with a US warrant
  175. TSA And Baby Formula
  176. LCD computer monitor
  177. Silicone cookware
  178. No customs forms any more when returning to US?
  179. At the airport customs
  180. Traveling with ice packs and food... allowed for carry-on?
  181. Is there a downside to not changing your name on the passport?
  182. Do you have to clear US immigration as a family? (2 US citizens, 1 GC)
  183. Taking olive oil through security
  184. My Japanese wife gets always secondary screening when entering the US
  185. TSA removed my laptop w/ out telling me...and I walked away...What to do?
  186. exclamation point stick on passport
  187. access being denied of a us citizen into the usa
  188. very sensitive metal detector at DCA PreCheck this morning
  189. How did my misplaced bag clear customs without me?
  190. Bagel and cream cheese OK
  191. Bring food, surrender passport and get it back after agrarian inspection
  192. Countries that ban entry by people who have a US criminal record
  193. TSA Agent: "Keys are not working"
  194. Sydney airport security
  195. Personal data and emergency contact on 'US Passport'
  196. Transport luggage from US to Europe
  197. Do I need a Canadian Visa for Connecting at YYZ En Route from DUB to MCO?
  198. US travelers, did your powerful passport helped you before in a developed country?
  199. Clearing TSA Night Before Early Flight
  200. Middle name everywhere except the passport
  201. Visiting boyfriend in USA - Immigration worries
  202. Am I allowed to bring an AGM battery on a flight for my CPAP machine?
  203. Non-TSA Locks Were Cut Off My Checked Baggage [AMS-PDX-SEA]
  204. Travelling with Lots of Estate Jewelry in Carry On
  205. Driving from Alaska to Seattle with kids
  206. Entered US from Canada without having to reclaim checked bags for customs inspection.
  207. Undocumented Flying with Foreign Passport
  208. Can I travel with my new US passport that has the wrong place of birth?
  209. New Entry Procedure for US--No Kiosk or Form to Fill Out, Only Discussion with Agent?
  210. Secondary inspection due to lost passport with US visa
  211. US Citizens CAN Board a Flight to the US Without a Passport at Preclearance Airports
  212. Flying with a baby before a birth certificate has been issued
  213. PARAFE Border Gates in France Work With German and Belgian Passports - Perhaps More
  214. Carriage of “Powder like substances” in Hand Baggage
  215. Is a US Passport Valid to Enter the US THROUGH or UNTIL Its Expiration Date?
  216. Email from airline prior to flight re: powders
  217. JFK Intl Departures Terminal 5
  218. Liquids in Clear Bag Requirement Gone?
  219. Agricultural Inspection at JFK
  220. Key-lock a suitcase internationally?
  221. IAD anticipated security line delays?
  222. Body Scanner on Customs Arrivals?
  223. 2018: Are TSA locks still a thing?
  224. Wet wipes and Korean airport security
  225. Travelling with Wedding Favors - Soap
  226. USB rechargeable fan and bug swatter in carryon?
  227. Is my passport flagged? [camera phone in US immigration facility]
  228. Culinary Torch "Head" on Carry-on
  229. US address requirement (LPR)
  230. Travelling with home-made custom electronics
  231. Quart vs 1 liter liquid bags for US and UK/EU security?
  232. Customs Agents Asking Questions On Leaving US
  233. Bringing Cut Flowers through airport security (international terminal)
  234. Pacemaker with a Defibrillator - Recent Experiences at Security Checkpoints?
  235. Long lines at PHL as everyone is given PreCheck [TSA using passenger screening dogs]
  236. Dual US and Mexican citizen travel with Mexican a passport
  237. check in after security?
  238. Snack bars require manual bag search? SPI tells me new policy
  239. Empty lock box on carry on?
  240. Luggage wrapping - to/from USA
  241. Airports with Unified Immigration/Customs Screening
  242. losing nationality while travelling
  243. Is there a liquid limit on checked bags?
  244. CBP did not stamp my passport?!
  245. Can you bring in a mole pen remover?
  246. US Passport Application Secondary ID Requirement Question
  247. Bag clearing TSA checkpoint before me - best practice?
  248. Watches and necklaces on or off when going through whole body scanner?
  249. REAL ID that doesn't say which say which is the first or last name?
  250. Flying domestically with a foreign passport