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  1. And if the light was red??? (computer hardware follies - true story)
  2. I am glad that FT carries advertising...
  3. The FT Dirty-and/or-Cold, Bare Floor (Keep Shoes On!) at the Magnometer Thread
  4. Women in IAH with a shotgun case at the gate. Anychance an empty shotgun was with her
  5. Wages/benefits questions for TSA screeners
  6. Interesting Crew Security Procedure on UA This AM
  7. TSA employee arrested for unattended bag
  8. Really long, instrusive customs search at SEA yesterday - any idea why?
  9. Lead-lined Bags and X-Ray Machines
  10. Please contact TSA Deputy Stephen Mchale and tell him to lay off! college student
  11. Security and clear plastic cups
  12. Radiation concerns
  13. What about digital probe thermometers?
  14. Hardcase luggage w/ combo locks?
  15. Incedent at GSO this weekend
  16. Use of first name
  17. ICTS ?
  18. Canadian prohibited list eased
  19. List of airports that check luggage you can relock afterwards?
  20. FBI agent loses gun, delaying DIA flights
  21. TSA attentions this last trip in and out of LAX.
  22. TSA being dismantled as we speak
  23. Security Concerns about boarded Food Carts and Cargo
  24. Mementos for Spiff
  25. Pay for Screeners?
  26. Reminder: Sep 30 last day for public CAPPS II comments
  27. Thinking Worst Case: Options if Detained by TSA/Cops?
  28. Gate Harassment at RDU today
  29. Why does TSA need your boarding pass after a search?
  30. Shoes in your Carry -on must come out before being X-rayed?
  31. Soldiers' flight stalled by security
  32. Gate Harassment at FLL today
  33. First Class Passengers to Have Knives
  34. CAPPSII privacy violations already begun: pax address, DOB, SSN posted online
  35. Want to understand why CAPPS-II is so bad? A simple explanation...
  36. SDF baggage screening soon to be done "behind" the scenes
  37. Future: Now you MAY lock your baggage thanks to . . .
  38. Inline Baggage Screening Being (Slowly) Phased In! :)
  39. Cool Article: Confession of a Baggage Screener (+little info on future technology)
  40. List of inconsistancies
  41. Screw-ups dont only always happen at airports
  42. GAO Agents Successfully Smuggle Box Cutters Past TSA Screeners
  43. PHL: New Details About Airport Security Breach
  44. NY Times Article Says Nail Files and Razors Being Collected
  45. Policy on locked luggage
  46. Shoe nazi's hard at work - ugh
  47. 20 airfare sales down the tubes
  48. New Security System - Color Code Per Passenger
  49. Interesting Luggage "Inspection"
  50. NO ID Check
  51. BWI: no eye contact
  52. Strange Sheraton general manager attitude
  53. All Electronic Equipment Must Be Removed?
  54. Thefts from luggage / new security rules
  55. New Shoe Check platforms pre-security ATL
  56. How can security be improved?
  57. Face recognition systems excessively inaccurate
  58. Batteries confiscated at ICN (Seoul)?
  59. What happens to confiscated knives...
  60. The dreaded 'SSSS' / NW codeshares op by CO.. Plus Kudos to TPA TSA
  61. uk terrorist threat
  62. More shoe hijinks... this time at CMH
  63. CATSA releases 2003 annual report: for flyers in Canada
  64. Question regarding opening of checked bags
  65. Remove your shoes. No thanks.
  66. Long time
  67. TSA took matters into their own hands.
  68. The Battle Hymn of the Air Traveler
  69. U.S. Airline Screening Plan Intrusive
  70. Mandatory Shoe Removal at SFO's AA Concourse Yesterday
  71. DHS has 1 in 12 federal employees
  72. May I make a shoes-for-flying reccomendation?
  73. TSA idiot screener w/no respect for pax medical issues
  74. The bad touch
  75. Jetty Doors - Newark
  76. Has TSA caught even one genuine bad guy?
  77. The Plastic Knife
  78. Diabetic Testing Lancets
  79. F-1 Foreign Student travel to Mexico??
  80. !!Urgent CAPPS II update !!
  81. Am I the only one that doesn't mind the TSA or have I just been lucky??
  82. SMF Security Follies
  83. TSA shoved me, called me a "d**k head", and threatend to kill me!
  84. TSA shoved me, called me a "d**k head", and threatend to kill me!
  85. TSA shoved me, called me a "d**k head", and threatend to kill me!
  86. Security for Intercity Bus Travel to be "Improved"
  87. Locks Busted on Luggage Containing Declared Firearm?
  88. Opinion of the TSA
  89. India declares no-fly zone over DEL to counter suicide airplane threat on August 15
  90. Random Gate Harassment at ATL today
  91. SSSS: Secondary Screening nonSenSe
  92. Is US$10 Billion Too Much To Pay To Equip U.S. Airliners With Anti-Missile Tech?
  93. Pencil sharpeners?
  94. A little ditty about Airports in the USA today..
  95. At SNA today... was asked WHY I TOOK MY SHOES OFF
  96. Custom electronics as carryon
  97. TSA Proves "System" Works...
  98. Air France Pilot Arrested for Bomb Claim
  99. Line thru security Fri mornig at ABQ 40 mins
  100. Mother-in-Law travelled on Cosco ID
  101. CAPPSIIa coming soon
  102. Will cameras now be problematic? Any 1st hand stories yet?
  103. 'US News' profiles FT Safety/Security's favourite man
  104. Air marshals pulled from key flights
  105. Discovery of Knife Prompts Emergency Landing at NRT
  106. Airport screeners perform sea cow scan
  107. Do airline crews get pulled over for more screening than Pax?
  108. Received *S* / "SSSS" Boarding Pass GA disregarded *S* - TSAShortstaffed
  109. Taking off shoes at PHL security check point
  110. Now here's a kid that deserves a medal!
  111. Since announcement on shoe removal I have taken off shoes every time
  112. Shoed for secondary inspection at LAX
  113. EDT trace detection - false alarm + other TSA harassment
  114. Here's a juicy tidbit from tsaunion.com
  115. Security - What is it we're protecting??
  116. Privatization of Airport Security.....Better or Same?
  117. uh oh: TSA finds gun in teddy-bear
  118. Leering male screeners
  119. Shoes Off At SMF Today - 7/16
  120. Good thing Reid didn't try lighting an A-bomb
  121. Unhappy with the security lines at BWI Concourse D? It's USAirways fault
  122. Skateboards are weapons
  123. TSA: You don't have to take off your shoes
  124. TSA employees
  125. TSA Stupid Tricks
  126. Single best post-9/11 security improvement...
  127. Codeshare/Multi Carrier Security Problems
  128. W of MD
  129. Australia tightens air security
  130. 285 LAX Airport-Security Screeners Fired
  131. Firecrackers can set off problems at airports
  132. A Study of Federal Airport Security
  133. A Sign of Times to Come??
  134. Flying with prescription samples
  135. More tips for those flying through Canada
  136. LAX evacuated twice on 6/27
  137. Boarding Pass Issued *S* (Selectee) LAX understaffed/TSA no show at gate
  138. Another Positive TSA Experience
  139. New machines TSA is testing
  140. An interesting report about the TSA
  141. House OKs Homeland Security Funding Bill
  142. Anybody Wanna' Bet We Have "Code Orange" for 7/4???
  143. Save your TSA "Notification of Baggage Inspections"
  144. TSA sealing bags that weren't sealed?!?
  145. Curious about DTW baggage screening: Can anyone help?
  146. TSA Baggage Screening: Sense/Non-sense
  147. Fighting terror without losing our freedoms
  148. A positive TSA experience
  149. U.S. airport security remains porous
  150. Sea-Tac on Sunday 06.22.03. . .
  151. Alton Brown loses his skillet
  152. What can an active cell phone do to the aircraft?
  153. Why the ID check?
  154. 04 Homeland budget?
  155. Secondary Screening
  156. Take your shoes off, make a statement
  157. Report: Terror System Flags David Nelsons
  158. Question for TSA Screeners
  159. Asnine TSA claim form for when your bags get rifled...
  160. Troopers begin BOS patrols w/machine guns
  161. End-of-journey security screening
  162. What has the TSA really "Done"???
  163. Pax caught w/knife -- to cut fruit
  164. 12 Ex-Convicts Worked As LAX Screeners
  165. French afraid of wine openers
  166. Hair cutting tools gone. Removed?
  167. stupidity of secondary searches
  168. Great (or at least humerous) moments in Aviation Security
  169. All Shoes to be X-Rayed
  170. Mildly amusing remark by TSA agent at LAS
  171. SFO; Option to take shoes off... Say NO, secondary screening
  172. Is there any rhyme or reason to the dreaded "SSSS"??
  173. One Pax's (My) Tips for Dealing with the TSA
  174. holy crap! I made it through security w/o a secondary screening!
  175. Travel Insurance
  176. 100% shoe removal today.
  177. Golfing in LAS: I guess this belongs here
  178. Do YOU have friends at the TSA, Citizen?
  179. Buenos Aires - Personal Security.
  180. Info for travellers in Canada
  181. HNL Security
  182. Virgin Atlantic Airways Trials New Security Technology for the UK Home Office
  183. cell phones and aircraft
  184. Cellphones and Safety
  185. LAX - Immigration/Customs =10 mins, AA Terminal 4 Security = 60 minutes
  186. Help fight SARS
  187. Tamper evident luggage seals
  188. Federal law against lining up for the lav?
  189. Can I carry on silver silverware?
  190. Odd piece of advice from TSA at ORD
  191. US air controllers made fewer mistakes last year
  192. Locked vs. Unlocked
  193. Why is it
  194. S.A.R.S. Any infos ?
  196. Ruined luggage!!!!
  197. The Suitcase WASN'T locked, but lock missing
  198. e-checkin question
  199. Internet printouts no longer fly at [BNA]
  200. Saipan
  201. GSD?/FSD? - What are they?
  202. travelling with a toner cartridge - problems ?
  203. Aircraft Ditching (water "landing")
  204. Interesting reading: why matches & lighters are allowed on flights
  205. SFO
  206. Carrying Food Items
  207. Two "In the News" threads are still languishing in "Misposted Threads."
  208. review your shoes for security considerations
  209. Please do not lock your luggage
  210. Durian alert!
  211. Remind me: I pay what for TSA inspection?
  212. Info from aviation attorney friend re. TSA
  213. No electric toothbrush or hot roller clips in carryon?
  214. no id