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  1. ACLU decries Secure Flight test
  2. ABC News Is Looking for Victims of Airport Screening Thefts
  3. TSA demands PNR's
  4. Baggage search
  5. Editorials: Touching humiliation
  6. JIA 56th in National Airport Theft Claims
  7. What is the jacket removal policy?
  8. Passport checks before exiting jetway/hallway
  9. Are we safer in the Air now and Why ?
  10. The Arrival of Secret Law - Secrecy News TSA
  11. Passenger data order riles critics
  12. TSA has a thing about fuzzy ducks
  13. Longer airport waits expected
  14. HNL: Luggage claims top $100K
  15. A question re: something I heard awhile ago
  16. US Gov't Orders Airlines to Turn Over Pax Data
  17. U.S. Airlines Must Supply Travel Records by Nov. 23
  18. Four Miami concourses shut down for bag check
  19. RDU shoe carnival
  20. Not Kitchen Sink - A Barbeque!
  21. Airport Terminal Evacuated in Virginia
  22. Homeland Security Dept wants US-Bound planes to board 1 hr before takeoff
  23. Dallas Morning News Reporter Wishes To Communicate With DFW Pax & TSA Personnel
  24. When your name's the same as someone on feds' "no-fly" list
  25. TSA theft stats
  26. Satire: TSA To Require Loyalty Oath to Fly!
  27. Transit security agency chided over air cargo
  28. Some say US no longer feels like home..
  29. Security scares at Newark Airport delay a flight and divert another
  30. ACLU executive files suit challenging BOS airport police profiling
  31. Caribiners Not Allowed in Carry-on Baggage?
  32. Checkpoint Is A Waste of Time
  33. Magazine Label as ID
  34. Is the TSA disproportionately underrepresentative of women and minorities?
  35. thank you tsa!!
  36. backscatter x ray in use
  37. TSA: "Is your bag open?" Passenger: "No."
  38. Yeager Passengers Report Thefts
  39. Getting Familiar With All-Too-Intimate Pat-Downs
  40. TSA reform policy ideas
  41. My .02 about Airport Security
  42. TSA at IAD (You must be kidding)
  43. Report finds cargo inspections at Newark airport lacking
  44. Opinion: Control frivilous TSA spending
  45. TSA To Allow Private Airport Screening Companies
  46. FAA OKs Tasers on Commercial Flights
  47. TSA at SLC confiscates 185k prohibited items thru 9/04
  48. NBC reporters breach security at LAX 22 times at TBIT
  49. Another "better safe than sorry" airport evacuation; no arrests - but owner detained
  50. Politeness towards screeners
  51. TSA Bans Aircraft from Terminals
  52. Can you complain when only 1 line is open & TSA employes (4) are yacking and sitting
  53. The Case of the Elusive Conclusive Evidence
  54. A Very Real Danger (worth repeating)
  55. New fingerprinting and photographs
  56. TSA's official response to traveler's complaints about new groping protocols
  57. Civil Rights Groups Criticize New Airline Screening
  58. New Shoe Removal Policy effective 01OCT?
  59. Why was my bag opened?
  60. Sinister alleged French tourist caught videotaping at LAX
  61. Court Hears Arguments in ACLU No-Fly Class-Action Lawsuit
  62. Five More Employees Nabbed In Ongoing JFK Theft Problem
  63. Naked man climbs into QF jet at LAX
  64. Assistance of all members requested
  65. Yet another laptop blowed up by the TSA
  66. Are there any female FAM's?
  67. Opinion: Foolproof versus foolish
  68. Getting Off a Security Watch List Is the Hard Part
  69. DRBA, Delaware State Police join in roadside checks effort
  70. When a Pat-Down Seems Like Groping
  71. Bin Laden: Goal is to bankrupt U.S.
  72. 3 Workers Cry 'racism' At Homeland Security
  73. Family Alleging Roadside Strip Search, Racial Profiling & Slurs
  74. Rennee Zellweger's Knickers Security Horror
  75. Worst Security Plan Ever: Greyhound
  76. National Geographic's "Air Emergency" & MD-80's
  77. Technology over secondary
  78. desktop??
  79. Airmall access expected to return in Nov
  80. Michael Moore claims 9-11 passengers were scaredy-cats because they were mostly white
  81. Stupid Passengers
  82. Three concourses evacuated at Portland airport
  83. Lexington Woman Claims An Airport Security Screener Groped Her
  84. U.S. and Canadian Authorities requiring use of Arabic Numerals!!!
  85. DHS/BICE and Border Patrol causing fatal accidents in upstate New York
  86. DHS enforcing patent law now?!
  87. USA Today on Screener training
  88. Slightly OT: Area Race Directors Confront a New Era of Security
  89. Skyteam ElitePlus denied boarding by Delta in CDG for "security reasons"
  90. Some airports may opt out of federal security program
  91. Do you know what's in your luggage?
  92. False bomb threat leads to two men charged by US Attorney
  93. In the event of a water landing...
  94. Airport screener rules not yet set
  95. Unchosen Exposure
  96. Assertion: TSA's Discriminatory Practices Impairs Transportation Security
  97. (Bob) Barr comments on latest TSA passenger security proposal
  98. JFK Installs 'Puff Portals' to Sniff Airline Passengers for Explosives
  99. Airport security folks could use your lost change
  100. Diverse groups criticize passenger screening program
  101. Security level upped at airport
  102. Consultant deemed a risk at Sky Harbor airport
  103. How to formally complain about contract ID checkers? (refuse to accept INSPASS)
  104. For my next grope session/flight, shall I dress up as Dame Edna, RuPaul or Divine?
  105. 21st-century blacklist
  106. New TSA Poster!
  107. Flash or Be Groped!
  108. Wave 4 Prelim Security Times
  109. MaybeThe TSA is Succeeding?
  110. Security Threat: Con-Air Tips over on runway
  111. What about orthopedic shoes?
  112. TSA = The Screwing of America
  113. Security breach at JFK?
  114. Dept. of "Homeland" Security holds conference @ hotel on street named for terrorist!
  115. Joan Collins "strips" for LHR security...
  116. ORD T-1: Another Airport with Sensible Policies
  117. A FAM that works for Lloyd’s of London!
  118. My traveling companions may be on the "watch list"!
  119. Conclusion Re Pat Down Policy
  120. I refused to be groped and they let me fly!
  121. GAO Study on US Customs Personal Searches
  122. What if our current TSA security measures were effective?
  123. Wave 4 of TSA survey
  124. TSA Civil penalties schedule
  125. Auditors: DHS fumbles transportation security research
  126. First It Was Lavish Parties & Poor Screening...
  127. LAX T4: The way shoe policy should be
  128. One guy's story about how he can no longer use personal checks or fly w/o a hassle
  129. SSSS Stands for???
  130. County eyes new contract on airport expansion
  131. Homeland security: An assault on privacy?
  132. TSA to Conduct First Real World Test of Cutting-Edge Backscatter Technology
  133. Buy Back Your Seized Knives, Etc. On eBay
  134. Legality of SSSS evasion
  135. Screening Laptops
  136. More TSA Survey Data now downloadable
  137. What security measures should be in place at a US airport?
  138. Organize
  139. Possible Solution to the Groping
  140. My flight cxld - I was groped!
  141. Security measures and risk - keep in context
  142. What I saw at TYS today
  143. A quandary
  144. Good News! Not all baggage thieves work for the TSA!
  145. Audit: TSA overpaying for airport contract
  146. 9 Airport Screeners Removed From Newark After Failing Tests
  147. Secure Flight: Stop the Data Dump
  148. Raise hand if you ever left $$ at Security
  149. A screener touched me all over on Sunday.... Should I be offended?
  150. Thorough search at EWR...
  151. The Travel Safety/Security Forum Humor Thread
  152. Conservative columnist Cal Thomas upset at "idiocy virus" that has him on a "list"
  153. Civil liberties T-shirts trigger 'alarm'
  154. Another TSA employee's mistake (not uncommon these days) closes DIA concourse
  155. TSA questions.
  156. Plane evacuated in N.D. for bomb scare
  157. Today's not so funny TSA story
  158. Ideas: reconciling security and liberties
  159. Administration change
  160. TSA in EVV
  161. Federal appeals court ruling
  162. Let's have a Flyertalk Protest against the TSA inside security at ATL!
  163. John Ashcroft's response to those who wish to protect liberty
  164. Just another whining traveler....
  165. Interesting article
  166. FAM management doesnt want anyone speaking out
  167. Do you feel it is inappropriate for TSA employees to address you by your first name?
  168. New rules could hurt flight schools
  169. Florida National Guard troops may return to airport duty
  170. Hobby security officials resign on eve of news conference
  171. DHS Insanity Tiger Woods breaks US immigration rules; yacht turned away from San Juan
  172. Opinion: Getting Screened Or Getting Screwed?
  173. Allegations Against Screeners Prompt TSA To Outline Process
  174. It's Party Time With the TSA!!!
  175. Wave 3 US Airport security - data link
  176. What kind of person are you?
  177. What's the Trigger for a Bag Search?
  178. Boyd aviation security
  179. Here is one for you all to chew on
  180. Question On TSA Hierarchy/Operations
  181. Do FAM's fly under their own name?
  182. Bush's homeland security efforts get mixed reviews
  183. Screener's worries close checkpoint, halt flights
  184. Bomb threat diverts Virgin flight
  185. "Security" -- Not a Partisan Issue
  186. Today the TSA is fondling breasts; guess what will they twiddle with tomorrow?
  187. TSA Party Thread
  188. Requesting help of TSA Personnel...
  189. Just Curious: Who's Responsible if Your Laptop is Stolen In Security?
  190. DCA: What to expect?
  191. Bush's homeland security efforts get mixed reviews
  192. Another Panicy Idiot Imagines a "Dry Run"
  193. Airport Security Screeners Overworked, Report Says
  194. Vegas on Thursday
  195. TSA to Purchase Additional Explosives Trace Portals
  196. Senator closes Washington office, citing security threat
  197. Hey TSA: CLARIFY the shoe policy!
  198. My take on 4th amend. & TSA's screening
  199. Common sense prevails: UA AMS-ORD flight subject of bomb threat - but not diverted!
  200. If it meant no lines, what would you take off?
  201. Washington State ferries are being cased and photographed
  202. Who We Are In The Travel Safety/Security Forum
  203. Should I complain?
  204. "(TSA at DEN) told her they would have to touch her breasts"
  205. Congratulations to MSP TSA screeners!
  206. Newark TSA screeners failed miserably in detecting weapons and fake bombs this summer
  207. If airport security blows up your briefcase, do they owe you a new one?
  208. ONT joining shoe fetish
  209. Bad Singapore Passports
  210. Wave 3 of Airport Security Study out
  211. TSA Bashing... WHAT AN OUTRAGE!
  212. Car sear thru security
  213. Checkpoints & My "Baggy" Sweatshirt
  214. Can EVERYONE Give the TSA a Break?
  215. DHS seeks vendor to test no-fly system
  216. Report documents more security lapses at Newark Airport
  217. Young love and airport security
  218. Is there a test going on I missed?
  219. What if TSA finds something illegal, but not dangerous?
  220. More Proof That We’re Clay Pigeons For Terrorists
  221. Some say one-way tickets trigger searches
  222. Unfriendly Skies
  223. State Supreme Court, Manhattan: TSA Screener Pre-trial Conference
  224. Abhoud Syed Lingga: denied US entry in May, denied exit in October
  225. New Canadian Immigration Screening
  226. Registered Traveller program and new rules?
  227. British woman deported
  228. Congratulations to the new moderators
  229. Really dislike the TSA? Going to do something about it? Or are you just a talker?
  230. I had a run-in with TSA at UA LGA
  231. E-Check In BPs Now Require Additional ID Screening?
  232. New record in security stupidity
  233. SDF Shoe Carnival
  234. How do you act in an airport security line?
  235. Time: Spotting the Airline Terror Threat - new airport security system
  236. TSA to test behavioral profiling
  237. Do I Simply Look Harmless?
  238. US DOT has grand plan to track all road-travel
  239. "U.S. Visit" Program
  240. PAX FRIENDLY Physical Searches of Checked Baggage in UK - Why can't we be like Brits?
  241. TSA Searches
  242. What will you do to make us more secure?
  243. It's Not "Security" If The TSA Has No Accountability
  244. Woman drives mini-van through BOI terminal
  245. Cigarettes shop – Marlboro , Camel, Kent $14.99
  246. Lighting up on a flight
  247. Interesting legal opinion today re: government collection of information
  248. Fight the physical abuse at checkpoints
  249. Splitting up the family
  250. Laser Injures Delta Pilot in Flight