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  1. Anybody else see the shampoo commercial? - No, not OT
  2. Big TSA Management Shakeup (at Medford)
  3. Airport gun incidents investigated
  4. Blue TSA logo ideas
  5. Screeners: Do You Ever Fake A Pat-Down?
  6. Will undressing prevent a TSA pat-down?
  7. Newark airport screeners spot _ then lose _ fake bomb
  8. Rail Screening presentation
  9. How far would you go?
  10. Why did TSA choose pat searches over ETD swabs?
  11. Maybe airport screeners could try a little tenderness
  12. Airlines Blacklist Fliers, Some Merely Annoying
  14. What Happened to the 'Frequent Flyer Bypass Security Idea?"
  15. TSA and the Loss of American Rights
  16. One way domestic (within USA) tickets, & increased chance of secondary TSA screening?
  17. TSA: Stop with the shoes already!
  18. Do TSA employees buy their clothes and gear?
  19. does anyone get "SSSS"ed ALL the time when they fly?
  20. Can male PAX request female TSA screener for secondary?
  21. Special messages to X-ray readers
  22. Has the Double BP Check Ended?
  23. regarding implicit consent
  24. New regulations require me to inform you where the door to the flight deck is located
  25. All items stored in overhead bins... and funny aerosol spray!
  26. More and more threads that should be started here are being started in TravelBuzz!
  27. TSA helps the former TCA: USA's Vaterland-sicherheit boosts AC load-factors!
  28. Intelligence Reform Act requires passports for US nats. re-entering from rest of N.A.
  29. Lounge Visit
  30. Boarding Pass Bonanza
  31. Has a female pax ever been searched by a male TSA?
  32. 10-year old cuffed for scissors at school
  33. What's up at...
  34. Illegal baggage searches and subsequent prosecution
  35. Hilarious Saturday Night Live skit on TSA body searches
  36. Question for TSAers re toys and security
  37. my first ever letter to my congressman
  38. LAX police: Taser use on 78-year-old was justified
  39. Don't smile for your passport photo
  40. If the French planted it, and the TSA didn't find it...
  41. TSA Official sells homemade porn of himself in police uniform
  42. Japan To Fingerprint & Photograph Foreigners
  43. Knives on board??
  44. CNN: U.S. warns of terrorist lasers
  45. Pax asking for "functional fashion"
  46. Question for a TSAer: PC through security
  47. Think you have it bad?
  48. Butane lighters added to list of items banned from U.S. airliners
  49. Wash Post reporter asks for comment on airport screening
  50. S-L-O-W Security at DEN, incl. Elite Line
  51. TSA's multi-billion chain has another broken link
  52. You have to take your shoes off, don't you?- USATODAY
  53. Interesting data
  54. Cheese Slicer SNAFU at SMF Checkpoint
  55. "Dress Code Wearing Thin on Air Marshals"
  56. "Your bag has tested positive for nitroglycerine"
  57. Carrying "too many" AA batteries?
  58. So I Left My Knife In My Carryon... And TSA Didn't Notice. Twice.
  59. Washington Post discussion with Ron Moore, BWI screener
  60. The Archie Bunker approach to Travel Safety/Security
  61. Congressman Camp says TSA policies must be reviewed, altered to protect air travelers
  62. Airlines criticize new security rules
  63. Delays at airport after passenger vanishes with suspicious bag
  64. From the "BayouBuzz"
  65. TSA Official Accused Of Sexual Misconduct
  66. Opinion: Patting down Grandma doesn’t make us safer
  67. Intrusive body pat-downs at airports anger women
  68. Security hurt by sick time at airport
  69. Low-Downs On Pat-Downs
  70. Searches and gag orders: Homeland Security’s unprecedented campaign cloaks unclassifi
  71. MedAlert bracelet - question for screeners
  72. Explosives lost in airport gaffe
  73. TSA Refuses to Halt "Pat-Downs"-Estimated That 2 MM PAX Per Week Are Affected.
  74. EKO (Elko, NV) Becomes First Airport To Replace TSA
  75. Mormon Choir Cancels 2005 Scandinavia Tour, cites terrorism threat.
  76. A new "tale of airport security"!
  77. Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)
  78. Flights Halted at LAX after LAPD Officer Breaches Security
  79. Transport Canada Minister to investigate missing airport uniforms
  80. Prince allegedly gives mock Nazi salute to HAJ security
  81. Boarding times
  82. More ID as Security Nonsense
  83. I'd Rather Not
  84. Preflight Background Security Checks
  85. Airport Security Survey
  86. DO: Ask for a private room patdown
  87. stupidsecurity.com
  88. Denial reigns supreme
  89. Penn and Teller vs. TSA
  90. TSA Disrespect
  91. Remove belts, shoes, coats and (now) scarves
  92. Passenger Slaps Airport Security Guard With Boarding Pass
  93. Bush's choice for DHS: Bernard Kerik
  94. Another "not infrequent" Terminal Dump @ PSP (Palm Springs, CA)
  95. Great Anti-TSA cartoon in today's amNY
  96. Airline says "Are your bags unlocked"? Anyone asked how to get them RElocked?
  97. Man w/ "something in pocket" leaves before passing checkpoint: LAX Term.2 & P2 closed
  98. The Tasteless Screeners Awards
  99. And yet another article
  100. Anti-groping website needs letters, personal statements
  101. No More Gatescreens for YYZ Transborder Departures
  102. Urgent question - what are the rules re: expired ID?
  103. Breast Exams at the Airport: Do the New Security Measures Go Too Far?
  104. TSA aims to put airlines on Secure Flight
  105. Heads up in the L.A. radio market...
  106. SF-95 Claims Form question
  107. Umbrella - Cause for bag search?
  108. Ridge to Resign
  109. In the future: "Brainscan assist" instead of "(Fe)male assist"???
  110. TSA statement on patdowns
  111. Airport evacuated after mystery security breach
  112. Unwanted touching in the name of airport security IS a big deal
  113. Thumbs up to TSA for a change; agency decides no-bid contracts aren't a good idea
  114. "Bullies at the Airport;" an opinion by Rep. Ron Paul, R-TX
  115. "Profile Shoes"
  116. D.C. Subway Shoots for Clean, Not Mean
  117. Another Shoe Drops on the Subject of Airport Security
  118. Woman Says Airport Screener Spilled Loved One's Ashes
  119. Pressure does work
  120. Kentucky Post: Airports gone wild
  121. Providence Journal: Airport outrages ("Molly Little is a 'Female Special.'")
  122. Calculator, computer equip and water bottles looked like a bomb - Asheville, NC
  123. Opinion: Airport searches are way out of line
  124. Getting groped by airport security
  125. Opinion: Screening security at the airport
  126. Security Paranoia thread over on AAdvantage board...
  127. LA Times: Screeners' Job: High Stakes, Tedium
  128. Groped For Safety? No Thanks
  129. TSA in MEM preforming repetitive ID checks
  130. What do we consider reasonable?
  131. TSA = License to steal?!?!
  132. Petition Against Groping
  133. How to find your TSA FSD....
  134. U.S. looks to extend intelligence at sea, borders
  135. Isn't it either, or, really?
  136. "The TSA, like the FAA before it, remains hopelessly reactive."
  137. SJC boss finds new TSA searches "not acceptable"!
  138. Are our consitutional rights being violated?
  139. NYT - New High-Tech Passports Raise Snooping Concerns
  140. OP/ED Piece in today's NYT by Maureen Dowd
  141. TSA spokesman tells outrageous lies about pat-down complaints
  142. Passenger Accuses Airport Security of Inappropriate Conduct
  143. TSA Screeners: DCA passengers strip searched in public
  144. What effect does or should overall passenger sentiment have?
  145. Finally...some shoe policy clarification
  146. First class and other "elite" security lines ...
  147. CNN, ABC others have stories about intrusive pat-downs...
  148. Article re: Patdowns: "You need to communicate!!!"
  149. Truth or lie?
  150. Amusing statement at TSA website
  151. British Attacks Thwarted?
  152. Contrasting TSA screening with El Al screening in TLV
  153. Human -- not computer -- error led to Midway evacuation
  154. Airline Passenger Claims Someone's Lifting Items From Bags
  155. ACLU: Full-body frisks at airports are 'open invitation' for sexual harassment
  156. TSA to brief Congress on using commercial data for passenger screening
  157. Women object to airport searches
  158. Stricter searches of fliers assailed
  159. New TSA Epaulettes
  160. 2150 Firearms
  161. Is this to simple?
  162. Registered Travveler -- Useless?
  163. American Airlines Plane Undershoots runway in DEN
  164. TSA Under Fire for Rising Theft by Baggage Screeners
  165. Lubbock, Texas - shoes and goobers
  166. 'Secure Flight' arouses concerns
  167. Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) gets failing mark
  168. TSA Asks Air Travelers to "Partner" on Security Screening During the Holidays
  169. An Intrusive new search
  170. Airline security test may face delay
  171. Pat-downs rubbing fliers wrong way
  172. Bonus lands amid airport security gaps
  173. Getting compensated for lost baggage can be burden
  174. Feds order tighter security on U.S.-bound flights
  175. The consequences of surrendering liberty to government security
  176. Make-shift TSA Offices in MIA
  177. "Safe" Is Not Necessarily Indicative of "Security"
  178. False gun images on x-ray machines force evacs
  179. airline security
  180. Video Prompts LAX Police Probe
  181. Intelligent discussion
  182. Missing flight due to secondary screening...
  183. How are infants screened?
  184. Passenger claims against TSA total $36 million
  185. TSA HQ may be reading
  186. Anniversary
  187. Immigration in ATL.....
  188. plastic gun urgent
  189. cab ride to airport, house empty for the week
  190. U.S. Detainee Abuse Cases Fall Through the Cracks
  191. NY Port Authority won't privatize airport screening staffs
  192. Port Authority won't privatize airport screening staffs
  193. Homeland Security Employees Required to Sign Secrecy Pledge
  194. Appleton WI airport evacuated due to salesman's suitcase
  195. Passport name vs ticket name
  196. OUTLOOK for the holidays
  197. Air Marshal Indicted In N.J. Road Rage Incident
  198. Doh! A deer gets into O'Hare
  199. Feds Extend ID Obsession to Amtrack
  200. Some LAX airlines will provide employees to help out the TSA over the Holidays
  201. Threat image projection system fails; causes evacuations at MDW, IAD and MIA
  202. 2 Employees to be Fired for Allegedly Taking Medicine from Baggage
  203. New Procedure at LHR UA Gate Secondary - RX to US?
  204. Beat the Shoe Carnival at SEA!
  205. What is the correct way to pack breakable gifts?
  206. What is correct procedure for screening photo paper?
  207. TSA Links & General Complaint information?
  208. New Screening Procedures?
  209. EWR B (NW/DL - low # gates) this AM
  210. Liberals and Conservatives come together to oppose National ID legislation
  211. Computer glitch chokes US Airways
  212. New Screening, Fingerprinting etc. A Question
  213. USPS package kiosk spotted by checkpoint at EWR
  214. Security Breach at MDW, anyone know details?
  215. Bring Your Own Water?
  216. Convince me airport security is not a sham
  217. "...calls US-VISIT a 'feel-good policy'"
  218. ACLU decries Secure Flight test
  219. ABC News Is Looking for Victims of Airport Screening Thefts
  220. TSA demands PNR's
  221. Baggage search
  222. Editorials: Touching humiliation
  223. JIA 56th in National Airport Theft Claims
  224. What is the jacket removal policy?
  225. Passport checks before exiting jetway/hallway
  226. Are we safer in the Air now and Why ?
  227. The Arrival of Secret Law - Secrecy News TSA
  228. Passenger data order riles critics
  229. TSA has a thing about fuzzy ducks
  230. Longer airport waits expected
  231. HNL: Luggage claims top $100K
  232. A question re: something I heard awhile ago
  233. US Gov't Orders Airlines to Turn Over Pax Data
  234. U.S. Airlines Must Supply Travel Records by Nov. 23
  235. Four Miami concourses shut down for bag check
  236. RDU shoe carnival
  237. Not Kitchen Sink - A Barbeque!
  238. Airport Terminal Evacuated in Virginia
  239. Homeland Security Dept wants US-Bound planes to board 1 hr before takeoff
  240. Dallas Morning News Reporter Wishes To Communicate With DFW Pax & TSA Personnel
  241. When your name's the same as someone on feds' "no-fly" list
  242. TSA theft stats
  243. Satire: TSA To Require Loyalty Oath to Fly!
  244. Transit security agency chided over air cargo
  245. Some say US no longer feels like home..
  246. Security scares at Newark Airport delay a flight and divert another
  247. ACLU executive files suit challenging BOS airport police profiling
  248. Caribiners Not Allowed in Carry-on Baggage?
  249. Checkpoint Is A Waste of Time
  250. Magazine Label as ID