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  1. Has anyone else noticed...
  2. Laptops -- still the enemy!
  3. CNN: NY Subway Riders Subject to Random Bag Checks
  4. Why no suitcase bomb attacks at U.S. Airports?
  5. 40 Pilots Charged With Lying On FAA Medical Forms
  6. Groped at Gatwick
  7. The gov't will allow "truted traveler"s (Moved from United forum)
  8. Security Irony
  9. Will a BOS-IAD one way guarentee the SSSS treatment?
  10. AA Flight Returns to Airport Over "Bomb Note" on Napkin
  11. Changes in DCA Security Procedures
  12. The only sane response to terror is simply to carry on
  13. Heard a new one about the Shoe Carnival
  14. TSA's "Response" to Shoe Carnival Complaints
  15. Pilot Sues TSA
  16. What is the most silly thing you have seen at a check point??
  17. is shoe height for screening supposed to be a tsa secret?
  18. Police Attitudes
  19. Do not enter
  20. TSA and amount of discretion allowed
  21. Bag searches on DC Metro being "explored"
  22. Dr Zaki Badawi -EvilE Jihadist?
  23. www.untied.com (note spelling) joins the security bandwagon
  24. US Government begins tests on Anti-Missile Defense for Jets
  25. Chertoff speech
  26. TSA moonlights as an Arabic Assassin
  27. Doggy alerts at MSP vending machines, terminal evacuated for FOUR hours 7/13
  28. Use The Force Luke, and dump the terminal
  29. US Government Seeks "Enhanced" In-Air Internet Surveillance of
  30. DCA's 30-minute no-standing rule to be eliminated!
  31. Understanding Attitudes and Opinions Towards "Security"
  32. What would a potential terriorist/evil-doer do if his/her boarding pass has "SSSS" !?
  33. New TSA wooden shoe box?
  34. Recent experiences w/ small metal tripod in carryon?
  35. Anybody Missing a US Airways ID and DCA Ramp Badge?
  36. Sent in complaint to TSA, received follow-up phone call in 15 minutes
  37. Idiot stoners' how-to-smuggle posts lead to cruise bust
  38. New York cops turn off Verizon service in tunnels
  39. TSA caught in confiscation for cash scheme
  40. Horrible nightmare
  41. FOIA info on US VISIT
  42. Now birders are a security threat
  43. "I have to wonder if all the effort and tax money is buying us better security."
  44. Paris to ORD flight turned back because of DNF list
  45. Steak knives in the secure zone
  46. FAA and airlines have done nothing?
  47. re-packing after search
  48. Curbside Checkin Conundrum
  49. How Does One Become "Extra" Vigilant??
  50. Why it's smart to disobey officials in emergencies
  51. How to get on the no-fly list
  52. Numerous ID and boarding pass checks; rationale?
  53. How much is TSA making?
  54. Why are they taking my photo in Bangkok? "It's an American system"
  55. Two passports... could that lead to a problem?
  56. California Mom Files "No-Fly List" Complaint
  57. Fortress America: What is the status, please...?
  58. Security at MEM?
  59. Cockpit Door Policy? My ASA flight today
  60. The hell with airport security, I want to board!
  61. Suspicious Package Forces Partial Evacuation At ABIA (AUS)
  62. An inside scoop on the TSA at HNL...
  63. Stolen pickup ends up on tarmac at PHX
  64. LGA/MCO trip
  65. Things that happen while you are taking your shoes off..
  66. TSA Spends $1200 for Coffee
  67. Does having a F F account or FC seat prevent SSS
  68. Woman slips by security--checkpoint closed 2 hours later
  69. Radiation/cancer link affirmed -- The end of full body airport scanning?
  70. Watch for the 'let's ban general aviation' crowd again...
  71. Woman gets by security by squeezing between metal detector and bag screener
  72. ID check workers now concerned with size of carry-ons?
  73. Extra SSSS for plus size passenger?
  74. A new TSA record as DL 4295 pax have to re-board 3 times before flight.
  75. WSJ : Airport Security Fines Under Scrutiny
  76. Crotch grabbing - it's really gone too far now
  77. Incompetent SFO clowns miss knife and mace
  78. 32 Screeners Fired at EWR
  79. Bonehead Security of the Week Award...
  80. Aren't air marshalls supposed to be incognito?
  81. AA flight with Knife on board returned to ORD
  82. Nail Files are Dangerous!!
  83. How about those TSA?
  84. Discovery of small knife sends Rome-bound AA plane back to Chicago
  85. New security scanner at MIA
  86. Curious: Toy Guns
  87. Filled lighters now allowed in checked luggage
  88. Dallas ATC Routinely Covered Up Controller Errors
  89. The Latest on Lighters...now ok in carry ons in boxes?
  90. Pittsburgh security lines worst in the country
  91. NRT gets the shoe carnival done right
  92. Taking computer hardrives on planes?
  93. Yet another "Tale of Airport Security": Don't go to Morocco!
  94. Your DHS fees at work: Goat show agro-terrorism preparedness exercise!!
  95. Proper Laptop Etiquette at Security Checkpoints
  96. It's still a crime to carry large sums of money in an airport
  97. Can contract ID checkers record your info?
  98. Remembering what's important
  99. What happened in ATL on Sat 6/18/05?
  100. Masses starting to get miffed with TSA
  101. Wallet removal required?
  102. Your chance to participate in the Formation of a lobbying group
  103. Privact Act Compliance Challenge
  104. Passenger's Audi key confiscated as "prohibited item" at DFW
  105. AP: Feds collect data on air travelers
  106. Bombardier Prez cites TSA "Humiliation" for sales bump
  107. Mandatory Secondary at BWI - Shoe removal Questions
  108. Man denied boarding at XNA and detained
  109. Emergency Landings When Countries Don't Have Formal Relations
  110. Ssss
  111. "International security check" and being onboard 30 minutes prior to departure
  112. Another gem from the TS/S' favorite airport
  113. Look what TSA let thru at ABQ
  114. DHS to look into Privacy Act compliance
  115. Columnist Calls Airport Security "Grand Illusion"
  116. Schengen
  117. New Here - Question about SSSS
  118. JFK-SEA flight makes emergency landing at ORD
  119. "They've complained to the serious-looking handlers and told them to cheer up"
  120. Revised Rules from Dept. of Homeland [In]Security
  121. Lost ID -- Traveling all week
  122. Barefeet, Security Lines and UA
  123. JFK-SEA flight diverted to ORD: suspicious item
  124. Baggage screening at EWR terminal B: Bag bypassed CTX!?!?
  125. FAM diverts airplane either out of MCO or into DCA this weekend?
  126. I just poured water on my head
  127. Car Key Taken By Security
  128. BOS: Retaliatory Secondary for talking!
  129. Five guys tried to rob me today in Istanbul...
  130. US vs Canadian Immigration
  131. UK Security getting as bad as US
  132. Changed to SSSS why?
  133. Why did an expired liscense get an automatic SSSS....
  134. Unmarked water bottles a no-no?
  135. Senators: DCA General Aviation Proposal "Too Restrictive"
  136. Delays caused by Thunder at Schiphol
  137. Why must inter-terminal transfers require one to Exit the "secure area"???
  138. US backing off on biometric passport
  139. Bag matching
  140. "You've committed a felony" -- bread knives
  141. Memphis FSD Office
  142. Man With Stained Chain Saw Let in to U.S.
  143. ATL Overflow Screening
  144. Drug Case Dropped
  145. Carry on incorrectly "tested postive" 3X's at JFK - What can i expect?
  146. Anthem of Deception (a song I wrote)
  147. Slate Article:"Terminal Futility" by Hitchens
  148. Required to take shoes off at secondary?
  149. Metal Plates in Body
  150. LGA baggage handler naps, wakes up at DTW
  151. "Easy Ways to Fix Airline Security" - report on study done by DHS
  152. Found this in the Disability Travel thread
  153. Sir, please take your ID out of your wallet
  154. Orlando airport to begin using voluntary biometric ID to bypass security
  155. Flying with silverware
  156. Virgin Flight is diverted
  157. Canadians unhappy with the USA over Passenger Lists
  158. Two people crossing metal detector together
  159. Police Officers Can Carry Firearms On Commercial Flights?
  160. Ballad of the Weary Traveler!
  161. Has Chertoff shut down the shoe carnival?
  162. What happens if you forget to turn off your cell phone??
  163. Junk article in today's New York Times
  164. My shoes may set the detectors off this time around
  165. What checks do you get if you've visited a farm/ranch outside the US?
  166. Thin-Skinned TSA Official Calls USA Today Story Dirty Word
  167. Wow. One-way ticket without SSSS
  168. Two attempt boarding with guns and fake IDs!
  169. Any more Screening-free airports?
  170. Back to the skies after a 5 week home stretch
  171. If you were assigned 2D/F... would you pick another seat because of FSM risk?
  172. US To Equip Passenger Jets With Laser Missile Defense
  173. EWR question
  174. Shouldn't we be able to lock our bags?
  175. Welcome On Board [Requires Sound]
  176. Words You'd Love to Hear from the TSA
  177. TSA getting it's wings clipped?
  178. Need to provide ID to make complaint?
  179. Britain may impose "knife control"
  180. Baggage Locking Guidance
  181. In-Flight Cell Phones Called "Security Threat"
  182. Banned Airport Items May Cost You Big Bucks
  183. DFW to revamp security lines
  184. Some EWR screeners moving to Teterboro
  185. Are airport employees exempt from the shoe carnival?
  186. Chertoff: "Get used to biometric tests"
  187. Expert Says Fingerprinting Won't Work
  188. Modest Proposal
  189. 3 PIT TSA officials step down.......
  190. US Immigration "whats your United.com password?"
  191. Let's get this straight.
  192. your thoughts on in-flight sexual harassment
  193. Why won't the TSA allow us to shrink-wrap our bags?
  194. If anyone asks you why you lock your luggage, tell them about Schapelle Corby!
  195. DHS wants to shoot down planes over DC
  196. Hobbling the DHS with patriotism
  197. Plan to ban photography in NYC Subways Abandoned
  198. "We are mere private citizens from a small Pennsylvania town..."
  199. Steel plate in body - TSA always requires full search
  200. Australia safe .... from talcum powder
  201. Former DTW TSA Screener could be sentenced for lying on job app
  202. "Please proceed for continuous screening"? (Curiosity)
  203. Maine Airport Has Key Role in Terror War
  204. USA paranoia makes Saudi business visits very difficult
  205. House votes to slash DCA no-pee rule to 15 minutes
  206. Wine, corkscrews and screwed up priorities - An FA's POV
  207. US authorities diverts Alitalia's Boston flight
  208. Six illegal immigrants arrested after landing at Cannon [AFB]
  209. TSA cleans inside of my bag with ETD swab
  210. Inconsistent policies regarding window shades...
  211. Another diverson
  212. TSA change: Lighters without fuel OK in baggage
  213. Gaping hole?
  214. A new TSA "toy"
  215. Carnival at ABE?
  216. An outsiders view
  217. So who found 'The Wizzinator' in NFL Players bag?
  218. Risk analysis, security, terrorism
  219. Camera case not allowed through security
  220. Bad travel advice on the news ...
  221. New "Puffers" at LAX
  222. Ridge: White House forced me to raise Threat Level
  223. U.S. Diverts Flight From France
  224. Iris scanning to begin at MCO
  225. Umbrella Carnival Today at DCA
  226. Will they shoot it down?
  227. US Embassy security
  228. Mounting evacuations add to fliers' list of frustrations
  229. Ticketed name is Middle,Last vs First,Middle,Last - problem?
  230. Hopeful About Nominee for New TSA Head Honcho?
  231. Is the Carnival shifting into high gear?
  232. Breakout Thread: Please list your poor experiences with the TSA at EWR
  233. Reading the ticket sleeve
  234. Lighters, Lighters everywhere,,,,and nary a "terrorist" in sight...
  235. TSA too nosy during SSSS
  236. questioned by a fam
  237. Stick-on SSSS?
  238. Airports balk at hiring private screeners
  239. New head of TSA
  240. Screening friendly clothes
  241. Security We Need; Attitude We Don't
  242. Guitar case not OK for carryon- SFO
  243. SEA now third in airport theft claims
  244. Congress poised to smite DHS’ technology programs
  245. Operation Atlas: simulated hijacking on Saturday at Logan
  246. Got my first SSSS yesterday, does this mean it's forever
  247. "Privatize The TSA"
  248. DHS can suspend US law to build border fence
  249. Airline Passenger Injuries From Turbulence Decline
  250. Anybody Have a Blank Complaint Form?