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  1. As a Canadian, will I have future difficulty entering USA if I visit Tehran, Iran?
  2. CAE evacuated this morning
  3. Federal Judge finds security patdowns at football games unconstitutional
  4. Temp ID with expired ID OK?
  5. Girth a factor?
  6. have you been fam'd?
  7. Extra security screening for flights to certain places
  8. The Infamous US-Visit Dragnet Just Super-Sized
  9. The 4th Amendment today: DHS can search laptop even if you're turned-back from Canada
  10. lost luggage... with a twist
  11. 2 Hour wait at Newark last week
  12. Advanced Passenger Information System (APIS)-related fines
  13. Chicago Police Oppose Pat-Downs at Soldier Field
  14. Just how nasty can FAM managers get?
  15. Confidence in airport screening
  16. NEWS: Be alert if driving in the midwest. Sniper(s) on Indiana interstates
  17. Who do ID checkers report to?
  18. Long waits looming for license renewals
  19. TSA Interrns
  20. Air Marshals forced to meet quota?
  21. New Congressional Report: Theft & Mismanagement Amok At DHS
  22. SNA security breach
  23. FAMs have moved across the aisle
  24. UK to get uniformed border control force
  25. Any US airports starting to have baggage storage area and/or lockers to re-open?
  26. Flip Flops
  27. FAMs filling quotas?
  28. "Children can identify us"
  29. Taking pictures of public spaces is becoming illegal in downtown L.A.
  30. Secondary metal alert = take shoes off?
  31. Funny confirmation from the county water authority
  32. Why isn't the TSA screening astronauts?
  33. A Career Track for Airport Screeners -- Washington Post
  34. TSA agent at BOS asked me if I'd lost my Omega Seamaster!!!
  35. Missed this one from May: In Kentucky Hills, a Homeland Security/Hal Rogers Bonanza
  36. Homeland Security Department Is Accused of Credit Card Misuse
  37. This is how to live in the face of terror!
  38. Treated like a KING by the TSA at ORD
  39. Two items per person
  40. Crutches, cane or wheelchair?
  41. TSA "we were here slips": I thought I saw everything till now
  42. "Secondary For This H O S T I L E" Passenger".
  43. TSA - carry on
  44. TSA at LAX T2 ... ugh..
  45. Anyone had a problem with small tools in a carryon bag?
  46. "Without being distracted by other attentions..."
  47. Police "Papers Please" Checkpoints in USA?
  48. Shoes without metal?
  49. Attempted retaliatory screening rebuffed!
  50. Wanted: Permanent Newark FSD
  51. Transport of Alcohol?
  52. tell us what is your worst experience with us screeners
  53. What do you think about SFO screening?
  54. Screening rules for flight crews?
  55. Plastic Knife Confiscated!
  56. NYT: DHS claims Old MacDonald's Petting Zoo among terror targets
  57. Keeping Seattle safe from Spaniards: "Here's where we part"
  58. Interesting "Shoe Carnival" Strategy at DME
  59. New personal worst with TSA at DCA
  60. TSA to confiscate pencils?
  61. "It was the bulge in his groin..."
  62. Screeners take your shoes off
  63. Butcher Knife Misses Judge After Man Social-Engineers His Way Through Metal Detector
  64. The Rules For Gate Screening At Foreign Airports For U.S.-Bound Flights?
  65. Foul Up in Houston???
  66. I had duct tape confiscated...
  67. [S.F. Chronicle] Flying the deadly skies
  68. Silver Cutlery & the TSA?
  69. Backscatter scanning coming to PATH station
  70. Soldier Held For Ramming Airplane Cockpit Door
  71. Former FAA Special Agent Charges TSA In Misusing SSI
  72. TSA at Philadelphia train station
  73. Airlines Change Routes To Dodge N. Korean Missiles
  74. Exiting the 'secure' area
  75. TSA Swab Policy
  76. Laptop in the Luggage ????
  77. TSA at Eugene, OR of all places!!
  78. How's a high school ID to get past TSA?
  79. another perve screener
  80. What are YOU stepping in?
  81. vandal without a cause - my oddest luggage search experience so far
  82. BBC: DHS confirms 9 Al-Qaeda attempts on aviation targets since 9/11
  83. How fast can I clear Miami US customs/inmigration
  84. NY School Teacher Arrested at Kennedy Airport
  85. Govt Regulations require we give government access to data....
  86. SSSS and cap - what is the SOP?
  87. CDG Security lets man on with a thick 4ft wood club
  88. Laptop NOT a personal item?!!
  89. Do Not Fly List
  90. EWR TSA and "Up to My Discretion"
  91. Mineta Resigns: This Is Not The Time To Be Gracious
  92. "lighter ban hurts aviation security"-says Kip Hawley
  93. BA 747 LAX-LHR on 3 engines...Who tracks these incidents?
  94. New Puffers at CVG
  95. Las Vegas Police Shoot Kidnapping Suspect at Airport Checkpoint
  96. Coalition for Luggage Security Comments on New York Post Article Exposing TSA theives
  97. Pleasantly surprised at IAD and SEA
  98. Backscatter x-ray
  99. SSSS and Security Clearance
  100. FRA looking for "Sock Bomber?"
  101. 'tude from the IAD screeners (nothing new)
  102. Pet Peeve: airline employees jumping the line
  103. LAX Bradley Terminal advice--tomorrow!!
  104. Homeland Security and Employment (not another screener bashing thread)
  105. Terminal Dump at Philadelphia Airport this morning
  106. How fast can one clear LAX T4 US Customs/Immigrations
  107. Regarding TSA SSI:"...but at times it seems like we're getting the old Soviet Union."
  108. Non US carriers and Contracted Screening
  109. Puffers overworked at Bradeley Airport
  110. Cause of Many of Our Problems: Comrade Norman Y. Mineta Resigns
  111. Passports: Carry with you or leave behind?
  112. Experiences with US airlines' overseas contracted security
  113. Eliminating Additional Security Check - any ideas?
  114. Employers: Do Not Hire Former TSA Employees (with some exceptions)
  115. Liquor in Carry On
  116. Travel to the USA with a criminal record
  117. Stop wearing sandals to the airport people! Its nasty!
  118. Non-US Id ever refused at US Airport for domestic?
  119. Questions regarding TSA's Register Traveler Program
  120. Shock at MIA
  121. Identification Ownership v Inspection v Relinquishment
  122. possible shoe bomber in Baghdad
  123. Carry-on blender
  124. If Richard Reid took his shoes off...
  125. The TSA doesn't feel its getting paid enough
  126. TSA Thievery
  127. ICE Arrests 55 Illegal Immigrant Workers at Dulles Airport
  128. Air marshals: Bullets pack too much punch (Wash. Times)
  129. "It's Better To Be Safe Than Sorry"
  130. Road ID - dis/advantages to having your passport number on an ID tag
  131. A Tale of Two Checkpoints
  132. Recipe for a Bomb Scare: Tupelo Honey, Bryon's Butt Rub, Oyster Shell, and Spread 'Em
  133. "Terrorist in a bootleg T-shirt"-LA Times Article
  134. DHS Accepts Fake ID For Entry to Government Building
  135. Qualifications for a TSO
  136. @ONT: "What is in your pants?" he asked. "My pe**s," answered (Pornstar Peter) Berlin
  137. No more sitting down 30 minutes prior to landing at DCA?
  138. Disappearing TSA Locks
  139. Can TSA force you to go into a certain screening line?
  140. Another Question for Screeners (Or Anybody Who Knows): What About the Neck Pouches?
  141. Aggressive TSA people at Kahului (OGG, Maui) check-in
  142. Unlike the TSA, BNSF Railway Company gets it!
  143. Unanswered questions at Dulles Airport
  144. The Great No-ID Airport Challenge
  145. Is Qantas the Safest Airline?
  146. Antibacterial mats
  147. Assault?
  148. Those coy TSA folks
  149. Investigative Report on Federal Air Marshal Service
  150. Middle Initial doesn't work anymore...
  151. Question for Screeners (or anybody who knows): Why the Bag Check on Scuba Regulators?
  152. Many security questions...info please
  153. TSA & Medications
  154. Travel to Karachi
  155. Military Scrambles Jets After Plane Violates Washington Airspace
  156. True First Class Security
  157. Travel with climbing gear
  158. Johannesburg safety tips
  159. Sounds like someone on the No Fly List ???
  160. Russia and safety
  161. "Security Checkpoint" at Rental Car Return
  162. Another positive, but still too rare, TSA experience.
  163. Klm
  164. Ever heard of this happening?
  165. For travelers in America: 'It's a bad time to be Ahmed'
  166. Laptops...out!!!
  167. Questions from an interested 15 year old...
  168. The Future of Security - Humor
  169. European Court Rules Passenger Data Illegal
  170. Traveling with Tools
  171. 2 FAMS in FC?
  172. fun this morning with security in MEX!
  173. Fear of flying
  174. re:San Francisco Passport Agcy renewals
  175. Missing TSA uniforms, badges and TSAers entering through exits
  176. Article: Report: ID badges, uniforms stolen from TSA workers
  177. Here is one for you anti TSA'rs
  178. Questions for those who believe in the FAM program
  179. Marshals are justified in shooting first, asking questions later, even on the ground
  180. YUL Experience
  181. FAMs collecting data on innocent PAX.
  182. Article: Anonymity of air marshals at risk
  183. Security Joan
  184. TSA may finally start screening cargo
  185. OSL Security Lines Really Bad This Week During Mornings
  186. EU Airline Blacklist Released
  187. Article: Kip Hawley admits Registered Traveler does not cut risk of terrorist attack
  188. Summer air travel
  189. House Judiciary Committee Says FAMs are Easy to Spot
  190. Another "wonderful" TSA experience at EWR.
  191. New Scanner May allow shoes to be kept on
  192. Article: Plot against El Al in Geneva Foiled
  193. How random, really, is secondary screening?
  194. SSSSd going and coming....
  195. Article: TSA to focus on passenger behavior now
  196. A first for the TSA-A 'non-event'!
  197. Terminal Change at Tokyo Airport
  198. Response to ANC TSA complaint
  199. FAM will go public in the Upcoming 20/20 segment
  200. TSA at IAD
  201. Crap... Drivers license expiring!
  202. Federal Air Marshals' Bosses Accused of Arrogance, Cover-Up
  203. lighter--no fluid...best odds checked or carried
  204. Some questions for TSA officers...
  205. Peter Pietra's mission impossible
  206. {article} Airport Security Officers Handle a Tough Job With Flair and Patience
  207. TSA opened bag at ORD, lock gone and no note.
  208. Baggage Without Passenger
  209. In Kentucky Hills, a Homeland Security Bonanza
  210. Airport security chief hits turbulence
  211. Duplicate
  212. El Al wants to do own bag screening at Newark
  213. DHS issues warning about Mechanical Bulls at After-Prom Parties
  214. The Bill of Rights: Security Edition
  215. Traveling with a dive knife
  216. Interesting Screener Comment
  217. Alaska Says No To REAL ID
  218. biometrics, circa 2002 - what was that all about
  219. Metal Detector
  220. Marine funeral escorts strip searched in Philadelphia
  221. Shoe question - re: refusing to take them off
  222. Additional Screening travel Australia to US
  223. Moussaoui: I made it all up
  224. US Customs searched my laptop
  225. The latest flight diversion story
  226. Sky Marshal thinks he made the big catch today
  227. Does the upper management of the DHS & TSA lurk on FT?
  228. I'm back, & wondering what's changed..
  229. No Stars & Stripes for USA's Team Bus at World Cup
  230. Wired: "Feds' Watch List Eats Its Own"
  231. OSL "Security Chaos"
  232. TSA agent in MKE reminds ID checker her job is not to bother PAX
  233. Idiots at Homeland Security issue new warning to remind us how important they are
  234. How to steal someone's ID using a boarding card stub
  235. Monitoring Your Travels....
  236. need advise - transit in LAX
  237. Ex-Inspector General of DHS was pressured to tone down criticism by Tom Ridge
  238. Creating Your Own SSSS
  239. Another place where laptops have to come out - Helsinki
  240. no longer allowed to print boarding pass at home if SSSS?
  241. Heads-up for FRA arrivals
  242. "How pathetic the USA has become" dept.: Police Blow Up News Rack due to M:I 3 promo!
  243. Why Didn't Cell Phone Use Bring Down 9/11 Planes?
  244. After missing my 6am flight due to a TSA 90 minute back up ....
  245. Strange
  246. AA11 FAs on 9/11 lied to pax and claimed medical emergency: OK?
  247. Immigration Procedures in India
  248. TSA tries bonuses to retain workers
  249. DNA samples required to fly; Next on the TSA agenda?
  250. LA Times: Airport Shoe Checks Fluster Many Fliers