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  1. Security wait times at STN
  2. GE Denial - does it affect Pre-check?
  3. Has anyone successfully called Dulles GE?
  4. GE enrollment center at O'Hare T5
  5. Luggage locks when travelling to Europe
  6. What went wrong here? Person falsely accused of overstaying on a canceled trip
  7. Does Global Entry always tell you immediately if you are rejected?
  8. TSA lines at STL literally out the door
  9. How to re-enter USA, My "Green card" has no expiration date?‏
  10. Southern Airways Express-"No TSA hassles"
  11. One-way award flight to Europe, How to show proof of return
  12. Is it allowed to carry big size toothpaste on plane
  13. International SOS
  14. Confederate sub has Yankees on edge, DHS is on the case!
  15. Extenders in Exit Row, yes again
  16. Second Check of Boarding Passes?
  17. picture on GE slip problem
  18. Using Global Entry even if Trusted Traveler Number isn't on the reservation?
  19. Traveling with an engagement ring
  20. Traveling With About $5000 in Cash
  21. Global Entry - Change of Address
  22. Canadian Citizen Visiting US Girlfriend. Have Questions!
  23. USDA is Wine or Beer Food?
  24. DCA: US Airways Express - Made Up FAA Regs?
  25. Thinking of signing up for GE and TSA's Pre✓ programs
  26. necessary to update global entry with i94?
  27. Travel to US via YVR
  28. My 11 year old scanned at ORD without my permission.
  29. questions about global entry
  30. TSA Website - now with Added Malware?
  31. Couple questions about addresses for Global Entry
  32. DYKWIA - Amanda Bynes
  33. SFO Baggage Handler charged w/stealing from passengers luggage
  34. Feet home to more than 100 fungi - BBC Health/Nature
  35. Simple "Liquid" Question......
  36. British Airways dealing with my Lost Passport in their plane
  37. Name mistake.
  38. Personal goods damaged falling from overhead bin
  39. Global entry application has missing info
  40. Gold Shipment Vanishes in Mysterious Miami Airport Heist
  41. Checking of EU passports at EU border control
  42. Global Entry and Connecting Flight in Ireland
  43. Hasn't you ever go through the egates at ZRH yet?
  44. SOG 3 1/2 knife in checked to Warsaw?
  45. a little help re: carrying fishing rod tube on board
  46. gold
  47. DXB transit
  48. Time to passport expiration: entering France
  49. Global Entry fail @ IAD
  50. NEXUS interview - SEA or YVR?
  51. How to Handle Hearing Aids and a Bluetooth Receiver at Security Checks?
  52. Some people are too clueless about Twitter/Facebook/Instagram
  53. CBP/TSA Power
  54. Suspicious package at MIA leads to terminal dump
  55. Issues when using GE at JFK and Mexicali US-Mexico crossing
  56. TSA finds tear gas canister in carry on
  57. US CBP Automated Passport Control
  58. Int'l-int'l transfer allowed in sju
  59. Redress number question : do I need/want one?
  60. Automated GOES Interview Time Checker
  61. UK Transit visa for Indian citizen
  62. Is there a less scary way of flying the S to increase spacing on final approach?
  63. Gunfire at Houston Bush Intercontinental (IAH) -breaking news
  64. clearing immigration - US to Canada (Indian citizen)
  65. Resource: Warnings and Advice for Dangerous Country listings from Canada DFAIT
  66. Two questions about Global Entry
  67. Chip in passport not being read
  68. MIA TSA Security after US Customs
  69. Is MXP still using MMW machines?
  70. Is a Summary Offense (PA) a Criminal Offense for GOES?
  71. TSA threatens fines and imprisonment
  72. Book an international flight with a passport that will be expired by departure date?
  73. Dual citizen with residence visa in "other" passport
  74. Visa waiver country exit control from US?
  75. Do you say something?
  76. Global Entry / Pre Check - Flying on UA using US Frequent Flyer #
  77. Dear CATSA : Please don't stick MY boarding pass in your mouth!
  78. As US Citizen, can I use GE card to get back into US from Canada
  79. Aborted landing/go around
  80. flying within Canada with a warrant
  81. Extremely short layover in Chicago
  82. Scan of cruise passenger list lets feds make easy arrests in Galveston
  83. safe banking while travelling
  84. Change Routine processing of passport renewal to Expedited?
  85. Why did my 14 year old get extra screening? Something on her hand?
  86. iPads out today
  87. Against FAA regs to fly with cracked light casing, but okay without any casing?
  88. How to deal with inappropriate Custom agent & threat of Global Entry being revoked?
  89. Best option at backscatter airports
  90. TSA rules on flying with wine?
  91. I-94 Arrival/Departure Form Goes Paperless
  92. Same Airline, Same Flight #, Same Airspace
  93. Hijacking airplanes with an Android phone?!
  94. Wrong birthdate on flight booking than ID
  95. TSA - inspection note still required?
  96. Have your bank, government ever told you to use an RFID-block wallet or only sellers?
  97. How is security doing at AMS?
  98. meteor shower April 22/23 2013
  99. US issued ID
  100. A Bunch of Global Entry Questions (Canada to USA, and GE Re-qualification)
  101. passport renewal forgot to write dob
  102. Intra-Canada travel with US DL
  103. Duty free from Europe to US with connection in Europe
  104. Enter US with Visa waiver going to Cabo for 4-day trip?
  105. Hawaii is not a state according to the TSA agent
  106. Private "TSA" at SFO chain of command?
  107. Gatwick Security-Asthma Inhalers
  108. Is it illegal to abandon bags in the customs area?
  109. Electronic Scale in Carry On Baggage -- Will TSA Care?
  110. DTW evacuated due to possible bomb?
  111. FA's carelessness causes head injury
  112. TSA ...!
  113. HAM - MMW with AIT back for US fliers
  114. YYC-ANC via YVR
  115. Body Scanners in Brazil?
  116. Global Entry interview schedule problem
  117. Anyone Late for Global Entry Interview?
  118. IAH customs wait time and Global Entry appointment
  119. Global Entry - change of name/passport
  120. What to do if forced checked bag on tight connection?
  121. Carry on and security concerns re jewelry
  122. Missing Madrid Stamp
  123. Birmingham/dusseldorf airport luggage and custom issues?
  124. 2 Americans flying from zrh to tlv-- what to expect?
  125. The Most Under Utilized TSA Pre-Check
  126. First TSA Pre - Fail
  127. Dual Citizenship - Lost my most used passport
  128. Name change and passport controls
  129. SDOO for Australian Airports?
  130. Removing Luggage on Stopover
  131. Drivers License name problems
  132. Updating drivers license information in GOES
  133. Integrated lock
  134. Lightning
  135. Nexus likely denied, can I still visit Canada?
  136. Question about US>UK>EU>UK>US
  137. jfk T8 (possibly other terminals) FA's no metal detectors
  138. No More Global Entry Interviews at Dulles?
  139. Scary [need of] passport experience flying on AA back from St Thomas to ConUS
  140. Will US immigration give me a hard time 2 entries in 2 weeks
  141. traveling with an ear Infection
  142. London to Paris Passport Control?
  143. "Surname_Face" on child's airline ticket?
  144. Lone Drone
  145. TSA to end War on Pocket Knives and Souvenir Bats
  146. URGENT! Schengen visa valid till 8th,can I leave on the 8th or should be before?
  147. EU Plans Registered Traveler Program for Non-EU Citizens
  148. Why longer security lines could be a reality
  149. TSA Pre-Check, What do I do?
  150. Countries that immediately deny felony entry
  151. FAA investigates 'Harlem Shake' skit on Frontier flight
  152. Long TSA lines after gov't shutdown?
  153. Global Entry
  154. Nexus interview: how long does it take?
  155. Pax that does not wear seatbelt - a hazard?
  156. My First Global Entry Experience
  157. TSA work slowdown?
  158. Dfw a21 & a23
  159. Fishing gear headed to Hawaii... must be a legitimate TSA threat!
  160. GOES not giving Global Entry member ability to apply for SENTRI
  161. NEXUS or GE for kids?
  162. Can I Bail in Atlanta?
  163. US Customs Confiscating US Oranges in Montana
  164. TSA Check Traveling *Through* U.S.?
  165. DTW Pre-Check Lane
  166. Boarding passes woes 18 Feb
  167. Steps to Reduce luggage theft while transiting GRU JNB NBO ex USA
  168. Sequestration, how will it effect air travel?
  169. Speedy Regular Passport Renewal
  170. What to expect if wearing a medical walking boot?
  171. Scrambled Jet
  172. Global Entry Application Interview
  173. T8 JFK question (Hard Rock Cafe pins and Security)
  174. Repeated/double middle name error?
  175. shoetree in hand luggage
  176. Customs Pre-Clearance: How Does it Work?
  177. Urgent - need US Point of Entry help
  178. NFC Chips In New US Passports Less Secure - Why?
  179. CBP to roll out automated immigration kiosks for all passengers
  180. Plane ticket without Middle name
  181. What's with the wok, mister?
  182. RFID chips in both my US passport book and card are unreadable because city of birth?
  183. Never Go to YYZ Nexus Enrolment Again!
  184. Puerto Rican Airports
  185. Global Entry Appeal
  186. New, Improved GE Kiosks
  187. Evacuation Slide Deployment
  188. Man being deported escapes at DIA (Denver)
  189. global entry- what's the trusted traveler card for?
  190. Making connection through BOS - can I avoid TSA?
  191. What is happening at DTW security?
  192. dual citizenship, arriving in US p/port expiry date
  193. Apply for Global Entry or NEXUS w/ Amex?
  194. NoS-free airport within 200 miles of PWM?
  195. Required TSA Secure Flight Information
  196. Backscatter at EYW (Key West)?
  197. Scheduling a family interview for GOES
  198. Important Railroad Crossing Information
  199. expired id card - getting through security?
  200. Gender discrimination in family screening
  201. Travelling to 4 countries with 2 passports
  202. Global Entry Application Problem?
  203. Princess Bride T-Shirt Overreaction...
  204. Will GE be set up at any cruise port?
  205. "Heightened" Pre-check Security on Inauguration Weekend
  206. Do terrorists "work" in the evening?
  207. Do I need to cancel a re-entry permit?
  208. List of airport backscatter to be removed
  209. how do i find my "known traveler ID number" for Global Entry?
  210. LA Times:TSA ends contract with Rapiscan, maker of full-body scanners
  211. Need to Renew Global Entry When Renewing Passport ?
  212. Missing Piece on a United 737-700 Wing
  213. I have an approved application; How do I get the GOES to reset my account ?
  214. Will "European Dates" on visa affect exit/entry?
  215. FA thretened to call police if lost phone was not recovered during flight
  216. LGB Body Scanner Status
  217. Bringing a Digital Multi Meter - carry on or check?
  218. Surname change on the return flight
  219. Your airline safety considerations
  220. No lithium batteries in checked baggage
  221. Boarding Pass Checks
  222. TSA tests "behavior detection" in Indy, Tampa
  223. DFW: "Scanner-free at A23" to stay or go?
  224. Transiting in Canada
  225. Conveyance Information field in global entry: Help filling out
  226. Renewing passport w/Global Entry
  227. Surprise phone call from Global Entry
  228. Refillable Starbucks coffee mug
  229. Flying in the country as a felon?
  230. Slow Elite Security Lines?
  231. Reasons to still opt out of MMW w/ATR
  232. USA - B2 Visa
  233. Latest drunken air rager (this time with photos)!
  234. First Time Resident in the US -Questions about Process
  235. Is DCA, A Terminal still safe?
  236. TSA Acting as Immigration Officials
  237. Beer pump label in hand carry?
  238. Can you force a plane to return to the gate?
  239. Missing fuel cap on CRJ -- how serious?
  240. PS3 in a Target Bag as a Carry-ON
  241. Request Full-body scanner - possible with Pre-Check?
  242. TSA Pre not for International
  243. will a 38" set of metal wind chimes be an issue?
  244. Why Doesn't US Airlines Offer Secured/Insured Baggage Check for an Extra Fee?
  245. Will my 10oz. prescription ointment clear TSA?
  246. US Nexus Traveller on Canadian Internal Flight
  247. HELP! Advise needed for expiring US Passport (while overseas)
  248. TSA + Carabiners = ???
  249. HNL question
  250. I saw daddy pat down Santa Claus