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  1. Why aren't saline implants banned?
  2. Hair Wax OK?
  3. Americans back new air travel restrictions
  4. Need clarification on medications (pill form, not liquid)
  5. Does Toothpaste Ban Extend to "Pearl Drops"?
  6. "4 oz. of non-prescription medicine" -- Contact Solution?
  7. How much are new "security" procedures going to cost?
  8. Baby NOT on board?
  9. From a friend who works for large military and security think tank
  10. US Aviation Security: Stupidity As An Art Form
  11. What kind of food is ok to carry on?
  12. Official "funniest banned items" thread
  13. List of possible conspirators
  14. Peaceful, Legal & Effective Suggestions for Protest
  15. Is it possible to catch athlete's foot during the shoe removal process at security?
  16. Minimun safe size for a check in bag
  17. Some hilarious announcements from MCO this morning
  18. Roller Bag
  19. will lavatories be removed from planes if a terrorist is caught w/ stuff in rear end?
  20. British relax carry-on policy... uh...
  21. Handouts for pax to give *to* the TSA?
  22. Guns Being Stolen at ORD
  23. pills and vitamins?
  24. colostomy bags
  25. TSA to take over ID checks
  26. TSA's reasons for all shoes off
  27. Canada & new security provisions?
  28. Amenity Kits ... and More
  29. No batteries in carry-ons MEX-DFW?
  30. The complaint box on the TSA website is 2 square inches!
  31. TSA at Knoxville Testing Blood Pressure Machine on Passengers
  32. Bottled water is allowed again beyond checkpoint?
  33. Really dumb fluid ban questions
  34. Puffers and Shoes
  35. Will we see more FAMs in Y now?
  36. Survey: Gel and Lquids allowed on board
  37. UK Air Travel Restrictions Rrelaxed
  38. UK Airports repeal carry-on ban; one carry-on per passenger OK; no liquids (like USA)
  39. FOX News reports that flight from LHR diverted...
  40. UK carry-on policy is being relaxed! Laptops Now Allowed!
  41. Just Announced: UK restrictions relaxed
  42. Background checks for crews and FF'ers
  43. Packed and ready to go
  44. Why not ban bags on trains and busses?
  45. Poor Security Screening
  46. The safe-for-work picture of the future of air travel!
  47. I'm thinking about shipping my stuff rather than carrying on. Anyone do this?
  48. More TSA stupidity
  49. TSA site modified to permit "up to 4 oz of nonprescription liquid medications"
  50. TSA Homepage: "Mandatory Shoe Carnival"
  51. Gel shoe inserts added to list of banned items!?!
  52. Will security allow me to carry my laptop computer with liquid-cooled CPU?
  53. Reid says airline terror measures ‘unsustainable’
  54. How have new UK security regulations affected UK airport lounges?
  55. Can not British institute same security measures as TSA;so UK lineups/delays resolve?
  56. Security Expert Bruce Schneier weighs in on the TSA's reaction
  57. Will there be a huge increase in the passenger Airport security fee soon?
  58. Theft risk
  59. CNN reporting "refinements" announcement at midday
  60. Non-liquid aftershave?
  61. TSA Adjusting Prohibitions/Designated "Ask Bart" Thread
  62. Chertoff- Homeland Security Announces Roll back of some TSA restrictions
  63. How about disposable contacts?
  64. Questions for contact lenses users/ liquid allowed in case?
  65. an (un)welcome to the watch list
  66. Flyertalk: Call to Action --
  67. How much damage could they really have done?
  68. U.S., U.K. at odds over timing of arrests
  69. TSA got you down? Terrorism ruining your day? Comic relief News alerts
  70. Security: Stop going after the business travelers and start going after the bad guys.
  71. Rampers can't have sun tan lotion???!!!???
  72. You must now submit 34 pieces of info about you every time you fly to u.s. *link*
  73. Security issues at LAX
  74. The Terrorists have won......
  75. MSNBC - NO IMMINENT Danger of Terrorism
  76. TSA is selling your stuff !
  77. AA FAs exempt from liquids. Also, FAs w/McDs and Sbux drinks
  78. Do airlines handle insured bags differently ?
  79. Those who wear Asics Gel, can they pass security check?
  80. Pa. agency turns banned items into cash
  81. laptop should allowed go on the plane?q
  82. Acting NJ Gov at EWR
  83. shouldn't blood be banned on the planes?
  84. Fountain Pen Ban
  85. Controlled substances Rxs and flying?
  86. Any info on Burbank Airport, Los Angeles?
  87. TSA Stupidity - LOL - I actually got published!!!
  88. We must protest this insanity!
  89. List of Gate Screening Airports and Those that Do It Right
  90. No cabin baggage TO the UK from several airlines now...
  91. How is Gatwick - lines, delays, cancellations?
  92. Lipstick on Carry on??
  93. Grapes, Oranges. Other Fruits May Be Brought Onboard to Provide Extra Fluids.
  94. LHR: BA blames airport for flight cancellations
  95. If TSA Detects Smuggling Of Innocuous Banned Substances Aboard, Will You Face Arrest?
  96. Post 8/10 baggage horror stories?
  97. Is A Pilot With A Firearm Permit Now Unable To Bring Liquids?Gels Onboard?
  98. What are other countries doing/not doing RE: Liquid Ban
  99. Background Checks for Passengers
  100. It's one thing to have no carryon fluids but...
  101. Interesting Item TSA Gave Me Grief For Due to New Liquid/Gel Ban
  102. TSA just confiscated a ROCK from my wife
  103. Two serious questions for the TSAers
  104. Hand lotion in bag-bad, in plain site-good
  105. "there's absolutely no evidence" of plotters in the country.
  106. Time to chat with your insurance agent
  107. Detonators
  108. Toothbrush with toothpaste pre-applied
  109. So, who has had a damaged laptop after checking the bag post 8/10?
  110. Even you furriners have 4th amendment rights!
  111. Nasal spray?
  112. List of Water Carnival Airports and Those that Do It Right
  113. Liquid /Gel Ban Enforcement?
  114. Hand Luggage on Flights from the USA to the UK
  115. Solid shampoos? Will these travel now?
  116. Thanks, TSA: Airline Stocks Pounded on August 11th 2006
  117. What's the next PR reaction from the TSA?
  118. where did the new rules come from, US or UK?
  119. Brookstone
  120. Power Question
  121. Even Dan Rather Got a Secondary
  122. TSA: New Liquid Ban Likely Here To Stay
  123. Suspect in Foiled Plot was a mother with 6 month old
  124. Some statistics to suggest that we are idiots
  125. Are the airlines doing anything to mitigate the new restrictions?
  126. New survival guidelines published by DHS - Read & Memorize
  127. New Airline Idea
  128. If powder explosives are a threat, why are they serving water on planes?
  129. how to combat the next terrorist threat after this one
  130. Duty free shops closed?
  131. TSA is still missing things.....No change today from Wed
  132. Court upholds NYC subway searches
  133. Am I crazy for not wanting to fly?
  134. TSA: Come to your senses! Please, before you kill travel as we know it
  135. Will the TSA confiscate my empty bottle, thermos, mug, etc?
  136. We've known about liquid bombs for 12 years. Did TSA just find out now?
  137. POST HERE if you have written to a public official
  138. Living in a liquid world: We just have to get used to terrorism..
  139. Lawmaker says days of carry-on baggage are over
  140. Will (Or Did) Anything Good Come Out of This?
  141. 24 hours later you would think they could get ONE number consistent!!!
  142. The Ultimate Airline Security Measures - Coming Soon!
  143. traveling with kids at times like this
  144. LHR to LAX on AA137 8/10/06
  145. Do toiletry & water bottles show up on x-ray?
  146. If liquids could be explosive, why are they dumping and mixing them in a crowd??
  147. How the terrorists think..
  148. TSA/DHS Written Complaint
  149. EWR banning carry-ons with wheels?
  150. *MANDATORY* Shoe carnival ORD T2 Bart!!
  151. Security screen for person with no bags?
  152. Liquid/Gel Carry-On
  153. 3-4 hour security lines from here on- will you fly?
  154. Eurostar
  155. Wash Post: Opposes Elite Security Lines
  156. Curious About "New FAA Rule" on Liquids Prior to 8/10
  157. New Security Death Knell For Biz Travel As We Know It?
  158. Nitroglycerin allowed!
  159. So how long before a suicide bomber decides to sacrifice a baby to the cause?
  160. The media just doesn't get it
  161. Is this the end of free air travel, and the beginning of con air?
  162. XMas in August
  163. Full Gate Screening to Return
  164. WOW!!!! 23 threads on 1st page on new rules!!!!!!
  165. What about food?
  166. Wireless internet and mobile phones on planes
  167. New Travel Rules Question: JFK-ZRH-LHR on LX
  168. How Long Will NO LIQUIDS Last?????
  169. Can you buy water.etc. once past security and take that on the plane?
  170. Levity: dihydrous monoxide - dangerous water! Causes bloating, acid rain, rust, more!
  171. Why not use CTX machines to screen carry-on?
  172. Threat of suicide bombers BEFORE security?
  173. Pilots, FA's and FAM's Affected?
  174. CPAP in Carryon
  175. Duty Free Liquor & Perfume?
  176. Air Canada flight from YUL-DCA dirverted to BWI...
  177. I Wonder What Effect This Will Have On The TSA Workforce?
  178. Flying with Daughter to College from DC-SNA worried about a carryon ban
  179. FT knew about danger of liquids since 2004
  180. A Voice in the Wilderness
  181. Why not bring back the "unopened bottles only" rule instead of the current absurdity?
  182. Just got a "travel alert" from my company...
  183. FOX News reports all electronics to be banned on all US flights
  184. Shoe Removal Now Mandatory at US Airports
  185. Contact lenses
  186. Suggestions: how to travel safely/comfortably without water
  187. What if... ... the threat isn't really liquid?
  188. TSA "Intelligence"
  189. "Experts": Ban Wristwatches, etc. (anything with batteries)
  190. Barkers with Bullhorns at IAD! (Picture)
  191. Airport security wait times
  192. Attn: Terrorists - TSA has cleared your liquid bombs; disguise them as baby formula
  193. Any reimbursements for damage to items people are forced to check?
  194. Disagree with the new baggage restrictions? Change or cancel your tickets
  195. UK thinks of the children, allows creams, but TSA doesn't (allow creams that is)
  196. Reminder: The TSA Hotline Phone Number is 1-866-289-9673
  197. Theft from Checked Baggage
  198. Medicines on domestic Flights
  199. Onboard Service
  200. Flying on Sept 11, can i change my ticket...
  201. Security bins overflowing with perfume and wine
  202. Can anyone fill me in on what sorts of liquid explosives we're talking about?
  203. Belgium tightens air rage laws
  204. Speculate on how long the ban on liquids will last
  205. Seeing additional security beyond airports in light of this plot?
  206. Can anyone confirm/detail enforcement of "liquid ban" on US domestic flights?
  207. Foiled bombing plot leads to immediate end of hand luggage on UK planes
  208. London bomb plot foiled + major carry-on restrictions
  209. U.S. Tourist Who Chased Muggers Beaten in Naples, Italy
  210. 11 Egyptian Students / US Immigration / Missed flight
  211. Bulky Items Check
  212. No-fly list shenanigans
  213. Great pilot announcement
  214. New carry on baggage rules at all BAA airports (i.e. Heathrow, Gatwick, etc.)
  215. I get stopped 75% of the time by US Immigration...
  216. vehicle searches
  217. Don't use a cell phone with a camera near police at PHL!
  218. Unruly Passenger Taken Into Custody, Crews Actions Praised
  219. "Happy talk, keep talkin' happy talk" cont.: TSA Survey Results Show Job Satisfaction
  220. Hackers clone e-passports
  221. Fake IDs breeze through at borders
  222. ID too new?!?!
  223. Congressional Research Report on Searches and the Fourth Amendment
  224. Irony of Ironies
  225. Austrian Airlines mad passengers
  226. man tries to open door during flight
  227. bags opened: BA: LVI JNB LHR ; UA LHR SFO
  228. Needlepoint?
  229. TSA in the "news"
  230. Question about flying domestic with foreign passport.
  231. Ever been on a plane with someone being deported?
  232. Oslo-NYC-PDX on CO- o/w- why do we have to recheck and SEC??
  233. LAS violating SSI!
  234. As a Canadian, will I have future difficulty entering USA if I visit Tehran, Iran?
  235. CAE evacuated this morning
  236. Federal Judge finds security patdowns at football games unconstitutional
  237. Temp ID with expired ID OK?
  238. Girth a factor?
  239. have you been fam'd?
  240. Extra security screening for flights to certain places
  241. The Infamous US-Visit Dragnet Just Super-Sized
  242. The 4th Amendment today: DHS can search laptop even if you're turned-back from Canada
  243. lost luggage... with a twist
  244. 2 Hour wait at Newark last week
  245. Advanced Passenger Information System (APIS)-related fines
  246. Chicago Police Oppose Pat-Downs at Soldier Field
  247. Just how nasty can FAM managers get?
  248. Confidence in airport screening
  249. NEWS: Be alert if driving in the midwest. Sniper(s) on Indiana interstates
  250. Who do ID checkers report to?