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  1. Travelling R/T same day for no reason - expect security hassles?
  2. How would you design airport / airplane security from scratch?
  3. KHIAI Freedom Baggie at PHX
  4. Letter to the Editor
  5. Terrorists feared in Springfield, Missouri!!!
  6. State Dept.: Homeland Security Department Opposes Racial Profiling
  7. Few problems due to lighter loads?
  8. Pie: A Danger to Free People Everywhere
  9. Ad: "The Perfect Quart-size bag for the new Airport Security Requirements"
  10. Surprisingly pleasant at MCO today
  11. Can I bring an empty water bottle thru security ?
  12. TSA installed new inline baggage screening system in ATL (video)
  13. What do you consider suspicious activity?
  14. Official EU-based URL for carryon restrictions? (FRA-specific, even better!)
  15. Salon article on TSA
  16. Even Under Western Hemisphere Initiative, Americans to be Admitted Without a Passport
  17. How necessary are wings on airplanes?
  18. Crustaceans as Carry Ons
  19. USA Today: Learn the rules before you go
  20. How necessary are inflatable personal flotation devices on airplanes?
  21. Strange "security" rules regarding Weight of Bags
  22. Chocolate - carry-on able?
  23. How necessary are seatbelts on airplanes?
  24. Travelers Accuse TSA Screeners Of Theft
  25. Pasta machine as carry-on luggage?
  26. How early should I get to MDW tomorrow? (and PHX sunday)
  27. deleted wrong forum
  28. Sun-screen for medical purposes?
  29. 5th Wave Security cartoon
  30. Size DOES matter
  31. TSA Prohibited/Unwanted Items 0n Board United Flights
  32. What will it take to lower the Alert Level?
  33. Letter from the TSA in response to liquid ban
  34. A Good Word for TSA
  35. why hasnt something bad happened?
  36. What is it about TSA YOU'RE most thankful for?
  37. "Zip top"??? 1 quart?
  38. Kudos to a TSO
  39. New Passport rules...what if it is lost or stolen abroad.
  40. TSA broke my wifes bag
  41. Must I show US Gov't Issued ID if I have it?
  42. LGW S Security
  43. Gel soled shoes and TSA shoe carnival?
  44. San Francisco / SFO collusion on compromised screening tests (AP)
  45. The prescription exception..
  46. Traveling with liquid antibiotics
  47. Serious Security Loophole In Delhi
  48. DHS Has Pushed Back the Passport Requirement for travel between Canada and the US
  49. Kip Hawley's definition of a liquid
  50. Freedom Baggie questions: Albuterol, Robitussin
  51. TSA tweaking carry-on rules
  52. TSA + Convenant Conspire to Cheat on Screening Tests (SFO)
  53. TSA turns 5
  54. Liquid ban in Narita
  55. Security at LAX
  56. TSO: Changes to liquids policy coming on or about 11/29
  57. New TSA Press Release (Comments Invited)
  58. Never mind the fundimental religious types; It's the old ladies who need watching!!
  59. "Welcome to the no fly list, Mr. Phillips"
  60. Some TSA Guys are decent
  61. UCLA student stun-gunned, arrested for refusing to show ID
  62. TSA SCreeners NOT Fired after Stealing Crate of Alcohol
  63. Airport Arrest Turns Up Nuclear Info
  64. Baggie manufacturer going to provide airlines with baggies
  65. Security on Iberia?
  66. Why were our TSA locks bent and disabled?
  67. Multi-millionaire businessman kidnapped airside at Bangkok Airport in 2003
  68. Who's to blame in the EU?
  69. Holiday meltdown comming thanks to TSA
  70. Comic finds little funny in TSA watch list
  71. Connecting in MUC, alcohol conf.
  72. Woman says she was kicked off Freedom Airlines for breast-feeding baby
  73. Bag Carnival Harrassment - ONT Airport - Terminal 2 7:05 PM 11/14
  74. Bill O'Reilly
  75. What If I Get Caught?
  76. Are sandwiches still banned ?
  77. Glass (photo frame) in carry on?
  78. I'm on a "bad" list with United
  79. Anyone actually wear a "Kip Hawley is an Idiot" T-shirt thru security?
  80. FAM's and premium seating
  81. SSSS, no probelm, use an old boarding pass
  82. did the TSA contribute to the rise in stock prices of zip-lock bag manufacturers?
  83. are HDV camcorders subject to inspection and or confication when re-entering the US?
  84. Ma and Pa Kettle Rebel, too!
  85. SMF... How bad's it going to be?
  86. My 4 oz contact lens solution saga
  87. Another TSA annoyance at Term C at EWR
  88. Insights Into Airport Security after a Trip to the Land of the Rising Sun
  89. Frank Sinatra Parody: "Strangers on my Flight"
  90. Australians poke fun at airport security
  91. MCO TV station goofs, shows press conf with "Kid" Hawley
  92. Should people jump the TSA queue?
  93. How to survive an airplane crash:
  94. NYTimes: Mishandled bags increasing in wake of liquid ban
  95. Are my pies going to be ok?
  96. And so it begins
  97. Even Hefty is cashing in on this baggie business...
  98. Why bother searching?
  99. 3oz vs. 100ml. -- What's being done about the discrepancy?
  100. Why the TSA sucks and the Irish don't
  101. Terminal dump in progress at SNA--delusional passenger thought they saw a weapon
  102. Mohamed from Iran's experience at BOS security tonight
  103. ORD Detains (then releases) Academic Papers
  104. Another gem in the ... genre ...
  105. Liquids and lies at EWR
  106. SEA to be test site for Bioterror drill,tomorrow
  107. In order to look "Strong" on security, Dems might make some things worse, some better
  108. Secondary Screening Unplugged!
  109. 3 oz. liquid/gel/etc. requirements?
  110. Freedom Baggie gets laugh from screener
  111. Cheeses - I can't believe I'm having to ask this
  112. Number of Carry Ons at Heathrow
  113. Canes & TSA
  114. What does 'too close' look like?
  115. TSA experience while wearing a cast.
  116. Shoes to Baggies, WHATS NEXT?
  117. Interline Connections - Security Checks
  118. Someday I'll work up the fortitude to bring this to a TSA checkpoint!
  119. Did the 9/11 Commission recommend anything wrt screening that we're not doing?
  120. The TSA: They're On The Case, Sort of
  121. UA jets clip wings at ORD Tue a.m.
  122. Fast Track through Immigration at JFK or Newark
  123. TSA searching Amtrak lines in BUF
  124. Will long lines be in the bag this Thanksgiving?
  125. interesting behavior from official during bag search
  126. Whats so bad about TSA?
  127. Travelers turning to subterfuge to avoid having laptops examined, seized by DHS
  128. What's special about the baggies?
  129. Every garment is your outermost garment when you have taken the last one off!!!!
  130. Getting booked on a flight I didn't purchase/book???
  131. Taking Off Your Shoes (Newsweek Editorial)
  132. Photo ID was the airlines' idea?
  133. Aiport security situation in Europe with new liquid restrictions?
  134. TSA Complaint Form - on line .pdf or Word Format?
  135. tsa rno-baggies 'n shoes
  136. Returned to the Watch List
  137. Don't Question TSA or else...
  138. What Criminal Charge for Ignoring TSA?
  139. Need advice--my medically-complicated mom has not travelled since August
  140. We're All Prisoners, Now: US Citizens to be Required ''Clearance'' to Leave USA
  141. Wish it weren't so - Ziploc craze is spreading to Europe effective Nov 6
  142. MR and/or DO in Washington?
  143. So can I bring 12 oz contact lens solution?
  144. What's worse than a shoe fetish????
  145. Zip lock bag tore into two - I am still going for it!
  146. Want to be like Airport Security?
  147. Nexus Air
  148. SSSS: when have you been targeted???
  149. Carrying on an Award statuette?
  150. How should security be done? Discussion Q
  151. 'False Authority Syndrome' at LAX
  152. Possible Major Delays Getting to LAX - info
  153. Shmear and Bagels thru Security???
  154. Getting Grilled By US CBP in London (grr)
  155. El Reg: Sensitive CAA document leaked on web
  156. El Reg: US.gov tunes out scathing RFID privacy report
  157. Paris airport bars Muslim staff
  158. HaraSSSSment "selectee" incorrectly told "this (SSSS) is because of your name".
  159. Ticketed for "attitude" - slightly OT
  160. So why are FAs allowed to take beverages through security
  161. TSA Agent in my backyard (literally)
  162. Opinion: No way to fly
  163. Why can Customs use common sense, but TSA cannot?
  164. How real was the August "liquid bomb" threat?
  165. Prescription Question
  166. question about going through security [with human ashes]
  167. How Many of you Have Taken Action. . .
  168. Ads on security bins @ LAX?
  169. Sandwiches (subs) through Security and on-board?
  170. Time for an Association of Self Loading Cargo?
  171. i was just screened *very* thoroughly
  172. TSA starting to be concerned about checkpoint delays...
  173. 90% Screener Failure Rate? TSA Says That's Great
  174. Air Marshall identification
  175. Airline's medicine ban leaves passenger in coma
  176. TSA Math. 5-4=5
  177. NWA BP Generator creator searched
  178. Malaria Immunization for Colonial Mexico?
  179. EWR TSA miss 90% on "tests"
  180. WSJ Article on Carry-on Madness
  181. EU v US liquid rules: Trouble ahead?
  182. Rep. Loretta Sanchez on No-Fly List
  183. KarenH ATL arrest update
  184. TSA behaving like a rent-a-cop
  185. If you get arrested . . .
  186. folding bikes allowed as carryons?
  187. meat thermometer...ok or not ok
  188. TSA and the election....
  189. Checking a firearm
  190. Is it safe to fly British Airways?
  191. Buying lighters in Duty Free?
  192. KarenH update Please?
  193. Hand Luggage Size
  194. A/V Receiver in Carry on
  195. KUDOs to TSA Agent Mike in Seattle
  196. Have you ever had anything stolen aboard a plane?
  197. Ask the Pilot: How zip-lock bags keep America safe
  198. Airport security gets 2nd look: Independent Probe may Contradict TSA "Investigation"
  199. I picked out my best ties to go to NICE and
  200. A t-shirt for Spiff
  201. TLV security v. ATL security.... exasperating!
  202. ID plan sent back to drawing board
  203. What are the dimensions of a quart-size ziploc bag?
  204. Married Name Still on ID: Ok to Fly?
  205. Canada Will Create It's Own No-Fly List
  206. Pilots on the 'no fly list'
  207. Current most commonly applied fountain pen rule (US)?
  208. TSA at EWR fails again
  209. Definition of "zip-top" bag??
  210. Geltabs
  211. Man arrested after riding baggage claim belt into the secure area
  212. Roll-aboards/Heathrow
  213. Chapstick / Blistex - need to be in a baggie?
  214. Pain free experience at MCO
  215. LHR liquids purchased in secure area on UAL?
  216. Airport security to get microwave and laser guns
  217. TSA at Bloom County Airport: Berkeley Breathed and Opus get it!
  218. DHS follies continued: South African anti-corruption campaigner refused entry at JFK
  219. Knife Found On Flight From SFO
  220. A Private "Secure Flight System" Airline Passenger Profiling for Profit
  221. Was this a FAM?
  222. It's Never So Bad It Can't Get Worse
  223. Will the TSA open a checked bag with a metal toy pistol in it?
  224. IHT: Laptops give up their secrets ...
  225. What about Express Shipments and Mail?
  226. Kabuki Security -- Argentina Style!
  227. Won't the US Passport Card become a de facto national ID card for Americans?
  228. Opinion: The Banality of Evil
  229. Mochi Confounds The TSA On Maui
  230. What kind of attacks are/should be permitted in this forum?
  231. Why have we become such candyasses?
  232. TSA Fines -- Dallas Morning News story
  233. Opinion of an infectious disease specialist
  234. Milk for 3 year old
  235. Information re: Boston TSA wanted
  236. Opinions Verboten
  237. "puffer" machine in las
  238. MRs and US Air Marshals experience...(long)
  239. British scientist Richard Dawkins blogpost: "Train from New York to Boston"
  240. Boarding aircraft with phony identification is a snap.
  241. TSO Overruled in ATL
  242. Size DOES matter
  243. TSA Crap will Bankrupt Airlines
  244. TSA Ticket Security
  245. TSA took my cancer medication away
  246. Take-off with the cockpit door wide open
  247. What kind of food can I bring?
  248. Roland R 09 - problems with mine ... anyone else?
  249. Muslim Baggage Handlers barred from working at CDG
  250. I hate to see shoes in the plastic tubs!!!