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  1. You must leave your shoes on. Did we tell you to take them off?
  2. Rant: Stupid Rules and Inconsistent Enforcement
  3. Food For Thought: Pax as Self-Loading Cargo
  4. MCO terminal dump gates 1-59 tonight due to TSA scanner "malfunction"
  5. Pentagon gets some Americans' bank & credit card data, including from travel records
  6. Duty Free Purchase confiscated
  7. HELP!! A friend is applying w/ TSA !!
  8. Lufthansa carry-on: are these items allowed?
  9. If you are a senior executive do you worry about listening devices when travelling?
  10. Problems with TSA at PHX this morning about leaving my shoes on!!! Good Riddance!!
  11. The DHS "Identity-Mart" Scheme for REAL ID
  12. Ads to appear in security trays.
  13. Are the old 30 min DCA Rules Back?
  14. Absurd Baggie Experience
  15. Tol - Aa Bomb Threat
  16. Newest Al-Qaeda Tool - Webcams?
  17. Circumventing a Lavatory Smoke Detector
  18. No stopping in the 'pick up' zone
  19. EX Presidents and Congressional Leaders.. do they have VIP TSA screening?
  20. What does the alarm at security mean?
  21. Air security machines
  22. Do FAs not have to remove coats/shoes/liquids/gels?
  23. showing boarding passes after metal detector
  24. TSA's authortity to force check rollaboard
  25. Another article that points out that the TSA is "Security Theater"
  26. Is there an "SSSS List?" Also, ignorant friends- challenge or frustration?
  27. Lost checked laptop --advice?
  28. RFID Passports expose US Passport Holders to Terrorist Attack?
  29. House passes bill forming TSA union
  30. Question on Liquid containers/carry on
  31. Vancouver joins the "dump" club.
  32. Having trouble with border crossings? Tell EFF
  33. Confused re TSA Policy & United Website
  34. Question about Registered Traveler program
  35. Can I carry two laptops in one bag?
  36. How to Tell -- Does My New Passport Have RFID?
  37. Some security questions in my latest Zogby survey
  38. I set off a radioactivity detector going through customs!
  39. Share your SSSS experiences, if any, with tickets bid for on Priceline
  40. In all honesty about TLV screening . . .; risk-based screening
  41. Why still ETD screening for checked bags? CTX in BKK
  42. Ideas: Better security for less cost
  43. persona-non-grata with southwest airlines
  44. 2 travelers together: 1 SSSS, 1 not. Makes any sense???
  45. Kafka-esque dismissal of case regarding 'secret law'
  46. Smuggle condoms at PHL-lawsuit
  47. Airport screening cartoon makes top 10 list of 2006 political cartoons
  48. Security Breach at MCO
  49. Funny laugh....
  50. What do you do with your baggies in between flights?
  51. Granny speaks!
  52. TSA about to screw-up export/import and cripple the US economy
  53. Has anyone ever tried telling a TSA screener that what he does is wrong?
  54. Britons to be scanned for FBI database
  55. Fear of flying increases
  56. I'm SSSS'd outta luck tomorrow in MIA
  57. Service-monkey carnival?
  58. Are we overreacting to the terrorist threat?
  59. TSA to allow advertising at checkpoints
  60. I want to become a Registered Traveller!
  61. shoe scanners
  62. In Line Today
  63. Airport Dump at OAK today.
  64. JFK Immigration/Customs
  65. Photographs on Boarding Passes
  66. Knives in luggage
  67. Getting a Samurai sword back home!
  68. They forgot me ... thank goodness
  69. EZE passport control/customs
  70. "The Loop" episode shows what to do...
  71. FAMs in Business/First Class Lounges?
  72. Umbrella as carryon?
  73. Flying with a desktop computer,
  74. How did I get this through security?
  75. Anything to quote to prevent confiscation of legal carry-on items?
  76. MCO security v.early in the morning
  77. Airline pilot and air safety
  78. Mountain of suitcases at Heathrow - And people wonder why I boycott LHR
  79. EU Press Release on "Aviation security: EU acts against liquid explosives Q&A"
  80. Still smiling after security screening
  81. And You Thought Snow Globes Were Harmless Decorations
  82. Horror of Horrors: I Don't Always Take Off My Shoes
  83. Theater of the Absurd at TSA (redux)
  84. UFO Spotted over ORD
  85. No ID? You can still fly
  86. Frozen spaghetti sauce confiscated: it will be a liquid soon
  87. Interesting site on security issues
  88. US licensed to snoop on UK Travellers - Daily Telegraph
  89. Does TSA has been adjusted bans liquid with 3.4oz?
  90. U.S. gets British flyers e-mail and credit card info
  91. BOOK.....Unsafe At Any Altitude
  92. The Inquirer: "TSA "security" measures are internally inconsistent"
  93. Yes Virginia, There are still people who know nothing of the liquid ban.
  94. Can airline manager override check-in timelimit?
  95. Airport glitch sends 3,000 through screening again
  96. 2006 Travel Villain: Kip Hawley
  97. Security check in LAS: new machine?
  98. My baggie: toothpaste, hand sanitizer, ACLU membership card
  99. My secret to reducing travel security hassles...
  100. Security stickers they put on your passport
  101. Drunk pax tries to 'hijack' SU airplane
  102. CNN: unruly flyer slaps air marshall
  103. Come visit the u.s., get strip searched, jailed, deported and a faux apology!
  104. Awesome TSA-related bumper sticker
  105. 4 TSA screenings vs. El Al
  106. TSA in GRR, "Your Pumpkin Pie is a Potentially Hazardous Gel"
  107. Rules re: "Comment Cards?"
  108. Security Questions
  109. 2 psgrs pulled USAIRWAYS EXPRESS CLTMGM
  110. PHL E Contractors
  111. Which airport gives you a patdown/hhmd search at the mag?
  112. Dec. 25th, TSA let me through because my bag was too much trouble to search
  113. Prescription Antibiotics on DL?
  114. TSA Runaround at LAX
  115. KHIAI Freedom Baggie at MCO
  116. TSA bully in Phoenix and I didn't get her name
  117. Baggage & Carry on Possessions?
  118. kosher salami in luggage--confiscated
  119. What can we do about idiotic "lane" policy and no prioritization?
  120. TSA checking boarding passes/ID's
  121. Medications in Carryons
  122. Japan to adopt stupid liquid rules
  123. New shirts to wear at the airport
  124. Profiled Businessman fights back
  125. Are you "sure" you can take fruitcake thru WTMD's ??
  126. TSA-Short Staffed-CLT
  127. French film raises fears over airport security
  128. Report Says TSA Violated Privacy Law
  129. They can't even keep track of their badges and uniforms...
  130. Reuters: French airport security
  131. Liquid ban on board
  132. Shoe Carnival: Necessity of x-raying shoes?
  133. Some TSA officials expect long lines if screening bill becomes law
  134. Baby is put into airport X-ray machine at LAX
  135. On C-SPAN2 NOW - passenger screening & privacy
  136. turn off the Blackberry?
  137. Authority & qualifications of LEO in airports?
  138. Sleeping passenger considered "security breach"; causes flight cancellation at RDU
  139. "Jumping the Airport Security Line"
  140. Laws concerning metal self defence batons
  141. Very recent disturbing experience
  142. How long will TSA be around? Forever?
  143. baggies, declarations, and oy vey!
  144. Man barred from London-Melbourne flight unless he removed T-shirt depicting George Bu
  145. Administration to Drop Effort to Track if Visitors Leave
  146. "blonde joke" at LGA, NYC
  147. TSA seizes Bloody Mary Mix
  148. Cloning E-Passports is apparently quite easy
  149. TSA OBSERVATIONS this weekend
  150. Extra security for bags
  151. Airplane dump at Toledo
  152. Has anyone had a problem because they don't look like the picture on their ID?
  153. "do you want to fly today?" If they do stop you, what then?
  154. TSA Was Great - no Sarcasm
  155. Request for Passengers Rights Info in regards to European Airport Security Companies
  156. Airport Detentions, Arrests of Ordinary Citizens Increase Since 9-11
  157. A long line of complaints
  158. More Extortion: TSA Approves Scanner That Will Let Fliers Who Pay Keep Their Shoes On
  159. Terminal Dump @ LGA tonite (12/14)
  160. A toilet seat as carry on?
  161. No shoes + floor tile + baby in arms = uh oh!
  162. Does TSA really throw away the items they confiscate?
  163. Are Handcuffs Allowed In Carry-on Luggage?
  164. Flight Attendant Medical Training
  165. tsa @ sfo december 13, 2006-both nice and out of line
  166. A way to fight back against liquids
  167. More London plot unraveling:Pakistan drops terrorism charges against "crucial" figure
  168. Fliers can now rescue prohibited carry-ons
  169. Luggage security upon exiting baggage claim?
  170. Prescription Meds thru TSA
  171. Silly yet decent security at SEL
  172. Customs at JFK
  173. Airport Security does not allow Troy Smith to bring Heisman Trophy onboard
  174. Feds use Google to identify folks for "no-fly" list
  175. Anyone gone through security with a UM/gate pass recently?
  176. Purchase an offensive weapon airside!
  177. China: Land of the Free
  178. What's the deal with books and Israeli security?
  179. Internal frame backpacks through security / as carry-ons
  180. The Poster Ban
  181. No baggie theater at LAX the other night
  182. The full monty in AKL
  183. Security Question about Ankle Fusion:
  184. Denver Post editorial: "TSA socks controllers in the gut"
  185. Saved from the dangerous Holy Water
  186. Safety and delays from the pilot's perspective
  187. jetblue print at home boarding pass???
  188. Almost hate to ask....baby monitor in carry on?
  189. Shoe Carnival Reference on "My Name is Earl"
  190. Aerosol Spray Cans
  191. TSA considering allowing non tkt holders thru security
  192. Huntsville Alabama TSA: On the front lines of the war on terror - NOT
  193. Please put your bra in the bin
  194. The TSA, a box of Chocolates and 2000 miles...
  195. ferry passengers can be searched to deter terrorism says US Circuit Court of Appeals
  196. Big upsurge in delays and lost baggage complaints
  197. Liquid / baggie circus arrives in Australia
  198. Duty Free
  199. Is inconsistency the norm?
  200. Is Caviar In CHECKED Baggage Okay?
  201. Indiana Prof. tells Privacy Commission about airport "Security Theater"
  202. Take Off Your Shoes...Or Else!
  203. What Sort of Immigration/Customs Screening on QF YVR-SYD Flight at SFO?
  204. Airport Screener Sought in PA Jewelry Store Rob(bery)
  205. Enter US via Canada or fly direct into US?
  206. Amazing Security Experience at Disney
  207. Charles Grodin's comments on "security" at airports and CYA
  208. Airline Accident Ratings
  209. Gel Medication
  210. U.S. looks to Disney for welcome for visitors
  211. Avoiding SSSS
  212. No liquids at all in MBJ
  213. Do FAM's try to make presence obvious on UA flights?
  214. Does the TSA really care whether my deodorant stick is dry?
  215. Baggie Enforcement Slipping?
  216. Matches and BO bring on more "security" BS
  217. Everybody hates TSA.
  218. YUL - LHR RT, possible security issues?
  219. Laptop Serial Numbers?
  220. NEWS: Man arrested with pellet gun, body armor at airport
  221. 35mm Film and DVD Camera's
  222. TSA Approved Luggage Locks
  223. I hate the TSA policy on liquids and gels! Hate it!
  224. AP: Feds Rate Travelers for Terrorism
  225. they found my lighter
  226. Planned White House Meeting Spurs Flap Over Ownership Rule
  227. Terror-related books
  228. Update re: Imams booted off flight
  229. The Terrorist Whisperers
  230. Inflight emergency statistics?
  231. Just went through DTW security with my handphone
  232. TSA's revealing X-ray screening raises privacy concerns
  233. TSA and photo ID problem
  234. DHS assigns terrorist scores to anyone who has traveled internationally
  235. What IS it with the ID checkers?
  236. EZ-Pass tags allow in carry on?
  237. Crew Contraband!!
  238. Another [Security Related] reason not to have an RFID passport
  239. For those who ridiculed me for carrying a "Nuke alert"
  240. Amtrak ridership up in USA
  241. Verified Identity Pass at EWR?
  242. Latest International Security Levels
  243. Keeping Order in the Air
  244. Heathrow kicks off 'fingerprint fast-track' security checks
  245. Pomade -- Solid or not?
  246. If you get put on the no fly list, what exactly do you do?
  247. Rail fans wanted for national security
  248. Re ticketing on diff airline and getting in through security
  249. SSSS, no problem, just circle it and initial it
  250. Former TSAer in DEN sentenced