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  1. Are walkers allowed onboard?
  2. Getting a lot of SSSS's because of last name?
  3. BA chairman: One bag rule at LHR "not credible"
  4. Everyone is "Entitled" to Secondary
  5. A satirical take on the liquid ban
  6. Carry-on to the U.K.
  7. What's the Point of Preclearance in Canada for the US
  8. Praying for the TSA
  9. entering US on expired passport--possible?
  10. Terminal B Evacuated At Sacramento International Airport
  11. Logan Considers 100 Percent Daily Employee Screening
  12. My parents want me to cancel my LHR trip...
  13. Lockdown in Terminal C
  14. CBS News Bulletin: US Airport Security To Be Increased/“Glasgow Incident“ Discussion
  15. Yellow Belly EU Gives "OK" to Sharing Pax Data with US
  16. what happened to the guy who didn't get OK'ed by passport control at BOS?
  17. Police: Diabetic Man Missing After Being Kicked Off Train
  18. Safety of SwissAir
  19. No empty bottles at ATH?
  20. Only two days to oppose Real ID legislation!
  21. TSA caught the thieves at ORD
  22. Job opening: Aviation Security Consultant (ICAO)
  23. Checking baggage at DCA
  24. The latest standard for an emergency landing
  25. A random thought from last year
  26. ORD's secure area leaks like a sieve
  27. How To Get Off Of A Grounded Plane: Pick Up Your Camera and Start Filming
  28. Fingerprinting Foreigners Visiting the US to Expand
  29. Passenger Arrested After Plane Diverted to Philly
  30. Obtaining a Gate Pass (at IAD)
  31. Today is Your Day to Stop Real ID
  32. Flying out of LHR with liquid medication?
  33. TSA Focus Groups
  34. What do you tell your kids about TSA?
  35. Can we take inhalors along with us?
  36. "Transportation Security Operations Center Re-Named Freedom Center"
  37. IAD Cinnabon question
  38. I just found my new freedom baggie of choice.
  39. LAX T3 TSA announces "BRAVO!" Terminal grows silent....
  40. Salt Lake City TSA organized and kind
  41. Homeland Security admits to over 800 computer break-ins...
  42. Woman Says Breast Milk Kept Her Off Plane
  43. LEOs tackle running man at IAD tonight 6.21.07
  44. Will engagement ring in pocket set off Metal Detector?
  45. Banned EU airlines
  46. The CIO of DHS
  47. Land and sea Passport requirements delayed six months
  48. What's in a Laptop? Court Ponders Legality of Border Searches
  49. Told a barker to shut it, no repercussions.. life is good :)
  50. Top 10 safety tips for solo travelers
  51. "You've committed a felony,"..."And you're considered a terrorist."
  52. Do You Want To Read Something Funny?
  53. Man violently assaulted by airport police for leaving MSP by bicycle
  54. TSA "professional" cursing at SFO
  55. TSA: The 3-1-1 Rule
  56. Dinner with the TSA
  57. TSA "Mythbusters"
  58. 3 oz or 100ml?
  59. The constant barking....
  60. Sensible Security
  61. APIS on world tour: next stop Spain
  62. "What about my constitutional rights?" And they said "you don't have any."
  63. Recommendations for a Good Discreet Money Belt ?
  64. Murderer on board, CO refuses to turn flight around due to fuel costs!
  65. US visa article... telling quote
  66. Transiting with liquids in Canada
  67. Who to Contact of Complaint of TSA in Pacific Region?
  68. do people still lock their bags?
  69. Private Plane forced down near Kansas City
  70. SSSS ..... on a flight from KIX to TPE
  71. The triumph of the clear plastic bag
  72. prwatch.org: House bill orders funding for add'l cargo inspection, more
  73. Judicial Watch: Airport Security Lapses On The Rise
  74. The Economist: Watch That Twitch
  75. SSSS for foreign airlines leaving the USA
  76. DCA - Organic Item Suspected?
  77. Help - SSSS question!
  78. News Report: Traveler now "donate" personal care products to homeless.
  79. JFK Terminal 2 TSA Hours of Operation
  80. 3-1-1..Now thats what I'm talking about!
  81. what CAN I take re:liguid amounts??
  82. Nightmare at DCA
  83. Suggestions from a FAM
  84. Great exchange of ideas today
  85. Toothpaste or Hazmat?
  86. ZRH - I didn't feel safe
  87. TSA Launches Employee Security Surges at Houston Airports
  88. Let's play spot the vulnerability!
  89. Possible hazmat on airplane....
  90. The sound of common sense from one German official
  91. Drunken lawyer on a flight - nothing good can come of this
  92. Screened at gate by TSA
  93. LI-Ion batteries cause near arrest, charges filed
  94. A TSO's Perspective
  95. FLL "Security" Experience at Terminal 4
  96. The Bin cleaning thread
  97. Please welcome VPescado as a TS/S mod
  98. Airports with a gap between the WTMD and x-ray = walk more on gross floor
  99. Any recent FAR changes??? RE: DCA 30 minute rule
  100. No Fly List - on CBS 60 Minutes 10 JUN 07
  101. Anything with Arabic text is asking for trouble?
  102. American security and follow up
  103. Visitors can't go through security?
  104. Security at BRU - can I buy water airside?
  105. Visa waiver foreigners to report 48 hours before traveling to USA
  106. SSSS but no detailed screening?
  107. Travelling w/o passport under temporary "suspension" leads to addt'l screening?
  108. Roselle man held in bomb threat at Newark Airport
  109. Security Loophole and Phantom Hijackers
  110. State Department Surrenders! Passports not required!
  111. Airlines face $219 million airport security bill
  112. flightglobal.com: "TSA: GA security rules imminent"
  113. TSA Agent: "I wasn't yelling"
  114. License out of holder
  115. Has anybody been subject to a secondary gate inspection?
  116. Wal-Mart
  117. NYT: "Travelers Face Frustrations with Passport Rule Changes"...
  118. can you now take safety matches onboard a international flight?
  119. trying to get info from TSA in Australia
  120. Is this a joke - TSA wants airlines to fingerprint foreign passengers leaving the US?
  121. TSA: The $7 Billion boondoggle
  122. Can I carry on a bag of oranges
  123. The Reg: [Brit] House of Lords steps into US-EU data spat
  124. UK shoe question
  125. ID Checks at BWI
  126. Really Helpful TSA agent at CHS
  127. Customs Computer Screens
  128. MSP has the nicest TSA people
  129. DHS proposes UAV's to monitor airports, defend against missiles
  130. Morning at LHR T3
  131. Question for TSOs (or others) re: rationale for wanding/patdown procedure at ORD?
  132. DHS to face "transition problem" after next election
  133. Lobster Carnival at Portland (Maine) Jetport this morning
  134. Petaluma Man Caught With Child Porn At Airport
  135. How long to use quart ziploc bag?
  136. TSA Screening at CVG - Tour of Facility
  137. Mike Figgis held for 5 hours
  138. Ron Paul on TSA screeners...
  139. Call to suspend flights to US after guards are filmed sleeping on the job
  140. TSA story, incident at MIA airport, from a swedish perspective
  141. Phone Agents Allowed to talk about FAMS???
  142. Can I carry on a triply periodic minimal surface?
  143. Kennedy Airport Terror Plot Thwarted
  144. It's still ticking, but...
  145. Homeland security threatens EU visa waiver Countries more info info or new visa rules
  146. Sreening of TSA employee belongings
  147. Insulin and Needles
  148. Unreal 3 1/2 hour security line at LHR!!
  149. Can I Photograph the TSA?
  150. My email detailing a security concern was totally disregarded by the TSA
  151. TSA Approved After Shave (3.4 oz bottle or less)
  152. Passenger Numbers / # Terrorists ?
  153. TSA denial letter
  154. My theory on NW 327 disruption June 27, 2004
  155. Now we know where DHS and TSA get their terrorist ideas
  156. Strange Passport Review at Ticket Counter
  157. TSA Shoe Removal Policy as applied at SFO
  158. Spanish Government to require Advance Passenger Info Effective June 13, 2007
  159. TSA found drug busted with passenger in SEA
  160. Common sense from the security chief at AAL (Aalborg, Denmark)
  161. TSA screeners/ Customer Service (rant abou going on break)
  162. U.S. seeks fliers possibly exposed to rare TB
  163. "I'm here to shoot a pilot"
  164. Study finds DHS not focused on terrorism
  165. Secret Service to use TSA screeners to guard presidential candidates
  166. Humor: Star Wars Themed Airport Security Photoshop Contest on Fark.com
  167. What if "they" use ships instead?
  168. FlyClear for Europe?
  169. block of tofu
  170. OIG report of NW 327
  171. Do One Way Tickets Subject People to Extra Screening?
  172. I Hate When The TSA Finds A Mistaken Liquid In My Carryon!!!
  173. My Solution for Taking More than 3.? oz. on a Plane
  174. TSA hack on cnn this morning
  175. I have to travel with Water Pik & dental care gear
  176. Airline website and TSA contradict each other?
  177. Global Terrorism Database
  178. "grade your immigration official" (new system in china)
  179. Air India inquiry and self serving twits.
  180. TSA Prepared for Summer Travelers!
  181. Man accused of terrorism for taking pictures of french fries on a ferry!
  182. List of countries requiring/not requiring laptops be x-rayed separately from bag
  183. List of countries where shoes must come off at airport security checkpoints
  184. Good thing Eppley is small!
  185. Shoes off at security?
  186. security done right
  187. If you liked the No-Fly List, here's the No-Work List
  188. TSA shortage in CLT
  189. Laptop alarms ETD
  190. Ban on liquids leaves OIA awash in trash
  191. Security workers scanning bottled liquids at some of nation's busiest airports
  192. advance parole document and APIS (advance passenger information system)
  193. Scored My Biggest Pocket Smuggle Today
  194. Nuclear Medicine Travels -- Any problems
  195. AMS to US-- posssible to bring kids water bottle?
  196. TSA takes PB&J from Rep. Tim Ryan (OH-17th) while on day 5 of a food stamp challenge
  197. Baby Bear said: A FAM has been sleeping in MY seat and hes still there!!!
  198. Query: CPAP, Distilled Water, Oxygenator, in carry on.
  199. T-shirt at airport: "My name causes national security alerts. What does yours do?"
  200. SSSSed at EWR? Bring a highlighter!
  201. how many shoe removals for international flight with change?
  202. TSA is at again in FLL
  203. Carry-On Bag Size at Heathrow Question
  204. I raised my voice and they threatened me with arrest
  205. Suspicious packages and dumping terminals
  206. TSA "Inside the Fences" - Article
  207. My Iraqi Freedom Soldier Beaten/Tased At McCarran Airport By Vegas Police!!
  208. FAMs Flood European Flights
  209. Will this item in a carry-on bring me trouble?
  210. X-Machines has been removed at FLL in DL terminal
  211. A good article on assessing risk
  212. GAO says Homeland Security's secrecy violates law
  213. LAX: T2 Dumped Tonight - 5/16
  214. "a rugged, reliable, and compact system for canine handlers to collect human scent"
  215. UNCENSORED: full bodyscans at AMS
  216. DHS Employees Sue TSA over Lost Hard Drive
  217. TSO's at EWR thwart kiddnapping!!
  218. Ron Paul says eliminate DHS
  219. US9 in Maine: "It wasn’t a roadblock...It was a safety inspection."
  220. Customs control of aircraft
  221. You Too Can F-l-y With Your Own Homemade Travel ID!!
  222. Is the One Quart Baggie Still Being Enforced?
  223. Crime to "out" sky marshall if you don't actually know who they are?
  224. SAT TSOs
  225. Non-prescription meds ?
  226. Medications
  227. FOrget about first class seats on these flights
  228. A coworker got a customer service interview at Logan
  229. Holding Passport For Upto 3 Months Before Visa?
  230. Which airport in the US is most lax/strict on security?
  231. Why I think TSA is full of idiots.
  232. Cairo security theatre
  233. TSA terrorizes the homeless!
  234. Ticket "Remark"=HaraSSSSment?
  235. US Visit --departing.
  236. "Please Note Emergency Exits" as Landing
  237. Crap Security at Marrakech (RAK) Morocco
  238. US seeks to calm EU fears on sharing air passenger details
  239. A Mickey Mouse Welcome to America
  240. Passports required for ALL travel out of/into USA on January 1, 2008; no exceptions!!
  241. Can a US citizen living overseas be kept from entering the US if taxes are due?
  242. how much radiation does it take to trigger the alarm? and which airports have alarms?
  243. KLM CEO - Security rules "unnecessary irritators"
  244. TSA official: Tiny toothpaste here to stay
  245. new scans????
  246. Los Angeles Sheriff's Dep't shows its incompetence during explosives testing
  247. check in with various medications question
  248. Pilots don't want armed marshalls
  249. More boxcutters found. Yay TSA!
  250. Travellers would pay more for better security: survey