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  1. CBP asking email password at POE
  2. Current Munich Body Scanner Status?
  3. Visiting American girlfriend by car
  4. Man tasered at YYZ
  5. Arriving at LAX from AUH precleared. Where to get baggage?
  6. Why did TSA write "HSB" and "INL" on my declaration form?
  7. German minister for strict ID controls in Schengen because of terrorism & 4U crash
  8. respect for the elderly
  9. veggetti allowed through airport security?
  10. Green Card & APIS
  11. Are doctors required to report medical concerns w/a pilot's fitness to the airlines?
  12. Crash Axes in the Cabin [follow up germanwings incident]
  13. ESTA- change of home address
  14. Enter Italy without a visa? Time sensitive!
  15. Early Passport Renewal
  16. Needles & nail clippers? Or how to (safely) keep busy on a flight...
  17. Rookie Mistake or Security Overstep?
  18. Shots fired inside Armstrong Int’l Airport
  19. 3D printers
  20. Does opting out automatically trigger a baggage search and swab?
  21. Temporary Swedish passport
  22. are ice skates considered to be a weapon?
  23. Minor US citizen entering US with an expired Passport
  24. Los Cabos, Mexico?
  25. Hazard surrounding checkpoint x-rays that have very short conveyor belts?
  26. List of countries/airports who take fingerprints and other biometric data
  27. Traveling with medication/vitamins in Ziplock baggy through JFK and LHR
  29. Flying with a Dexcom Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM)
  30. Large sheets of metal in carryon?
  31. Emergency situation. US passport expired. Can I enter US on my UK one?
  32. Will TSA allow knife sharpening stones (not knives) in carry on luggage?
  33. Denied Tourist Visa, need help please
  34. Funny "rules" of HEL airport security scans
  35. Russia to require API for all overflights
  36. Passport Concerns
  37. new CBP survey(?)
  38. Has there been any safety incidents due to sloppy handwriting?
  39. Three guys stopped with guns at ORD/MDW
  40. Brussels Airport Security
  41. Refused boarding for name cut off (Vanilla Air, Japan)
  42. UK passport - dropping middle name?
  43. Expedited Passport?
  44. 14-Hour Layover in AMS with US Passport Expiring Later That Month
  45. How can I transport kitchen knives as carry-on?
  46. Switching one way flight at transit airport
  47. status of RUN and CDG?
  48. no identity checks whatsoever in europe
  49. JFK T1 — print-at-home BP not accepted
  50. Super Bowl program hologram sets off alarms at PHX
  51. Secondary Inspection at IAD?
  52. Heating Pad
  53. CNN Article: 'Giant Security Gap @ US Airports; Employees Unscreened'
  54. Psp Palm Springs - Hints for TSA?
  55. "Mike November" at border
  56. New DAL checkpoint(s)?
  57. First and Middle Name Plus APIS Issue? - Jet Airways
  58. Get EU Passport to Augment my US (Naturalized Citizen) Passport?
  59. MIA TSA lines
  60. Where is the RFID electronics in the U.S. passport?
  61. Getting a visa and secondary checkpoint
  62. Shortened Version of name on Airline ticket
  63. JFK - leaving secure area and reentering
  64. Americans and Cuban Cigars
  65. Escort between terminals at JFK
  66. Milimeter scanner and wallet
  67. Damaged fingerprint - an issue or not?
  68. Question on transiting CDG
  69. Passport validity to travel via Franfurt
  70. Connecting between Terminals @ LAX
  71. Is food allowed through security at UK airports?
  72. Air-Indiaaaa!!!
  73. Visiting my Fiancé ... advice?
  74. CIA Travel Advice To Operatives
  75. Can I loiter in LAX baggage claim before customs?
  76. TSA Question
  77. Santa joins Global Entry
  78. Foods through TSA & Customs
  79. USA customs and immigration Ex DXB
  80. Worthy of a complaint? Overheard TSA conversation
  81. Tough security at gate for UA flight IAH-LHR
  82. Vendor of mobile boarding passes opens a security hole
  83. How secure is luggage going under plane on puddle jumpers?
  84. Tree foliage - US Customs`
  85. OVERSTAYED in UK as a Student
  86. asia via us - pending charges for uttering threats
  87. Passport question-South Caribbean Cruise
  88. Advice? Info? Canada to U.S. w/ U.S. Warrant
  89. MNC employee raped in Uber cab; company found not following policies
  90. Sent to secondary coming from Thailand
  91. UK (and EU) customs question about declaring goods in excess of allowance
  92. Zimbabwe: knives in checked baggage
  93. Donuts in hand baggage
  94. dying laptop battery & the new "start computer" regulations
  95. Inappropriate Use of Passport/Emergency Contact Form
  96. EU customs question
  97. Broken Dreams: a documentary on the 787
  98. Amending an ESTA
  99. Busy day at BOS Logan. Assault, Nudity and a Bomb scare (11/22/14)
  100. Another emergency exit question
  101. Checking in a cardboard box with a "tablet" computer?
  102. Liqui-gels?
  103. emergency Exit
  104. Duty Free Liquor with a Connection in FRA
  105. Any Country Besides the US Routinely Cross-Examine its Own Returning Citizens?
  106. Current best practices at SAT?
  107. New "GE-Lite" Customs Machines at Dulles -- Rope du Goat
  108. Emergency Exit Wing Door: Leave Inside the Airplane or Throw Outside in an Emergency?
  109. Advisse please: best way to travel with heavy valuables
  110. Do you still listen to the Safety Brief?
  111. Passport refusing to scan
  112. Is Opt-Out Possible at ZRH?
  113. Fly from out from India
  114. YYZ Opt Out
  115. Found Lost Passport
  116. student at Monmouth University needs your help with Privacy Policies
  117. Bringing opened baking supplies in checked luggage.
  118. Problem with plane tickets (fraud?)
  119. 2 pound free weight okay, 3 pound weight a "weapon"?
  120. Man attacks another passenger at DFW
  121. Chicago Police To Begin Random Explosives Screenings At CTA Stations
  122. Entering Bahamas with a criminal record
  123. Security/Customs in Japan?
  124. Jfk t4 iat
  125. Transiting through Mexico?
  126. entering USA with the criminal record of having
  127. Changing Passport # for Flights Post Citizenship Ceremony??
  128. Aged passenger exception?
  129. Legroom and evacuation
  130. My issue for travel to china, please advise ASAP
  131. TSA have never seen gold before?
  132. FAM special menu
  133. FA suit over PAX with electronics
  134. no more TSA scribble on bp?
  135. Naked man wanders around ATL while Delta gate agents ignore him.
  136. ORD T3 TSA security this morning (Oct-6)
  137. Going through TSA w wireless mic and machinery
  138. US passport held up applying for India visa, need to fly in to Canada
  139. MCO Automated self serve CBP kiosks
  140. Fox Reporter on TSA Watch list for Istanbul flight
  141. Small Metal Urn in Carry On?
  142. Flyertalk home page/child safety seats/FAA/research
  143. Illegal US Re-Entry at Canadian Airport
  144. Gate Checks at Foreign Airports of US Bound Passengers for Carry-on Water
  145. Partial shutdown of PHX airport 9/18/14 4:30 PM to search for local suspect
  146. Mutilated Passport with Valid Year Long Business Visa
  147. FedEx or Registered Mail when mailing passport to foreign consulate for visas?
  148. Firearms in checked bag (clueless airline agents)
  149. If the post office lost my new passport, who pays for a new one?
  150. Ok to carry on multiple 50ml liquids?
  151. Did Air Marshal Endanger United Passengers?
  152. NRT Transit Security - Sometimes I Just Need to Laugh
  153. Entering US with expired US, and old but valid EU passport
  154. Extension Cord in Carry-on Suitcase
  155. TSA agents screening their own family members and friends?
  156. TSA 'Not Approved' Items
  157. Best airline for a refundable ticket (guest pass)
  158. Suited Up
  159. Just put a staple through my biometric US passport
  160. global entry works off an on
  161. Will I make it through customs in Honduras with baked goods?
  162. Q. for TSA Rep AND others - Bringing pills through US customs?
  163. First international trip, help with security/passport control questions?
  164. One person at a time only?
  165. No longer allowed to hold onto wallet during opt out pat down?
  166. Stolen US passport = identity theft potential?
  167. What gives with TSA lock
  168. Two quick questions on TSA locks and corkscrews
  169. Getting my Rolex accross TSA without being scammed
  170. LIS security and baby milk - were they right?
  171. Flying to US for the first time, pre-flight interview questions
  172. UK Customs: Am I an EU arrival?
  173. Mobile Passport Control App
  174. Emergency drinks for diabetic on long-haul
  175. Bring Roasted Coffee Grounds from Brazil to USA.
  176. Travelling to Australia
  177. Aisle Path Lighting - What is the rule?
  178. quick question - filled out wrong information on ticket and can't cancel it.
  179. Traveling to US on the expiry date of B1/B2 Visa?
  180. Can I bring ~10 cans of Rogaine Foam in Checked Luggage?
  181. Macbook Air and the TSA
  182. Empty sports water bottles allowed in hand luggage at LGW
  183. Traveling with Microscope Slides
  184. Dual UK/Australia passport issue
  185. Questioned in the departure jetway "How much cash do you have" at IAH
  186. TSA Checked baggage notifications?
  187. Transliteration and translation. Two names on foreign passport
  188. Is there an online resource that gives visa information?
  189. Maiden name on International Ticket After Marriage - What to do?
  190. Advice needed: hotel security
  191. TSA searching for chemicals
  192. Baggage security stickers
  193. Expedited passport, later received request for add. info.
  194. US Passport Renewal Delay
  195. Airport scanner
  196. Do you prefer G20-based airlines for safety?
  197. ESTA as backup?
  198. United baggage terminal at LGA
  199. International From EU to USA- How are they treating CPAP machines?
  200. yellow fever
  201. I saw a girl get molested
  202. Lost passport and need to fly without ID to get to an embassy
  203. are the immigration lawyers pulling my leg [Green Card and travel]
  204. Carrying external battery packs - anybody done it?
  205. Logan Aiport Lost and Found is Full of Surprises
  206. Passport normal wear and tear question
  207. US passport renewal
  208. Got admonished by Immigration Officer for lack of address
  209. Surname not Included in the ticket
  210. First international trip after visiting a "naughty list" country.
  211. Man Arrested at Detroit Airport With Knife 'Artfully Concealed' in Shoe
  212. Flights to US from EU - electronic devices
  213. US gov can renew US passport in 1 day, why does it take 6+ months to renew greencard?
  214. Powder Magazine: Getting into Canada with a conviction
  215. 4 CBP Officers on Jetway While Departing EWR?
  216. DHS statement re enhanced security procedures overseas
  217. Group ESTA
  218. Why doesn't the oxygen bag inflate?
  219. Can TSA prevent passengers from exiting the secure area during a lockdown?
  220. Flying with a handgun
  221. Entering the USA under Visa Waiver Program by land
  222. Not Valid for Federal ID
  223. Immigration Issue? Flying BOM-USA with stop in HKG on Indian passport
  224. Visas
  225. Breast milk at CDG?
  226. SOP proof re "shoulder opt out"?
  227. Can airlines/TSA demand more than passport as ID?
  228. Airports that require you to reclear security on international transit
  229. Packing unfueled lighters in checked baggage OK?
  230. ESTA Query
  231. Nail Cross considered 'dangerous'?
  232. US Domestic flight with Hong Kong Travel Pass?
  233. Bringing a small safe for valuables and passport good idea?
  234. SCL (Santiago, Chile) Airport Security
  235. Question from dual national
  236. American Expats, are we Vistors or Residents when filling in US Customs Forms?
  237. Transit VISA via UK
  238. Second US Passport
  239. Same day passport for a minor
  240. Dual Citizen Flying from/to the US, which Passport to show/use, where?
  241. getting appointment at passport agency ?
  242. US Immigration Tips
  243. DEN: Handswabbing in the Pre-Check Line
  244. Australian Student J1 visa to the USA- re-enter USA question
  245. SSSS to, but not from, the US
  246. Safety of Chemicals in Glue+Paint at New Hotels
  247. Using BNO passport in the EU?
  248. Can I Use a Global Entry Card for ID instead of a Driver License at TSA Checkpoints?
  249. Water and LHR
  250. Walking across US/Canada border, then getting picked up again