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  1. Through customs at Heathrow (T3), and get back out again?
  2. Maryland Compliance with REAL ID BS starts tomorrow
  3. Anyone had issues with gel shoe inserts lately?
  4. Passport question
  5. Entering the US by plane and leaving by car on an I94-W
  6. Iris Scan Program at LHR
  7. Policy on Laptop cooling pad as a Carry-on?
  8. US Immigration & Fingerprints
  9. No Open-Faced Smiles Allowed
  10. Vacationing San Jose police subdue violent passenger
  11. Claims of abuse by JetBlue FA
  12. Another lovely day of flying... DCA-ATL-NRT
  13. DHS pilot to fingerprint exiting passengers
  14. carry-on electric shaver?
  15. MSNBC Article on Name Matching and Shoes
  16. Travel thru 4 countries, no passport stamps
  17. Runaway mom and daughter fake their way through TSA
  18. ID question
  19. So I'm 17 and will be flying by myself....
  20. We're not trained at this airport on those (Passport Card)
  21. Jetway Passport Check on Incoming Flights?
  22. can an illegal immigrant fly domestic
  23. Cancer Drug Causes Trauma for US Immigration
  24. (Re-) entering usa on 2 tickets
  25. Napolitano's budget & TSA
  26. CATSA versus GPS mount
  27. US Govt combining national and homeland security
  28. Careful what you wish for
  29. A nice experience at BOS
  30. NY Arrest Turns Up Heat On Missile Defense For Airliners
  31. Best place to work in Federal Government, go TSA!
  32. Fifth FAM at CVG sues TSA....
  33. Hey, neat~
  34. Apple juice and the TSA morons at San Jose SJC
  35. Handling Secondary Screening of 3 Year Olds
  36. CTR?
  37. Border Patrol - random sideroad stop
  38. Checking expensive things that you can't carry-on?
  39. Blogdad Bob Sez We All Wear Tinfoil Hats
  40. Commercial US flight, no security!
  41. Curveball: Which airport has the most efficiently run TSA?
  42. ESTA/DHS
  43. Penn & Teller Take On TSA
  44. Pat down question
  45. What is a Visual IRT??
  46. TSA is doing sweeps for illegals
  47. Fusion in Las Vegas
  48. Exact Name on ID Requirement
  49. What is the cause of all of the recent weirdness in the TSA?
  50. LAX TSA insanity du jour
  51. video and photo during take off and landing
  52. T4, LAX this morning...
  53. Schneier for DHS Head
  54. TSA running radio ads
  55. Homeland Security and Restroom Video Monitoring
  56. Privacy.org petition fixed
  57. TSA giving up on puffers, getting more scanners
  58. Everybody FREEZE!!!!!!!!!
  59. Out-bound fingerprint check test setting at ATL and DTW
  60. Rules regarding lining up/congregating near lavs and galleys?
  61. Security breach in SMF this late-afternoon
  62. Safe proven way to carry liquour in checked luggage
  63. Upcoming TSA Cargo Inspections May Cause Delays/Damage
  64. Testimonials on virtual strip search policy please
  65. About medicines and lotions
  66. DCA 30-minute rule and gate security
  67. Airline Mechanics Who Can't Read English
  68. Any way to avoid unpacking a CPAP?
  69. TSA-approved laptop bags?
  70. At least one of those bums is trying to do something about whole body imaging
  71. More Virtual Strip Search backlash
  72. "What? Do you have cancer?"
  73. Private jet security?
  74. Woman arrested for not holding escalator handrail, arguing with police
  75. Will I need TSA locks if I am only flying through the US?
  76. Napoliturkey Makes Her Mark
  77. PV Alert - new thread on the CNN article.
  78. Helping each other out
  79. New (post-dated) PV entry: What's in a Name?
  80. Cost Cutting & Name Change Suggestions
  81. Airport security bares all, or does it?
  82. Airport Security Bares all....
  83. Non-US citizens refusing to be bodyscanned?
  84. Dealing with SPOT
  85. NYPD Doc indicating that photography on transit system is legal
  86. A tactic to deal with claims for stuff stolen from luggage?
  87. Minor moan - zippers cut off bag
  88. Distinguished international authors' treatment at AKL hits the news
  89. Advanced X-ray liquid scanners should lift ban on carry on liquids soon
  90. more tsa non-travel related self promotion
  91. Thank you, self-appointed royalty at SNA!
  92. Insufficient Sleep And Low Pay Might Affect Pilot Safety At Regional Airlines
  93. any update on the liquids restrictions...?
  94. Why the MMW is gaining public acceptance...
  95. This would make a good puppy post at PV
  96. From Newark:
  97. Except for the Shoes....
  98. FAM ? bypass security
  99. TSA will installed new inline baggage screening system in GTF
  100. Latest in Exact Name Match?
  101. What would it take for TSA acceptance?
  102. A Completely Different Screening Experience
  103. Safe (and TSA approved) Traveling with 5+ Cellphones and other electronic equipments
  104. Frisk everyone!
  105. 2 adult students taken into custody at White House (ICE violation)
  106. Don't Look At Me!
  107. Now the Kippie must be by itself...
  108. TSA and the Constitution
  109. Reprehensible fear-mongering
  110. Overstay and re-entry
  111. Snooker Cue - checked in or not? Advice pls!
  112. TSA pushing unfunded mandates at smaller airports
  113. Penn & Teller put airport security to the test
  114. Another reason EVERYONE should be screened
  115. Taking Chance and the TSA
  116. Seemingly odd book recommendation
  117. items in checked luggage disappear
  118. "Uncomfortable" experience at MSP
  119. LAX TSO Yamagata: Not A Poster Child For TSA
  120. Blind interpreter detained at Philly airport
  121. Valid Passport considered "No ID" by TSO
  122. I couldn't imagine why they think we don't trust them...
  123. Powder Medication and TSA
  124. Carry-on Airborne chews, are they liquids or gels??
  125. can i go to CANADA with disorderly conduct record?
  126. Unaccompanied minor question ?
  127. UK connection...passport / ticket check...what is it for?
  128. Should I need to kept shoes on?
  129. Is CBP allowed to ask how you afford things?
  130. The TSA: The Manicurist's Best Friend
  131. Blogger Bob in the news.
  132. Virtual strip-search at BWI
  133. Shoes Not Allowed In Bins-Must Be On Belt! (Merged Threads)
  134. Some poetry for use with customs!
  135. Need advice on flying with a rifle from Canada to USA
  136. Luggage Locks? Pros/Cons? Advice, please.
  137. Radioactive Isotopes + Flying
  138. Walk me through security
  139. TSA steals out of bag and nothing can be done???
  140. Obama Proposes Increase in Security Screening Fee
  141. Opportunity To Confront TSA: Presidential Memo On Scientific Integrity
  142. TSA agent rejects my CLEAR card as ID, later says "Don't go away mad, just go away."
  143. Do visa rules, treatment on arrival by immigration, put people off visiting the U.S.?
  144. checkpoints between Orange County and Las Vegas?
  145. Question on SPOT program
  146. Assisting Law Enforcement
  147. Secure Flight by TSA effective May 15th
  148. Devil's Advocate
  149. Passport Application Help
  150. at SJC today "your bag is NOT checkpoint friendly"
  151. Identity Theft and Recording a Driver's License Number
  152. I'm confused. Canadian airport immigration let me in with just my U.S. passport
  153. Pat-downs now the norm?
  154. Would you trust your local Dry Cleaners to take your fingerprints for Govt ID's?
  155. Taking Cigars OUT of USA?
  156. Which checkpoint is this sign at??
  157. Security Advisory
  158. Screening for One-way itineraries
  159. LIST OF TSA FSD's
  160. TSA in 2006 vs now?
  161. Does the same BS happen when you ride a ship?
  162. To the TSA agent(s) at IAD who stole from my father today:
  163. Two AA169 FA's, 35 Passengers Detained/Quarantined in NRT Over Flu Concerns
  164. Crossing the border on land
  165. Lost my license, please help
  166. JFK Security Destroys Pianos
  167. My SPOT experience yesterday
  168. Dual Citizenship, which passport? Taiwan+US
  169. Hot off PV!!!!
  170. Newark Airport - A Tale of Two Airports
  171. FA arrested at checkpoint for carrying guns
  172. BP check at WTMD disappearing?
  173. TSA absudity...infants at the checkpoint
  174. How much has the swine flu affected your traveling?
  175. roll of aluminum foil in suitcase - security issue?
  176. Use of Headsets, takeoff to landing
  177. Unreported security breach at SFO yesterday
  178. Jet Blue Employee Busted For Stealing Cop's Gun
  179. Flushing out terrorists
  180. What is the ID policy?
  181. Is TSA doing their job at airports?
  182. Quotes for TSA
  183. what happens if security damages your stuff?
  184. Spring has sprung or Love is in the Airport.
  185. Has DHS/CDC failed us?
  186. spot at tpa nabs the big one (nope, just another drug bust)
  187. The new fangled BP readers...
  188. TSA to replace NYPD?
  189. Name on ID vs. Name on BP Question
  190. Anyone changing travel plans due to Swine Flu?
  191. 13 year-old flies across the country, alone
  192. TSA and the Law
  193. Swine Flu Scanning / Swine Flu Tests in NRT
  194. Millimeter-wave radar at Boston Logan Terminal B
  195. Kidnappings at JFK Airport
  196. may have a warrant
  197. TSA destroys virtuoso's $100,000 piano because "the glue smells funny."
  198. Take Your Kids to Work Day at DHS HQs
  199. PS3 as carry on
  200. What happens to prescription medications through airport or border security?
  201. New procedure on pat-downs or just a fluke?
  202. Confessions of a Security Manager
  203. Low-flying 747 +fighters spur a bit of panic
  204. Safety of unplugging my headphones from the Ipod?
  205. Is the TSA checking immigration status?
  206. Do airlines get paid by the Feds when FAMs take up a seat?
  207. Swine Flu Screening @ U.S. Border
  208. No-fly list strikes again, US diverts AF 744 CDG-MEX
  209. Another data point on why we don't need FAMs
  210. Last Minute ESTA Registration
  211. Knife/Tool in carry-on question...
  212. FAM weapons overseas
  213. Blogger Bob hates Poster Boy
  214. Homeland Security and the Netherlands digital IDs make clearing customs easier
  215. airline policy regarding ammunition
  216. EU customs question - is food permitted?
  217. Carry-On Within Eyesight
  218. FAA releases bird strike information
  219. PV: Screening before the checkpoint is back in style
  220. DHS asks for repeal of RealID
  221. MI Enhanced Drivers License vs. Passport Card
  222. LHR: 1K 2MM in C haraSSSSed by UA
  223. NEXUS & Passport Cards NOT “Government Issued Photo-ID”
  224. Hooray~
  225. So what exactly creates probable cause?
  226. Hotel security and response to theft from car:
  227. Can I bring a knife in checked luggage to Zürich?
  228. Lost Luggage.. Advice please?
  229. TSA misses small knives, delays flight
  230. Supreme Court Puts New Limits on Vehicle Searches
  231. Immigration at Heathrow, which line to use
  232. Very Odd NEXUS Crossing experience.
  233. Do you think TSA is trying to mimic CBP?
  234. Is Rogaine allowed in either carry-on or checked baggage?
  235. TSA Woes
  236. The Metal Detector (just some light humor)
  237. Regional Airlines experience?
  238. Breaking News: aircraft hijacking at Montego Bay
  239. Morons at "Work": Bomb scare turns out to be dirt at PTI Airport
  240. Boston Globe: US Marine arrested at Logan
  241. TSA plans to replace the walk-through metal detect with MMW
  242. Denied access in USA
  243. Official TSA Form: "Unpredictable screening"
  244. Safety On Board - Mind my own business?
  245. So much for the "you can always drive" option...
  246. Obama vows to cut DHS budget
  247. Airports with best/worst feeling of Security?
  248. PV getting a new blogger?
  249. Utah Congressman seeks to regulate TSA porn
  250. 3-1-1 Carry-on Rule: Is freezer bag (light blue) considered "clear bag"?