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  1. Napolitano, Brennan briefing. Transcript.
  2. JFK Int'l Baggage Transfer
  3. Answer the question Nappy not dodge it
  4. President on now discussing airline security
  5. International Flights Inboud to US question
  6. Reason.tv: "We're the TSA and you can count on us..."
  7. Coming next: The boob bomber
  8. Jan 3 EWR Terminal Dump -- Video
  9. Who is dumber: TSA or CATSA?
  10. Stop the panic
  11. Goodbye kiss provoked Newark airport scare: report
  12. full body scanner radiation
  13. Can PV perform well in a crisis?
  14. YYZ-ORD-HKG, Any Concerns @ Check in?
  15. Clothing NO Longer Optional – TPA Airlines
  16. Mayor Wants More Security at SFO
  17. Why Not Use Bomb-Sniffing Dogs?
  18. Don't put a bomb down your panties
  19. No Carry-Ons, Very Tight Security for Delta Flights from Barcelona
  20. LA Times: U.S. learned intelligence on airline attack suspect while he was EN ROUTE
  21. LAX following Israeli model
  22. MIA-DTW: "It is not clear how the man disrupted the flight"
  23. Why the terrorists will always win with our current mentality
  24. US Fighter Jets Escort Hawaiian Flight Back
  25. Fmr. CEO of American Airlines calls full-body scanners in airports a waste
  26. TSA dogs at PHL can't sniff
  27. Nude O-Scope and CarryOn
  28. Mexico - USA Carryon
  29. Fun plane games, with TSA locking down...
  30. ABC News: Obama Orders Air Marshal Surge by Feb. 1: 'Race Against Time'
  31. Safety Inspectors Almost Hit By DC Metro Train
  32. TSA/OI agent who investigated bloggers for SSI release, dropped his notebook
  33. How does TSA handle places like Spruce Creek?
  34. MotherJones: "The Airport Scanner Scam"
  35. Air Marshals Would Have Stopped Bomber, Whistleblower Says
  36. Airline Pickpock strikes as Pax sleep
  37. Fareed Zakaria: Washington overreacting to air scare
  38. Screeners fired for selling/using drugs, making counterfeit parking passes
  39. Absurd gate screening theater
  40. TSA Logo competition
  41. Still More Ongoing TSA Failures.
  42. Still throwing money at doubtful tools for airport security
  43. YYZ Security News and Websites Incorrect
  44. How much money do you have with you?
  45. Laughable security: Broken surveillance camera at Newark airport
  46. Just to review the profile...
  47. TSA Dogs Serving at Philly Airport Fail Training
  48. The High Toll of Terror Hysteria
  49. Boston B31 this afternoon..
  50. Add another to the list-GSP's open door policy
  51. And Nappy said the system work ... not according to this pilot
  52. Can we talk? Joan Rivers denied boarding for "suspicious" passport names
  53. Security breach at MSP - Airport "shut down" - Anyone there?
  54. Blogger handcuffed at SEA for refusing to answer questions
  55. Hazardious waste Bakersfeild Airport
  56. CNN: Cargo Jet Crash near Chicago Executive Airport
  57. Slovakian security test results in explosives on plane
  58. Is Pam cooking spray allowed in checked luggage?
  59. Specific airport security measures, LGA first...
  60. How TSA Can Make The Body Scanner Truly Anonymous?
  61. Obama to reveal new air travel policies shortly
  62. TSA: Hazardous Material Shuts Bakersfield Airport
  63. TSA restrictions against night vision goggles?
  64. Why do people joke about carrying explosives?
  65. Nude-o-scopes coming to Canada
  66. L-3 Communications of Pinellas gets $165 million contract for body scanners
  67. YYZ Security Changes
  68. TSA takes Play-Doh from Child
  69. Underpants of Mass Destruction!
  70. Clothing bomb
  71. BBC Report - Screening failure
  72. TSA @ EWR
  73. 538 on airline security
  74. Yet another great article on aviation security
  75. 12-25-How Information Overload Prevailed & Counterterrorism Knowledge Sharing Failed
  76. Holidays With The Heimatsicherheitsministerium
  77. Declaring ammunition
  78. Pensacola airport security lapse
  79. ESTA and Dual Passports
  80. WBI Scanner == Child Porn Generator
  81. What if the TSA Said Profile by Passport/Point of Origin and No One Did?
  82. The privacy concern with WBI is solved because viewers are "not near" the scanners?
  83. Mexico Joins the Circus - Full patdown at the gate for Everyone.
  84. Electronics in Carry On, Your Experience?
  85. Why are planes so special, and whats changed?
  86. TSA cut off TSA Lock AND New Suitcase
  87. TSA Nominee Southers' Answers to Senate
  88. Chris Elliott column
  89. Increase in Airport Security Wait times?
  90. Obama to Tackle Airport Security Following Several Breaches
  91. Connection time and safety
  92. Silliest Jetway search
  93. Does Michael Chertoff have a piece of the full body scanner business?
  94. Passengers stuck on Qantas A380 after aborted take-off
  95. Southwest SJC -> SNA checked-in luggage theft/damage
  96. TSA - Many Years Later - Your Opinion?
  97. Anybody up for Homeland Security Vetting Visas to the USA?
  98. Security Breach-->AAHHHH!!!!
  99. New York Times: "The Cost of High Anxiety About Flying"
  100. We're sorry
  101. PHL: Check in at Term A then go to B?
  102. Terminal dump EWR-C [3-Jan-2010] (merged)
  103. What if the body scan is malfunctioned...
  104. TSA Special Agent in Subpoena mess loses notebook
  105. Senator Schumer: Penalize foreign airports that have lax security
  106. Mini Keurig - check it or carry it on??
  107. Clippers
  108. New TSA Directive
  109. new rules?
  110. Video of the Nude-O-Scopes in action
  111. New Security Measures 3 Jan 2010
  112. The Truth on Government Spin
  113. Should toilets be removed from aircraft?
  114. and when the nude-o-scopes become mandatory but still let another panty bomber thru
  115. UK to install full body scanners
  116. Report: WBI would not have detected the underwear bomb
  117. How to "pro-actively" enhance aircraft security
  118. Did TSA ghost-write @FlyingWithFish tweet? Twitter coercion?
  119. John Elway video
  120. Stripping Freedoms
  121. For airports that have nude-o scopes, will everyone be scanned or just random people?
  122. Medical Devices and the Full Body Scan
  123. EWR Terminal B to get up to 6 WBI
  124. Full-Body Scanners to Fry Travelers With Radiation
  125. New security measures and the stress of flying
  126. CBP recants story: Second man arrested during Metro Detroit flight 253
  127. United Flight Returns to STL AFTER Pax found on No Fly List
  128. Chertoff "said to abuse public trust by touting body scanners"
  129. Delays at ORD? BOS?
  130. 2010 starts: NW 2364 DTW-MCO to BNA, Flight diverted because of Christmas ornament
  131. Those of you who don't mind nude scans -- where DO you draw the line?
  132. what if a terrorist opens the emergency exit in flight?
  133. Happy New Year everyone
  134. TSA lapse helps gain not guilty verdicts
  135. Must check electronics ???
  136. Another poorly redacted SSI document.
  137. Napolitano announces plan to teach foreign airports how to improve their security
  138. Washington POST: TSA nominee gave misleading information to Congress, documents show
  139. DFW Security Checkpoint Left Unattended for 90 Minutes
  140. TSA Supervisor in SHV: 'We're only doing what you pay us to do'
  141. YYT-YHZ-IAD-PDX - Do crazy new Canadian rules for carryon apply?
  142. Article: 2nd man held in Flight 253 attack but kept secret
  143. Passenger video taped NW flight 253 - Passengers Claim
  144. "Unpredictable Security"
  145. Predictions for the new year.
  146. Laptop lock confiscated as weapon
  147. This week in TSA history starting 1/1/2010
  148. how about a big ol' pack of bomb sniffing dogs???
  149. Why do some people want o to place/detonate bombs on aircraft?
  150. Rate your checkpoint experience? There’s an app for that.
  151. Why would WBI not require 2257 info?
  152. Fired TSA Federal Air Marshal Service manager predicted NW253 security lapse
  153. 2 good articles in the NY Times
  154. The 'Israelification' of airports
  155. Is this the time to officially start the Safe Traveler program?
  156. fam's back in the spotlight (article)
  157. What about "Portal" Explosive Trace Detection?
  158. Who else doesn't mind full body scans for extra security?
  159. Is TSA going after FT next?
  160. The TSA is good for a defense.
  161. How are WBI alarms cleared?
  162. Prevention? Or intervention?
  163. South Florida airports may get additional scanners
  164. It's Only an Act of Terror If it Terrorizes
  165. MAD (Madrid) current security process Dec 30 2009
  166. Shucks, I MISSED it! Lack of WBI at NY area airports
  167. Wargaming terrorism
  168. Has anyone been extensively questioned after visiting Middle East
  169. Pilots' Union accuses TSA of inadequate warnings Dec 25
  170. Post-12/25/09 SFO Intl Security Wait
  171. Full Body Scanners at Schiphol
  172. From CNN: "Is aviation security mostly for show?"
  173. Place bomb/explosive detecting equiptment in airplane restrooms
  174. How do I find out if I'm on the no-fly list?
  175. TSA waiting times at Cincinnati CVG
  176. Federal Agents seize travel bloggers computer
  177. Wasn't it the Dutch that screwed up?
  178. AP Exclusive: Somali man arrested in Nov with powdered chemicals, syringe
  179. edited images on CNN for MMW
  180. More Proof The 9/11 Bad Guys Are Still Winning
  181. Former Screener Spills The Beans!
  182. Dutch Treat: Dutch to use full body scans for all U.S. flights
  183. Legal question? Why cannot airlines choose who they will carry?
  184. Two Cheers for Airport Security - It's not as bad as you think.
  185. But what do we "know" re NW 253 - e.g., were he or his handlers "ours"?
  186. NYT debate WBI versus privacy
  187. Terrorism Still Less Deadly in US Than Lack of Health Insurance, Salmonella
  188. I'm willing to accept the same odds of being killed by a terrorist as being killed...
  189. Al-Qaeda practises beating body scanners
  190. I'm curious - people who have taken action
  191. Christopher Hitchens on Slate.com
  192. How far will you go for "safety"?
  193. Frankfurt going to one carry on for US flights
  194. If Many Americans Say "do ANYTHING if it makes us safer..."
  195. Schneier: The best way to help people feel secure is by acting secure around them.
  196. Nudie Scans coming to ORD
  197. President Obama, It's Time to Fire the TSA
  198. Paying the ransom
  199. Website for airport security wait times?
  200. Positive outcome of the AMS-DTW terrorist
  201. CNN: Interview with "Tony" former TSA, DHS, FAA Official
  202. Is not being able to leave your seat or read anything really a security measure?
  203. You know all that information you have to supply before flying to the US
  204. Explosives sewn in underwear
  205. Canada to USA flights: No Carryons Period due to U.S rules?
  206. How do we fight the sheeple?? (Or "God, people are stupid!!")
  207. 'Pyrotechnic device' found on domestic flight
  208. What domestic airports are showing increased times through security?
  209. TSA Must Not Receive More Money, Contractors, Or Hardware
  210. TSA really tried to ban "lap children" for the last hour of flights to the US?
  211. Any reports of people actually soiling their seats?
  212. Menstruation during last hour of flight
  213. Question: Why Did Security Take This ?
  214. Help me understand
  215. Time To Fire The TSA
  216. Anyone later retrieved stuff left behind at a TSA checkpoint?
  217. Editorial in Economist on TSA policy
  218. Thoughts on Whether or Not The Crotch Bomb Could Have Worked
  219. The President Cares for U
  220. International US bound flight info (since the christmas incident)
  221. What Would Have Worked on December 25th?
  222. Take the doors off the loo, install a seatbelt and sell it as a passenger seat
  223. Nonimmigrant visa process examined
  224. Chaffetz sticks by WBI ban after terrorist attempt
  225. Succinct List of New TSA Procedures? Specifically BOS to LAX?
  226. more u.s. air marshals to fly since failed terrorist attack on nw253
  227. What am I obligated to share with a CBP officer screening passports before boarding?
  228. Watch list growing fast
  229. Monday morning is a little sanity returning
  230. The Solution is SIMPLE
  231. Are women (Indian) better than crew or sky marshals?
  232. The Official Bladder Option at the One-Hour Mark
  233. Is there any type of underwear fabric that blocks WBI Nude-o-scope views?
  234. What companies manufacture (WBI) Nude-o-scopes & other checkpoint equipment?
  235. Apalled at lighters being allowed
  236. TSA Security Directive SD-1544-09-06
  237. Nobody knows - right?
  238. Great Essay on Security Theater
  239. Urinate in the aisle?
  240. Aircraft Cabin Features / Inflight Service Changes to go with new TSA rules?
  241. Enhanced Security Theater: Your Experiences
  242. Senators and Representatives on Homeland Security
  243. Nappy to visit Israel
  244. Why isn't this obvious to everyone?
  245. Are you spending more time on security lines now?
  246. PETn Explosive Pentaerythritol is inexpensive
  247. So now I gotta ask.
  248. Transport of fireworks novelties
  249. Why not use explosive sniffing dogs and robots?
  250. Some questions about the would be DL bombing