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  1. Alternate forms of ID for US passport app
  2. Travel at 17
  3. Travelling to the US speaking little to no english - what to do in border/customs?
  4. Apple Watch and passing through security -- Your experiences
  5. Any LPR's used the Automated Passport Controls at JFK?
  6. Travelling with 400 coins from UK to India
  7. TSA 3.4 Ounce Question
  8. Traveling with lithium batteries.
  9. Swaping tickets after security
  10. Got caught bringing alcohol back to the US as a minor
  11. ID theft and fraud - tickets purchased on Orbitz with my card
  12. Travel with lots of Jewlery
  13. Passport expiring- what to do
  14. Experiences carrying more than $10000 USD from Canada to USA
  15. Seeking advice: US Citizen Accompanying EU Citizen significant other to USA on VWP
  16. Insulin - a new experience at Phuket (HKT)
  17. How to deliberately trigger anomalies on the NoS?
  18. Flying with frozen breastmilk from Lisbon to USA
  19. Singapore fingerprinting visitors (status updates?)
  20. Ugly TSA wait times at MSP?
  21. US Preclearance expanding in Canada
  22. Website for TSA Regs
  23. Vintage cameras on carry on-?
  24. How can I get a same-day or urgent second passport?
  25. DROWN vulnerability of the travel industry
  26. Injured during flight - advice needed
  27. Safety razors - any issues
  28. Statue of Liberty security question
  29. Checking in Boxes and TSA?
  30. LAX TSA Lost and Found contact info
  31. TSA as event security?
  32. Throwaway ticket/ HCT - what to tell the Immigration/Customs officer?
  33. Passports and RFID
  34. Expediting US Passport Renewal for trip to Mexico
  35. Failed (chemical?) swab at MAD
  36. Secondary Screening + Connection Time @ DFW
  37. TSA searched luggage. Missing item.
  38. USA Today: 2015 one of the safest on record for airliners
  39. J1 Visa help!
  40. Is Cathay really the safest?
  41. EU Border Checks Could Be Extended
  42. Overzealous Security in Madrid?
  43. Going to a wedding in Vegas but looking to tour while there. What to tell CBP?
  44. $96,000 in bonuses for TSA Official Responsible for 95% failure rate
  45. Mexico: Sikh actor barred from flying to US 'because of turban'
  46. Enetr Canada on tourist visa while holding immigrant visa
  47. Somali plane blast-tighter laptop security coming?
  48. Ice packs, gel cold packs, and instant cold packs??
  49. Denied entry to USA&must prove ties to Canada to enter USA
  50. Baggage tag check after claim
  51. Going through security with bag, without ticket
  52. Entering Canada with a old felony on my record - Thoughts?
  53. Dual citizen - US and NL - Question on expiring 6 mons - going to Mexico
  54. Post full body scan patdown
  55. Passport Card w/ Valid Passport?
  56. Is it legal for a US citizen to put US passport inside an EU nation passport cover?
  57. Traveling Sxm-JFK; storm /duty free check in security question
  58. Renewal a US passport without sending in the old one
  59. TSA Agent Almost Activated Emergency Locator Beacon @ LAX
  60. Wife Renewing US Passport - Asked to supply additional documentation
  61. US passport renewal - Any point to doing this in person?
  62. Rocks on a Plane
  63. Emailed Copy of Passport?
  64. Has anyone else experienced a pet pat-down?
  65. Body Scanners are Coming to Japan--Will One Be Able to Opt-Out?
  66. What time does DTW open?
  67. Can I put Yaktraxs In carry on?
  68. Intuition or fear of flying
  69. How to get second passport now that adding pages is over?
  70. security-where to hide money, credit cards, etc.
  71. TSA missed bag with 40 rifle ammo in active-duty US Marine who flew to Taiwan, China
  72. Maryland PBJ [Probation Before Judgement] and Canada entry
  73. Enter/Depart UK on Different Passports
  74. Mobile boarding pass - YVR to US bound flights
  75. Going through US immigration with foreigner?
  76. ORD Airport Cops: Run & Hide?
  77. UK passport but British subject (born in Ireland) - qualify for ESTA?
  78. It's Official: 2 new hips in 3 months means body scanners for life
  79. Has Anyone Been Able to Opt Out since the TSA Policy Went Into Effect?
  80. Flight Safety evaluation
  81. Cheese platter through security
  82. DHS RealID and future impacts on air travel
  83. Customs baggage check
  84. walking between cabins (NOT FOR BATHROOM)
  85. TSA Eliminates Right to Opt Out of Nude-o-scope Body Scanners
  86. EU national flying EUğUS land crossing CAğEU question
  87. Oysters on a plane?
  88. Alarm Clocks
  89. UK HMPO refuses BNO renewal due to difference in given name order
  90. Impressed with Expedited Passport Renewal
  91. knives/sharp tools
  92. OD Pack With Blood
  93. DEA agent stopping us outside of the airport
  94. Wire ties on checked bags
  95. Will the TSA let me through with a drone in my carry-on?
  96. When is a handheld device too big?
  97. How early can one go through security @ PHL
  98. Feds Arrest Pax for State Charges
  99. Is the second given name, my middle name?
  100. Beijing and Hong Kong
  101. Space heater in carry on?
  102. Bringing a laptop through security
  103. Classic Shaving
  104. USA Travel Questions
  105. Why do shoes set off metal detectors?
  106. SSSS out of AUH on flight to JFK. What horrors can I expect?
  107. Renewal suspended photo over 6 months old
  108. Contracted Security at Check-In - Non-USA to USA - Any Real Intelligence?
  109. Is Opt-Out from NOS Possible in Pre-Clearance Security Area?
  110. Airtrain Employee Making Sure People Stayed 10 Feet Away from Unattended Backpack
  111. Flights from Sharm el-Sheikh to UK suspended
  112. PS3 on AA/AE
  113. Why do passport numbers change? What is the renewal process really?
  114. Liquid Adhesive
  115. Beware - Extortion by MNL Security Staff
  116. if someone changes place of birth, must he/she get new passport book AND card?
  117. Dublin to London BA flight ID check
  118. will there be a new design on the US passport in the near future?
  119. TSA Carry On Personal Lubricant Question
  120. Travel to Israel with criminal record
  121. Automated Passport Control for Green card holders in Chicago...
  122. Emirates messed up my name
  123. Going through checkpoint multiple times
  124. Availability and reliability of passenger lists
  125. My 18-month old son's name is on the Canadian watch list
  126. How do I get off the list?
  127. Marseilles to London via Plane....Do I go thru Immigration?
  128. Son lost CDL
  129. TSO Makes Bomb "Joke"
  130. Extracting personal info from boarding passes
  131. False positives at security control?
  132. Liquids and Security
  133. Expired Canadian work permit
  134. Zippered, transparent bag for liquids not acceptable at Gatwick?
  135. Can you bring a license plate through security?
  136. Concessions and Other Staff in US PreClearance Areas
  137. Traveling outside of the US with expiring passport
  138. Non-Schengen Schengen Flights - any others like this strange KBP-PRG flight?
  139. Handmade items looking suspicious?
  140. Cargo pants in the Whole Body Scanner
  141. SSSS flying out of JFK
  142. Hand Swabs LHR T5
  143. Ran into trouble with CBP officer
  144. How can PAX be persuaded not to take their luggage in an emergency evac?
  145. Bringing Alcohol into The U.S.
  146. FLL Terminal 3, F gates
  147. Current procedure for outpass for infant
  148. Travel to/thru Turkey and SSSS
  149. Passport Control on Leaving Australia?
  150. Australia - RT ticket required?
  151. British Airways looking for API where it is not needed
  152. Infant Travel TSA Procedure
  153. T+L QUIZ: How Much Do Yo Know About Airport Security?
  154. Restrictions on liquids in checked baggage from India to USA? (newbie question)
  155. How many vitamins can I bring on the plane?
  156. Cell Phone Fast Chargers
  157. DCA TSA confiscated my sunscreen :(
  158. How would you bring a toy grenade with you?
  159. A little TSA humor
  160. Incheon International - Fingerprinting, Biometrics
  161. Confused about middle name requirements
  162. Do First and Business Class Passengers Get Separate Line to Go Through Preclearance
  163. Urgent passport renewal question please
  164. New British passport rule?
  165. Baby Pat Down - File Complaint?
  166. AS2196 with engine failure on final approach diverted >200 miles for repair
  167. USA, Canada and Mexico coordinating Viajero Confiable & Nexus programs
  168. UK Visa Return Shipping Question
  169. Considering a different option for ATL when connecting from international flight
  170. Former CIA Official Caught Smuggling Gun onto Plane
  171. Carrying on an iPad with massive cracks
  172. Study abroad: UK Visa may not arrive in time
  173. Don't know how airport customs work with green card and citizens
  174. Unpleasant Scene at EWR: "Congratulations! You've lost your Global Entry!"
  175. Sikaflex sealant improperly confiscated by TSA at SMF
  176. Former FAM and SEAL Criticizes the Service
  177. Help me understand what happened at RDU in security lines
  178. Bringing back absinthe to the USA?
  179. Meat through [USA] customs
  180. Hand Sanitizer
  181. IAD Immigration
  182. Cremation Jewelry and airport security
  183. Detecting water
  184. FYI BBC video on bomb bag
  185. Troubles getting new passport
  186. is it safe for my niece to go to Hawaii from California with just a drivers license
  187. Pat down while wearing long ankle/floor length skirt and long sleeve blouse?
  188. Surprise trip ruined?? NEED HELP ASAP!! USA to Thailand PASSPORT PROBLEM
  189. Should I feel unsafe? Opinions!
  190. US passport Renewal
  191. ESTA after problems with a J1 Visa
  192. Expired passport help!
  193. Residency cancellation
  194. Very Efficient and Passenger Friendly Security Screening System at LGW
  195. Narrow question related to FLL Terminal 1
  196. "Did you pack this yourself"- What happens if you say no?
  197. New (Microwave) Scanners at FRA - No "opt-out"?
  198. UK - experiences carrying (and declaring) excess alcohol
  199. Security questions
  200. ID Check: Middle Initial vs Full Middle Name
  201. 3oz bottles in sandwich bag in pocket?
  202. Traveling with large amount of cash
  203. Checked bag from SJD to EWR
  204. Is packaged food "food"? Spices ,noodles, cookies , etc.
  205. non-US citizen spouse with ESTA number at immigration in Detroit
  206. First name is mistake in passenger details
  207. Renewing Passport Questions
  208. Peace Bond for uttering threats and US admissibility and Green Card
  209. Passport Picture Question
  210. Which will trigger TSA manual inspection for checked bags?
  211. Will Sniffer Dogs detect Viagra/Ciallis etc ?
  212. Is Victorinox Swiss Army Knife allowed as carry on?
  213. Lost my DL, odd treatment at SJC
  214. what are peak immigration wait times for non-citizens at iah?
  215. TSA & 10-12 external hard drives in carry on
  216. State Dept Suspends Overseas Passport, Visa Issuance
  217. Left laptop at Denver TSA
  218. OK to travel between US and Taiwan with both passports expiring soon?
  219. USCBP Concerns - mileage running using ESTA while on F1 Visa?
  220. Paranoid about being denied entry when visiting partner in the US!
  221. Warsaw Airport Security Checkpoint Sirens
  222. Urgent help Needed: passports havent arrived (UK airside transit visa needed)
  223. Error Or Should I Be Concerned?
  224. baggage locks USA
  225. woman denied unopened can of diet coke
  226. Water bottle for baby formula on US-bound international flight?
  227. Umbrella Onboard
  228. French VISA Help
  229. unallowed movement through metal detector?
  230. UK to USA travel with criminal record
  231. Questionable Hiring Practices Exposed at the FAA
  232. Checking knife block and kitchen knives
  233. Is choosing your own country of birth in US passport possible for any others besides
  234. Ship passport internationally for visa processing?
  235. Transit through Toronto for Int'l Flight
  236. I'm 17 & will be traveling alone. What are the restrictions
  237. Canada: Domestic Check-In Issues
  238. Every time I fly from the USA to Mexico, I get stopped at Mexican passport control
  239. Check in to the US with non biometric passport fails
  240. Carrying toddler through metal detector
  241. PLEASE HELP: MSP (Minneapolis St Paul) Customs
  242. How should I deal with another who shoved my backpack down the belt?
  243. Anyone has experience getting passport issued in 1 day at Passport Agency in Detroit?
  244. Are we getting complacent about cabin safety in the USA?
  245. Is this a safety issue?
  246. Will this item (modified GoPole) make it through security?
  247. Anti theft device. Opinions on getting rid of worries around bag theft
  248. waiting at passport agency, different codes
  249. Security Researcher Removed from Flight Following Tweet about Security Risks
  250. Relocking luggage after TSA inspection