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  1. What are the chances of someone planting stuff in your luggage?
  2. Movie-Plot Threat Contest
  3. Plexiglas carry-on size limiter now at IAH TSA checkpoint
  4. Newark TSO steals cash from wheelchair bound woman.
  5. Arizona Board of Tourism re: identity documentation requirements for visitors
  6. I'm madder than you know what at TSA
  7. Investigation into alleged TSA thefts at JFK
  8. So remind me again, what's the purpose of ID Checks?
  9. Fix A Port, Kill A Farm
  10. Legal Tender
  11. Have you been mistaken for a diplomat when using US Passport Card in foreign country?
  12. CATSA offers expedited screening for those with Nexus
  13. Nude-O-Scopes equal 300 new TSOs for LAX
  14. felony record/Canada
  15. Travelling from EU to the US with a laptop
  16. White House Names Deputy F.B.I. Director as T.S.A. Chief
  17. Delta Air Lines pilot charged with bringing gun to Atlanta airport
  18. NPR: Scientists Question Safety Of New Airport Scanners
  19. Passport card at non-US airports?
  20. Gate Searches on US Bound Flights From Hong Kong
  21. Domestic pax not allowed to access Int'l Concourse in BWI?
  22. TSA and locks
  23. (UK) Outrage at secret probe into 47,000 innocent flyers
  24. Introduction new CTX-5800 next generation
  25. Drop the booties!
  26. Fighter Jets escort Cathay Pacific Plane under a bomb threat to Vancouver
  27. LA Times: Many Homeland Security initiatives are called flops
  28. Simple Cigar Cutters Now Banned?
  29. Next TSA Mission Creep: "Parking" is Transportation; Meter Maids new WOT Front Line
  30. N.J. Sen. Lautenberg unveils bill restricting guns in airport areas
  31. Global Entry decline?
  32. FAM moved from my seat?
  33. Odd fellows DXB-IAD - I wonder who they were?
  34. Welcome essxjay back as a TS/S moderator
  35. CBP officer gave me a stern warning that my laptop shouldn't have ripped DVD/Blu-ray
  36. Smuggle Yur Guns Through JFK - OK With TSA!
  37. Multiple Passports Question
  38. Would you pay higher taxes for a real TSA?
  39. when fellow pax won't turn off iphone?
  40. Shoes on allegedly allowed in Roanoke?
  41. TSA and the Mystery of the Hong Kong ID
  42. How to answer the D Y W T F T question?
  43. FBI Asked Homeland Security to Refrain From Notifying All Airlines About Shahzad 'No
  44. CNN article on WBI refusals and "punishments"
  45. Fox 5 Investigates: No Fly List
  46. What did the screeners think my cakes were?
  47. Should I report to FAA/TSA ?
  48. TSA No Longer screening for Liquids? CATSA to Follow?
  49. Passenger detained: Wires and batteries inside his shoes
  50. Fred Gevalt: Secrecy -- For TSA, Just Another Tool of the Trade
  51. Taking pills (Ibuprofen) through security
  52. Are liquid rules history?
  53. iQueue - Indianapolis airport to be 1st to restore prescreened flyers' club
  54. Bomb threat briefly grounds Cape Air fleet
  55. Refusing nudeoscope vs metal detector question: family of 5
  56. TSA Search Sloppy or Deliberate???
  57. Nude-o-scopes at GRU - a "gift" from the US
  58. if TSA stores your body images and provide the data to other federal agencies?
  59. On the safety of CRJs
  60. another one for the books
  61. can CBP confiscate the orange that you took with you on Air France flight from Paris?
  62. Skipping connecting flight
  63. State Police (Police State?) at BWI
  64. Money belts allowed thru body scanners?
  65. Ever intentionally mucked up a customs declaration?
  66. TSA's 'Zero Tolerance' Policy (re: the Miami incident)
  67. Is foie GRAS a gel?
  68. Passenger slips through TSA checkpoint with ammo at OKC
  69. Athens Greece
  70. Why are TSO's so sad today?
  71. Visa stamps in passports
  72. If drug mules swallow drugs and fly, can't terrorists swallow explosive devices?
  73. TSA should give Global Entry members expedited screening
  74. Free tsa colonoscopies
  75. Headline: TSA Worker Jailed After Junk Joke (yup - scanner related)
  76. Suspicious bag found at SEA
  77. Official "REcombobulation Area" at MKE
  78. Travel on dual citizenship (please help me)
  79. Newark TSAers in trouble for using common sense
  80. Airlines required to check no-fly list more often
  81. Hypothetical Question: Faisal Shahzad - would this have worked?
  82. CATSA YYZ T1 Domestic
  83. Clt Checkpoint B open complete with "nude o scope" [merged]
  84. Odd downgrade experience? FAMs strike once again!
  85. Food into the UK
  86. Luggage Explodes in Houston Airport
  87. did anyone watch "law & order" monday, 5/3? security breach portrayed at "lga"
  88. TSA PR campaign more effective than I thought
  89. What if the TSA Ran Times Square?...
  90. TSA at JFK--wake up! [Merged threads]
  91. TSO fired after busted drug test, claims secondhand concert smoke, loses case
  92. Flight headed to SLC diverted after man bangs on cockpit door
  93. Contact lens solution "medically necessary"?
  94. Passport and Ticket Name?
  95. East coast airport security (check-in time) increase
  96. Interesting take on technology
  97. Great Article by creator of "Please Remove Your Shoes"--The Movie
  98. Getting Cheesecake thru security
  99. Yes, watch out for retired physics teachers....
  100. merger
  101. FirstLine Security at MCI - breaks TSA lock and says they won't replace
  102. TSA Ramping up East Coast Security Measures.
  103. TSO uses badge to steal pizza from convenience store???
  104. "Suspicious Message" Found on UA148 ORD-PHL
  105. New TSA Blog post - more info on the AIT
  106. Sealed duty-free bags now allowed through domestic security at Canadian airports
  107. "U.S. border agents inspecting more travelers heading into Canada"
  108. Objections to TSA's full-body scanners are rising
  109. CLT "nudo o scope" observations
  110. OXR TSA (slightly) Smarter than LAX
  111. Son of RealID: REPAIR: National ID Card Included In Proposed Immigration Overhaul
  112. TSA approved sandwiches and other basic questions
  113. Flew in w/Checked Weapon At EWR/JFK/LGA Anyone
  114. Secure Flight Question
  115. Amazing Lack of Physical Security - Immigration at DFW
  116. EU to ease airport liquids rule
  117. Good Old Radiation + Air Travel...
  118. Transportation Sector Security Risk Assessment (TSSRA)
  119. The body-scanner blow up joke thread
  120. Rude TSO apparently fired!!!
  121. CO Flight Diverted to GSO-4/28/10
  122. Cigarette lighters for sale past security in news stand?
  123. LAX security x-rays a cast, options?
  124. HELP WANTED - Seeking FSD for LAX....
  125. Paris to Atlanta Delta flight diverted to Bangor Maine
  126. For those that work/have worked with TSA:
  127. Seeing more may catch less
  128. The NTSB Wish List
  129. Name error clarification
  130. I'm amused by how many people expect me to put their bags in the x-ray machine
  131. Arizona to DHS: No REAL ID, and we mean it!
  132. Is Bangkok Safe for Travel in May?
  133. Anyway to Find Out if You are on the No Fly List?
  134. Swabbing hands. Is this new?
  135. Buzzing in backpack not suspicious?
  136. This blog has moved...
  137. Sterile Cockpit Flexibility?
  138. Can I carry-on a long industrial cable?
  139. Is Powder allowed onboard?
  140. Traveling with green card in married name and passport in maiden name.
  141. ZRH will ever drop the secondary screening gates bound for USA?
  142. International to Domestic Connection in MIA
  143. Fun AT LGA Today
  144. Pre-Clearance from Canada and timing
  145. IG report from the union:
  146. Can I bring stuff from my aquarium on board?
  147. Have FAM's ever prevented an act of aerial mischief in the US?
  148. FAMs in F when repositioning or on personal travel?
  149. Detained By CBP For Not Answering Questions
  150. Man Detained After Trying to Open Plane's Door
  151. PhlyingRPh Gate Screening Study (No. 1):
  152. Sen. Lautenberg says focus on airline security overshadows passenger rail safety
  153. New airport security scanners a waste of money: Israeli security specialist
  154. Anyone dealt with TSA at OXR recently?
  155. TSA denials - same story to Congress as to passengers
  156. What kind of food you can bring into US ?
  157. Another Isolated Incident: Federal air marshal charged with raping woman at SeaTac
  158. TSA gets serious about social media
  159. Groups ask DHS to suspend full-body imagers
  160. Smurf Army Invades LGB
  161. Gale takes on the OKC bombing
  162. How To Break Into A Locked Suitcase Undetected
  163. New PV Thread: Advanced Imaging Technology Off To a Great Start
  164. Hypothetical Question: 9/11 Flight Diversions to Canada
  165. Heathrow int'l to int'l connection -- security?
  166. Change of plane question: Urgent
  167. Geiger counters in customs at IAH?
  168. Expired License + Temporary License Acceptable?
  169. Inefficient and foolish security procedures at JFK
  170. Car remote start .. airplane
  171. Hypothetical ?: Overstay due to Volcano
  172. Article: Government has over 2000 images from airport body scanners.
  173. Metal chopsticks on carryon luggage
  174. .25 ounce bottle of hand sanitizer taken because the TSO thought it was 25 ounces
  175. *New* Washington Times Editorial: TSA to download your iTunes?
  176. Today's story about a six year-old on the No-Fly List
  177. Puffer Machines
  178. Can Non-Elite, Non-Upgraded Coworker Piggyback on Premium Security Line?
  179. Travellers to USA from the UK face extra airport security
  180. Chased by a TSO!
  181. TSA caught as part of Fast Food robberies
  182. iPad going out of US.
  183. MSP Security-Caused Delay at Gate (AA607 to ORD)
  184. How are Body Scanner Opt-Outs Punished?
  185. Experience using NEXUS card at LAX T6
  186. Security breach at TPA, terminal on lockdown
  187. [Help] IGU Airport Security and Police
  188. TSA orders uniforms for $98 million?
  189. Talk show about a TSA incident approx a year ago.
  190. Global entry to NEXUS, process?
  191. DHS wants you! Sniffers on Cell Phones
  192. 90% of Brits in favour of WBI
  193. tsa says ipad can remain in carry-on luggage during screening
  194. NYT article: Life on the "No Fly" list
  195. Passports and Global Entry Kiosks
  196. Costco card as ID
  197. Protesters at airport don't want the TSA to see you naked
  198. Who's running this circus they call TSA?
  199. Article about UAL #142's 3/29 diversion to Omaha
  200. Question about using a DL at a checkpoint
  201. TSA looking at wallet contents / documents etc.?
  202. Metal rods in back - going through Security?
  203. Quick carry-on question
  204. Bringing a small screwdriver type tool on plane?
  205. ID required for unaccompanied minor?
  206. US Passport to expire on 04/20/10
  207. Letter to all employees from Gale 4/9/10
  208. TSA on my train / subway [merged]
  209. passport number and booking int'l itinerary
  210. Plane crash, Polish president and other 96 people died
  211. Flashlight in a carry-on bag?
  212. Security delays after the Qatar smoker situation
  213. Problems at USA Immigration - Order of Protection
  214. Snaprings - Illegal in France
  215. "suspicious note" was discovered on dl1747 (msp-atl) april 9th
  216. Survey sez: Travelers not bothered by security measures. O rly?
  217. Observation about MMWD and difficulty keeping an eye on one's possessions
  218. WP: Lawmakers, Advocates Push Administration for Appointments to Privacy Board"
  219. Questions re: USA->EU->EU (Schengen) transit
  220. Blogdad Bob Calls out a Screener
  221. Passport name mismatch on airline ticket
  222. entering the US w/expired US passport - Swedish/US dual citizen
  223. On channel 9 last night "shoe bomb", did anything happen on your flight?
  224. Ever had shoes confiscated at a security checkpoint?
  225. Fighter jets scrambled after Qatari diplomat grabs smoke on flight to Denver
  226. Four Terminal Dump in Los Angeles
  227. LAX UA terminals shut down due to a security breach
  228. Two carry-on bags now allowed on U.S.-bound Canadian flights
  229. ABC News: Attempted Shoe Bombing UA 663 DCA-DEN/Qatar Diplomat Merged Threads
  230. Does the US really know if you're a US citizen?
  231. A Day in the Life of an Airport Cop
  232. Flying with an urn to Europe
  233. TSA mugshot of the day
  234. WBI at AMS - some observations
  235. Are cell phones really an inflight danger?
  236. Global Entry appointment at ATl....where is it?
  237. Good News or Another Hopeless Effort to Fix the Unfixable?
  238. Help me GET the job.
  239. Passport Facility Service when I've already applied?
  240. Man threatens to down Qantas jet with mind power
  241. Do airlines do a background check before boarding?
  242. Worst place for hand swabbing
  243. RIC nude-o-scope
  244. Pax attempt to check in dead body in wheelchair
  245. Man is biting with BSO detective in FLL
  246. Police arrest bomb threat man at Tulsa airport
  247. international medical insurance question?
  248. Bugs on a plane: Europe studies in-flight eavesdropping
  249. TSA cracking down on bogus baggage claims
  250. Where is the liquid screening equipment?