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  1. BWI checkpoint experience
  2. Qatar and Alcohol
  3. Traveling with American boyfriend
  4. Pistole Speaks To His Subjects on PV
  5. Senators seek study on x-ray scanner safety
  6. Peggy Noonan: We Pay Them to Be Rude to Us
  7. Pistole wants LEO status for some TSA screeners
  8. How does interaction with TSA impact blood pressure?
  9. US Customs Declaration ~ Next time entry after being fined
  10. A little nude-o-scope humor
  11. What are my rights if TSA lost/threw away my stuff without even telling me?
  12. Another one missed by the BDO's
  13. in line yesterday at security
  14. OBSERVATIONS of my 2nd opt-out at FLL today
  15. Nude-o-scope appears @ IAH Terminal E
  16. First Global Entry Use - Amazing
  17. Skeltor continues his assault on freedom
  18. BB/PV Response to ELP Scanner Story: Nothing to see here. Move along.
  19. Few questions / concerns
  20. The latest TSA Big Catch™ in FLL… some fake IDs
  21. Penn & Teller on TSA
  22. Small compressor & airbrush through security?
  23. Transiting of US, Canada-Mexico
  24. TSA Checkpoint Rights
  25. Training for Nude o Scopes today at MKE
  26. The TSA and Ramadan
  27. So are we required to go through the naked xray, or can you ask for secondary?
  28. NO: They are both an intrusion and a health risk
  29. ESTA fee as from 8 September 2010
  30. Deadly Snow Globes!
  31. Incidental radiation?
  32. FA uses emergency slide
  33. Hiring Freeze would not apply to Homeland Security
  34. Nude-O-Scope Objections
  35. Special $12 lock???WHAT??!
  36. Two Forms of ID Required
  37. Remote Nude-O-Scope Works From 67 Feet Away
  38. 70% in NBC New York poll ‘furious’ at arrival of airport body scanners
  39. Transit through CLT for US Citizen?
  40. Will they allow a tennis racket in the hand luggage?
  41. CLT: ID Checker Announcing Destinations of pax
  42. TSA's "Penalty Box"
  43. Tsa abuses disabled 10 year old
  44. DCA, You're a MESS!
  45. Shoes and Kippie bag "must be flat"
  46. OTC Medication in Checked-In Bag?
  47. UPDATE on U.S. Marshal's use of WBI
  48. LAX Will Have the Most Body Scanners in the US
  49. Is there a worldwide emergency number?
  50. Body scanners coming to JFK and LaGuardia
  51. Former airport employees arrested for drug trafficking
  52. Dear DEN TSA Supervisor
  53. Former Hero Cop On No-Fly List for Eight Years
  54. Canadian Citizen U.S. Green Card Holder: Resident or Visitor on Canada Customs Card?
  55. Passenger starts a fire with a lighter on AA72 HNL-ORD
  56. In the name of what?
  57. Parody - The Onion "DHS Releases 5 Terrorists Into U.S. To Test National Security"
  58. Advice Please!
  59. Just another bad apple?
  60. Feds admit storing checkpoint body scan images
  61. Report a captain for drinking: get kicked off the plane
  62. Lost my passport. Canada by bus tomorrow(today).. impossible?! help!!
  63. Can the USA keep spending on security forever and not go broke?
  64. BUR vs. LAX?
  65. Strange requirement exiting China - is this normal?
  66. Are TSO's just fed up with security scares?
  67. Passenger With BP on Her Smartphone Denied at MYR
  68. Required signage for backscatter machines
  69. Another form of retaliation?
  70. Ask a TSA Officer
  71. Random Pat Down at LGA
  72. Canada: Lifting the veil on airport security
  73. Canadian Girlfriend got seriously hassled before entering US this time
  74. More about why you should avoid backscatter
  75. JFK Lost / Stolen luggage
  76. Flying into the US - need passport and second ID ??
  77. What do you tell your kids about tsa?
  78. SFO last Sunday night
  79. Asked to show passport-- a game of chicken
  80. Screening boarding plane
  81. Fun with Opt-Out at CLT yesterday
  82. Contraband: Strange Cargo at JFK
  83. Need help with getting thru TSA with people from a group home
  84. AJC Op Ed: TSA Clearance a Cloudy Process
  85. Off-Duty TSA Worker Charged With Threatening to Kill a Somali Man
  86. wbi kool aid at ams
  87. Transport Canada fails to see humour in line of baggage stickers
  88. BMI-Transaero B767 in critical condition
  89. New "SOP" at JFK T7: Gate Pass = Pat Down
  90. Got an "A" in customs declaration form
  91. Rep. Jackson Lee: TSA's singular focus on aviation security faulted
  92. Another Reason why ID doesn't matter [merged]
  93. TSA caught the Raleigh man with running guns to England
  94. EMPTY water bottle???
  95. Flying through MEX from EZE (Buenos Aires) to MCO (Orlando) quick question re: bags
  96. TSOs- Something to think about
  97. CATSA review by Government of Canada
  98. Travelers Allowed to Board Flight After Positive Test for Explosives
  99. So, will TSA now ban 3D puzzles?
  100. so, do tdc's actually look at an i/d?
  101. why do people here belive that nude-o-scope will not become mandatory at US airports?
  102. Bos Nude-A-Scope
  103. 3-1-1 rule no longer in effect?
  104. Camel-pak as a carry on?
  105. DHS wants Nude-O-Scopes that are portable
  106. JFK TSA fun
  107. Unopened H2O Confiscated While 2 partially drunk bottles skate
  108. More stupidity in the War on Liquids.
  109. Smurf yells at me for going into "Expert" lane at LGA
  111. LHR / London Heathrow Body Scanners - opt out?
  112. Intentional Slowdowns at WTMD to Encourage WBI Use
  113. Airport photography ??
  114. To travel is so much fun !
  115. Dulles Diamond Lane - Quick, No Naked Machine of Death, Still Get Guff for NEXUS
  116. Former AA FA charged with threatening to reveal safety secrets to Islamic groups
  117. TSA who has none or limited english outside USA
  118. Checking a handgun on a domestic flight...
  119. Aviation Meteorology - phenomena, commentary & explanations [merged]
  120. Will TSA ever re-screen pax from Canada?
  121. I'm just going to leave this here for you
  122. What if you can't stand still or fall.....?
  123. Make the Trains Run on Time
  124. Turbulence and passengers who won't sit down
  125. We need a law to allow pax to wear a dosimeter through checkpoint.
  126. What kind of checking for an international at Seattle?
  127. Pistole asked strongly consider providing workplace and employment rights
  128. New random selection mechanism for secondary?
  129. Backscatter xray dose, how do you know?
  130. Silver thread socks and the Nude-O-Scope?
  131. Which countries currently use the body scanners?
  132. The Mysterious Never-Before-Seen Nexus Card
  133. Opt out experience for BOS Terminal B
  134. How to guarantee a pat down secondary screening
  135. "Lift your fat rolls so I can continue patting you down!"
  136. Taking a Xbox 360 through TSA
  137. Watch 9/11 video, get thrown off flight.
  138. How to opt-out of the body scanner?
  139. Nude-o-scope experience at MIA
  140. Security Oopsie at ORD
  141. Ok to bring ground coffee through security?
  142. Has anyone left the checkpoint b/c of a Nude-o-Scope?
  143. Most times luggage was searched?
  144. Air France FA arrested for stealing
  145. DHS getting better at covering up their screw-ups
  146. Man trying to enter US says his ankle monitor is to support Lindsay Lohan
  147. DHS -> FOIA -> Get your name on a list
  148. TLV Security
  149. What happened to the nudescopes being for secondary screening only?
  150. An Abberation: Had a rather hassle free opt out from the beast at PVD today
  151. OK, WHY am I supposed to hate the Nude-o-Scope?! (Serious question)
  152. TSA - Medical Experts
  153. Garmin Nav in Carry-on.
  154. "Donation Bin" at CID Checkpoint
  155. Another CBP On Duty Theft--Logan Agent Steals the Man on the Moon
  156. Scathing report on emergency exits at LAX
  157. Full Body Scanners at DCA
  158. Repatriated blacklist (NFL) victim "happy" he is on NFL, not mad at government
  159. EPIC Lawsuit over Primary Use of Body Scanners
  160. AIT Coming to BDL
  161. What problems will a pacemaker cause at screening?
  162. UA 1K flyer taken off plane at AUS for asking if meals would be served on flight
  163. Land Boarder Guard/Customs Question?
  164. TSA v. Pasties [merged]
  165. LAX Strip Search MAchines
  166. Passenger pulled from UA flight for misunderstood question?
  167. NY Times: Annoyances Mount Over the Body Scanner
  168. Full-body scanners: Travelers can expect long lines at checkpoint
  169. Unemployed--Problems with Immigration Officials?
  170. Wallets at Body Scan Machines
  171. "Nude-O-Scopes" coming to MDW
  172. If you get the "hand test" and sound the alarm - ask for a second test!
  173. Mom upset about daughter's full body security scan experience [merged threads]
  174. Washington Post Confirms That TSA Does Counterdrug Ops
  175. Old reel to reel movie film through security
  176. Going through customs under the age of 18
  177. Lunacy or stupidity or silliness at GPT today
  178. A radical idea for airline security
  179. A Radical Proposal for Airline Security
  180. My first imager refusal - I'm a big boy now!
  181. Backscatter at Boise -7/17/10
  182. Florida CBS News: Targeted air marshal commits suicide
  183. Here We Go --"TSA Chief John Pistole to Put Priority on Rail, Subways"
  184. DHS at JFK--wake up! (Round II)
  185. LAT: 'Good dog? Homeland Security may want you'
  186. CNN: 'Home loss leads to job loss for veteran federal air marshal'
  187. DHS-authorized doctor arrested for sex crimes committed against immigrants to US
  188. Talk to tsa
  189. Should people trying to protect us be called scumbags ?
  190. Is this SOP for a patdown?
  191. Nasty security line in TPA Gate E
  192. Delays at PVD after pax improperly screened
  193. Man arrested at Gatwick for bomb question
  194. Unpleasant Experiences at MIA
  195. No watch/no belt rule at IAD
  196. New PV Post: "TSA Blog to Write Several Posts as Part of a DoD Live Blog Series "
  197. Incompability of US and European security checks
  198. Security issues at Rome (FCO ) Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport
  199. JetBlue Pax Attempted Gun Slip at JFK
  200. theonion.com: The Vanguard Of Security Technology
  201. TSA "supplied" lock on checked bag
  202. Gate ID checks - what's the point & repercussions?
  203. Police: Woman on Southwest flight grabs boy who kicked her seat
  204. Most useless lock
  205. Police union says LA airport vulnerable to attacks
  206. Which LAX Terminals use Full Body Scanners.
  207. Corp travel agent says they are req'd to submit data to TSA for Secure Flight
  208. Mandatory Nude-o-Scope Bill in Senate
  209. I'm officially giving up using US Passport Card because no TDC will accept it as ID.
  210. TDCs and standing around at IAD
  211. SAT Gatechecks for Beverages
  212. just recently, cannot check in on line
  213. USAToday: Backlash grows vs. full-body scanners
  214. UK refuses entry to athletes traveling on Iroquois Nation passports...
  215. TSA using pizza boxes to recruit
  216. Canadians upset at TSA and "secure" flight...
  217. The "Tent as Carry-on" Question
  218. Going from LAX to PVG - body imaging scanners
  219. Strip search machines - YYZ Domestic
  220. CBP officer arrested, aggravated sexual assault of a child, released on $150,000 bail
  221. "I'm wearing orthopedic shoes"-"I have diabetes" and other shoes stay on situations
  222. NY woman stopped repeatedly by CBP at land crossing
  223. Taking off Belt
  224. Entered Ireland, given 90-day stay, but actually going to UK, no border control?
  225. Amtrak: The KGB Express
  226. Bringing Ace wrap gel ice pack in carry-on?
  227. Canadians-any cancelled US travel plans?
  228. How big of a computer can I get through security without removing from bag?
  229. Legal Question: Non-CBP People in Airport Federal Inspection Areas
  230. Dubai airport resists full body scanners
  231. Just because you don't know it's there...
  232. PWM TSA screener barks "Remove your knee brace because it is setting off our alarm"
  233. Mr. Air Marshal - Please wear a jacket that doesn't show your gun!
  234. Security Theatre T-Shirt
  235. FOID and DOCS
  236. BWI screeners get decision-making and intelligence analysis training
  237. Airlines should go after hoaxers, not jokesters
  238. Quantity of Non-Perishable Food Through Security?
  239. Refused the X-ray Backscatter today
  240. Traveling for the First Time Alone with a Small Problem
  241. Clt A checkpoint closes today
  242. Nudie booths in T3 ORD
  243. Gate agents with fictitious names - standard practice?
  244. AA loses Israeli security guns in checked bags
  245. Should Israeli government will drop the secondary screening bound for TLV?
  246. YVR US Customs Pre-clearance Wait-times
  247. Meet The Man Who Takes Off His Pants At Security Checkpoints
  248. TSA app for your phone
  249. "Your ears have to be visible in your passport photo"
  250. Lawsuit seeks suspension of TSA virtual strip-searches