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  1. Who or what agency oversees the TSA?
  2. Israeli Aviation Expert trashes Nude-o-Scopes as useless
  3. CNN Poll on WBI - Do You Object?
  4. New here - how can I help the resistance?
  5. A round of applause, please
  6. Opt-out minors and enhanced patdowns -- looking for facts
  7. Feds investigate plot to attack Metro
  8. The TSA and Hajj
  9. Passenger in Muslim attire removed from flight after using lavatory
  10. Sample Anti-Body-Scanner Letters to Congress, Airlines
  11. TSA agents asking for your name?
  12. Requirements to EXIT the US?
  13. To check or carry on - Epsom Salts
  14. Has Nappy Gone Mad?
  15. Best Halloween Costume Ever
  16. SAN - How much time for security?
  17. BA chairman attacks US airport security checks
  18. Need Nude-O-Scope fliers?
  19. US-China Flight, HKSAR Passport
  20. Mobilize LAX: handing out literature
  21. Bullet in carryon
  22. Can you really "choose not to fly"?
  23. The Administrative Search of Sub-Populations: How we got here
  24. Trying for an ESTA with a criminal record...help
  25. I Love Strip Searches - luggage tag
  26. DHS Trip
  27. Restrictions during flight - one hour prior to landing?
  28. Scans start at MSY (news clip includes operator screen shots)
  29. Can someone explain this post to me?
  30. Should I carry cash in pocket or locked carry on thru security?
  31. IT and data storage of WBI machines
  32. A passenger arrested/added to no-fly list on UA 694 yesterday.
  33. Elderly Person Without Picture ID-Can she fly?
  34. What to do when concerned for safety on a flight?
  35. Before playing with my genitals, TSA should...
  36. Drunken passenger on FRA-GRU TAM Brazil flight - regulatory recourse against airline?
  37. TSO Hear Say: Opt-Out Rules Changing?
  38. What kind of questions does Global Entry ask when you come in?
  39. CBSA enforcing travel documentation?
  40. help my anxiety...going home to lax and dreading immigration/customs
  41. Group break time ?
  42. Man who tried to bring gun onto plane at O'Hare held on bail
  43. Best short term liability insurance?
  44. Can you lock your carry on?
  45. "Hiding" personal info and money from TSA Thieves
  46. TSA Screeners Are Officers????
  47. Backscatter scanners have arrived at JFK T8!
  48. 4 security lines, 3 with nude-a-scopes, one without
  49. Radio interview with Michael Roberts
  50. NoS picture leak at LHR
  51. Who limits the number of carry-ons?
  52. More Mission Creep
  53. For those with foreign passport; is there presently a new system to leave the country
  54. Overtayed J-1 Visa flying Domestic, Married citizen
  55. If a male TSO must screen a male pax and VV for a female pax, who views the pictures?
  56. US Passport Application Questions
  57. ESTA website - maintenance
  58. Best AIT example
  59. Could you be denied access for wearing a cup?
  60. Napolitano refuses nudie-scope
  61. PV Friday Heat Deflecting entry up
  62. WBI image seen by voyeur much more detailed
  63. France travel in one week - what do you think?
  64. Delta CEO Re: TSA
  65. My senator responds-I respond BACK!
  66. Fly Clear is Back!
  67. New Orleans: TSA Speaks To Airport Officials About Body Scanners
  68. A sad realization
  69. Would a No-show merit a red-flag for screening?
  70. RCMP budget cuts ground one in four air marshals
  71. Who is George?
  72. New "Companion" Requirement at Security and Immigration?
  73. Charlie Foxtrot in TSA at IAD
  74. Can someone make a pin or button...
  75. Traveling to Canada by land from US (not a US or Canadian resident)
  76. Halloween Mask in Carry on
  77. U.S. Won't Add Pages to Passport if Too Many Empty Pages?
  78. New TSA chief wants ‘more informed' screening
  79. Is there any real need to apply for a US Passport Card?
  80. My New Full-Body Scanner Strategy
  81. Foreigners going home and refusing....
  82. Secure Flight info becomes mandatory on November, 1, 2010
  83. An Abundance of Caution (again)
  84. What is the average hour wage for TSO screener?
  85. Newark airport screener charged in theft of cash
  86. AIT information
  87. Military with Weapons on Commercial Flight?...TSA humor!
  88. Getting frozen pizza through security at ORD
  89. My 3 Year Old Isn't A "Small Child" unless she has a stroller?
  90. Has there been a sudden, significant increase in PRO-TSA threads/posts recently?
  91. Nude-o-scope fun at National
  92. Dual citizenship travel question
  93. My bags got alarm by CTX machines yesterday morning and it was corn syrup
  94. My first TSA-free™ commercial flight
  95. $16.7 Billion waste of time
  96. Comment from TSA's Blogger Bob about proprietary strip search machine images removed?
  97. Entering Canada from US with maiden name in passport and married name in US greencard
  98. PAT Downs
  99. AIT story
  100. Complete List of Airports with Whole Body Imaging/Advanced Imaging Technology Scanner
  101. Letter from a Senator re WBI
  102. ExpressJet pilot stands up to TSA!
  103. Four BP checks, none of them detected the problem
  104. Security System ‘Not Sustainable’ With Growth Ahead, Airports Say
  105. Aviation Insecurity - Security Theater
  106. Any problem with metal earring display in carryon?
  107. SYD Security vs. TSA
  108. Traveling With $$$ and Valuables Today
  109. LHR T5 Nude O Scope Experience
  110. Dear TSA, please relock my bags after prowling thru them !
  111. Today was the day...(The Michael Roberts/ExpressJet Story)
  112. Emails to the TSA being ignored or responded to inaccurately
  113. More mission creep; the TSA will keep school busses safe For The Children™
  114. Passport being Flagged
  115. Wood Sander as carry-on -- Trouble brewing?
  116. Goalie-mom got a D-Y-W-T-F-T for not removing her cast
  117. Bureaucrat couldn't resist snooping in Passport Information Electronic Records System
  118. The reason politicians aren't screaming about the TSA...
  119. New TSA Liquid-Detecting Gizmo "Can Tell Red Wine From White"
  120. 'Jerry Springer' guests busted in theft at airport
  121. New scanner aims to make liquids on planes safer
  122. What would YOUR airport security look like?
  123. Nico Melendez: Seven Secrets Behind TSA Airport Checkpoints
  124. TSA: They've gone off the rails
  125. TSA charges Denver NBC affiliate $1 million after 4-year wait for FOIA disclosure
  126. DEN NoS locations
  127. How many laws would I be breaking if someone fly in my place?
  128. Argument w/FA about changing seats results in re-screening entire A/C, 3 hour delay
  129. BOS - "Mandatory body scanner" with SSSS BP?
  130. Ears, please!
  131. Amitai Etzioni: In defense of the 'virtual strip-search.'
  132. How many TSO's, LTSO'S, STSO'S, Leo's, BDO's etc. are on this forum?
  133. Automatic ESTA renewal e-mails
  134. Entering Canada DUI Pretrial Diversion, charges dropped
  135. Need to confirm travel documents ???
  136. Maryland wants you to report suspicious activity on MD highways this weekend.
  137. Sex please?
  138. Using WBI, TSA catches US FA hiding cocaine in waistband
  139. Annoying experience at BUR...
  140. Priority Lines at TSA
  141. [ADVICE] Prescription Drugs
  142. Amarillo woman sues TSA for 2008 public-view (non virtual) strip search
  143. Qualifications for TSA Disparager Gold/Plat/Diamond
  144. DHS Police?
  145. Censorship on PV
  146. Feedback for CBSA
  147. New TSA security check at gate?
  148. Deadheaders Jumping the Security Line
  149. Is there an IQ ceiling for TSO?
  150. Another NEXUS card incident at LAX
  151. What if.....?
  152. Pissy has a new thread up at PV
  153. Known Traveler Number
  154. Photo Tour Of DHS 'Classified' Op Center
  155. Diffrent cultures
  156. "FAA: Cargo holds can get too hot for lithium batteries"
  157. The TSA does an excellent job
  158. Airports with interconnected terminals
  159. Screeners outnumber passengers... our tax dollars at work
  160. Herd of belligerent TSOs spotted at ORD T5
  161. Validity requirement for Refugee Travel Document
  162. An Ingenious Alternative to the Full Body Scanners--Funny!
  163. TSA Takes Hits on Air Cargo, Transit Grants
  164. Nappy Speaks To the Proletariat on the DC Metro
  165. Warrants and international travel
  166. Airports Council: Standardize and Change
  167. LEO threatens German driver
  168. DHS and John Lennon
  169. Security: Flight to Bermuda Grounded in Philly
  170. New TSA Rules Announcement at End of Month (October 2010)??
  171. Row 2 TPAC *A: FAM bumps you out?
  172. Questions about entry to the US on a B2 visa
  173. "Back Door" Security Lapse LAX Airport
  174. O'hare International Terminal question
  175. Another Isolated Checkpoint Breach™
  176. Singapore (VISA run Mayalsia)
  177. Too Quiet At PV
  178. Is a sane type of security coming?
  179. Near miss at JFK
  180. Mexico City Safety
  181. cracked.com - 5 Popular Safety Measures That Don't Make You Any Safer
  182. Shopping Mall Terrorism Checklist
  183. Nudeo-O-Scope Opt-Out Retaliation Thread
  184. Friday: Operation RailSafe, U.S. Plans Law Enforcement 'Surge' On Trains
  185. Buddy passes & security
  186. Do I have to exit the secure zone in YYZ?
  187. Who's up for "security-free" flying?
  188. RUG ROH passport issue / Family Emergency
  189. FAMs detained in Rio
  190. A phone application that threatens security
  191. Is Salsa, Dip or mustard considered a liquid?
  192. YYZ customs
  193. Can one really remove the overwing exit on CRJ-200 sitting in the window seat?
  194. 'acting out of an abundance of caution'
  195. Water bottle scare washes over Logan
  196. Problems with Border Patrol?
  197. Cruise security experience? (specifically Brooklyn terminal)
  198. US may issue warning on public places in Europe
  199. To be fair: Not everybody hates the TSA
  200. Flying to LGA nude o scopes?
  201. Advance passenger information for US
  202. FA's Dancing to the Safety Announcement
  203. Saying 'thank you' coming out of the Nude-o-scope
  204. TSA catches a terrorist pen (with a twist)
  205. An ode to my TSA friends...
  206. Question about being a "selectee"
  207. Palm Beach International Airport reveals new security device
  208. Flying domestically with felony warrant??
  209. TSO "rubbing" my back!
  210. tso finds cocaine and the tsa claims victory <feh>
  211. GYE airport closed ?
  212. Senators Carper, Brown Introduce Aviation Security Reform Bill
  213. Some Airport Employees Use Body Scanners As Personal Nudie-Vision Goggles
  214. Airlines Want to Bump Air Marshals to Coach
  215. TSO supervisor sentenced to 11 years in prison
  216. Damaged Passport
  217. TSA cuts off a TSA approved lock.
  218. Electronic landing cards USA
  219. Aother unspecific terror threat
  220. What is the TSA's policy on traveling with batteries?
  221. TSA & Stun Guns
  222. TSA "Show of Force" on Atlanta area interstates
  223. Passport with "fried" RFID chip
  224. Should I carryon with mirrors?
  225. IAD (again): "Government's finest" (sarcasm)
  226. Prediction for the future of checkpoint screening
  227. DHS making push for Body Scanners worldwide
  228. SOP Requires STSO Notification if TSO finds $10k+ Cash
  229. Opting out of whole body scanner for medical reasons
  230. Question About Pilot Announcements?
  231. 10,000 TSA employees get secret clearances
  232. The Oatmeals take on the cr!p we put up with getting on airplanes :)
  233. Mexico liquids question
  234. Victory for photography/videography rights in MD
  235. First name abbreviations on flight details
  236. Pat downs at the metal detector, but not a full secondary?
  237. CATSA and ipads - wonderfully vague
  238. Men armed with assault weapons barely cause a stir at Mineta SJC
  239. Kim Kardashian at LAX TSA Checkpoint
  240. conclusion
  241. Gun Nuts Hate TSA Too
  242. Italy to Abandon Airport Body Scanners
  243. 50 flights. What are the airlines doing about it?
  244. New security practice at SCL
  245. WBI signage
  246. TSA boss unapologetic about liquids ban
  247. Security Aggravations at LHR
  248. Apparently TSA only wants to see hot people naked in the NoS
  249. RJs with 1 Flight Attendant - How bad is it for the FA to be dozing off?
  250. Terminal evacuated at Edinburgh due to a security breach