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  1. John Mica (R-FL) urges dumping TSA
  2. IND: No camera in private screening room
  3. No Nude-o-Scope Present, Pat-down Still Required
  4. Encore: This time a 3-year old boy a victim of TSA
  5. Chances TSA would create an "event" to justify radiating and groping.
  6. Manufacturing Consent w/ a little Help from our German Friends
  7. Big Sis Napolitano sued for 'degrading' searches
  8. You really want to stop the patdowns?
  9. Greatest news article I've seen on TSA
  10. Comply With Me
  11. How many people who "support" digital strip searches/groping actually fly?
  12. TSA more likely to kill you than a terrorist.
  13. SFO DA promises to prosecute overly touchy pat downs
  14. The Emperor's Clothes-remove the "nude" from the nudoscope
  15. Will they answer: Are you going to touch my____?
  16. LGA Concourse D Full body scanner operational?
  17. So talk to me about hot dogs...
  18. Flying out of Nashville - what does this mean?
  19. Is it illegal to pass wind loudly when TSA fondles your junk?
  20. I'm in-flight right now, if someone tried something ...
  21. Fox 5 Las Vegas news team at LAS checkpoint B-C
  22. Napolitano to consider exemptions for Muslim women?
  23. Anderson Cooper doing TSA story 10pm Est
  24. Tight Skirt- will they do a private, visual search?
  25. Interesting Take on Aviation Terrorism vs. Other Crime on Radio Show in Balto. Today
  26. WSJ Coverage Of Opt-Day
  27. Religious Beliefes No Excuse
  28. How to properly conduct a strip search ( video included )
  29. How Israel screens passengers - a critique of TSA
  30. DHS + TSA = Terrorists
  31. It's suprising how few people are actually questioning the new procedures
  32. Security expert Charles Slepian speaks out against new procedures
  33. Ann Coulter on O'Reilly Factor 11/16
  34. Pat-down techniques would have caught Christmas bomber, TSA chief says
  35. Talk with your $$$$$$
  36. State of New Jersey opposed to new TSA procedures
  37. ACLU: Homeland Security Wants to See You Naked
  38. NoS and victims of sexual crimes?
  39. If Men Get Their JUNK Groped......
  40. Passive MMW with ATR the answer for WTMD replacement?
  41. video: TV news reporter's three-year-old daughter aggressively searched by TSA
  42. Question for Those of You With Metal in Your Bodies
  43. How many domestic terror threats have the TSA front line stopped since 9/12/01??
  44. Want me naked?
  45. Safety of MMW?
  46. Woah woah woah...Pistole Says Increased Cargo Security can slow Economic Recovery...
  47. My way or the highway - Janet Napolitano
  48. Here's the story on the USAir pilot who canceled his flight after being groped
  49. Senate TSA Oversight Hearing Live on C-SPAN2
  50. Why can't TSA do ETD swabs on pax? Constitutional Limits
  51. Airports NOT required to use TSA!
  52. Demonstrating the absurdity of security procedures
  53. 3-Year-Old Accosted by TSA Agent
  54. A little info for the "Anything to keep us safe" crowd
  55. Twitter hashtag for WBI and groping resisters?
  56. Merged threads: Under 12s escape new searches - discussion
  57. TSA blog (Propoganda Village, or PV) is at it again
  58. If nude-a-scopes can't save images, then how could anything found be used in a trial?
  59. 'We are removing all wrist watches today'
  60. poll: 81% of American support full body scanners, non-supporters compared to birthers
  61. Ask your airport to OPT-OUT of the TSA?
  62. DUB - PHL US immigration pre-clearance
  63. Problems with blouses, shirts, skirts, pants and the scanner (Germany)
  64. Cost of (1) NOS machine, could we buy one?
  65. Hit them where it hurts
  66. Politico: TSA Says No Retreat on Screenings
  67. Opt-Out Day Message on Kippie Bag
  68. Wear OPT OUT T-shirts
  69. Call me paranoid but
  70. Why the focus 100% on airline pax?
  71. Thanks for waking me up about airport screenings!
  72. How unsecure is TSA security ?
  73. Opt out when traveling with an infant?
  74. Rather unbalanced NYTimes article
  75. When they take your name/details where does it go?
  76. Is there any effective way to complain about Covenant at SFO?
  77. Nation's airports are not required to have TSA screeners
  78. 4th Amendment @ Security = Voided / but: what about 1st Amendment?
  79. Minimally intrusive, my foot!
  80. If body scans are for our safety, shouldn't the images be saved?
  81. Firemission: Body Scans/Pat Downs Gone Too Far?
  82. Speculation: If NOOD picks up steam, nude-o-scopes "mysteriously" disabled 11/24
  83. Don't Make The Terrorists into Winners
  84. Bureaucratic TSA Oath
  85. Napolitano in "spin" mode...
  86. Large petitions to stop airport harassment
  87. TSA and United
  88. CNN: "TSA: Despite objections, all passengers must be screened" Pt II
  89. Opt out options for foreigners?
  90. Participate in Opt-Out Day without flying?
  91. Has the current TSA scanning/patdown flap affected security wait lines?
  92. TSA Procedures Explained (humorous xtranormal video)
  93. Pistole saying Opt-Out Day could create security risk at checkpoints due to chaos
  94. All SEA NudeOScopes blocked off today 11/15
  95. See me, feel me
  96. Chicago ABC7 news piece on searches
  97. Cynical
  98. during training, do TSA employees have to pat-down each other's private parts?
  99. Another one making the rounds: TSA gropes 3 year old
  100. Can pie fly?
  101. TSA biased
  102. Policy Change Regarding Opt-Out / "Enhanced" Pat Down
  103. The Nude-O-Scope Haiku Thread
  104. What do the NoS pictures *really* look like?
  105. Can Germans granted political asylum in the USA travel back to Germany and/or the EU?
  106. Hubby doesn't mind new TSA screening...
  107. Is there a DADT policy for the TSA? Pat down searches by different sex?
  108. Appearance and Reality?
  109. Lobbying
  110. Civil Liberty Quotes for NOOD
  111. NBC's Brian Williams: What Did You Just Say?
  112. 'Why are you opting out?'
  113. Poll on CNN.COM right now about WBI
  114. Legislators against TSA patdowns
  115. Can we all "Opt-out" to put pressure on the Airlines??
  116. Nappy says they are Law Enforcement Pat Downs
  117. TSA frisk is not sexual assault, but threat of such is sexual harassment
  118. LGA - allowed to take down my flight info?
  119. Where Are Our TSA Defenders?
  120. Jeffrey Goldberg discusses invasive TSA searches on Colbert tonight!
  121. Former TSA Director of Security Ops admits security is a 4th amendment violation
  122. Full body scans at DL T5 at LAX
  123. Tell Jack Cafferty (CNN's The Situation Room) It's Gone too Far
  124. TSA likes inflicting physical pain, too.
  125. Prison searches and pat downs are more civilized than the TSA's
  126. how many countries have fingerprints on passport personal data page?
  127. CBS Poll - Do New TSA Airport Screens Go Too Far?
  128. Fine for revoking consent at security?
  129. Flying late tonight out of SFO on CO; info?
  130. Wearing a provocative shirt through screening
  131. Shut Up and Get in the Scanner!
  132. Avoiding the nudescan/groping at EWR (Merged Threads)
  133. Require Glove Changes
  134. Police Response?
  135. Quick question RE: LAX scanners
  136. can i insist my husband be present at pat-down?
  137. Can't find link - scanner operating procedures
  138. liquids, gels, and POWDERS?
  139. The Terrorists Have Won - Drudge Report Photo
  140. Share Your Nude-O-Scope Tales
  141. NBC News Soliciting for Checkpoint Horror Stories
  142. Opting out of NoS: can I watch my carry on?
  143. Semi-Nude Protest of NoS in Germany
  144. Pocket knife stolen from checked baggage
  145. Display dagger ok in checked bags intra- and x-EU?
  146. Flying w/a medic alert bracelet - will TSA make me take it off?!
  147. Pistole: Changes afoot for "trusted travelers"
  148. radiation dosimeters for AIT scanners
  149. Pistole says pilot pat down procedures may change
  150. "Not enough TSA to do patdown" is the new excuse
  151. Our new National Anthem..
  152. Opt-out day question
  153. CNN: "TSA: Despite objections, all passengers must be screened"
  154. San Diego Man Tries to opt of of both and not fly. Told no, he has to be groped!
  155. WBIs in Canada
  156. TLH - No more upstairs observation room?
  157. The enhanced pat down - passengers with disability
  158. The GS line today
  159. Chertoff 411 - Scary
  160. CNN: 10/15 0810: Pistole on issues
  161. Pistole on NBC's Today Show Nov 15
  162. More info on NOOD
  163. USA Today: "Napolitano: Scanners are safe, pat-downs discreet"
  164. "If you touch my junk, I'll have you arrested."
  165. Article comparing Israeli vs US airport security
  166. Considering NOT flying home for Christmas - anyone wanna share a ride Texas to NY?
  167. Merged: Traveling with a child / 'Touching Talk'
  168. Newark (EWR) Terminal B -- Global Entry Customs Exit?
  169. sexually abused when I was 11 by male priest... need advice on dealing with TSA for
  170. Today at ORD
  171. For those taking pictures or Videos on National Opt Out Day -- 11/24
  172. Forbes -- Full Frontal Nudity Doesn’t Make Us Safer: Abolish the TSA
  173. National Opt-Out Day: Warn Your Local Airport Administration/Authority!
  174. Copycat Opt-out day in May 2011?
  175. Traveling through LAX in Feb - need advice
  176. Eliminate the TSA
  177. Get TSO Names!!
  178. A380 Engine Issues?
  179. If asked to enter NoS, may I request they have paramedics on standby?
  180. How have the new "procedures" affected regular business travelers?
  181. NJ Legislators Introducing Resolution to Request Review of TSA
  182. Speaking of Francine & WRT the EPIC suit against TSA
  183. Sexual Assault by TSO at DAY
  184. Remember the 1980's?
  185. Transporting an Air mattress
  186. Scanner protest at PHL
  187. Printer confiscated by TSA
  188. Babies and 3-year-olds - AITs/pat downs?
  189. Double Patdown
  190. Arming myself with knowledge before flying again
  191. Do Military Members Get Strip-Searched Too?
  192. What is the definition of unlawfully detained?
  193. Napolitano: Scanners are safe, pat-downs discreet
  194. Pat Down vs Custody Search
  195. Civil Actions for TSA Rights Violations
  196. Delta Passenger Questioned about 'Atom Bomb' Tattoo
  197. Anyone here familiar with STL? I need some guidance on avoiding NOS.
  198. CATSA vs. TSA?
  199. The start of the cultural discussions?
  200. Schneier on Removing Belts
  201. IAD Global Entry Issues
  202. change.org petition to stop invasive searches
  203. TSA the next reason for job losses?
  204. EEOC orders TSA to pay
  205. Man threatened by TSA with $10,000 "civil lawsuit" when he refuses backscatter
  206. Male TS0 agent completes full body frisking on Mother
  207. Three year old girl gets a pat-down (with video)
  208. U.S. Airways - Is this a near hit?
  209. Idea: Opt-Out Flowchart
  210. Tribune: "Airport security: government in our pants"
  211. Global Entry Interview at IAD - Directions?
  212. Bill of Rights
  213. Body scanner debuts at the mall
  214. Our rights as flyers?
  215. Six Six South Bend TSA airport workers fired over prank
  216. What are your political leanings?
  217. Where Have All The SPOTNiks Gone???
  218. Whatever happened to the puffers?
  219. Heads Up! Senate TSA Oversight Hearing -- 17 Nov
  220. TSA conflict in SAN
  221. Merged threads: Discussion of radiation safety?
  222. Action plan: overwhelming phone calls
  223. Both Hips Replaced, I'm screwed no matter what
  224. Conspiracy theory: Make flying so unpleasant people will support high speed rail
  225. Pissy says suggesting passengers opt out is "irresponsible"
  226. TSO saying "heads up, got a cutie for you"
  227. A 15 minute search and grope at JFK this morning.
  228. Airline Responses
  229. Compendium of links to anti-scanner articles
  230. TSA "encouragement" to use NoS at SEA
  231. Internal travel
  232. Can I ask a "dumb" question??
  233. I watched a couple of these pat downs
  234. TSA employees can vote on union representation, labor board rules
  235. Does the 4th amendment apply with TSA and airports.
  236. List of Airport Alternatives without Full Body Scanners
  237. Reuters "US Officials Try to Address air security worries"
  238. Front page CNN story about "growing backlash" over patdowns and NoS
  239. KNEE-JERK ALERT: TSA Bans Printer Cartridges? World is Now Safer.
  240. The Word is Spreading-Drudge on TSA
  241. Printer Cartridges slow CDG boarding
  242. Names are now suspicious and other observations from IAD today
  243. Intl Flight / Shrink Wrap Bags / SFO
  244. Anyone want to guess as to if/when new proceedures will cause a suicide?
  245. Congressman Conaway (TX) to file complaint with DHS
  246. Arthur Frommer likes the scanners
  247. Front Page CNN.com: Airport body-scan radiation under scrutiny
  248. Reuters poll Fri. Nov 12: Are new security screenings affecting your decision to fly?
  249. More media coverage against NOS
  250. My recent experience with TSA pat down