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  1. AOL Investigation: No Proof TSA Scanners Are Safe
  2. Property Damage Claim Denied; Next Steps?
  3. Newark Terminal A Shut Down
  4. Favorite memory of a bygone era in airport security?
  5. Don't Punch My Junk - Deviant Ollam at DojoCon 2010
  6. Dear Santa Letter from TSA
  7. TSOs on best holiday behavior?
  8. Speculation: What if courts rule in favor of TSA procedures?
  9. Passing out flyers at DFW
  10. IAMA grad in soc psych, familiar w/ Ekman (whence BDOs). Qs?
  11. An airport security alternative, please?
  12. The Sexualization of American Air Travel
  13. Pat-down in MEM today-12/19/10
  14. Why I drove 550 miles each way last week.
  15. MCO Testing Random Groping through WTMD
  16. Media photos and news cameras banned
  17. Grounds for Interrogration before TDC?
  18. WBI/AIT and surgical screws/plates
  19. Pat Downs-Breasts question
  20. TSA misses glock at IAH; Passengers finds it on flight
  21. While opt-outs wait...
  22. Teee'd off at TSA still? TSA t-shirt (not shorts) deal!
  23. TSA Turned Off the Machines
  24. Persistent Holes in Security
  25. Best Address for TSA complaint
  26. Buying a ticket means you give up your rights... :rolleyes:
  27. WAPO: Revamping of airport checkpoint system urged
  28. Outstanding Risk Management View of Airline Security
  29. Actual MMW Images
  30. Scientific Evidence of Flaws in Body Scanners
  31. Info/Opinions Needed Re: Protecting Belongings While Waiting to Clear Security
  32. Chaffetz to get oversight of TSA
  33. I don't know if this is rigged, but it's pretty hillarious
  34. TSA = Terrorists Sunk America
  35. DHS/TSA uses fear to force intrusive screening
  36. Loopholes in 'Do Not Board' list let infected travelers fly
  37. Entering the US...after having left......
  38. Organization and Substantive Action
  39. After failing TSA screening...
  40. Playmobil security checkpoint
  41. Colbert on How to Hide Your Junk
  42. Clear Program Promotion
  43. Local Houston TV Station Looks at Airline Security
  44. Research Article Evaluating Backscatter Units: Explosives "difficult to detect"
  45. Sen McCaskills's Response to my letterabout TSA "love pats"
  46. Loaded Gun Slips Past TSA Security: ABC NEWS
  47. Conversation with TSO just now
  48. (DC) "Metro to conduct random bag searches" -- WTOP
  49. My Christmas ORDeal
  50. ROW approved for private security?
  51. An excellent and timely quote
  52. 100% patdowns at gate on US-bound flight from AMS
  53. Some terminals can/will never have AIT?
  54. Special screening for Medically-Required Food?
  55. Odd CBP experience yesterday
  56. Terrorism of the Loins
  57. Preparation H
  58. TSA working with MTA?
  59. What should be in a letter to congress
  60. Good editorial cartoon
  61. If You Could Choose Your Fellow Passengers...
  62. LAX TSA Singing Christmas Carols
  63. I have a suggestion for an enterprising lawyer
  64. Aren't sure? Freeze it.
  65. New "If You See Something, Say Something" Ads
  66. AIT computer display changes coming?
  67. Jurisdictional questions/concerns...
  68. Customs Does It Right--They Explain
  69. No TSA Patdown for Male Because "You Don't Have Boobs"
  70. Modified pat down for children? Details?
  71. Questioned as to why I refused to go through scanner at DCA
  72. Austin Airport Advisory Commission passed resolution opposing body scanners
  73. "Female assist, no alarm" for women in skirts yesterday
  74. http://www.examiner.com/human-rights-in-national/tsa-whitleblower-ti-imminent-danger
  75. TSA-sanctioned medical condition card
  76. Is it just me...?
  77. Suspicious? There's An App for it!
  78. TSA: There's something 'suspicious hanging between your leg'...
  79. CLEAR returns Dec 2010 - MCO and DEN
  80. The TSA can't detect liquids via xray??
  81. Some Logic from NEXUS and CATSA
  82. On a lighter note ...
  83. My Laptop Gave Birth...
  84. FSD contact info
  85. Just how invasive is the enhanced pat down?
  86. Secure your baby
  87. Can you insist on not going to the private screening area?
  88. Radio ads....
  89. Apparently, Santa gets harassed by the TSA too.
  90. Blumenthal Questions TSA On Scanner Safety
  91. Apparently You Cannot Change Lanes
  92. Violated at Tampa airport
  93. Global Entry with non-American spouse...
  94. MMW loopholes easily exposed- proves TSA has no management skills whatsoever
  95. Customs Can Compel The Removal of Ostomy Appliances
  96. Will rivets on jeans alert the NoS?
  97. Gummy Bears
  98. Can i bring a brandnew laptop in my carryon?
  99. Oh, it's only skin cancer
  100. German Article about NOS
  101. "Secret video" apps for smart phones?
  102. Will I have to check my bag to save my dog biscuit mix?
  103. The Back Scanners Are Either Useless or Extremely Dangerous
  104. NYTimes: It's all good
  105. Procedures for Foreigner with Overstayed visa leaving US
  106. Cost/Benefit
  107. You can't (EJ) on TSA agent
  108. Comic Strip on "Full Body Scanners"
  109. TSA Clerk: Buy a ticket, waltz thru checkpoint, KABOOM?
  110. Travelling to Philippines without a porno x-ray or groping
  111. What Does "S" on boarding pass mean?
  112. Our family friend, the UA pilot....you won't believe this.
  113. TSO's - If you went on strike, we would support you
  114. Shampoo - it is rightly banned
  115. Backscatters are useless
  116. Interest in Forming a Frequent Flyer PAC/527?
  117. TSA Reform
  118. Customs Form 19
  119. Dosimeter Giveaway?
  120. Suck it up, and do as you're told!
  121. NoS at STL
  122. 'Put off by pat downs at PDX? Fine, but don't take it out on TSA screeners'
  123. 'Removal of shoes is now optional' - true?
  124. You too can friend Pistole on Facebook!
  125. TSA Attentiveness
  126. Confused about Meanings
  127. TSA response to customers
  128. The language we use is important
  129. recent experiences with Keurig k-cups in carry-on?
  130. Air Jitneys
  131. Body of Deceased Teen Likely Due to Fall From Plane (aka CLT Security Breech)
  132. US/Canadian border question: Can I bring some of girlfriend's stuff in my luggage?
  133. When can you get a LEO to arrest a TSO?
  134. Dodged my first pat-down
  135. Report your Self-Opt-Out Successes Here
  136. Clearing EU Customs with partially related minor
  137. "Animal parts, blood found in suitcase of Dulles traveler"
  138. Failing the scanner patdown
  139. Symbolic act of civil disobedience for media attention - ANYONE?
  140. Nexus card or Credit card - Which card does TSA trust more?
  141. Question: Game consoles
  142. New Tattoos/Wounds and Pat Downs
  143. Driving Deaths: DOT/FAA gets it, why not TSA?
  144. New Jersey bill introduced to ban 4th Amendment violations?
  145. Is there a parallel between the Bierfeldt case and the Blow case?
  146. Atlantic interview with Pistole
  147. Evidence we're winning
  148. Where to go in DTW to avoid pronoscanners
  149. An evaluation of airport x-ray backscatter units based on image characteristics
  150. I think this battle is lost...
  151. Japanese mock the TSA
  152. Global Entry at non GE airports
  153. you have the right to remain silent
  154. Opting out at ROC - experiences?
  155. Hopkins Concerned About NoS Radiation Leakage
  156. Prescription Drug Question
  157. Liquids
  158. Can you get an LEO to do the pat down?
  159. BB: Everything Normal on Opt Out Day vis-a-vis NoS
  160. Master media contacts list
  161. David Letterman mocks TSA
  162. Grandma got molested at the airport
  163. Even Priority Pass...
  164. Letters from Congress Members in TX
  165. Rocky Horror meets the TSA
  166. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison's response to ACLU letter
  167. Opting out? There's an app for that, of course
  168. Consumerist - Oops! I Made It Past The TSA Screeners With A 6-Inch Hunting Knife
  169. No Secondary search for U.S. bound flight.
  170. Using facebook as a way to get stories out there
  171. Another report of a woman violated by TSA for wearing a dress
  172. what happens when the scanners are primary screening only?
  173. Super defensive WN agent when I called to cancel
  174. Grounds for search AFTER the checkpoint
  175. more TSA pat down follies
  176. Response from Delta
  177. Australian customs and allergy shot serums
  178. WOW...The Pat Down Has Actually Gotten Worse
  179. TSA Wants Even More New Technology
  180. Are TSOs the perfect profile for terrorist recruiters?
  181. Will Santa Claus be "randomly" selected for screening?
  182. "Rapiscan Systems Reaps Big Gains From Airport Security Push"
  183. Houston Airline Maintenance Man Accused of Possessing Child Porn
  184. TSA workers feel victimized
  185. Expired foreign passport / renewed or revalidated passport
  186. Lag is noting reciept of TRIP Documents
  187. "Baywatch" Actress and Playmate Felt "Singled Out" for Scan
  188. No problems exiting JFK Terminal 4
  189. Response from AA re: cancelled trip due to TSA Abuse
  190. Khloe Kardashian says TSA screening like rape
  191. Funny - And the the TSA touch their...
  192. Why airline security experts are calling for “Israelification"
  193. Full body scanners primary in these airports?
  194. Are Tattoos Visible on the Body Scanner?
  195. NOW (National Organization of Women)
  196. Traveling w/family through CLT this Friday
  197. jfk terminal 8 (american airlines) note
  198. December 23: We Won't Fly Day
  199. Another good guy in Washington-Rep. Darrell Issa R., Calif.
  200. MMW safety basis?
  201. Even the CDC knows the TSA is hiding their head in the sand about radiation exposure
  202. Passport Grousing...
  203. What rights do you have at the checkpoint?
  204. TSA in the Slammer
  205. Getting through securitu at MIA (domestic flights)
  206. Requesting Airlines rep when going through security?
  207. What the Japanese think of TSA Screening (Video)
  208. TSA again plans to expand the grasp of its sticky fingers
  209. USA Today: Lawmakers call on TSA to release X-Ray Inspection Records
  210. Reporter looking for tips on getting through security with dignity intact
  211. Radiation Badges for Employees
  212. [Column] A nude awakening — TSA and privacy
  213. Flying With Charcoal Filters
  214. Maintenance requirements for AIT?
  215. Another good one from Drudge.
  216. DHS and Wal*Mart launch "If you see something, say something" campaign
  217. Ladies "randomly" selected for NOS
  218. My information has been recorded by TSA, now what?
  219. Luggage transfer in Dubai
  220. Is the Puffer back? Did I miss something?
  221. DIY Nude-o-scope from a Dish Network LNB
  222. can you bring a razor with carry on ?
  223. So I'm sitting in HOU waiting on a plane... they just got the pornoscanners
  224. Leg Braces are trouble at the C/P but are DENTAL Braces?
  225. Flying with Prosthetic Boobs...
  226. DEN TSA issues
  227. Schumer's Bill Allows Publishing of Body Scanner Images!!!
  228. Si I opted out of the body scanner...
  229. TSA Rights Handout - please distribute
  230. I have 2 Firstname on my passport and I put only 1 on the eTicket is it bad ?
  231. Heathrow Airport - Appalling!
  232. Bill Against Distributing NOS Images
  233. What exactly is the TSA procedure?
  234. New and Nervous
  235. Disappointing news for Austin flyers...
  236. Master list of airport rules for photo/video/audio recording
  237. Pistole's WSJ Interview "In Defense of Scanners and Pat-Downs "
  238. Me Watching You Watching Me
  239. How much ($) is not being scanned/patted down worth to you?
  240. My plan to pressure my airline
  241. TSA: Keeping Amerika Safe From Weed-Carrying Entertainers
  242. Woman thrown to the ground by TSA in DCA
  243. Wearing a military flight suit for a TSA grope
  244. What does future hold for airport security?
  245. HELP! ID question - need to know whether or not my son will be able to fly!
  246. LIVE CHAT: With Executive Producer of award-winning movie: Please Remove Your Shoes
  247. Drive safely this Christmas
  248. does TSA allow 360-pack contact lenses past security? (liquid)
  249. Josh Duhamel booted for Blackberrying while taxiing
  250. Problems with DHS, can anyone help?