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  1. New ruling in 9th Circuit on Cross-Gender searches
  2. Snakes on a Train
  3. Elderly Heart Patient Terrorized
  4. UK Terrorism threat raised at UK airports and stations
  5. New TSA Stats
  6. Security Screening Before Entering The Airport.
  7. How long to get an incident report from TSA?
  8. Is your "screener" male or female?
  9. NoS as primary screening at LAX T7 bridge checkpoint
  10. DHS filed its answer brief in EPIC's suit
  11. Signs on MD highways, "see something...." and incendiary devices
  12. All? IAD Outbound Flights Delayed
  13. Got my bumper stickers today!
  14. Drug Mules - Alive and kicking (and flying)
  15. "Pulling the Plug" panel at EPIC's "The Stripping of Freedom" conference
  16. Notes from Bruce Schneier's keynote at EPIC's "Stripping of Freedom" conference
  17. Notes from the EPIC "public response" panel
  18. My spouse still got grouped and touched after going throught the BDO!
  19. Dave Barry gets in a couple of good digs at the TSA
  20. Put your choppers in the hoppers
  21. Return trip in prison smock
  22. Journalists board planes in France with gun in hand luggage
  23. Attempted Hijacking on TK foiled by pax!
  24. Video, Facebook and Twitter info for EPICs "The Stripping of Freedom" conference
  25. DHS has a Civil Rights office. Who knew?
  26. TSA experiences/observations; DCA, IAH, CRP
  27. Chaffetz on Fox Business: Comments on TSA
  28. Getting offloaded
  29. Youtube "Golden-voice" guy stopped at TSA
  30. Thoughts on the TSA and our role
  31. Another Terminal Dump Today in MIA
  32. Bag Checks at DC Union Station
  33. Just released - 2010 TSA Statistics
  34. Plastic kiddie wings no longer a threat!
  35. A Glimpse At What The TSA Has In Store For Us Down the Road
  36. Need Help: LAX AA - best checkpoint?
  37. Boarding pass checks at YVR
  38. Thought some would find this interesting (Rapiscan litigation)
  39. Question regarding the longevity of the current DHS leadership
  40. A letter to EI
  41. Carbonated beverages in checked bags?
  42. Possible Facebook campaign on January 6 ... interested?
  43. United at SFO T3 is safe but can be tricky.
  44. "Police: Man hits teen over phone dispute on plane"
  45. TSA checkpoints on MBTA red line
  46. Flying Internationally for the First Time
  47. News Investigation of Thefts at TSA Checkpoints
  48. Janet Napolitano visits Israel; discusses differing aviation security apporaches
  49. Idea for an "updated" NOS document
  50. "stupid" security at zrh (on aa)
  51. If BDO's are so good, why do we need to be groped and scoped?
  52. Montel Williams arrested after TSA search finds pipe
  53. Does it make sense to use a TSA lock outside the US?
  54. Chastised at Admiral's Club for anti-NOS flyers
  55. AA executive desk called me in response to letter
  56. Has new TSA measures changed your travel habits?
  57. Time for new anti-NOS flyers?
  58. After my holiday absence...back with an update on LGA
  59. Air Travel Consumer Report December 2010
  60. TSA broke my laptop
  61. Napolitano Rejects Israeli Security Model for US
  62. Charter Flights To Avoid Groping!
  63. TSA Humiliation
  64. We'll be discussing TSA activism at today's Twitter Privacy chat
  65. Brian Williams (NBC Anchor) Gets Groped
  66. Airports with scanners that are never in use
  67. TSA: Reform or Scrap?
  68. Forced enhanced pat-downs at airports that don't have AIT scanners?
  69. 'TSA cares deeply about privacy - Their own'
  70. Golf clubs always get TSA love note @ SEA
  71. Backscatter Xrays and my first experience.
  72. Capitol Steps spoofs TSA
  73. TSA getting performance raise despite "pay freeze"
  74. 'Oil Spill Activists Targeted by TSA Agents'
  75. Passenger Removed From Boston-To-Washington Flight
  76. Wanted: Weekly SNL or MADtv sketches about TSA
  77. "Let’s Stop Panicking Over Half-Assed Terrorists Already"
  78. Reminder: DC Metro meeting tonight on bag searches
  79. lga and jfk security comments
  80. TSA allegedly swabbing credit cards
  81. We Can Do Whatever We Want - SEA
  82. CMH: any way to avoid nudoscope?
  83. Seeking the dhs ig guy and natl sec lawyers bc of today's opt out experience
  84. Don't Try to Visit the USA as a model...(how the TSA plays in Iceland)
  85. TSA: I Just Don’t Think Most People Get It
  86. Porn addict applies at TSA
  87. On Expert Advice to TSA
  88. Post Security Haiku Here
  89. WBI-free Checkpoints at HNL's Overseas Terminal?
  90. Capitol evacuated and fighter jets scrambled after pilot tuned wrong radio frequency
  91. Battling the TSA through Awareness -- better disclosure of fees
  92. TSA used to have a 70% detection failure rate, but now...
  93. State of TSA at the end of 2020
  94. TSA Christmas Memo
  95. "One tip enough to put name on watch list"
  96. Chilling Close Calls
  97. Showing our thermos cup leads to hand swab and then to full patdown
  98. Airports consider ditching TSA
  99. $2.4 Million radar catches man with undersize fish on Chesapeake Bay
  100. Just heard a great line in SFO
  101. IATA - November Air Traffic Decline
  102. According to "Post Secret" the TSAs pat-down is a big hit - with the whackos
  103. British view of American TSA
  104. Security at Antigua spotted my MacBook charger - and missed my Swiss Army Knife
  105. Cosmic rays and aluminun vs composite
  106. One Blogger's Tale of Holiday Security (or lack thereof?)
  107. Great toy for the holiday
  108. Holding Arms Up for the Screening
  109. ABQ TSO kidnaps estranged wife, child; killed in police shoot-out
  110. Non-english prescriptions...
  111. Peter King went first to Big Sis for an answer
  112. Embarrassed TSA Goes After Pilot
  113. Congress to demand answers from TSA in airport security flaws
  114. Here We Go Again
  115. crowd-sourced NoS CP status, needs some FTer help
  116. US Citizens to Land in YYZ - Rent Car to Michigan - CPB to Harass?
  117. Official Flyers Thread
  118. Calling 911 During "Enhanced" Pat Down and USC.
  119. In another TSA galaxy far, far away
  120. Primer cartridges (for bullets) explodes in luggage, causing scare.
  121. Grandma got molested at the airport!
  122. Anyone have experience using Passport Card to walk into Mexico at Tijuana?
  123. Great, just great - TSA will now ban grannies
  124. Website with daily updates on which airports use backscatter machines
  125. US embassy security professional people
  126. Agents are being more friendly
  127. Flight Crews hate TSA
  128. LEOs not always on "our" side
  129. DHS/TSA campaign on Amtrak?
  130. Albany airport
  131. TSA By The Numbers: Failed By Its Own Data?
  132. People no getting it
  133. I want to be a pseudo-airport employee!
  134. Response from Alaska Air
  135. TSA keeping order at JFK McDonalds?
  136. Scanner Safety
  137. JFK guards fired for sleeping on the job, but snoozing boss still employed
  138. Do TSA Pat-Downs Work? Even Kids Know How to Blow Up a Plane
  139. GOES
  140. What was the TSA aiming at me?
  141. Life on Hold
  142. "Study: Body scanners' effectiveness limited"
  143. Disheartening pax behavior and TSOs hunting the terminal
  144. The Scanner Lobby: a summary table
  145. TSA Vaccine
  146. Immigration Status
  147. Elderly passenger triggers security alert at D/FW Airport
  148. Smooth sailing @ SAN - Christmas day
  149. Supplemental ID Check
  150. Random Screening At The Gate?
  151. New "Threat": Planes merely transiting US airspace
  152. Here We Go,TSA Now Stepping Up Security at Malls and Hotels
  153. TSA Agent and Chit-Chat
  154. Robin Kassner Sues TSA
  155. Flying out of RDU and then PHX.... what to expect? What are my options?
  156. EPIC to host TSA workshop ["Stripping of Freedom"] Jan. 6, 2011 in D.C.
  157. Napolitano: Get Used to Airport Pat-Downs
  158. TSA and no government photo ID
  159. "Homeland Security chief defends airport security"
  160. Hostile Work Environment...
  161. SIM Security?
  162. Scanner Manufacturers Buying Our Government Wholesale...
  163. What about Hawaii?
  164. On the lighter side - Dumb TSA Procedures
  165. TSA Family Line - A Requirement?
  166. TSA Security online game
  167. Christmas Day Grape™ @ BOI
  168. TSA is permitted to brings beverage & containers through at security again
  169. It's the Comments that Make My Blood Boil
  170. It's Christmas at the airport
  171. Tired of seeing, "Well if it makes me safe..." in the news?
  172. TSA Playbook?
  173. 9/11 Commissioner: Stronger Behind the Scenes Security
  174. Body scanner manufacturer lobbying - LOTS of influence being used
  175. Airport has taken over seating?
  176. Suicide bombers just want to commit suicide
  177. Finally, a good idea from TSA
  178. Allegations of "trusted shipper" not screening cargo
  179. "TSA conducts ‘inappropriate’ screenings at FBOs"
  180. "Massachusetts man pleads guilty to selling and using TSA employees’ identities"
  181. status of MIA AA concourse CP's?
  182. Suggestion: Let MDs do the pat downs
  183. The definition of terrorism - READ
  184. Our officers are not reaching inside clothing or touching any skin
  185. San Francisco International (SFO) - International Terminal Screening Status
  186. Airlines must “refuse to transport” a passenger who does not consent to a search
  187. Perhaps Blogger Bob CAN delete posts
  188. Newest threat to planes: thermoses
  189. White House Warns of Possible Holiday Terror Attack
  190. TSA now indoctrinating the children
  191. travel with seeds
  192. Breezed through LAX and LAS
  193. So I was at HOU just before noon today and saw "DHS Police" walking around
  194. Canadians Have Similar Complaints
  195. Comment troll at We Won't Fly blog coming from DHS IP address
  196. DHS database linking passengers in vehicles to vehicle license plate information
  197. Woman arrested 12/22/10 at AUS after refusing grope
  198. Ice packs and Xray
  199. Sacramento-area pilot punished by TSA for YouTube video
  200. Young girl: "... and the [TSA] men take Papa away and touch him everywhere"
  201. Does the TSA Live in an Alternate Universe?
  202. Immigration/Customs asking a US citizen for a Passport AND a Social Security card?
  203. TSA doesn't want Metro stop at IAD Terminal
  204. FA never heard of the nudoscope!
  205. article-TSA pat downs: 'Horrible' screener job gets worse
  206. TSA week at a Glance: From the inside point of view
  207. Numbers for the Media to Know
  208. ORD today?
  209. Stark Honesty From CATSA Screener at YOW
  210. Politically Motivated Vandalism?
  211. AJC: TSA ranks lowest in travel survey
  212. Men found hiding in cargo truck near Atlanta's airport
  213. "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" - impact on TSA?
  214. DFW Employee Entrance Incidents
  215. USTA: TSA Damaging the Economy
  216. Oh it's fine, perfectly safe. We promise.
  217. LFT shutdown today for ONE HOUR...over a frozen chicken!!
  218. Cargo Screening Security Theater in ATL this week
  219. Florida airport search that found porn upheld
  220. If you've ever wondered if this would fly...
  221. Parked Car Ruled Terroist Threat
  222. Protest Underwear
  223. Recording TSA & What they can touch
  224. Bad TSA Experience? Get the tape!
  225. WAPO: Auditors question TSA's use of and spending on technology
  226. Nudists plan TSA protest
  227. IAH Today: Terminal desolate, MMW roped off
  228. Flying out of DEN next week - what precautions should I take?
  229. Stuff in your jacket pockets
  230. What would be allowed via carry-on?
  231. An article to make you sick
  232. CNN: Holiday travel stokes sex crime victims' TSA pat-down fears
  233. TSA's Prevarication Re: Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory
  234. Wallet removal
  235. ATL federal LEO suspect in double murder
  236. US Immigration and Customs pre-clearance at DUB
  237. I think it's time to bring it up: Cavity Searches
  238. SFO Int'l A Checkpoint Close Time
  239. Thanks to "security", just qualified for HOPEFULLY my last year as Exec Plat
  240. Keeping up images: Patriotic "games" at AMA?
  241. Napolitano Gaffe: Working 364 days a year to keep us safe
  242. Christmas is coming
  243. $12K of video equipment stolen at PDX
  244. TSA under the mistletoe
  245. ID handbook TSAs use = same ones that bartenders use
  246. Ms. McNeill & Mr. Sural
  247. Additional procedures for international destinations?
  248. From Michael Roberts on FB this morning
  249. Proposed new screening
  250. How many of us are in the databases?