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  1. $38 Billion in Budget Cuts - ANY cuts to TSA?
  2. get out of my way
  3. WashPost: USTA to push Trusted Traveler
  4. So, the TSA wants to recruit my brother...
  5. What happens when the etd is positive after a resolution pat down?
  6. Opted out, forced to walk through machine
  7. Marked for secondary screening, but I escaped!
  8. What do women travelers use for safety?
  9. Sun Sentinel article on weapons confiscated; explains "artfully concealed"
  10. PROVO UTAH - No NOS's
  11. TSA Ignored Complaints of NoS Pilot Program
  12. Woman gets Thru Security and Boards flight at MEM with wrong boarding pass on 4/10/11
  13. Drudge Top Story - Groping Child Video - April 12
  14. Golden and Black list of Airport security
  15. Packs of screeners doing gate checks at Dulles this morning
  16. Suppose TSA had a low tech solution ...
  17. I thought the whole point of the nude-o-scope was to avoid needing pat-downs?
  18. Concern for DFW - Terminal A construction??
  19. Easter bunny at PHL
  20. Used e boarding pass grants access to all gates-- TSA security hole
  21. You can't professionalize until you Federalize
  22. Serious Q for Opting Out at ORD
  23. DTW customs - anyone around at 4:30PM on 4/10?
  24. My first pat down....
  25. Report: U.S. Blocks 350 Suspected Terrorists
  26. Tweet if you see Osama
  27. TSO held me and Line up over BP for another Terminal
  28. CMH contact information
  29. CancerBoxes @ ORD TURNED OFF! this morning
  30. Explosive Sniffing Dogs?
  31. denied entry into Canada
  32. TSA is looking for 200 part-time jobs in ATL airport
  33. Some reception at CMH!
  34. FAA budget cuts
  35. CNN: JFK AirTrain Security Risks
  36. Sandra Rinomato and Airport Security
  37. Sexual Harrassment in the Air Marshal Service
  38. Checkpoint Reconnaissance Mission At Dulles -- Bad News Ahead
  39. A Tale of Two (U. S.) Carriers
  40. Removing CBP red flag?
  41. Multiple BRAVOs at MIA This AM!
  42. Police Alert
  43. (Complex Situation)Seeking advice/an idea of what to expect from CBP etc at SFA
  44. Different name on passport and visa
  45. A purser who trained watching "Airline"?
  46. Was I just a victim of a random luggage search?
  47. Why the TSO Asks to See Your Cell Phone
  48. CLE Terminal Dump 4/8/11: Static Image on X-Ray
  49. Local TSA managers admit Newark airport security has deep-seated security problems
  50. See SPOT Fail
  51. What is Word on What They Do to Children Now?
  52. Wil leads a charge while Miley surrenders
  53. Paul Ekman testimony 4/6/11
  54. TSA opened suitcase, lock reset to 9-1-1
  55. FAA is firing another controller for sleeping on the job (TYS)
  56. Who here has actually chosen "not to fly today" as the solution?
  57. TShirts that will get you kicked off a plane...
  58. Straight Talk on the "New" Scanner "Study"
  59. Planning for the Checkpoints without Scanners reference thread
  60. Hearing on BDO program
  61. Has anybody ever been in one of those glass boxes?
  62. Which is greater threat to America -- terrorists or bedbugs?
  63. Security issue interrupts Alaska parcel deliveries
  64. Actor Wil Wheaton: I don't feel safe. I feel violated, humiliated, and angry.
  65. TSA Failed At Least 23 Times to Detect Subsequent Terror Suspects
  66. SFO T1 hand swabbing
  67. One in five pilots suffer from fatigue in the cockpit at least once a week
  68. FBI Agent Leaves Firearm in ELP bathroom
  69. Bunny Lady vs TSA
  70. Active Duty Military - pat downs??
  71. Love That Uniform!
  72. hopefully stupid question about gov't shutdown
  73. Bunny Lady vs TSA
  74. TSA Goes Too Far for 1 Frequent Flier
  75. Bow your heads, citizens
  76. IAH airport Terminal C question
  77. TSA - take pictures with celebrities?
  78. 1,000 Smurfs not enough for ATL: TSA wants to hire 200 more!
  79. How Stupid Can the TSA Be, Part the Third
  80. How Stupid Can TSA be - II
  81. TSA is Violating our Right to Freedom of Association
  82. Chainsaw through security? TV Commercial
  83. Tulsa Man Protests TSA
  84. Warrantless Border Searches to Expand
  85. Texas May Ban "Body Scanning Imaging Equipment"
  86. ?? Interfering with the screening process??
  87. Woman arrested at PHL for cracking confetti-filled egg over TSA agent's head
  88. Where to report TSA related theft?
  89. Writing a letter to Rep. John Boehner - could use some feedback, please!
  90. AAA measures dramatic drop in Dec. air travel
  91. which tsa devices are the "bad" ones?
  92. New Puppy Post on TSA Blog - Literally!
  93. Logiic Optional
  94. Lax tsa checked bags
  95. Detection of contraband can be foiled in these systems
  96. Common Sense, Nonsense, and Stripes: RSW & DUS
  97. Flying with a Felony?
  98. is no one opting out anymore??
  99. Can we not refer to TSO's as Smurfs?
  100. Traveling through LAS in about 10 days
  101. Passing Through PDX on Wednesday Evening
  102. Non TSA Safety issue!
  103. TSA and NCIC
  104. Convicted Killer, Employed As LAS Airport Security Tech, Charged In Thefts
  105. Water Vs Coffee..are they the same from a safety perspective?
  106. Union Leaders: "Getting Rid of PASS 1st Priority"
  107. Aljazeera claims 737NG structurally unsafe
  108. AIT's w/ Metal Detector & Tall Pax
  109. UK Take on Scanner Safety
  110. Successful Attacks
  111. Delta Urges Inclusion Flight Attendants in Personnel Advanced Screening
  112. Would chocolate ammo and grenades be allowed?
  113. Whistle Blowing witch grounded by TSA
  114. CVG this morning
  115. TSA bloggers have time for jokes, but not for comments
  116. TSA to require giant zip-lock bags as carry-ons.
  117. TSA agents pick a preteen/early teen girl for "additional screening"
  118. The Exterminator - Police Surveillance
  119. TSA Unions to Bargain Over Pay and Performance
  120. What to do when your TSO is a Kettle? (at CMH)
  121. Smurf: "No one wants to see your sorry @ss naked!"
  122. VIPR Targets Truck Fleets
  123. Is this blog post a TSA blog team false flag?
  124. Need a little sometthing to lighten things up now and then
  125. Pistole Announces 'Enemas For Enemies' Program
  126. LTTE: 'TSA aim: Make travel safe for all Americans'
  127. Did TSA ever give an explanation for the Savannah train station incident?
  128. Rep. Chaffetz re-introduces (kind of) anti-AIT legislation
  129. ALLEGED: TSA Employee Arrested for Rape
  130. Airport Chain of Command for Security Issues
  131. Out of sight of belongings? Why?
  132. Report Accuses DHS of Witness Tampering and Attempted Theft of Congressional Docs
  133. Another Big Catch: TSA Finds Illegal Items Artfully Concealed in Peanut Butter
  134. TSA Math
  135. Name on boarding pass vs ID?
  136. Epic Fail: TSA says nude-o-scopes have only found 200 items since Jan 2010
  137. Topping off Luggage after Checkin, Pre TSA
  138. Doctors opting out
  139. Suspicious device found at Rochester airport
  140. SF area airport advice
  141. Culturally ignorant TSA policies/procedures
  142. Rep. John Mica Calls TSA His 'Little ....... Child'
  143. Reply From Cancer Society
  144. GIWFWB (Getting Ill While Flying While Brown)
  145. How Dumb Do They Come?
  146. Eligibility Regarding Global Entry
  147. Got a call on my home machine from the TSA!!!
  148. Baggage theft?
  149. Another nightmare at PHX
  150. Newark (EWR) terminal B/Lufthansa and Security Screening
  151. BUF - no scan at all?
  152. AFGE: TSA Gender Bias Presents Potential for Wal-Mart-Style Class Action Suit
  153. Ticket Insurance with Missed Connection Coverage
  154. PIT on Thursday - What to expect
  155. New NOS post at PV
  156. What should I do?
  157. Interesting interaction at Immigration
  158. Move an ID checker to open a 2nd lane?
  159. Avoiding scanners at ORD Terminal 3
  160. missing items from baggage..
  161. TSA has affected my travel. I usually have 30k miles flown, now I have 0k
  162. Passport/security on trip to Italy
  163. LAX Traveling Suggestions
  164. Comparison of DAL to DFW, in regards to frisks
  165. travel insurance
  166. What the heck is a "security check"... 1+ hour delay out of DFW
  167. Playing Simon Says At Airport Security
  168. Radiation from airport scanners very low: study
  169. DHS Stonewalled FOIA Requests, Investigated Requestors
  170. Federal Grievance against individual TSA employees?
  171. What have you (or someone you know) taken through security?
  172. Power-mad, petty, run-amuck beauracracy
  173. Interesting Scene at RSW 3/27
  174. More DHS Legal Trouble: Supervisor of Customs in Los Angeles Suspended
  175. NEXUS Questions!
  176. RDU policy: everybody is a selectee; NoS is primary
  177. How would we define "an acceptable security system?"
  178. Groping procedure
  179. Hate
  180. EPIC Urges Court to Order Release of 2,000 Airport Body Scanner Images
  181. Radiation detection at the checkpoint
  182. Whistle-blowing witch grounded by TSA
  183. Maximum Leader Pistole tells everybody "shut up and deal with it."
  184. Maybe it is time for a Protection Witness Program
  185. Perhaps we could rename this forum?
  186. A personal terminology change ...
  187. Flew woth No Security Today
  188. Idea on How We Can Protect Ourselves
  189. How do you explain yourself?
  190. What are your "rights" airside with regards to TSA?
  191. A very real threat to FTers - desensitization to patdowns.
  192. Clerks Wheeling Map Cases at Dulles
  193. Super slow security?
  194. Links to Current Anti-NoS Brochures?
  195. I snitched on a guy - was this the right thing to do?
  196. How stupid can TSA be?
  197. Why is TSA hated? Reason #12,345:
  198. TSA Misses Knife On Newark Bound Flight
  199. The assaults continue ...
  200. Why you should insist that a clerk use a fresh pair of gloves
  201. Flier's TSA 'grope' nightmare
  202. Common Sense with ORD TSA?
  203. Will TSA ever relaxed the shoes policy?
  204. Need some light-hearted TSA Humor?
  205. Body Scanners in Australia?
  206. Liquids: The Truth please...
  207. Chell's Breast Prostheses: #1 Threat To America
  208. WTMDs
  209. Did my first opt out this past week
  210. "No, ma'am, my first name is not Hon..."
  211. How much money are you carrying? TSA required answer at Cleveland Hopkins Airport
  212. Travel to Houston & the Final Four
  213. Why They Fought
  214. Never thought I'd say this but...
  215. This court decision does not bode well...
  216. Epiphany...Phillip on Survivor is a TSO!
  217. Randomly selected by the WTMD? AY#KM?
  218. Anybody know of a trip insurance policy covering security/TSA?
  219. Survey: 77% of Germans surveyed say 'Turn off the scanners'
  220. TSA Blog hacked, or just a mistake?
  221. Atlantic City: No wallets in pockets?
  222. Wanna play SPOT ?
  223. Carbon Monoxide/Smoke Detector: Any restrictions (carry on or checked baggage)?
  224. She just won't listen to me
  225. TSA won't negotiate on security
  226. FAA does what TSA can't?
  227. Boarding Futility: Please put laptop in bag to walk through the door.
  228. lack of police presence for parades in london ques.
  229. Today, I will be tempting fate at BOS...
  230. Please help a sexual assault victim flying out of Jacksonville
  231. Must be a Zip-Loc
  232. ATL TSAs
  233. Fake Marines caught by CBP checkpoint
  234. LIST to CONTACT Federal Lawmakers to STOP TSA ABUSES
  235. Origin of the fake metal TSA badge
  236. Hair accessories
  237. Local news: NY Sen. Schumer pimping new ID scanner
  238. Dealing W/ the TSA? Know Your Rights!
  239. Contact lawmakers most willing to work to stop TSA abuses
  240. The Viagra TSA Experiment
  241. Question about what I will need to bring for the TSA with an expired license.
  242. Puppy Post alert-- TSA Blog: "MyTSA" Named Best Govt App
  243. What did the TSA agent call me? I had every intention of submitting to imaging
  244. Texas seeks to bans TSA enhance pat-downs
  245. Advance Notice: Going to Disney with the kids
  246. Senior TSA air marshal manager in whistleblower case demoted AGAIN
  247. TSA Union Calls for Immediate Radiation Monitoring at Agency
  248. Weirdly commonsensical recommendations for TSA
  249. Smurfs at Gate in MIA... but instead of bag check...
  250. USMC Vet on no-fly list