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  1. Risked Based Security for pax aged 12 and under
  2. Family traveling with infant, what to expect?
  3. Should a traveler alert TSA of an "SSSS" warning he has?
  4. Updating Your Delta Profile for New TSA Trusted Traveler Program
  5. Another pleasant arrival in Canada
  6. Newark/Miami Connections Security Checkpoints
  7. Closest airport to SAT that is "NoS-free"? Perhaps GRK?
  8. No ID check at TXL?
  9. How long to clear Customs to/from YVR?
  10. NoS and PHL
  11. Get your stuff back?
  12. TSA questions passenger who has fake head in his bag
  13. 3 arrested after fake bomb at Sky Harbor
  14. Presenting a US passport to the TDC?
  15. TPA/Tampa International Airport getting new Scanners
  16. Playboy Playmate arrested with gun at checkpoint
  17. Is the transfer check as bad at ORD as it is at DFW?
  18. Carry-on Calipers?
  19. Adult passport app and can't find child passport
  20. IR cameras at BOS Logan?
  21. Travel Tip: Don't Tape Your Cell Phone to a Container of Paste-Like Substance
  22. Aug 8, 2011 NY Post: Crime is Soaring at JFK
  23. How to destroy/hammer an RFID chip in a passport
  24. Travelling with food kept chilled with "ice" packs
  25. Gibraltar/La Línea border - times, what to expect?
  26. Entering Schengen Area
  27. New opt-out record set at LAS?
  28. Global Entry Interview
  29. Live Video Uploads for Checkpoint Filmers
  30. Jetblue Expedited Security : Newark
  31. Kicked off Southwest flight for being emotional
  32. Bottles of liquor ok in FRA
  33. YYZ Iris Scan location
  34. Scotch Tape confiscated in Delhi
  35. Photography at BWI - some real answers
  36. Entry in US with Green card vs Passport
  37. Gun parts found in TPA womens restroom
  38. Flying with a Kindle - unpack for Security?
  39. Darius Miles caught with loaded gun at STL
  40. Security at Baggage claim areas?
  41. ORD security
  42. Safety of Flying with FAA Airport Inspectors Furloughed?
  43. Omaha airport terminal evacuated
  44. Checked into an occupied room
  45. Why I am harassed over ice every single time?
  46. Refusing "Say Your Name" and new SPOT Questions: Opt-Out Experiences
  47. New gauntlet to jump over at IAD...
  48. Delta 191 Was 26 Years Ago Today
  49. IAD missed his pocket knife
  50. Security Theater at BWI Today
  51. Removing watch at LHR
  52. I must look sketchy
  53. Got to go to the private room tonight 7/31
  54. Checked baggage theft prevention?
  55. Rochester TSA (McNeil Security) trashes my bag!
  56. Requesting a private screening for the say your name carnival
  57. Getting Through Security: Gate Passes, Lounge Day Pass, Refundable Ticket & More
  58. Buying Refundable Ticket on Another Airline to Obviate Inability to Web Check-In
  59. Traveling with a large coin collection
  60. Have to fly today through airport with scanner can I request a physical strip search?
  61. 27 deemed as threats still hold FAA licenses
  62. When do you need to use TSA locks?
  63. FA Claims FAA dictates what carry on are allowed on ERJ 145
  64. Umbrellas as a threat? Dublin thinks so...
  65. Checked Luggage items in JKF
  66. "You can't fool me Mr. Custom's agent!"
  67. TSA at Great America AmTrak station today, san jose
  68. Has Anyone Used the New Global Entry RFID Card as ID for TSA ID Check?
  69. Busy checkpoints versus slow checkpoints
  70. Today's IAH experience
  71. Neck Pouch Counted as Carry On at DTW
  72. UA worker accidentally shot by passenger at MSY
  73. "Use the lavs in your ticketed cabin"....
  74. "You'll have to lift your pants leg so I can see your leg..."
  75. TSA Lying or Misleading Pax?
  76. ORD Terminal Access Question
  77. Where to complain stuff added to suitcase and all thrown around
  78. fiance lost driver's license..flying tomorrow A.M. - HELP!!!
  79. If there is a reaction when the TSA give me a pat down, am I __ ?
  80. criminal record and k1 visa
  81. Is it a federal offence to switch seats?
  82. Where have you seen a "If you see something, say something" sign recently?
  83. My kippie bag was in the wrong place!
  84. Publically Requesting to be Recorded
  85. what to expect when traveling internationally
  86. Yet another crew who claims pax must stay in seats into DCA
  87. APIS Info for Pax landing in US and entering Canada
  88. Boston Backscatter info?
  89. Dca fsd?
  90. children sat in the emergency exit aisle!
  91. Status of Moscow Airports
  92. A positive thought on my TSO grope and massage today
  93. Timing with luggage and NOS
  94. what is the status of the US first class security line at LAS thee days?
  95. Thank you (self opt-out)
  96. Tourist flying from Florida
  97. TSO entering Nude-o-scope booth with an apparent cell phone on his belt; What to do?
  98. No more (In)Secure Flight Block - What changed?
  99. FRA security incident
  100. TSA takes first steps toward 'trusted travel' program
  101. MSN airport still NoS-free?
  102. No more opt out at LAX this morning.
  103. FAA requires owner/operator to surprise drug test... himself
  104. What, exactly, can the TSA ask about medical conditions?
  105. Email from Delta: TSA is testing new security measures to expedite your journey
  106. GE trusted traveler agreements with other countries?
  107. Registered traveler program
  108. US Computer Tech Working in Canada: What Docs Would You Carry for NAFTA Purposes
  109. Question about DCA
  110. The origin of "pronounce your name"?
  111. Trusted Traveler Begins Fall 2011
  112. Not allowed to stay with spouse at random secondary gate search at GCM; whose policy?
  113. Cologne considered as flammable?
  114. Domestic Air Canada Flight = Best Security Experience
  115. Ziploc bag, lacking security?
  116. What if you go past immigration while departing and suddenly want to come back?
  117. Travel to Orlando from St. John's NL
  118. small Swiss army knife confiscated
  119. What are some ways to get past immigration and security checks faster?
  120. Checkpoint Hazards on a NoS-free route?
  121. Do you have to pay a fee to the CPB if you're driving from Canada to the US?
  122. Real-time Security Delay Information?
  123. Stun gun found onboard JetBlue flight; FBI investigating
  124. Sealed iPad in handbag
  125. A reasonable compromise for water bottles at TSA checkpoints?
  126. Man jailed for tossing peanuts, pretzels on flight
  127. Protien Drink Mix - Carry On or Check
  128. San Clemente, CA I-5 Check
  129. Arrest at Dallas Love 7:30 am yesterday
  130. Could I be flagged?
  131. EMS Tens Unit in carry on luggage?
  132. Medicine that needs to be chilled
  133. Changing Terminals?
  134. What ability does law enforcement have to overrule TSA?
  135. Does JFK terminal 1 have Black Diamond lanes?
  136. Disposable footwear?
  137. It's started in Houston
  138. Dual National Entering One Country with the other Country's Passport
  139. "Threat" Forces UA926 (SFO-FRA) to land @ ORD 7/10
  140. Will this box fit in the xray machine?
  141. Moved from Exit Row to Allow Woman in Powered Wheelchair?
  142. Are you able to remove your watch, sir?
  143. Mumbai - How long before going through immigration
  144. Screeners asking pax to state gate number at entrance to checkpoint line (BOS)
  145. Getting through security with hemodialysis catheter?
  146. NoS approved in EU
  147. CDG: All the way through security with wrong boarding pass
  148. Question for the old timers
  149. United 476 Diversion
  150. Rapiscaners DO penetrate through to Bone!
  151. CBSA at JFK
  152. NEXUS Denial-Then Undenial-Then Redenial.....the saga
  153. TSA to woman: 'We're going to have to examine your hair'
  154. how do they search female passengers when no female TSA employee is on duty at 5AM?
  155. Denver, Medicines, and TSA - part II
  156. I think I have lost my passport... a few questions
  157. Two questions - Film cameras and medical braclet
  158. NudeOscope and metal plate in my leg
  159. TSA at DC Union Station Amtrak, 7/5/11
  160. Letters of introduction/support required for business travel to Canada?
  161. Does the NoS "recognize" breast surgery scars yet?
  162. New policy for families?
  163. Recommended NYC-Area Airport?
  164. TSA Compliment/Complaint Card
  165. LightSquared Network: Disrupts Aircraft/GPS near airports
  166. Flight FRA-DFW-MEX and back - What do I need to know about US immigration/customs?
  167. Departure not recorded ? (Maybe, USA)
  168. Taking bets - will I get to fly tomorrow? (Fireworks residue)
  169. Screener calls me buffoon, I complain, he claims I tried to hit him
  170. Plane returns to gate because of note in Florida
  171. Customs yanks traveler off of Airtran flight
  172. ID checker asking questions - name, destination etc.
  173. Checked bag opened / rifled through, no TSA love note
  174. Bag Check for Scenic Chicago River Trip
  175. Can a US Citizen Accompany Resident Alien Son Through the Non-Citizen Line?
  176. Code Bravo (freeze tag) opt-out stories
  177. TSA on Sounder Commuter Train
  178. more body scanner use?
  179. Bad TSA Doc Inspect at Security In DTW
  180. Bogus Boarding Pass???
  181. US Passport no longer enough for US Immigration?
  182. New Micro-Airline that will "fly just below the TSA’s radar"
  183. Name Change On Passport and Booking Intl Tickets
  184. Are there any organizations.........
  185. suspenders question
  186. tsa id check at gate
  187. Contact info: TX HB41 / SB 29
  188. Rick Seaney's latest TSA sheep post
  189. Question about TSA complaint
  190. OMNI enabled
  191. LGA Safety Issue
  192. 5 Pounds of Cocaine Hidden in Shoe Soles at JFK
  193. Cancer cluster found in TSA workers at BOS
  194. Houston Chronicle blog on her Orlando TSA experience
  195. The Current Tactic of Propaganda Village...
  196. Support TSA Opt-Out and Privatized Screeners
  197. Radio interview with former NWA captain today
  198. New Passport Question
  199. Funny joke from our Director of Production
  200. Now They Are Going To Irradiate Our Feet
  201. Israel wants their own armed security guards performing searches in foreign countries
  202. airport scanners
  203. How will TSA inspect us if evildoers start putting weapons inside their bodies?
  204. Food on a Plane
  205. Chicago man arrested, accused of air threats in Boston
  206. How many times did the CBP allow Bulger back into the US over the last 16 years?
  207. Good reason to keep your eye on your stuff at the checkpoint
  208. Dropped passport in hot tub water... do I renew or replace it?
  209. What protecting someone used to mean
  210. Pat-down with a skirt
  211. US/Canadian Border: Bring Cooked Meat/Fish Across
  212. 15-year-old girl's Op-Ed: To TSA agents, I’m the face of terrorism
  213. Girlfriend coming with B2 visa
  214. NY Daily News Poll on strip searches
  215. NPR's "Wait Wait" humorous jab at TSA
  216. AFGE President says TSA workers "underpaid"
  217. Seeing Something and Saying Something on the DC Metro
  218. LAX TSA worker arrested on suspicion of burglary
  219. Is Delta Air Lines actually safe?
  220. Passport mailed to a wrong address?
  221. Air Marshalls - can you tell me more?
  222. Name change...in Limbo? Will I have a problem flying?
  223. How do I get off the watchlist?
  224. Bring Food Through security
  225. If you pack a vibrator, don't get shaken by TSA
  226. TSA to try it's own Trusted Traveler program?
  227. Drag Queen Clears Security
  228. TSA changes pat-down for children
  229. Anyone watching DHS Senate Committee Hearing "See Something, Say Something..."
  230. Reminder to Check Hotel Doors
  231. Air passenger data plans in US-EU agreement are illegal, say lawyers
  232. Getting around TSA for international travel?
  233. And you thought security theatre was bad in the US.
  234. TSA Stole Your Stuff? Too Bad, Not Responsible!
  235. Observations from DCA-BOS-DCA travel 6/20
  236. Mission Creep Continues
  237. Airside UA-to-CO Connection in EWR?
  238. Easy child identification?
  239. Could glycerin in my haircare product trigger a false positive?
  240. Russian plane crash
  241. EWR Flyers: NoS Updates?
  242. F9 pilot calls police to force removal of quadriplegic passenger
  243. Today's Drudge (6/20)
  244. EDI/GLA NoS status?
  245. The TSA says vibrators are safe
  246. WBI question...
  247. Security at LGA
  248. ATL Security Backup up all the way to Baggage Claim!
  249. HNL, NoS free?
  250. Michigan Patdown Legislation Introduced