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  1. Using Iberia on Qantas multi city
  2. Ticketed for a flight time different from my confirmed booking...any recourse?
  3. Selecting seats in advance on IB shorthaul, meaningless?
  4. trouble with registration, birth day automatically fixed at 1st
  5. First and last time using Iberia
  6. Standby Transatlantic.... can I?
  7. Confused on Iberia - Vueling operated flight
  8. General questions
  9. need to book JL flight using avois. Help needed.
  10. Avios + elite points on an upgraded BA fare
  11. Basic Economy - AA Metal - AA Cardholder
  12. Does purchasing an "Optimal" economy ticket on Iberia have impact on booking class?
  13. How does IB handle misconnects within OW on separate tickets?
  14. BA operated IB flight charged me for luggage then lost luggage
  15. Unexpected "Attention" Avios
  16. Basic Fare Baggage etc on Iberia (Air Nostrum/Iberia Express)
  17. Offloaded from connecting IB flight. Anything we could have done?
  18. Reegistering with Iberia Plus, but Country field never finishes loading?
  19. LEVEL Optimal Fare
  20. Iberia Codeshare Cancelled due to BA Strike - Advice Needed
  21. IB app: updates about luggage?
  22. Night mare on Iberia
  23. Spain's 'new' law regarding missing one leg of an itinerary.
  24. Upgrade options on TA ticket
  25. Is OW Sapphire now Grupo 4?
  26. Is the seating map incorrect (A340-600)?
  27. Was offered wifi onboard Puente Aereo this weekend
  28. Best way to search for AA J reward seats to redeem Avios via Iberia?
  29. Converting amex mr points to avios to fly to barcelona in January
  30. Can't choose seats on Iberia flight booked via AA
  31. Question re: connecting in MAD
  32. Upgrade with ba avios?
  33. Load for ORD - MAD - ORD
  34. When does the Iberia/LEVEL Ticket Counter open at SFO?
  35. Poor food MAD - MEX IB biz class
  36. Flight cancelled due to strike
  37. When did Iberia switch from Panasonic to Gogo WiFi?
  38. MAD T4-T4S connection timings - which flight?
  39. Avios for US to either oz or nz
  40. Frequency of J Menu Changes ex-US?
  41. BOS Check In Desk times
  42. Partner booking not ticketed
  43. Chocolate stolen from checked baggage MAD-MEX Aug 9
  44. Avios cost for partner airline flights
  45. Baggage thru check to US with long MAD layover
  46. Vueling lounge access (Iberia Oro)
  47. Payment required by Vueling for an IB-marketed Vueling ticket
  48. Cancelling an award booking. Up to 1 month to process the Avios refund
  49. Newbie to Iberia avios w/ search/book questions
  50. Iberia MAD-SFO ugh.
  51. IB Catering Question
  52. A reward IB flight that doesn’t exist in Google flight
  53. My Iberia nightmare
  54. Iberia upgrade PE to Business
  55. Customer relations
  56. Error While Entering Birthdate When Making Reservation
  57. "Improper Use of Payment Card"
  58. MAD - Earliest check-in/bag drop
  59. IB ticket VY operated- flight overbooked. What options?
  60. Iberia lost luggage
  61. Unable to find avios flights to Hanoi (HAN)
  62. Avios booking cancelled without notification - what can I expect Iberia to do?
  63. Login Failure for IB plus
  64. Basic Economy
  65. Chances of getting an upgrade.
  66. Current Europe-MAD J meals
  67. Missing airports on Iberia website?
  68. Trying to get an Avios Booking Refunded
  69. Is there a way to look up change rules for an IB ticket
  70. Last Minute FF seats ?
  71. A332 Premium Economy decision
  72. Checked luggage lost in direct flight IB 3141 DUS MAD
  73. weird website bug
  74. BOS-MAD A330 in PE What to expect
  75. A332 WiFi
  76. Chicago to Madrid no more on A350?
  77. RIO-LON Y, Iberia A330-200 or BA B788?
  78. BA flight booked with Avios through Iberia
  79. Use of Lounges while connecting at MEX
  80. Can you change randomly allocated seat after online check in?
  81. Geneva Lounge Access
  82. LHR-MAD IB3167 / IB3179 Equipment Swaps
  83. Spanish "Tapas" on Iberia Flights
  84. Avios in Avianca flights
  85. Chances of equipment swap on LHR-MAD A340
  86. Where does IB fly from Boston? [using a Chase Iberia discount voucher]
  87. Denied Boarding - Did not have exact card used for taxes
  88. Dropping Last Segment of Avios Award Flight
  89. Iberia Crew Didn't Check Seat Belt
  90. 4 segment on IB to get status? Will BA flights work?
  91. Groupon Spain to Iberia Avios Problem
  92. Seat change upon check-in
  93. Mixed revenue/award ticket with AA/Iberia plus
  94. MIA-MAD-EDI connection
  95. Skip last leg on Iberia
  96. Transit at MAD
  97. How many beneficiaries can you have?
  98. Iberia Expired My Avios After 4 Months
  99. Paying for upgrade
  100. IAG buys 8 A321XLR for Iberia, to be delivered from 2023
  101. MAD transit on IB flights with split tickets. No checked bags.
  102. Link to How many Avios / PE will I earn? Where did it go?
  103. What’s going on with EC-IZY (A346)?
  104. Emailed & told to be at the airport 4 hrs early for US flights?
  105. Schedule Change
  106. iberostar hotel redemption in canary island for family
  107. Where’s my booking reference? It doesn’t work.
  108. Iberia 10% Flight Discount Error Message
  109. MIA early check in
  110. New to Iberia and need help
  111. Avios award checking inventory on American Airlines website?
  112. Seville (SVQ) checkin time
  113. Wull my checked baggage go thru LHR and on to YYZ, or???
  114. IB Express operated flights--two different fares
  115. Chalk & cheese
  116. Booking End of Schedule
  117. Strategy and Hassles for booking two segments separately
  118. Iberia Express customers service email address?
  119. A340-600 Seating Help
  120. How long to get refund?
  121. Transfer BCN T1 - Air Nostrum - BA/IB - security?
  122. OWS baggage allowance with basic fare
  123. Madrid Airport
  124. Medical equipment
  125. Trying to understand Iberia earnings on Business Tickets
  126. MAD - BCN availability for April 2020
  127. Platino (re)qualification question
  128. Advance purchase: How many days?
  129. Minors connecting in Madrid- customs and immigration info?
  130. More On Change Fee
  131. New boarding process
  132. Iberia changing flight Days
  133. Premium eco award ticket upgrade
  134. Iberia transfer desk in JNB
  135. Left luggage at carousel. Whom to contact?
  136. Can't leave MAD during layovers???
  137. fully refundable ticket
  138. Mothers day 25% Voucher
  139. Iberia Express A320 Seatmap
  140. How to assign a bassinet or handicap J seat?
  141. Madrid Amigo program still offerred?
  142. Using Chase10 and Chase $1000 discount Code for booking Y, B, or H
  143. AA Award space booking with Avios
  144. Ground Handling Strike April 21st and 24th
  145. Why Is Iberia's Online Reservation System So Lame?
  146. Help Required: Cancelled Trip due to medical issue
  147. Iberia and Matrix / Google Flights phone booking
  148. Easter Sunday 2019 Strike at MAD/Madrid... some questions
  149. Business Flexible Fare
  150. Using Avios points...
  151. 4 more A350 for Iberia (deliveries up to 2023)
  152. Cannot check in online for tomorrow's (award) booking
  153. Iberia Express or Iberia ($6 more, same plane)? Can't find fare class.
  154. Iberia Silver - Plata... somewhat confused.
  155. elite points tracker not updating, still displaying previous tracking period
  156. IB to drop JNB from end August
  157. Not able to select seats on IB metal LA codeshare
  158. Business (Quantity or Quality?)
  159. Iberia Plus does not show LON-DUB availability?
  160. Iberia Express 7000 Seats for 7 Euro
  161. Iberia agrees to refund improperly-collected PFCs on certain redemption tickets.
  162. Advice required please - stolen items from bag in MAD
  163. LHR-FUE Only Short Connection
  164. Changing a "Basic" ticket to an "Optimal" one
  165. Help Please - Change/cancel Avios booking with the 90000 promotion
  166. Reclaim of Air Pasenger Duty on Flights not taken
  167. Can I use AA miles to upgrade on Iberia?
  168. Why can’t I book DUS-LHR (Y) + LHR-PHX (F)?
  169. registering a new account
  170. EU261 compensation claim
  171. no fee seat selection?
  172. Iberia Avios Booking
  173. Elite points earned before year end but credited after 31st March
  174. IB > AV in Bogota (single-ticket)
  175. Transferring at MAD on separate tickets, all IB metal, LHR-MAD + MAD-JNB in 1.5hr
  176. Iberia worst customer service ever
  177. When does seat selection open?
  178. Why do Iberia insist on lights out on day flights?
  179. Johannesburg Checkin times
  180. Madrid: Can I leave the airport on 10 hours layover?
  181. Iberia AUP !
  182. When is it best to do check in?
  183. Lisbon T1 bag drop
  184. EZE-MAD in J - A very poor experience
  185. Time to connect in Madrid
  186. Delays at MAD
  187. Trouble signing up for Iberia Plus
  188. Short-haul Business (IB and Air Nostrum) - A Few Questions
  189. Question about through bags/single tickets
  190. should I switch from QRPC to IB plus?
  191. Refunding taxes
  192. Iberia or BA Prem Econ.... ORD TO LHR..... Points... same?
  193. Shouldn't Iberia honour a British Airways flight booking they booked in my account
  194. Iberia Award ticket Call center issues
  195. Name on ticket
  196. IBERIA, change without compensation is it normal !
  197. Iberia Elite Treatment on the ground/IROPS
  198. Interesting itinerary, connection in Madrid
  199. Warning: Paid for Bags not showing on Booking at check-in
  200. Iberia 359 Aircraft (JFK to Madrid) - My seat doesn't exist on SeatGuru
  201. Easiest / cheapest option for 515 elite points to reach Platino
  202. Iberia 25% discount giftcard questions??
  203. Air Nostrum MAD-MRS
  204. Meal timings on long day flight in J? (MAD-EZE)
  205. Separate tickets: Will Iberia try to help us if we miss our connection?
  206. Seat selection on intra european flights?
  207. My route to Platino. Was it worth it?
  208. Holding two tickets on the same day
  209. Air Nostrum Gate check
  210. PE between ORD - MAD
  211. 50% avios redemption [possibly targeted]
  212. IB launching 3wk XCR (Paris-Vatry)
  213. Iberia's horrendous US call center service
  214. Premium Economy Seats on the A340 to London (LHR)
  215. Madrid Lounges: Terrible wifi
  216. American Platinum flying Iberia - how to transfer status?
  217. Miami to Madrid business class
  218. A350 back on MAD-LHR [9 Mar to 31 May 2019]
  219. Iberia/Vueling Luggage Transfer
  220. Weather related separate PNR question
  221. Seat selection - IB metal, AY ticket
  222. Cancelling or changing an award flight on BA
  223. Does IB share a desk with BA at LAX?
  224. Is it possible to change FF Number in an award ticket?
  225. IB Plus or BA Executive Club?
  226. US-Madrid-non schengen connection times
  227. Seat selection IB codeshare AA metal
  228. Considering IB Plus award booking on LEVEL-Vueling
  229. DFW - MAD - SVQ in separate tickets
  230. Change of Avios reward ticket.
  231. Need help w/ EU261 on Iberia AND downgrade from J to E
  232. IB Avios Credit Card Fraud Rejection
  233. Avios availability BA/IB
  234. How to deal with schedule changes on award flights
  235. MAD -MIA Which lounge for bus class arrival?
  236. Suggestions needed.....
  237. (Past) 9000 IB with avis question?
  238. Tourist Card for Cuba?
  239. Interline Bag Iberia --> Air Nostrum (separate tickets)
  240. New routes 2019
  241. Online Check-In Problems
  242. Stuck in Madrid for a day. Suggestions on where to work from?
  243. Adding luggage at the airport???
  244. IB Premium Economy/Economy Award Booking Codes
  245. To IB or not to IB
  246. I have been noticing some very low fare offer from the US to Spain
  247. Short connection in MAD
  248. Upgrade from biz to first with BA Avios trip (purchase in IB website)
  249. Booking Iberia business class on the same flight with 2 separate award currencies.
  250. IB->Avios transfers down 6th Dec 2018