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  1. IB Plus or BA Executive Club?
  2. US-Madrid-non schengen connection times
  3. Seat selection IB codeshare AA metal
  4. Considering IB Plus award booking on LEVEL-Vueling
  5. DFW - MAD - SVQ in separate tickets
  6. Change of Avios reward ticket.
  7. Need help w/ EU261 on Iberia AND downgrade from J to E
  8. IB Avios Credit Card Fraud Rejection
  9. Avios availability BA/IB
  10. How to deal with schedule changes on award flights
  11. MAD -MIA Which lounge for bus class arrival?
  12. Suggestions needed.....
  13. (Past) 9000 IB with avis question?
  14. Tourist Card for Cuba?
  15. Interline Bag Iberia --> Air Nostrum (separate tickets)
  16. New routes 2019
  17. Online Check-In Problems
  18. Stuck in Madrid for a day. Suggestions on where to work from?
  19. Adding luggage at the airport???
  20. IB Premium Economy/Economy Award Booking Codes
  21. To IB or not to IB
  22. I have been noticing some very low fare offer from the US to Spain
  23. Short connection in MAD
  24. Upgrade from biz to first with BA Avios trip (purchase in IB website)
  25. Booking Iberia business class on the same flight with 2 separate award currencies.
  26. IB->Avios transfers down 6th Dec 2018
  27. How do you retroclaim LAN / LATAM to IB+ ?
  28. Free check-in bag for OW Sapphire on Air Nostrum HBO ticket?
  29. cancel account with negative balance and register new to link with BA
  30. 50% avios redemptions to the US
  31. Adding Advance Passenger Info to Iberia
  32. Upgrade MAD-LHR, booked with BA
  33. Check Your Iberia Account [IB withdrawing unused 90k promotion Avios 1 Dec 2018]
  34. Check in time at LGW
  35. Iberia Waiting "Music"
  36. Iberia Upgrade Question
  37. Did Iberia increase award?
  38. Part pay with Avios question?
  39. Question on connecting flights at Madrid
  40. IB+ hotel redemption is not a RSVP but a voucher
  41. Changing IB award ticket?
  42. Iberia Plus - Hotel Redemption
  43. Involuntary downgrade on award booking - no changes allowed?
  44. BCN — what time to arrive?
  45. Q fare code on Cathay credited to IB - points?
  46. Spanish Supreme Court declares IB CoC abusive
  47. Confused on Redemption Basics
  48. Cancelling Flights
  49. Any reason I would or wouldn't want to check in months before flight?
  50. Unable to log into Iberia Plus
  51. No IB MAD-LHR after 26/10/2019
  52. Up to 5000 bonus Avios by spending with multiple IB+ partners before 31st December
  53. Iberia website not pricing business / economy combo redemptions
  54. Seat Guru BC Seat Incorrect on new 359?
  55. IB + seeing small US airports
  56. RDU-POP award-seeking help
  57. YQ fee difference using Iberia or BA Avios to book JAL/Cathay NA-Asia route?
  58. Iberia website stopped showing any reward availability on partners
  59. BA4269/IB6253 Diverted to BOS - Help please.
  60. AGP - BCN - MAD - JFK - General advice on connections and lounges
  61. Baggage question, connecting in Madrid
  62. Platino member unable to find the option of giving the Oro card - where is it?
  63. OLCI upgrade gone wrong
  64. Iberia Flight # Operated By Vueling
  65. Skipping a segment but have check bags -- can it be done?
  66. Does Iberia interline baggage on separate tickets ?
  67. 2019 changes in Iberia
  68. Business class long-haul; day or night flight?
  69. Checking bags on two tickets
  70. Will Iberia cancel booking for impossible itinerary?
  71. How bad is 11A on Airbus A330-300 (333) V2
  72. Iberia online check in and flight
  73. Missed connection in barajas, lost all avios.
  74. Early luggage check-in AMS?
  75. Iberia account not allowing combine avios
  76. Confirmed Booking Cancelled without Notification
  77. Cabin crew saves a life
  78. How do I change my email address?
  79. Can't find BA flights Ex-LON with Avios
  80. IB tech & LGW - MAD: Your expertise please.
  81. Have the part pay with avios rules changed
  82. Checked bag with avios booking?
  83. Part of our connecting flights is missing + seat selection?
  84. Avios & Money Hotel Booking
  85. Does IB ever release more than 2 business seats using Avios?
  86. Surprising availability of redemptions on Iberia
  87. Illegal Rental Car Offers on IB website
  88. Not able to book MAD to LIS on US Iberia website
  89. Spanish Amex has 20% bonus MR to Iberia Plus
  90. Booking Qatar flights via Iberian
  91. Food in economy?
  92. Bags delayed how to claim
  93. Where should I sit ? A330 Premium Economy
  94. How do I get refund of Avios for downgrades?
  95. Booking over the phone and what country is point of sale
  96. Unable to connect to the system Scorer
  97. Iberia limits the number of award flight searches ??
  98. Help deciphering an Iberia email.....
  99. 55 min connection from T4 to T4S
  100. Unable to book award (error 5001)
  101. Involuntarily downgraded by Iberia on BA ticket. How do I get help?
  102. IT Problem caused fare class downgrade - any solutions?
  103. BA flights "Operated by Iberia" - awful service
  104. BA avios redeemed - IB 6274 ORD-MAD - 26 Sept 2018 - EU 261
  105. iberia a332 exit row seats
  106. IB Flight Appears to be Cancelled
  107. I never booked this flight
  108. Iberia Seat selection and AA Account
  109. DIfference between Blue Class & Business on short leg of J award
  110. Interlining IB - CX
  111. Load factor iberia, american to mad november and december
  112. Iberia icon promotion...
  113. Plan to transfer points from MR to Iberia do i need to include the IB in front of acc
  114. Iberia two one way itineraries vs round trip
  115. IB3167 Friday 14th September 2018
  116. Change or cancel last leg of Iberia award without losing TATL segment?
  117. Online check in - Edinburgh airport
  118. BCN-MAD-JFK : check in on departures floor or arrivals floor?
  119. "Month View" also U.S. to Lima
  120. Refund on cancelled Avios booking for Avis car rental
  121. How to prepay baggage fee at Iberia.com
  122. Forms at Iberia site
  123. charge for drinks? premium economy - transatlantic flight
  124. One way awards
  125. IB - book hotels using Avios - Rate shows but 'Room Type' not showing up
  126. Having difficulty choosing row 1 on domestic
  127. Avios - American Airlines award booking
  128. OWE baggage allowance in Iberia Express (I2)
  129. Iberia Plus Redemption on AA - Baggage Query (Economy)
  130. First class ?
  131. Iberia 261-compensation for multi segment
  132. Changing FF Number when using Avios to part pay.
  133. Will IB interline bags?
  134. 9000 Avios missing; help!
  135. Whopping fees for changes within the same fare bucket
  136. Customer Services - can anyone help me get to a responsable person?
  137. What is the best use of 20,000 avios points?
  138. 110 Mins connection between Terminals - Madrid Airport
  139. Changes to flight numbers for IB services LHR-MAD
  140. upgrade award flight using pts to get to J
  141. How to cancel an Iberia avios flight booking....?
  142. LHR-MAD in J - Seat Selection
  143. Iberia delayed/lost baggage (DFW to MIA to MAD)
  144. Has anyone used Iberia to Melilla (MLN) the Spanish Enclave in N. Africa
  145. Earliest time possible to book award ticket/s
  146. Iberia award search missing cities
  147. How to contact IB Express?
  148. Iberia heavy landing at quito
  149. 'Are you a human?'
  150. Different Avios required in IB and BA
  151. MAD-JFK, fast track immigration?
  152. Flying to the US with Iberia - ESTA question
  153. Select seat on CX/KA for IB Award Booking
  154. Ineffectual cabin crew
  155. Is it legal for an agent to make up a carrier charge on a BA flight where BA doesn't?
  156. Number of award seats per flight
  157. IB lounge access for ID passenger
  158. How lenient is IB on changes after a schedule change?
  159. Avios calculation is not right
  160. Barcelona airport---how long needed before international flight?
  161. Baggage Allowance in J
  162. Choosing Seat on BA-Operated, Iberia-Marketed Flight
  163. Same Day Flight Change
  164. Breaking: CAN transfer bonus avios to BAEC!
  165. Madrid taxi strike - 28 July
  166. Avios Hotel Booking and Hotel Elite Status
  167. Cancelling Iberia hotel booking made with Avios
  168. Nightmare booking Avios flights
  169. Connection time in Madrid
  170. IB EC261 Claims- filed & successful
  171. Transferring Avios from BA to Iberia
  172. Child under separate reservation - how to book?
  173. Booking IB flights through BA's system
  174. MIA-MAD 28 July 2018. Premier Economy Avios booking downgrade.
  175. Iberia Avios (from promotion) and Hotel Bookings
  176. Schedule Extension pattern for IB?
  177. With Iberia to BOS, is 1h 2m enough to transfer to connecting flight?
  178. How to transfer from Avios to BA
  179. See 2 seats on BA, same flights show only ! on IB
  180. Fare class for award space - Premium economy
  181. How do I cancel Avios hotel booking?
  182. IB's website surely must be the worst
  183. Iberia A340-600 PE Retrofit
  184. Boarding passess at time of booking.
  185. Using Iberia avios to book JAL / Qantas
  186. Iberia A350 crew training flights tomorrow?
  187. How to book F awards
  188. Horrible new website
  189. New forum moderators
  190. Difference between redeeming avios on IB vs BA??
  191. Pictorial Lounge Review: MAD Iberia Premium Lounge Velázquez
  192. Premium Economy seats on A346 LHR-MAD
  193. Iberia Avios - West Coast to Hawaii on AA
  194. award routing rules
  195. I think Iberia could have winner with this promotion had they just insisted on people
  196. Impossible to book partners
  197. Worst Customer Service Ever
  198. What do you really dial for Iberia Plus?
  199. Cancelled Reward Booking not rebooked...
  200. Redeeming CX on Iberia Plus?
  201. Unable to select seat (Business redemption)
  202. Iberia Avios QnA
  203. Iberia Avios Penalties.
  204. Do IB awards become available again after cancellation?
  205. Q on Oneworld award rules
  206. Does Iberia have any plans to fly to Washington DC.Have they ever flown this route??
  207. Avios Redemption Rules - Codeshare
  208. booking ticket using avios for the family, including infant
  209. JFK-CMN Using Iberia Avios on Royal Air Maroc
  210. Award taxes on Iberia
  211. Booking with non Non-alliance Partners
  212. Problems updating/viewing IB Plus contact details / address
  213. Interesting ways to burn the Avios from HKG
  214. Can anyone help me change or cancel an award booking?
  215. Has IAG suspended 'Combine My Avios'?
  216. IB+ account disappeared
  217. Traveling without 2nd person on reservation
  218. Anyone else had their account blocked?
  219. Can't get anyone from Iberia to reply
  220. Level not anymore Partner of Iberia
  221. Iberia Holidays how to pay balance
  222. Award available on BA but not on IB?
  223. 340-600
  224. Air Nostrum Oneworld Benefits
  225. Unifying different tickets, is that possible?
  226. IB90k promo - where are YOU going :) ?
  227. Do you need to fly an Iberia sector to qualify for Oro?
  228. How long is Oro status valid for?
  229. Open-jaw redemption on Oneworld Carrier
  230. Iberia's 90,000 point catch - 'the negative balance' on transfers.
  231. 2hrs 25mins layover in MAD with separate booking
  232. Iberia Plus offer 9000 per booking, 21 to 24 June 2018 on iberia.com
  233. Promo code
  234. One Word Emerald luggage fees
  235. ATH Lounge question
  236. BYO in Long Haul Business?
  237. Iberia Basic Long Haul
  238. After flight cancellation, how far into the future can I request a rebooking?
  239. Iberia Airline and Lost Luggage
  240. Award Booking Advice
  241. Long Layover at T4S
  242. Overwhelmed, need Bus Class booking advice.
  243. MAD-MDE in August
  244. LHR-MAD-ALC // T4, T4S - Which Lounge?
  245. How to get a legal help against Iberia?
  246. Iberia operated by AA checked baggage
  247. Status match
  248. B2B immediate turnaround at Bilbao (BIO)
  249. IB flight # operated by VY = OW earning & benefits?
  250. Level LAX-BCN unannounced schedule change