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  1. UA 3346 mainline
  2. Flight Cancellation Questions
  3. Delta Diamond | Premier 1K Compare/Contrast
  4. Any way to see receipt online?
  5. Difference in open seats between seat map and seat selector
  6. Return of BER/TXL-EWR flight?
  7. Value of miles
  8. Lower TK fare classes are now eligible for upgrades with UA miles
  9. Anyone get suspicious login attempts recently? (United related)
  10. UA to end partnership with ExpressJet, will continue with CommutAir
  11. SFO-NRT-HKG - New UA HKG routing attempt?
  12. Tax free in IAH
  13. Why not use rear exit/stairs for aircraft deplaning?
  14. CSA Screwed up ticket - Advice?
  15. "United for Business" conference call on July 23 (invitation only)
  16. EWR-FRA loads
  17. B fare upgrade on long haul?
  18. Leg by train reduces the miles needed
  19. UA Announces Q2 2020 Financial Results 21 July / Conference Call 22 July
  20. Can't select seats
  21. Earliest Check-in in FLL for travel document check
  22. Basic Economy flight change during waiver period
  23. UA, ALPA reach deal (link)
  24. Can't book Turkish flight on united.com
  25. 2020 strikes again: No more Cran-Apple?
  26. JetBlue and American Will Share Passengers in Bid to Fend Off United
  27. Why doesn't United communicate better using their data?
  28. UA ticket on Cape Air metal--baggage weight restrictions?
  29. Hnl ord hnl
  30. COVID19 - Concessions open at UA Hub Airports?
  31. Airline Club Prices1986 Including Red Carpet Club
  32. Chase offer 15% credit for UA purchase
  33. Covid. Direct flight or Indirect, flatbed, more distanced
  34. Impact of Mileage Plus Devaluations on Value of MP Holdings
  35. United Reductions in Workforce - Virginia
  36. Bonus Miles July & August 2020 [Targeted and varied, as to amount of bonus]
  37. PP upgrades on PS theses days?
  38. Flight cancelled 5 days out
  39. September International Adds: LAX-SYD, ORD-HKG resume, ORD-TLV new service
  40. How to quarantine in Europe
  41. Looking back - UA's service to Hawaii in the 1970's
  42. Any recent J experiences IAD-LAX? Scheduled as 787-10 -- will it stick or be swapped?
  43. IAD August Carribbean Flight Additions Added, Then Removed
  44. My first flight after being COVID grounded --- {just first flight experiences)
  45. WSJ Middle Seat interview {01 July 2020} with Scott Kirby
  46. Are you allowed two free bags flying premium plus sfo-lhr?
  47. AA double miles promotion
  48. Surely the demand is exceeding supply
  49. MileagePlus eGift cards does not work
  50. lounge use at Toronto with UA J award tix flying ET?
  51. Will UA extend? Yes, multiple waivers extended to 31 July 2020
  52. Load factors for T-7 days through day of flight: SFO-EWR and SFO-TLV
  53. UA starts SFO-ICN-PVG on July 8th
  54. Saying thanks to United staff taking the June 30 package
  55. Want to travel but will UA reduce schedule as “Americans” remain barred from EU entry
  56. My assigned seats are showing open in expert flyer.
  57. Upgrade with Plus Points or Miles?
  58. When will UA post Aug 2020 flight schedule adjustments? {01 July 2020}
  59. What would happen if I can't get permission to enter? (Australia)
  60. United changed our flights then cancelled but the flights are still available?
  61. Any recent J experiences SFO-SYD?
  62. Impact on UA?, JetBlue Will Add 30 New Routes, Launch Mint® at Newark
  63. Amenity Kits in Premium Transcon Business during COVID?
  64. Trip to ATH in August 2020 -- via Polaris EWR-ATH ??
  65. Cannot use travel credit due to health and age
  66. Tricks for booking Swiss codeshare flights with United flight credit?
  67. future flight credit from non-BE ticket cannot be used for a future BE ticket?
  68. Tlv-las award rerouting if flight cancelled
  69. Polaris seating on a 757-200? Impossible? Seatmap Label Error?
  70. How many UA reservations have you cancelled due to COVID-19?
  71. United Flight Cancellation Notifications
  72. UA uses Mileage Plus for collateral for $5B Loan
  73. Back in the Sky Again with UA
  74. NZ domestic award using UA miles - free checked bag?
  75. Are all terminals open for check in / security at IAH?
  76. Are there incentives for a 1K to earn PQPs in 2020?
  77. United partner agreements
  78. EWR Terminal changes, top level 3 was closed -- Where to check-in? Pre-Check?
  79. Help with past United flight I cancelled; trying to get refund instead of credit.
  80. UA Asks All Passengers to Take Health Self-Assessment as Part of Check-In Process
  81. NRT, HKG and FRA FA Bases Closing
  82. PM-UA 65th work anniversary ?
  83. UA vs DL First
  84. Error booking on United.com when processing payment (any form)
  85. Anyone arrived SFO or LAX from Asia (not China) recently?
  86. When will UA show our extended status?
  87. Booking disappear from my phone app ?!
  88. Chinese Airlines banned to fly to US will China reciprocate long term?
  89. American versus United refund experience
  90. Auto-Cancelled Reservation -- UA says "cancelled by user on the web" but wasn't
  91. SFO check-in experience / times (in the COVID era)?
  92. Scam phone number similar to 1K line
  93. UA Change Fee Waiver and changing a return date in 2021
  94. New UA advertisement - Home
  95. Same Day Change with Basic Economy and Free Flight Changes
  96. 787-10 Overhead Bin Dimensions? Guitar as a carry-on?
  97. UA changes COO -- was Hart, will now be Roitman - and other senior management changes
  98. Cancelling with risks - (minus $300 cancellation fee)
  99. Post 4th of July United schedule (some updates are in progress)
  100. UA Continues To Fly To USA From Brazil
  101. TPAC upgrade space blocked?
  102. using ecertificates on United
  103. Combining PP upgrade to Premium Plus and paid upgrade to Polaris (from Y)?
  104. Going 3D: Online Experiences for 787-10, 777-300 and 737-900
  105. UA has extended the change fee waiver for existing and new tickets to 30 June
  106. Future Flight Credits (FFC) Available on My Trips page
  107. Near term. Miles or ETC's better to purchase flights?
  108. Is United making "fake flights" to take people's money?
  109. NFL Player suing UA for alleged sexual assault & harassment on flight (by another pax
  110. Sears/Willis Tower without power for days, flight ops moved to Elk Grove Village
  111. Regular Economy Ticket Rebooked into Basic Economy? by OTA
  112. Kirby on CNBC
  113. EWR for flat beds, en route to Philly
  114. Ridiculously uncompetitive airfares?
  115. Severence Travel Benefits for UA employees - Plat for MgmtDir (L1), others no status
  116. United (Express) Letting Anyone Sit in E+?
  117. 25th anniversary of the first 777-222 delivery to United
  118. Summer Planning: SFO(-EWR)-TLV
  119. USA to ASIA
  120. Refund in line with ADA post CoVid
  121. M+ Shopping - 2020 Bonus Mile Dash
  122. With no change fees and a fare drop, what is the best way to proceed?
  123. What’s going on July 4 weekend? lack of bookable flight options pre-4th
  124. We've received your request? "Your patience means a great deal to us"
  125. UA cancelled flight, denied rebooking despite AC availability for after 3 June 2020?
  126. call me wild and crazy: bring back the 380 and 747s?
  127. Rebooking BOS-LAX flight
  128. Now See All Your Electronic Travel Credit(s) (ETCs) on Your United.com Account!
  129. Doug Parker / UA union: Says UA Can’t Legally Shift Workers From FullTime To PartTime
  130. HKG-SIN to return! (cargo only initially)
  131. Could the Coronavirus be UA’s opportunity to get back to JFK?
  132. United Together items at the United Shop
  133. United COO to employees: Consider voluntary separation
  134. What's to become of LAX for United post-COVID19?
  135. Screwed by United. Compensation?
  136. PQP Says One Thing...Refunds says another
  137. UA reducing / changing pilot bases & headcount by at least 30%
  138. United email from mid March 2020 re restricted boarding on Israel bound flight
  139. Two reservations, two policies for cancelation (one with change fee, one without)
  140. UA to Move Back to Changi Terminal 3 After Flights Resume to SIN
  141. Several Retailers pull plug on MileagePlus Shopping (and other portals?)
  142. COVID19 "No change fees for new bookings" apply to partner airlines too?
  143. United now revoking previously given ETC and Refunds
  144. "...Cancelled or is still not confirmed"
  145. UA's dubious cleaning procedure
  146. UA Announces Q1 2020 Financial Results 30 April / Conference Call 01 May
  147. Will the "investment" to earn UA MMer and higher have been worth it?
  148. Will the April 30, 2020 deadline for change fee waiver be extended? Yes, now 31 May
  149. No more PZ?
  150. Comparing top tier statuses against 1k
  151. United Removes *A Partner Award Chart (appears initial 10% bump starting 1 July 2020)
  152. Caribbean-No Demand, but Fares have Doubled?
  153. Ever seen PN > P?
  154. Devaluation UA Capping PQP Earn with Partners (update -- per flight segment)
  155. Where do UA assets go with KOA, ITO, LIH & OGG service suspended? HNL continues
  156. Is EWR-ANC ever available on miles in J?
  157. Curious why United still flying to and from Australia
  158. Small Aircraft in the mid to late 90s
  159. Can UA survive? Opinions on its future
  160. {Rumor} Grim Plans Under Discussion between UA and Banks
  161. Approach to summer trip? Cancel for credit by April 30 or wait? (Extended to 31 May)
  162. UA COVID19 precautions: no longer blocking middle seats ,**REQUIRING** mask usage,
  163. Why is there no E+ on this flight tonight?
  164. Which connecting airport (SFO, DEN or ORD) in December?
  165. Does Filing a DOT Complaint Against United Put you On Their List?
  166. UA at FRA – Bad UA and Good UA Employees and Good Security Person Thank You's
  167. United Employee Needs Your Help (light hearted)
  168. Is now be a good time to use United miles? Or hold for the future?
  169. COVID aircraft changes to premium transcon flights - (flatbeds flights returning)
  170. Thinking about coming back to MR game...
  171. Original flight looks like its dead, will UA reroute me to a different airport via *A
  172. Post COVID-19 -- What long haul competitive moves should UA make?
  173. New United Ticket Paper Stock?
  174. A meta-FT UA thread: Congratulations to WineCountryUA for hitting 50K posts!
  175. United / Ansett Australia Circle Pacific Fare Brochure circa mid-1990s
  176. United and Continental historical logos and liveries.
  177. Next TPAC, When and where?
  178. UA filght refund question booked via travel agency
  179. Is my flight cancelled?
  180. 1K Wireless Charging Pad Instructions & Info
  181. UA91 (TLV-EWR) diverted to Dublin 17-04-2020
  182. What if UA did more upgrades now?
  183. United Email - We've Processed Your Cancellation
  184. Impacts of UA's reduced schedule on Hawaiian travelers (CARES exemption granted)
  185. Waivers - 2 people on one confirmation ticket
  186. Buying personal miles...
  187. Fare sweet spot for 2nd half 2020 travel
  188. Miles or cash for upgrade?
  189. BE fare drastic price increase -- UA's early April 2020 fire sale over?
  190. Will UA let Chase spend earn MM/Lifetime mile credit as AA has done?
  191. New blocked seats on 77W, 789, Polaris 772,... ?for expanded FA crew rest area?
  192. Wait longer or re-book or cancel July Hawaii / LIH trip ?
  193. MileagePlus Shopping - fewer miles than competitors?
  194. Refund for Paid Upgrade?
  195. "Spring Bonus" X miles for Y spend by 30 June 2020 for Chase MP cards (targetted)
  196. Impacts of Lufthansa's Downsizing/Grounding of Big Jets on UA Flyers
  197. Website not showing my desired flight pair
  198. UA life post COVID-19 recovery
  199. Fare dropped after tickets booked
  200. 2x PQP for UA Explorer cards & 4x PQP for the UA Club cards from 1 May - 31 Dec 2020
  201. Who is/is not Flying Now On UA? Why?
  202. Upgrades and social distancing?
  203. Did UA (crew) really refuse to fly Zaandam cruise ship passengers?
  204. UA Partners with NYC/Califorinia to Fly Medical Volunteers to Help in COVID-19 Fight
  205. UA Extends Subscriptions (UC membership,E+ access,WiFi, Bag) due to COVID19 by 6 mths
  206. UA74 data missing! Flights cancelled?
  207. Singapore F and ANA F Suite for only 80k United Miles
  208. Australia to NYC with UA miles
  209. United Miles to book LOT Polish Airlines Rewards flights?
  210. The Fate of UA Hemispheres Magazine, print copy to be mailed to UA Plats & higher
  211. Choosing between UA Electronic Travel Certificate (ETC) vs Future Flight Credit (FFC)
  212. Looking for historical (January 2016) United Timetable
  213. UA 4033 EWR-YHZ March 5 alert (sneezing due to allergies, not COVID-19)
  214. Is United screwing our group over despite their mechanical issue delay??
  215. Refund of United miles for canceled Eva Air flight *A upgrade
  216. Potential consolidation of AA/DL/WN/UA/... flights due to too few passengers?
  217. List of new/remodeled UA Club locations
  218. United Fare Drop Policy
  219. UA needs cash - idea -- earn status / miles for unflown / cancelled flights
  220. Denied Boarding by LX, UA 016 Ticket Stock (Due to COVID19 "designated airport" rule)
  221. "rate your experience" survey without link from Twitter
  222. Coronavirus Kills United Airlines EWR Employee; Two Others Test Positive
  223. COVID-19 UA inflight service changes
  224. How much of your money does UA hold right now?
  225. Where do you find the "Future Credits"?
  226. UA876 SFO-HND 23 March 2020- FA just told me we went CODE RED
  227. UA4977 IAD-JAX diversion
  228. Gordon Bethune doesn’t deserve to have a plane named after him
  229. What is going on at EWR today? ZNY ATTC temporary issue - 21 March 2020
  230. Time to get rid of my miles?
  231. UA cargo-only flights during COVID-19 era
  232. of all the airlines that I fly, why is UA the only one that checks my US passport?
  233. Will UA pilots not flying for extended time get re-trained
  234. Impact of Shelter-in-Place restrictions on UA & UA traveler - CA/NY/IL/HI/TX/CO/....
  235. Does United check you in for connecting flights operated by other carriers?
  236. Easy to cancel but what about upgrade co-pay
  237. UA Flying Withdrawal?
  238. Patti at United Club in SEA is retiring
  239. Stranded in the Dominican Republic + US State Dept Resource @ 888.407.4747
  240. How Much Would You Pay UA, if anything, for a AAirpass (Unlimited J Flights for Life)
  241. UA Announces April Reductions
  242. Gov. David Ige calls for 30-day suspension of visitors to Hawaii
  243. Shocking website glitch leaks other passenger information
  244. Purchase Miles (RDMs) sales / discounts / bonuses [2020]
  245. award travel ticket purchase for a travel partner
  246. COVID19: ALL Polaris Lounges, Most UCs Temporarily Suspend Ops Due to Reduced Demand
  247. Laptop stolen mid air on UA flight
  248. Finding saver award fares
  249. UA Is Now Selling Basic Economy To Australia (or fat fingered glitch?)
  250. "Temporary Closure" of (NRT) VIP Lounges