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  1. Best TATL routes to upgrade
  2. Mysterious domestic OLCI problem
  3. PQM & PQD for UA ticket stock on SA metal
  4. What does United First/Meals for Purchase mean?
  5. Should I check-in online with CPU up for grabs?
  6. Unable to change Flight Delay Notifications
  7. Limited Europe options on UA's website
  8. Should I book now? Fare has just risen...
  9. Help with award itinerary SEA-IST-MLE//REP-SEA
  10. UA LAST PLACE -When Great Advertising Becomes A Brand Hindenburg (FORBES ARTICLE)
  11. Round Trip Award -> One Way Award
  12. CPU Not showing for reservation
  13. No seats sold, yet no Saver awards?
  14. Trick to get a free E+ seat for status-less friends/family (assuming you're gold+)
  15. Another reason why United is losing money
  16. Seat belt sign is out of control at UA
  17. Why can some GS agents do things that others can't?
  18. SFO T3E New Security Area?
  19. Does your record get flagged for feedback?
  20. A320, 757-200 or 737-800 east coast to west
  21. B Fare won't clear upgrade at time of purchase
  22. Downgrade from GF due to change of equipment
  23. The Seven Habits of Spectacularly Unsuccessful Executives
  24. Timing on purchasing ORD-HNL Tickets
  25. JFK FA shortage?
  26. Plausible deniability? - Pilots or Passenger - Weight Restricted Flight
  27. Traveling on a B fare, no seat assignment
  28. Heathrow Connections?
  29. UA 1K stranded at the gate after UA subs a larger aircraft following a mechanical.
  30. Who should be responsible? Passengers or UA?
  31. JD Power Satisfaction - United results
  32. Number of Numbers - 150 ticket numbers on my reservation
  33. Rebooking Policy When Travelling on Two Separate UA Itineraries?
  34. IAH-LHR loads this week
  35. Recent experience with UA interlining to PG on two tickets?
  36. Fitch affirms UA with B Rating
  37. United Club one-time passes. Is there a lounge that I can access at CDG?
  38. United's website incorrectly says UA doesn't fly MSY-IAH
  39. Manual PQD Post
  40. UA DEN-LAX > EK LAX-DEN baggage rules
  41. USair flight changed but had United Awards
  42. Same first segment flight, different inventory # when listed with different cxns?
  43. Look forward to your loyalty reward
  44. Cancel Online?
  45. United Mobile App question ( is there an "expert mode" on the mobile app?)
  46. 739 or 753 from LAX to HNL?
  47. Poor United Ground Handling of AC at PIT
  48. What is the new IAH D Terminal Contract Lounge Like?
  49. May 9th Will Always be Remembered as the Night I Learned to Hate the DH4
  50. Gurantee seats together?
  51. Ground stop at ORD due to smoke at TRACON facility
  52. Waitlisted for upgrade - check in or wait?
  53. UA will only rebook on OAL if flight is cancelled?
  54. Rolling the dice...........looking for input
  55. F9 starting 14 routes out of IAD, UA response?
  56. Spouse flying alone, my miles, CPU policy?
  57. These days, I am just scared to fly UA
  58. 1000 UA passengers stranded overnight @ DEN 5/12-13
  59. Econ Plus / Business HKG-ORD (tips please)
  60. Problem with multiple 016 tickets on same PNR
  61. M+ mileage sale 35% off up to 150K miles: is this a good deal?
  62. Unbelievable -- received my yellow 1K tags in rural Botswana
  63. Input welcome on what we can expect on UA SFO-CDG in Business Class?
  64. "We have [Only] Cereal for Breakfast"
  65. Flying Through a Bad Storm
  66. Love the UA scheduling engine
  67. Want to switch GPU to RPU, will R+1?
  68. Weird IRROPS ORD-TVC
  69. I Feel Sorry for Agents
  70. Do I have enough time to go to the lounge?
  71. How to kill an airline - lose your best customers
  72. EWR flight canceled more than 24 hours before departure????
  73. Two new Houston routes: ISN & BDL
  74. What was going on - possible scam attempt?
  75. Upgrade How much of a gamble is it?
  76. DAL-IAH-AUS ~ inbound just turned around due to weather... best option?
  77. Suggestion: Direct TV Flights
  78. Star Alliance w/o United?
  79. Rebooked into higher fare class during IRROPs? Extra mileage credit?
  80. Retrieve involuntarily checked baggage at connection point
  81. UA crew luggage in overhead bins
  82. Shower options at BRU
  83. Using Miles for Hotel Nights
  84. Purposely missing a connection?
  85. Upgrade List Not Cleared
  86. Best time to status match - 1st of year? or??
  87. FOUR 70 Pound Bags free?
  88. ORD-ATL RT Fare over $600?
  89. DEN travel / B Concourse lost all power 5.12.14
  90. Tail Number From Airplane Number?
  91. LHR T2 Immigration process (on opening)
  92. MP Credit for Paid *A "Round the World" Tix?
  93. UA Biz 787 vs EVA BIZ which is better
  94. Anyone else visiting UA's new LHR lounges on the 15th?
  95. Buy up to GF?
  96. Attaining 1K for 2015 when 3500 miles short
  97. I stopover at B, back to A from C; kid will be left in C
  98. Better routing suggestions?
  99. Is 60K mileage plus miles and $250 worth LHR to Alta, Norway
  100. Anyone got upgrades UA 99/98 in January 2015
  101. Pres Plus Flex Miles (How Long Does it Take for Them to Post?)
  102. Same-day change during a layover? w00t!
  103. UA telling me this is not a vaild award routing (North America - Central Asia)
  104. Multiple upgrade offers get their wires crossed
  105. Apollo Reservation Number?
  106. Assigned Seat that Doesn't Exist
  107. Will.I.Am denied entry to United first class lounge.
  108. Looking for advice on which flights are better to book
  109. How many PQSs will I earn for this itinerary?
  110. Any easy way to monitor for saver awards?
  111. Such a thing as UA club day pass?
  112. Automatic Precheck when I made an award booking for a 3rd party?
  113. Operated by flyBE for Brussels Airlines - earn UA miles/lounge access?
  114. protected on an alt routing. do I take it?
  115. canceling flight and changing award ticket passenger
  116. transferring in HKG - will this be enough time?
  117. Help plz : UA told me that a connecting flight...
  118. fare buckets and layover time ??on flight to HKG
  119. Checking In/Upgrade list and Random TSA check
  120. Experiences with changing destination after missing connection.
  121. Best Routing for UA flyer (Paid/Miles) to South Africa (JNB, CPT, ...)[Consolidated]
  122. Does anyone know the accounting value of UA's outstanding MP liability?
  123. Enhancement: Club Access for *G on Intl Itineraries
  124. OLCI - New Carry-On Baggage Screen
  125. Turkish Airlines (TK) Star Alliance Upgrade
  126. Another UA Fail: Website Incorrectly Shows Flight Delay; Missed Chance to SDC.
  127. 40 Minute Ground Hold and No Bathroom!!!
  128. How many of you are long or short UAL stock?
  129. Will UA partner up with another domestic airline?
  130. Saver rate with United credit card?
  131. How often do R-space upgrades process?
  132. LAX lounge access denied
  133. What happened to the promised Wifi authentication in the Clubs?
  134. United First seats no longer show during booking
  135. PQD when no Miles
  136. Purchasing upgrades at online check-in/Airport Kiosk
  137. Why are the clubs so bad...or is it just me?
  138. Checked Handgun - Hard case in a soft bag ok on UA?
  139. roundtrip award with miles from 2 accounts
  140. UA DC-10 Seen In The Wild
  141. Virgin Fare Sale (between SFO and LAX to many of their destinations; will UA match?)
  142. Did they change the pillow for International C?
  143. Fare Bucket Relationship to Buy-Up Price BF->GF
  144. It is all these little things that add up and make you wonder...
  145. WSJ: Best and Worst Airlines for Award Travel
  146. Is Inconsistent the new Company Policy?
  147. What's the Point of Wifi without Power?
  148. Can I use miles to upgrade EVA Air 'Elite' class to Business?
  149. Dropping off luggage early
  150. Getting to United Club from other terminals
  151. Why being a nobody on Delta in a middle seat beats United Silver
  152. March flights on US not crediting to UA (several issues)
  153. Economy vs. E+ with no/limited recline
  154. Free SDC now $0.01
  155. Happy Crew & Airline Staff - Contrasts
  156. Could bad feng-shui be United's problem?
  157. EWR-ZRH-GVA Question.
  158. Another Cutback: Flimsy silverware and 767 Overhead Bins
  159. DEN-IAD...now served via an RJ.
  160. Are Food/Beverage Offerings in Non-US United Clubs any Different/Better?
  161. Baggage Allowance (for EVA/Thai Flights Booked With UA Miles)?
  162. Award roundtrip with economy and business each way
  163. award travel and possible illness
  164. No Advance LH Discount Economy seat selection & other seating issues w/ UA Tkts (016)
  165. Minimum Connection violated at Heathrow (Disaster waiting to happen)
  166. Missed flight PVG-LAX
  167. Advice for my son (Best Destinations to Use GPU to?)
  168. United Reports April 2014 Operational Performance
  169. united.com stops selling Business Class seats to Europe
  170. How long to wait for award space to open up on DAY-IAH?
  171. Out Of Sync Ticket and GPUs
  172. How much would you pay for lifetime GS?
  173. Flight routing question and savers award
  174. Empty flight
  175. United's May 2014 Price Hike
  176. Wi-fi streaming arrives: new iPad app hits the app store
  177. Is this award routing legal: open jaw on domestic stopover
  178. Humor alert: Time for another low-cost spinoff?
  179. UA Announces Planned Denver - Panama City Service, Starting 3 December 2014
  180. Another cutback? Watered down drinks?
  181. Arrivals lounge at FRA
  182. Anyone know why UA 1651 ORD-ANC diverted to YKT on Monday?
  183. Colbert Report (06MAY): Satan will not fly on UA
  184. 752 returns to Austin?
  185. AmEx opening a new Centurion Lounge at MIA.....How can UA Amex Plat holders access?
  186. MCT through IAD and question RE IN tickets
  187. Typical SFO-LAS flight Costs in Summer?
  188. I don't understand this load information...
  189. Earning Miles on Standard Award
  190. Waiving Redeposit Fee For Award Tickets
  191. Problems Booking a Rental Car with United
  192. Cancel United reservation due to change
  193. Why choose United now?
  194. SAN-IAD UG Success w/ CPU
  195. Best way to book SFO-JNB to maximize UA mileage?
  196. AUS-LAX-RAR Air New Zealand question
  197. Best Awards routes to Europe?
  198. 2 different award itineraries on same dates
  199. United Blames Everything on IT Problems.
  200. weird segment in reservation
  201. Some thoughts after ANA SIN-NRT-SJC in Y
  202. 757-300 in Pittsburgh on 5/7
  203. Would you rather... ICN-SFO UA GF or ICN-LAX-SFO OZ C / UA Y
  204. UA Catering timing
  205. UA967 FCO->IAD, temp. comm'n. loss w/ATC - fighter jets scrambled
  206. Upgrade Confirmed (Displayed on Award First Booking After Schedule Change)?
  207. Questions regarding BusinessFirst Flight LAX-EWR
  208. No R availability despite no FC seats booked.
  209. Why does UA targeted me for the triple miles offer..
  210. How early can I check bags at IAH?
  211. Two Award Tickets
  212. Problem Getting Chase Select Card PQM to Post
  213. Would you write them (rude flight attendant on UA flight) up ?
  214. Will this SFO-LHR fare likely trend up or down? Any opinions or best guesses?
  215. UA LHR Terminal 2 Preview Event
  216. United version of Rhapsody in Blue
  217. Newark Terminal Change w/ No Connection
  218. Personal Item - will they let me use this? how strict?
  219. Corporate Travel Blocking UA Flights (IAH-ORD)
  220. Why is this so difficult???? (or do I not understand)
  221. United.com error when purchasing
  222. I'm Unhappy With UA's Pricing and Equipment Offerings Between EWR and LAS
  223. "Please close the reservation so I can make the change"
  224. 1K again - so now what?
  225. SYD-->LAX & HNL - no availability late August
  226. Saver award availability for Premiers?
  227. Best * Alliance Hub to use miles, Sept 2014?
  228. Strategies for getting cheap fares SFO/LAX to SYD
  229. Warning - problems with international transit bags at IAH
  230. any update to Arrivals (Lounge) at CDG (Paris)?
  231. Anyone else having trouble crediting TK flights?
  232. Article: Why United's Jeff Smisek is the worst CEO in the Business
  233. What happens when I pay the change fee?
  234. UA Now Number 3 at LAX in Passengers Carried
  235. Award travel can change for any number of times for gold members?
  236. Is UA really going to fly their plane half empty with their crazy summer fares?
  237. C Class Options for IAD-GOT
  238. confused about UA 915 IAD-CDG
  239. Grapes...how UA's cost cutting in BusinessFirst is negatively affecting the product.
  240. Which airline did I fly in 2006 (ORD-PIT)?
  241. United Award Booking on TK to Greece
  242. Latest flight EWR to anywhere in Europe?
  243. CPH to BOS could I have done Better?
  244. Do I bother complaining about a flight experience?
  245. Surprising Lost-and-Found Call from United a Year After Incident
  246. Experiences in Lost Bag Compensation?
  247. Purchasing United Tix on Travelocity
  248. EWR Intl Arrival
  249. Q about Award Reservation--Air China unable to see my reservation
  250. Account update optional new username