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  1. LX economy and mileage upgrades
  2. Hahaha I TODded someone else!
  3. Only $50 change fee if fare goes down within 30 days... Did I miss the memo?
  4. How are UA's numbers off from their own site's for my MP total?
  5. How can 3rd parties offer such high mileage rewards?
  6. UA to use fewer but larger planes from ORD
  7. UA: Google Now Mobile Boarding Pass
  8. UA emails me refund notices for random passengers
  9. UA FA's should read this: AA FA's Just Gave Money Back to the Airline
  10. Does status earning changed for 2015 {No}, given RDM change?
  11. Advice wanted on several award booking issues
  12. Flight info with only Flight # and Date
  13. United's load factor down slightly for October
  14. Received Elite Upgrade Email - Same Seat - Same Flight
  15. accurate UA/A* mileage calculator
  16. Connection Times (MDT-ORD-HKG + return)
  17. Up to 40% off miles sale - Nov 2014
  18. "Enter specific classes of service" blindly translates to partners
  19. How do I reach 1K Voice via email?
  20. Roll Call? for domestic miles only?
  21. Protest against United's planned changes to MileagePlus
  22. Trans States Airlines To Add 36 Aircraft
  23. First 2014 Winter Storm (Astro) and how it will affect the UA operations.
  24. Can I earn MP miles on tyrolean air and Thai code share
  25. Using United Miles to book Eva Air flight through ANA
  26. UA EWR to IAD then DCA-ORD-LAN Need Help with Transit
  27. Reporting value of lost items w/o receipt?
  28. Projecting PQD for a 2014/2015 split ticket?
  29. What would you pay to be Silver/Gold/Platinum/1k on UA
  30. UA F vs ANA F?
  31. United changes to slightly cheaper Beam "Devil's Cut", no more black?
  32. has UA given up on enforcing exit row rules?
  33. Options for Premier Gold Member to Upgrade K fare ORD to BAH?
  34. Help needed -- PQM /miles earned on UA-coded flights with some AC metal
  35. How is a fare sale implemented?
  36. Reservation with infant in strange state
  37. Flying with young children when not seated together?
  38. 777 economy BOM-EWR seat cushions - what's wrong?
  39. Will waitlisted RPU carry to new flight with SDC?
  40. Mixed United/Swiss Itinerary; Better to Book via UA or LX?
  41. Per-Segment PQD Over the New Year Dilemma
  42. HKG to EWR Cabin "Service"
  43. Possible to apply a UA credit voucher after ticket purchase is done?
  44. Status of the 787 on the last flight of the day IAH-LHR?
  45. Award ticket change and tax/charges refund
  46. Does UA oversell J on ICN-GUM?
  47. When will UA Begin Auctioning Upgrades?
  48. United now allows CARES child restraint system
  49. DUB-IAD: With new Aer Lingus flight, what does that mean for UA flight?
  50. UA is the #2 Carrier, DL #3 - yet UA collected far less baggage fees - Why?
  51. Booking Code Analysis (to Determine Codeshare Booking Class for UA PQM?)
  52. Why isn't United website showing these flights?
  53. Mileage supported upgrades within T-24
  54. Best first class seat on EWR to LAX?
  55. Equipment for EWR-DEN (Do they still use 767 for this route?)
  56. CC Spend Waiver for PQDs in 2015?
  57. Website error booking ticket with partner segment
  58. UA Looking to Buy Mainline EJets or CSeries
  59. LAX-LHR advice
  60. Darius Rucker MP Auction
  61. UA970 IAH-LHR 2-Class vs 3-Class?
  62. Possible to drop first leg of trip due to looming misconnect?
  63. Married segment prices for the return flight depend on the outbound flight?
  64. First-Time UA Traveller; What to Expect for LAX-HNL-LAX Flights in Y/F?
  65. How to add non-UA *G FF to an UA award ticket
  66. Problems booking multi-trip award when crossing international date line?
  67. United Club Wine: False Advertising
  68. UA Gate Agent threatens to call police / have me banned after taking his photo
  69. Can't do a seat selection for Oct 2015?
  70. Does anyone know where you can report a found item at Ohare in the united terminals?
  71. can I get free stopover at SIN?
  72. there is zero chance that UA will ever convert the 777s to 3-4-3 seating, right?
  73. 50K miles (& higher) bonus offers for MileagePlus Explorer card
  74. Checked Luggage for ORD-DUB Trip on UA Did Not Arrive With Flight
  75. ua 35,000 miles/$600 upgrade dxb-iad-sfo $730+- taxes!!!
  76. Who will be the first FTer to go to SFO Centurion Club in UA terminal?
  77. award questions
  78. UA79 NRT-ICN Seats 'Under airport control'???
  79. Change waitlist from RPU to Miles?
  80. Lounge access on indirect Dublin to Las Vegas (Business Class on UA)
  81. Help - UA Seatmap and Aircraft Type don't match all of a sudden!
  82. No SIN-HKG on Nov 27, 28, and 29
  83. United Clubs-what's up with no choc./caramel cookies?
  84. LAX: UA -> DL airside connection?
  85. How to get $39.00 and alienate your customers..
  86. Expert Mode Showing Different Results than Agents See (Many Fare Codes incl. R)
  87. Why does the kiosk offer standby on a nonstop if rules say it's not OK?
  88. Gold Premier with transatlantic CPU??
  89. Credit different segments of same itinerary to different programs
  90. UA MP no longer partner with Avis Car Rental
  91. Cannot Check in Online Due to Daylight Savings Elsewhere in the World
  92. Can I undo mileage credit and credit to another program?
  93. Avoiding change fees by upgrading?
  94. Access to UA lounge in FLL if flying AC (Non-UA Star Alliance Gold Members)?
  95. Economy Award Flight to Rome: UA767 or LH380
  96. ATL->SFO -- how does upgrade with miles work as a premier platinum vs. free upgrade?
  97. Incomplete charts on Award Search
  98. United loses passport, ruins a vacation
  99. Running out of BOB
  100. Queston on 'R' vs. 'I' Request
  101. award booking strategies with 1K expiring
  102. Ticketing on UA.COM?
  103. Japan awards
  104. Inventory is P6/R3 but seat map shows C as full/sold out?
  105. Have Presidential Plus- Get silver or wait for gold
  106. United ZN Fare (What Exactly is It?)
  107. Misinformation from UA agents on mileage earning eligiblity of Eidlewiess
  108. If My Flight Is Delayed Can I Avoid Change Fee?
  109. Marketing Tactic Mileage Explorer Card
  110. UA MP no longer partner with National Car Rental
  111. UA reservation re-booking due to modification
  112. Fastest flight ever?
  113. UA Status upgrade
  114. Stand By Based on Fare, not Status?
  115. Is UA responsible for hotels when connection missed due to mx
  116. Carry on baggage strictly enforced at LAX October 30 2014
  117. are all flights booked on united. com earn eqm
  118. Coupon Status shows "Airport Control" for ANA segment?
  119. Question(s) re: building saver award to STT
  120. Tablet holders might be coming to F seats
  121. Lets Say United Gets its Wish With MP Changes - What are Long Term Effects?
  122. Star Alliance Award Issue using UA Miles
  123. In the immortal words of Mr. T-- UAL to San
  124. Mileage plus flying on Lufthansa Premium Economy Class
  125. International lounge access using first-leg business class ticket
  126. Purchase Upgrade
  127. trying to book - SFO-NRT-CDG-SFO
  128. Are You Noticing a Difference with Customer Service?
  129. Award Travel Redeposit Fees - Based on Status at time of booking or cancellation?
  130. Any hidden consequences to separating travelers on same reservation?
  131. United.com displays a pop-up window for authentication
  132. Only water, EWR-BOS?
  133. Need to voluntarily change my itinerary HYD-ORD-advice sought
  134. Transferring UAL miles to Hotel program
  135. New job w/ 70% travel weekly:Free lounge access anytime? UA challenge? best tips?
  136. Redeeming awards to Colombia - value seems poor?
  137. Security hours at Palau (ROR)
  138. New AA FFP announced
  139. Odds of a discounted buy up opportunity?
  140. Help me reconsile the seat map with the invenory!
  141. 100% bonus miles (or 50% discount) on united buy miles promo.
  142. TK award space disappeared
  143. Interlining experiences/connecting with JetStar (JQ) [Consolidated]
  144. Questions About Two Possible MUC to HNL Itineraries on United
  145. Changing who has status / Philippines 2015
  146. Free Method for Getting 016/UA-Issued Tix for PQD
  147. UA never again - poor economy seats, unable to use FC lav, ... rant
  148. UA miles on SA coded flight operated by EK?
  149. IFE on domestic and Hawaii A/C?
  150. M class booked as 1k, PN available. Now seat assignment disappeared, i'm back in Y.
  151. Catering on business class within/between US, Canada, Trinidad?
  152. Corporate discount options & questions
  153. Lounge Access in Terminal B of EWR
  154. Stop in KWI
  155. United launching seasonal EWR - NCL (Newcastle, England) flights (Summer 2015)
  156. Planning European Trip Fall 2015 (and Seeking Upgrade Options to Business Class)
  157. Using United miles for Air New Zealand Premimum Economy Upgrades
  158. SFO to SYD for Christmas-New Years 2014/2015
  159. When will Android inflight entertainment app be released?
  160. Not showing up on the upgrade list
  161. Trial UA Premier Platinum for Marriott Plat
  162. UA tightening routing rules further?
  163. How long for a MP Upgrade Award to reticket?
  164. Who should I file my claim with?
  165. 747 Routes for United (or Other * Alliance Carriers)?
  166. No United MileagePlus bonus credit on TAP Portugal
  167. United Club at HKG
  168. Waitlisted for points but cash upgrade available
  169. PQD still "processing" after 2 weeks
  170. United, Global Entry, TSA PreCheck
  171. Q on # of GPUs and RPUs at time of 1k quali
  172. I have (2) United Regional Premiere Upgrades I won't be able to use...
  173. Double RDM and double Marriott points.
  174. Mileage Plus Award Question from an old Newbie
  175. 1 leg is missing from the reservation
  176. UA: Connect in BRU or LHR?
  177. How long to receive promo bonus miles?
  178. Award Ticket - 2 pax 2 PNR vs 2 pax 1 PNR
  179. on the flight that pushed me from no status to Platinum, do I earn 75% bonus miles?
  180. Does UA need a Southeast hub?
  181. Crazy Reroutes & Cancelled Return
  182. Question about the MileagePlus Explorer perk of Priority Boarding...
  183. Highest chance of schedule change for free cancel
  184. Segment mileage run?
  185. Bermuda redemption price error?
  186. United cancels flight two months in advance
  187. UA Codeshare with VS and EI Booking Ref
  188. UA Q3 '14 Financials: $1.1bn profit, excluding special items
  189. Does getting bumped due to an equipment swap constitute an IDB?
  190. AC J (on a 787) vs UA J (787 or 747)
  191. United's BWI-SFO
  192. flying with mom and fiancee, best way to handle the booking?
  193. Removed from upgrade list after declining paid upgrade
  194. Baggage allowance on mixed UA / ANA award for Gold?
  195. Reseated due to Infant/Bassinet
  196. ORD-MIA Mainline is Back
  197. Was the FA joking about moving to E+ seat by paying a fee during TPAC flight?
  198. THAI and ANA Award Tickets question
  199. Check my miles accrual math please
  200. Booking on united.com disappeared
  201. New UA Mainline Service Scheduled between IND - ORD
  202. Flight seat availibility [on Nov 19 EWR-BOM operated by UA]
  203. Delta has a museum, United?
  204. Newbie needing advice
  205. October 22 2014 UA857 route
  206. New deal provides elite status, increased earning with Hertz {Enrollment link active}
  207. Aircraft swap, now sitting in F, boarding pass says C cabin
  208. [Rumor-denied by UA Insider] Change in GS in-flight meal order-taking/ entree choice?
  209. Benefits when taking *A flights during UA 1K Trial
  210. Uncoordinated AC/UA experience: What alliance?
  211. trying to book rewards seats on Ethiopian Airways
  212. Presidential Plus not currently supported by Apple Pay
  213. Will they open P on this flight?
  214. SFO Platinum Moving to Berlin
  215. Using a mix of '14 and '15 GPUs Strategy Question
  216. E+ for non-UA *G status?
  217. Purchasing (Cash/Award) AC Premium Economy on UA ticket stock (016)
  218. Belfast City Airport (BHD) Lounge access
  219. booking one way intl award travel and...
  220. UA purchased upgrade fare class
  221. Multiple ticket numbers on single PNR
  222. SWU fare question: better to buy W fare upfront or upgrade from T after booking?
  223. Premier Silver member sued UA for lost of Economy Plus benefit, what was the outcome?
  224. chances of E+ seat fee refund on ticket booked 2 months before becoming Platinum?
  225. 20% bonus on converting hotel points to MileagePlus from Oct 28 2014
  226. Does this accrue miles on Mileageplus?
  227. Should FAs check whether "tight connections" are actually tight?
  228. What happened to MP awards on Tyrolean Air (Austrian Arrows)?
  229. fewer attractive Mileage Plus Redemption opportunites
  230. Connecting on Award ATH-YUL-BOS (short)
  231. What country is "Republic of South Korea" on UA's website?
  232. Miles+Money upgrade: SFO-CDG or IAH-MUC?
  233. UA Award on Codeshare -- cheap offer to pay instead?
  234. Are agents only allowed a certain amount of time per call?
  235. TLV - EWR [Questions About UA's Service, aircraft, food, schedule, ...]{ARCHIVE}
  236. redeem for aer lingus flights?
  237. flight from LCQ?
  238. Hawaii Travel Exception 10/16-21 Hurricane Ana
  239. Best way to utilize global upgrades to Asia?
  240. VX jab against UA: BLAH Airlines
  241. Does UA has the practice of bumping BF pax to GF...
  242. Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport Terminal 3 to expand; Terminal 2 will close
  243. New MileagePlus Premier Status Tracker - Take a Look
  244. How long to cancel an award ticket?
  245. UA 976 arriving DXB at 8:15pm, connecting with TG 518 leaving at 9:30pm
  246. Error when refunding award ticket
  247. best (award travel using UA miles) travel to taiwan?
  248. Need advice on booking CAI with UA
  249. Ad supporting Purple Day?
  250. SMF-ORD on UA and ORD-DUB on Aer Lingus